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How should your company be positioned in social media in times of crisis?

And most people are spending time at home these days to keep both in the world to prevent the spread of the epidemic in Turkey Covidien-19 and their loved ones safe. This situation has taken away our options for face-to-face communication and socialization for a while and increased the interest in digital. While companies that invest in digital platforms and are accustomed to communicate with their customers through digital channels before the coronavirus epidemic, the process may be more difficult for companies that are not active in social media and are inadequate to make website updates. In this article, we have compiled some information on how to properly communicate with your target audience on social media during the virus epidemic. Your Social Media Profiles Should Be Updated The freshness of social media profiles is important at all times, but it is much more important to stay up to date these days when your customers are not physically likely to come to your business. When it finds a company with up-to-date content and information about the process; can shop safely. Make sure to inform your followers about the changes you have made in your business until the ... Read more

WhatsApp Can Offer 50 People Video Call

WhatsApp can soon allow 50 people video calls with Messenger Rooms integration. Last month, the WhatsApp video call raised the limit of participants to eight, and the company is now trying to allow 50 participants in a video call. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp Web will soon allow users to move video calls to newly announced Messenger Rooms. If you don't know, Messenger Rooms works just like Zoom, Teams, Meet apps, and allows the host to share a link with participants who can join a video call. This feature is currently being offered to users in stages and will allow users to move WhatsApp group calls to Facebook Messenger in the future. WhatsApp plans to add Messenger Rooms shortcut to WhatsApp Web, Android and iOS apps. The shortcut allows group participants to create a Messenger Rooms with a private link that can be shared with others who want to join the call. While users can do this directly from Facebook, the shortcut will allow existing WhatsApp groups to seamlessly move their conversations to Messenger. This feature is gradually rolling out to WhatsApp Beta for Android. It will also be available for iOS and the Web. It is not clear whether WhatsApp plans to reduce ... Read more

For the External Storage device, see

It is very important to safely remove external storage devices. If you don't want to lose your data, you should safely remove it from your device. USB sticks, where data can be easily stored and moved, can cause data loss when misused. Serap Günal, General Manager of Data Recovery Services, recommends removing USB sticks regardless of the device by choosing the option to safely remove hardware from devices. Improper use of USB sticks, which enables easy storage and transportation of data, can lead to data loss, leading to corruption of important files. Among the biggest mistakes made in the use of USB sticks is the sudden pulling out the USB sticks from the computer. Despite the fact that Microsoft solves this problem to a large extent with the Windows 10 update, Data Recovery Services General Manager Serap Günal stated that removing the USB sticks without any operation from the computer should be removed by choosing the option to safely remove the hardware. What Happens If Storage Devices Are Not Removed Safely? When you insert a USB memory stick or portable hard disk into your computer, your operating system starts using a process called caching to write data. This means ... Read more

How to Change Keyboard Language?

Changing the keyboard language can be a factor that slows us down in daily life or while doing business. We all compete against time in our busy lives and we want to finish the work we need to do as soon as possible. In such cases, tips, useful information and shortcuts on computer use are life saving for all of us. Changing the keyboard language is one of them. In addition, we may have unwittingly changed the keyboard language and trying to fix it, or we may want to change the keyboard language of the computer you encounter in your new workplace. In all these cases, we explained step by step in a way that made it easier for you to follow. Good luck with! Changing the Keyboard Language Windows 10 Before you start the process, you need to add the languages ​​you want to change to the language menu. The steps are as follows; Type settings in the search section of Windows or press the Windows key and I keys simultaneously. These keys will take you directly to the settings section. First go to the time and language option, then go to the region and language option. You will see the add language button under the Languages ​​menu. Select the languages ​​you want to add ... Read more

How to Install Mail on iPhone Models?

Do you want to setup mail on your phone model with iOS operating system? You can set this arrangement in two different ways. You can set up your e-mail account automatically and set up your e-mail account manually. We will show you the manual adjustment option first. How can I define the mail account on your iOS operating system smartphone? First of all, make sure you know the e-mail settings of your account so that you can set the e-mail correctly. If you don't know, you can contact your email provider. Then you can continue the process by following the steps below; Go to Settings> Passwords & Accounts. Tap Add Account, tap More, then Add Mail Account. Enter your name, e-mail address, password and description of your account. Tap Next. Mail will try to find email settings and complete your account setup. If the Mail app finds your email settings, tap Done to finish setting up your account. You can set the same setup type so that your mail can work synchronously on all devices you use. Read more

Why is it important to have a business profile on Linkedin?

