Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021

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Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021
Stack Overflow Developer Survey Identifies New Trends in Technology and Software.

More than 80,000 developers participated in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey this year. The software developers who participated in the survey shared their feedback on the tools and overall trends in the software development processes.

The results of this year’s survey, unlike the survey results from previous years, draw attention to the changes to the learning tools used by developers, following the pandemic.

???? The average age to develop coding experience has decreased
More than 50% of surveyed developers say they started writing their first lines of code between the ages of 11 and 17.

???? Resources learned to code are going digital
Younger participants want to learn coding from online courses, forums, and other online resources. Participants with a higher average age prefer to learn from more traditional environments such as school and books.


???? Technologies that are loved, feared and needed
Every year, the most loved, feared and sought-after technologies are categorized.

Python, which is still the most sought-after software language and one of the most popular software languages in the past years, is still among the top 5 popular software languages.
Despite not making it to the top 3 last year, AWS is now among the most sought after and loved platforms.
The web framework Svelte, which has just been included in the list, ranks first among the most loved frameworks.
React.js is still the most sought after framework, and Angular.js is among the most feared web frameworks.
???? The technologies software developers want to work with
Stack Overflow visualizes the technologies developers want to work with over an interesting graphic this year.

Here are some results:

There are over 10,000 Javascript developers who want to continue developing with Go or Rust.
Majority of the developers who want to use Darts currently use JavaScript.
Developers who want to work with PHP are almost all SQL developers.

???? What do you do when you encounter a difficulty?
Like in many other professions, 90% of the Software Developers just ‘Google it’. This rate was similar among the professional developers.

However, here, we can see the strength of the Stack Overflow community, with nearly 80% preferring to visit Stack Overflow to solve a problem.

???? With remote and flexible working being on the rise, the freelancer working model is becoming more common.
We see that the full-time professional developers participating in the survey dropped to 81% from 83% last year. This decrease is explained by a shift to freelancing. The concern for job stability seems to be decreasing among the developers.

???? Salary ranges of software developers according to the technology they use
Perl drops to the fifth highest paying language this year, after being last year’s highest paying technology.

Clojure developers currently have the highest median salary at $95,000. This is $14,000 higher than the median salary of F#, which ranks second.

???? And finally, let’s have a look at the average Salaries.
When evaluating the results, for a fairer comparison, it’s best to have a look at the countries’ living standards specified in the “Survey Participant Profile” section.