Why should the Linkedin company page be established? Linkedin, the popular social network of the business world, you can share many corporate information from recruitments to company profile. You can ask yourself this: Why should my company have a Company Page? Well, for many people it is enough to run just a private profile or just a Facebook Page for work. However, with LinkedIn, you can unlock many surprising, professional opportunities to make your brand shine and look giant in the eyes of your competitors. What could the role of the LinkedIn work profile be? Supporting recruitment processes Building brand awareness Displaying corporate culture Announcing news within the organization Building a community around the brand No one has said that your page cannot play all these roles at the same time. Look, we talked about LinkedIn's huge potential. Some organizations actually created business pages, but they couldn't keep up to date or care. Others cannot see added value on their business pages. However, you should be aware that protecting your LinkedIn work profile can be really beneficial for both employer brands (your organization) and personal branding (for yourself). What ... Read more

Has the deadline for WhatsApp disappeared?

Has there been a change in the date of last seen on WhatsApp? It was among the rumors that there will be changes in some areas with the last update. However, without an update, we can say that the WhatsApp topic title on Twitter does not reflect the truth. The issue, which was very controversial in the social media agenda yesterday evening, seems to be confusing the question of 'Is the last date seen on WhatsApp?' Tens of thousands of WhatsApp users got confused when they shared about the end of the last seen. How can I edit the WhatsApp last seen? Now users seem to be chasing how I can fix this question. Some WhatsApp users want to share their last seen date, while others do not. So how can I fix WhatsApp last seen? First of all, open your WhatsApp. Then, it will be enough to follow the path of "Settings> Account> Privacy> Last Seen". While there is no explanation from WhatsApp officials about the subject, we are not wondering why the technical problem is experienced as users. We hope that this information pollution will become clear in a short time and the confusion of its users will be removed. Read more

Why Do You Need Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool to check accounts and pages, manage users' permission, and track statistics through a single interface. If you do not use the right tools, your advertising on Facebook can be quite ineffective or even harm your brand. As Adıtescil.net, we are always observers of the digital industry. So how can we achieve more success using Facebook Business Manager? Don't Risk Your Business Let's start with an exemplary narrative. Let's say you have an agreement with an agency to do your digital marketing. This agency is already using Facebook Business Manager for management. In order to facilitate the brand's business, the agency has a business scale, account, pixel, product catalog etc. within its Business Manager account. creating beings. As a result, the advertising agency in question becomes the legal owner of all brand assets created on Facebook. If your brand's business goals and priorities change, you have decided to work with another agency. The problem can start here: all assets created on Facebook Business Manager need to be transferred from agency to agency correctly, nothing is lost and some things need to be reinstalled or restored. Of ... Read more

How valuable are your LinkedIn connections?

LinkedIn is known as a social media application designed for professional development and career development of individuals. Attracting the attention of brands and companies since its inception, LinkedIn is now transforming into one of the largest structures that benefit both sectors and employees in our country and around the world. Because recent research among LinkedIn users shows that the platform's perceptions have changed significantly in recent years. We previously shared an article titled What is LinkedIn and What Does It Do? In this article, we have explained to you how you can use the platform and what you can achieve in the sectoral sense. In this article, we will talk about how valuable LinkedIn connections are. Creating a Valuable Network Creating a valuable network on LinkedIn is related to quality (quality), not quantity. This situation has been accepted for an effective use. Because while social media platforms are becoming widespread in every area and everywhere, many users on LinkedIn demand original and free meaningful interactions in a few but valuable connection pool. Social media is an area in which there is constant information and the connection never ... Read more

Development Tips for Your YouTube Channel in 2020

According to YouTube 2019 data, it is the second most visited site among all websites, with more than 1.9 billion monthly users. YouTube is a platform that every virtual marketer working in the digital market should dominate. Paid marketing is a choice to sell your channel, but it is not the most effective and simple option. If you consider some rules in the content and upload details of your videos, just like in SEO studies, you can highlight your desired product on Youtube. How about You Grow Your YouTube Channel with You? We shared a post titled. However, digital platform trains are changing rapidly, and in the light of these changing trends, as isimtescil.net we will talk about some of our favorite tips for optimizing your YouTube content: Use Short and Descriptive Topics Identity is the first thing users see when they find your content materials. Some basic guidelines for writing remarkable YouTube titles are: - Keep it short and interesting. The most watched YouTube videos tend to have the shortest titles. Take care to use 60 or fewer characters. - Add your keywords in the first half of the title to avoid losing valuable information. The focus of most online readers lies ... Read more

WordPress Social Media Plugins

Social media is very important for your site to reach wider audiences and increase your site's awareness. You can see that many of the blogs you have entered act with social media. Using social media for your sites provides many benefits to your site. An interesting content that you share on your blog, if you are using social media, spreads here, allowing hundreds of thousands of visitors to learn about your site. This means free advertising. In this article, we will briefly talk about the most popular social media plugins that can be used for WordPress system. Digg Digg Plugin is the most used and constantly self-renewing plugin among WordPress social media plugins. You can set this plugin to the left of the post or to the top or bottom of your content. In this way, if the visitors who come to your site like the article they read, they share your content with the link of your site in their social media account. With Digg Digg, you can place the buttons of popular social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, Del.ici.ous, Google Plus, Pinterest and Tumblr along with the sliding menu. Digg The Digg plugin has been downloaded about 800,000 times to date on the ... Read more

Social media also hampers false information!

Social media platforms Instagram and Facebook are starting to work against false information. Especially in recent years, studies have been started with health institutions in order to eliminate misguided families about vaccination. It takes new measures to prevent misinformation on Facebook and Instagram. While Facebook decreases the access of the pages giving false information, Instagram aims to prevent it by not showing this information on the pages and hastag pages. The most important reason for social media platforms to make this decision is that health institutions are pressuring about misinformation issues. Because if we think that people believe in the correctness of the news on social media platforms, we can say that the decision is correct. According to the statement made by Facebook authorities, ‘If these fake information about the vaccine appears on Facebook, we will act against them. For example, if a group or Page manager makes a misinformation about the vaccine, we will exclude this group or Page from the recommended section, and we will reduce their distribution in news and search and reject ads with this misinformation. Read more

The Importance of Using Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, providing incredible benefits to help reach millions of customers worldwide. And if you don't apply this profitable resource, you will miss an incredible marketing opportunity that makes it easy to spread the words about your product and mission. Improved brand awareness Social media is one of the stress-free and profitable digital marketing platforms you can use to increase your business visibility. To get started, create social media profiles for your business and start networking with others. By applying a social media strategy, it will help you significantly increase your brand awareness. Spending just a few hours a week, over 91% of marketers claimed that their social marketing efforts greatly increased brand visibility and increased user experience. Undoubtedly, having a social media page for your brand will benefit your business and with regular use, it can reach large audiences for your business in a very short time. Cost For an advertising strategy, social media marketing is probably the most cost effective way. Creating and registering an account is free for almost all social ... Read more

How Should 2020 Digital Marketing Management Be?

How should 2020 digital marketing management be? In digital marketing, you can achieve successful results by creating an effective strategy. So what should be done for successful digital marketing? We have compiled the steps that will be required for 2020 Digital Marketing management for you. First of all, what is digital marketing? Digital marketing is a platform where you can promote your products or services, or both, electronically. When it is looked at, in today's technology world, digital media is now a more advantageous and highly preferred marketing method to reach the customer base. Digital marketing method is also the marketing process of a company or brand in digital environment. In short, digital marketing and digital marketing management are interconnected. Before you can do digital marketing, you need to know digital marketing management. Digital Marketing also needs attention! If you want to be a successful digital marketing manager, you should first use Google Analytics and social media analysis tools very well. The digital marketing manager should follow the digital world trends closely. The digital marketing manager must first create a plan and share it with ... Read more

What Will Be 2020 Twitter Innovations?

Nowadays, when 2020 is approaching, social media platforms continue to reveal their innovations for their users. The most preferred among social media platforms, Twitter shared its improvements for users to have a better experience in 2020. What kind of innovations await Twitter users in 2020? You can read the innovations that await you in this article. 1. Subject tracking Now it is possible to follow specific topics to discover the Tweets you care about. With this innovation, you will be able to view the dialogs containing relevant and interesting Tweets that interest you with a single click. If you choose to follow a specific topic - this could be your favorite band, sports team, or celebrities - you'll only see Tweets from a number of accounts on Twitter that tend to talk a lot about it. 2. You can create multiple timelines with lists. Lists are very useful for navigating between your different interests on Twitter. In times when your timeline is loud, you may want to separate your favorite colleague's account from your favorite gourmet accounts. Like # FootballTwitter from # TravelTwitter. You can now create and track lists on your homepage so you can create multiple ... Read more

Instagram Stories for Brands

In August 2016, the world held its breath: Instagram has integrated the short-term story feature users are accustomed to from Snapchat to its own platform! Initially, Instagram Stories were abstentted by the lovers of the application. Some loved it, some saw it unnecessary. But over time, the market and users realized that Instagram made a revolution in the field of digital marketing and digital consumption that day. What are Instagram Stories? Instagram Stories are small-based content enriched with special effects, including photos or videos. It contains filters, stickers, gifs, or text displayed in a slide show format. Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours of posting, unless they are added to Highlights on Instagram profile. Technical Side of Instagram Stories: Size, Length and Forms You should be aware of all technical requirements in designing and publishing to create an attractive Instagram Story for your business and brand. For example, you should consider the dimensions of Instagram Story. While any size that reflects the 9:16 aspect ratio should be displayed well, the official Instagram Story size is 1080 pixels wide x 1920 pixels high. But here are a few tricks ... Read more

How About Growing Your YouTube Channel?

For 2020; Have you started planning your digital strategies? So did you include YouTube among your plans? As you know, video marketing has been on the rise in the last few years. This is exactly why YouTube is one of the channels that should definitely be included in your digital promotion strategy. To play your videos; There are also popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even your company's website, but YouTube is the leader in the video field and is called the "second largest search engine" in the world. So what's the trick to being successful on YouTube? We've compiled some tips to help you grow your YouTube channel. 1. Create Videos Around a Single Keyword / Topic Creating your video around a single topic; It will help you get the traffic you want and will help you grow your audience. Many people unaware of SEO are skipping this step, but this is very important if you want your videos to get the maximum number of views. Keywords are the building blocks of success. After choosing your keyword, don't forget to optimize your titles and descriptions. Most successful videos on YouTube are usually less than 5 minutes. Therefore, do not feel compelled to make a ... Read more

Instagram announces new messaging app

Instagram announces its new messaging app, Threads. With Instagram's Snapchat-like application, you will be able to share instantly with your friends. InsDunya, the additional popular photo sharing application of the world, was especially appreciated by Snapchat's bringing the stories feature to the platform. The company has now announced its new messaging application, Threads. Just like Facebook and Messenger apps, Instagram will now have a messaging app called Threads. Instagram's new app is quite similar to Snapchat's feature that allows you to instantly send photos to a group of close friends. Instagram, which previously copied the stories feature from Snapchat, will not surprise us again. Features of Threads Application Thanks to Threads application, users will be able to automatically share lots of information with each other. For now, the app doesn't allow users to share real-time location. Instead, the user is stated to be 'on the move'. However, considering that the real-time location feature is already on WhatsApp, it is not difficult to predict that it will come to the Threads application. Instagram and Threads will work synchronously Threads application will be ... Read more

New feature from Twitter: Topics

Twitter is a platform where everything happening in the world is spoken. When we are together, we are talking about a lot of topics. With so many topics being spoken at the same time, finding new and interesting conversations about what you love can be difficult and tiring at times. Often you just want to see the best Tweets about topics that are important to you. Starting today, we make it even easier to follow the best chats on Twitter. In the coming months, you will be able to follow chats on any topic, just like following an account with a single tap. Topic title suggestions will be on your homepage and will appear in your search bar, depending on what you already follow on Twitter and tend to search. Whether you have a favorite band, your favorite team, or a famous name, when you choose to follow a topic on Twitter, you will see Tweets from experts, fans, or many accounts that are prone to talk about the topic. Previously, the whole job was on the user to find the best way to keep track of what's going on, by following certain accounts, searching, or finally looking at the 'Research' tab. Now you have the option to see the most relevant and interesting Tweets about what ... Read more

5 Sites for GIFs and Videos of Cute Animals You've Never Seen

Your social media timelines are probably full of pet photos, videos, and even cute wild animals that do stupid things. But if you only see them, then you're missing out on some of the cute animals on the internet. Cutest claw: Pinterest-like site Cutest Paw is a simple site. You go to the site, look at the pictures of cute cats, dogs and other animals, and then close the tab. The best use of the site is to use the Random button. The cutest Claw will present one picture at a time without filters for the animal species you will see. Be careful, it is mostly stuffed with hamsters. Click "Explore" to review all images in chronological order. You can also filter them by animal type. You can also see the collections curated by Cutest Paw, animals wearing hats or animals with children. If you liked the site, create an account on it. You can bookmark some photos to be able to visit again later. However, if you are a Pinterest user, follow Cutest Paw's Pinterest profile and manage your collections here. r / AnimalTextGifs There is a unique way for animals to express themselves. But if you can understand what they say? Check out Reddit's site in the r / AnimalTextGifs community, where ... Read more

How to Download Videos from DailyMotion?

Would you like to download Dailymotion videos and watch them offline? You can download Dailymotion videos with the free third-party video downloaders below. Searching for the best video downloader is a never-ending job. YouTube is the most popular source of video surveillance and therefore the most striking topics. Although Dailymotion is not as popular as YouTube, it has several features from reliable publishers, such as quality content and less advertising. You can watch Dailymotion shows offline in iOS and Android apps. However, we will show you how to do this for your computer in two ways. 1. ClipGrab (Windows, Mac, Linux) ClipGrab is a free downloader and converter. It supports Dailymotion and can convert downloaded videos to MPEG4, MP3, OGG Vorbis, OGG Theora and WMV. For the highest quality, choose to download them in the original format. The site and software are clean, but keep in mind that ClipGrab for Windows may contain third-party offers. 2. SaveFrom.net (Web) SaveFrom.net is a clean site that supports various online video hosting sites. You cannot convert videos to different formats, but it gives you the option to choose a quality definition. SaveFrom also has a ... Read more

Internet Privacy Tools You Need to Install Now

Understanding which companies collect and sell your data is harder than ever. To counteract this attack on your privacy, you must install or implement these new apps that promise some protection. As a first step, we have a detailed guide to improve online security and privacy you need to follow. However, things change frequently in the online privacy world. For example, since it enforces the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), now a few tools use additional protections to assist you. And old vehicles are becoming obsolete against new modes of attack. With that in mind, five new apps that have taken extra steps to protect your privacy. Avira Privacy Pal (Windows): Privacy Protection for Windows PCs Avira is famous for being one of the best free antivirus and internet security suites for Windows. Now, the concern of being an Internet citizen has shifted to privacy, and Avira has launched a new free tool to protect it. Privacy Pal provides protection of user's data for Windows computers. It has three levels, depending on what you want: to stop basic, special ads; developed to stop data collection practices; and personalized to fix everything. Privacy Pal works on Windows ... Read more

How to Delete Instagram Account?

The easier it is to join social networks, the harder it is to close our account. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram make it easy to open accounts to increase user numbers. Likewise, in order not to lose their users, they require us to take action from hidden areas, which cannot be found in menus, to close the account completely. When we all have a new social media, we are very eager to open an account here to be in the same environment with our friends. However, we may want to close our account because we do not like this social network, we do not want to waste time here or we want to do some social media detox. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of recent years. Instagram, bought by Facebook, is increasing the number of users day by day. Despite this, many people may want to delete their Instagram account, which is the most used social media platform in the world. The steps to be taken to delete the account completely are not shared with us very clearly. If you are asking "How to close an Instagram account", you can use the information we have compiled in our article. To delete your Instagram account, you need to take action from the ... Read more

YouTube Can Undo The Badge Of Some Channels!

The world's largest video sharing platform, YouTube continues to evolve and update some of its features. By encouraging users to edit channels to provide higher quality content to their users, YouTube has announced its new criteria for channel verifications. The most important development regarding new criteria; to include old approved channels. In other words, not only new Youtube channels, but also old Youtube channels will be audited. This means that the verification badges that some YouTube channels have can be undone. Before the new criteria; Channels with more than 100,000 subscribers often received a positive response when they applied for the verification badge. However, in its statement, Youtube announced that the number of users owned by the channels will no longer be decisive, and that a number of new factors will be used to understand whether the channel belongs to the person or artist it represents. The new criteria are: Is Your Channel Really Authentic? Whether the channel actually belongs to the actual creator, artist, public person or company that it claims to represent will now be thoroughly examined by YouTube.“Best Rock Songs of This Year” on your ... Read more

What is Twitter and How is It Used?

Twitter; Twit is a website that can be sent and received messages with a maximum length of 280 characters. To start twit, all you have to do is go to Twitter and sign up for an account. After you've set a username and password for you, you can start using Twitter by uploading a photo of your choice. If you are registered for the first time on Twitter, you should follow the people and institutions where you will read the twits, for this you can enter the "who should follow" section, where you can enter information about Twitter, the e-mail you use or your Facebook account and find the people who are your friends here. If you want to search for a specific profile, you can type and find anything you want to search from the search box. In order to follow someone or an institution on Twitter, you do not need to know that person in real life or have any connection with the institution. Also, profiles with many followers on Twitter may not even belong to a real person or institution. In any case, if you want to get news from these and similar profiles and see the twits they have taken, all you have to do is use the "follow" button. When someone you follow on Twitter throws a twit, you ... Read more

How Do You Improve Your Social Media Marketing Efficiency?

With the spread of social media marketing, technology and internet, it has become the platform that companies use most to promote their ads and products. In short, it becomes compulsory for marketing professionals who want to reach the target audience in the shortest way and return, to follow the trends closely. Social media platforms offer an effective advertising method that can be enjoyed by almost everyone, but many small businesses hesitate to adopt the power of Facebook and Twitter because they are not sure how to properly use them as a resource. Focus on Your Failures While taking advantage of the power of social media platforms for marketing purposes, the first step to take is to analyze your past failures. Where did you go wrong, what caused the underlying problem and how can I do better in the future? Unless you are ready to answer these questions, your company will never succeed in the power of modern social media platforms. One of the common mistakes made by very small businesses is to consolidate their efforts on a single platform. Instead of focusing on just Facebook or just Twitter, you should have a comprehensive strategy covering many different platforms at ... Read more

5 features that keep you safe on Twitter

Twitter offers its own features against cyber attacks. We can encounter unwanted situations on Twitter, the social media platform that brings together millions and people discuss and share many issues freely. So, what measures should we take to prevent these dangers? While there has been a serious increase in the number of cyber attacks on social media in recent years, Twitter, which we frequently use in our daily lives to prevent such situations and get the best results in terms of security, offers effective features to its users. . There are many features on Twitter so that everyone can create and control their own experiences. Let's take a look at the top 5 features that help make this platform our own. 1. Muting "Muting" a Twitter account means that you will not see the tweets of that account in your timeline. This is the best way to stay friends with people who are not interested in their tweets. These Twitter accounts do not receive notifications when they are muted, and you can be notified when these accounts tell you about their tweets or send you a direct message. You can also mute Twitter accounts that you do not follow and prevent you from seeing these accounts in ... Read more

Instagram announces post scheduling feature!

The post will now be scheduled via Instagram. Instagram, the world's most used social media platform, continues to update itself. The highly anticipated timing feature came to Instagram. With the new feature of Instagram, users will now be able to schedule posts for future dates. So how is this feature used? New update has come to Instagram, which has the most users in the world. The update, which will be enjoyed by social media experts rather than personal accounts, was announced under Facebook's International Broadcasting Agreement (IBC). The new feature has been made available to all Instagram users. How to schedule posts via Instagram? First of all, you need to be registered with Facebook Content Studio. Then open your page and click on "Create Shipment". In the section that comes up, you will see the “Time” option. By clicking here, you can schedule a sharing to a desired date. What will those who want to plan a story do? We have to use third party apps to schedule a story. Read more

How to Create the Best Video Marketing Strategies

Videos are found almost everywhere; statistics show that a third of the online event is now spent on watching videos. Over 500 million hours of videos are watched every day on YouTube. Looking at these statistics is the reason for an increase in streaming services like Netflix, IGTV, Amazon Prime Video and many more. It also explains why 87% of online marketers choose to use high-quality video marketing strategies for their campaigns. What is Video Marketing? Video Marketing is the application of using videos to promote your products, services and brand as a whole. It can embrace a variety of forms such as live videos, tutorial videos, explanatory videos, DIY and even customer success stories. Video marketing informs, educates and entertains. These videos can be used on landing pages, email marketing, social media posts, and even press releases and publications. Why Video Marketing is Effective, How to Video Marketing and Why Should You Use It? Today, you have to tell a good story to attract and inspire your audience. And if it's original, consumers will be more concerned with what you have to say. The challenge for most marketers is actually telling a story that will surpass ... Read more

Best Times for Social Media and Website Sharing

What is the best time for sharing your content on social media and on your website? This is definitely a question we think of when creating our content. We spend a lot of time developing the social media posts, adding them to your online blog page, and producing great fascinating pieces that we hope will lead to shareable content. So understanding the best times to stream online can help improve performance. Here are some suggestions: Facebook When is the best time to share on Facebook? Most recent research, if you want emojis, clicks, and comments on your content, you can share on Facebook between noon and noon 4 in the afternoon. Studies have shown that the use and participation of Facebook is the culmination of the afternoon and the afternoon. The most favorable days for sharing: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Friday not only compose 17% of Facebook comments and 16% of all likes and shares, but also have the highest interaction rate on 10% of any day of the week. User engagement is generally at its highest level on Fridays, especially for brands, but it also encourages you to get high interactivity from Thursdays to at least Friday. In a recent study by Unmetric, he said that ... Read more

It will change the name of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

Social media giant Facebook changes the name of Instagram and WhatsApp under its roof. What will be the new name of Whatsapp and Instagram? The most popular instant messaging application WhatsApp and Instagram, one of the most used social media platforms in the world, came to the agenda with the new update. According to the new update, it has decided to add its own name in front of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Adding Facebook Name to Whatsapp And Instagram The company will try to restore its reputation by adding the Facebook name in front of WhatsApp and Instagram applications. According to the news, which has been confirmed by Facebook, the name of WhatsApp Messenger will be "WhatsApp from Facebook" and the name of Instagram will be "Instagram from Facebook". Both apps will appear with their new names in Google Play Store and App Store. It is not yet known when Facebook will publish this name change, but if we look at the new information, WhatsApp and Instagram will be published in Google Play and App Store with their new names. Read more

The Art of Creating a Hashtag

What is the hashtag? We are all familiar with the '#' pound sign, but in 2007 it really became fashionable via Twitter. So, what exactly is a label for social media? A hash tag is a metadata tag used in social networks, such as Twitter and other microblogging services, that allow users to implement dynamic, user-generated tagging [specific keywords or phrases] that allow them to follow and engage with topics they are interested in. Using a tag consistently contributes to increased speech of a particular topic, such as your event. 1. A tag associated with a specific event is to enable those involved in the activity (and sometimes those who are unable to do so personally) to connect with each other, share their thoughts, experiences and content, and continue the network after the event. If your hashtag is used by another event or group, or if it is too large, it can confuse speech and cause confusion. The best hashtag is unique. For example, if your event is a home improvement event, you probably don't want to choose a tag like #homeimprovement or #lovetoimprove (too broad and not obvious enough). You can do a quick search on Twitter and Instagram to see what results are already ... Read more

Transition to New Twitter Design Begins

The transition to the new twitter design is starting soon. Twitter is ready to introduce its new design, which has been in the testing phase for a long time, with its user. So what features come with the new design? The new twitter design was actually serving users for months. A full transition to the new twitter design that is in the testing phase will be mandatory. Those who do not like the new design will not be able to upgrade to the old version. With the new design, it has been the biggest change in the navigation bar. The navigation that appears at the top in the old version, is shifted to the left sidebar with the new version, before the user. The navigation bar includes bookmarks, profile and the newly added discover tab. With the new interface, we will start to see most design features in the mobile application on the desktop. Now you will determine the tweets you want to see. Twitter, which will offer two different options to its user, offers options such as last tweet ranking or popular tweet. Users who use two different profiles will be able to switch between profiles without logging in or out, just like in the mobile application. Some of its new design has been ... Read more

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram crash again

Access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, which are the most used social media platforms of the world, is not available. No explanation has been made as to why social media platforms that have not been accessible for a long time have collapsed. As of 15:30, it is not possible to access the popular messaging application, Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook. Users who cannot access their social media accounts cannot access the Instagram application at the same time. While there is a problem accessing social media platforms in many places around the world, most users in our country are also affected by this interruption. Read more

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

Social media is becoming one of the most important elements of digital marketing. It offers incredible benefits to help reach millions of customers worldwide. If you do not implement this profitable resource, you will miss an incredible marketing opportunity that makes it easy to spread the words related to your product and mission. Improved brand awareness Social media is one of the stress-free and profitable digital marketing platforms you can use to increase your business visibility. To get started, create social media profiles for your business and start networking with others. By applying a social media strategy, it will help you significantly increase your brand awareness. Spending just a few hours a week, over 91% of marketers claimed that their social marketing efforts greatly increased brand visibility and increased user experience. Undoubtedly, having a social media page for your brand will benefit your business and with regular use, it can reach large audiences for your business in a short time. For a cost effective advertising strategy, social media marketing is probably the most cost effective way. Creating and registering an account is free for almost all social ... Read more

5 Tips to Improve Your Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital marketing depends on the development of modern technologies. For this reason, you will see a strong link between the marketing trends in 2019 and smart technologies. What should you consider while doing digital marketing? What is the most important rule when doing digital marketing for your website? Here are the technologies you need to know; 1. Voice Assistant As with most marketing innovations, the upcoming voice revolution begins with search requests. In order to compete in this environment, digital marketers must use SEO in voice search engines. Voice call requests are often associated with questions and require a minimum of direct interaction. Content optimization for voice search engines should include the creation of shorter forms and pages that allow you to respond quickly and succinctly to the demand. Marketers can create useful audio content for their customers: For example, daily newsletters, detailed step-by-step separation of complex recipes, office apps, games and simplified stories. All this will help increase audience engagement and enable users to interact more flexibly and consciously with your company and the products offered. 2. Marketing Automation ... Read more

Social Media Tips Required for Businesses

We are in 2019; so now we all know what social media is and how it works, right? Well, what would you think if we told you that 96% of people discussing brands on online platforms do not follow their profiles? Moreover, did you know that 92% of tweet user interactions consist of link clicks? With the introduction of social media into our lives, we have acquired an important tool that will enable us to share all kinds of content on a global scale and in seconds. However, many small businesses still cannot get maximum return from their investments with their social media marketing efforts. The biggest reason for this is that they do not understand that a large budget is not required to be successful in the online world. This article will give you clues about this and will allow you to use your budget in the most efficient way. 1. Publish useful content The most important aspect of marketing is communication, and the basis of communication is quality content. The content you share is what will allow your users to interact with you. If you do not have the ability to write articles, find someone who will regularly create blog content for you. Write about useful content such as top ... Read more

Social Media Tips Required for Businesses

We are in 2019; so now we all know what social media is and how it works, right? Well, what would you think if we told you that 96% of people discussing brands on online platforms do not follow their profiles? Moreover, did you know that 92% of tweet user interactions consist of link clicks? With the introduction of social media into our lives, we have acquired an important tool that will enable us to share all kinds of content on a global scale and in seconds. However, many small businesses still cannot get maximum return from their investments with their social media marketing efforts. The biggest reason for this is that they do not understand that a large budget is not required to be successful in the online world. This article will give you clues about this and will allow you to use your budget in the most efficient way. 1. Publish useful content The most important aspect of marketing is communication, and the basis of communication is quality content. The content you share is what will allow your users to interact with you. If you do not have the ability to write articles, find someone who will regularly create blog content for you. Write about useful content such as top ... Read more

Instagram will now use mobile internet less!

Instagram introduced a new feature that will minimize the use of internet packages. Instagram will no longer consume the mobile internet as much as before. Social media sharing tools are among the most used apps by smartphone users in recent years. As such, mobile internet packages end immediately. Instagram, which is the most preferred social media sharing application, announced that it has launched a new feature. Social network, Instagram, will use the mobile internet package less. How does Instagram work without using mobile internet? First of all, Instagram will offer its user three options for viewing high resolution content and preloading videos. With this feature under the heading “Cellular Data Usage” under the “Account” tab in the settings, you can prevent the loading of video and high resolution images from the front. By activating this feature, you can choose between “Never”, “WiFi Only” and “Cellular Data + Wi-Fi” to view high resolution content on Instagram. With this feature, which will be available for Android devices worldwide in the coming days, Instagram aims to offer a seamless Instagram experience to more people, considering different ... Read more

3 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Follow This Year

Agility and adaptability are an integral part of digital marketing in 2019, with the development of technology like never before. Keeping up with trends in the digital marketing world has never been more critical than it is now. 4 of the most important trends that I foresee playing a big role in digital marketing in 2019. Marketing is a constantly evolving discipline. No day in marketing, in the words of Beth Comstock, as in the previous day, “Marketing is never finished. This is about continuous movement. We must continue to innovate every day. ” With this gold nugget in mind, one of the best ways to continuously develop and innovate as a marketer is to keep up with new trends that are developing faster than ever in the digital market. Here are 3 of the biggest trends in digital marketing that will shape 2019. Remember that there are only 3 of many trends that will affect the digital marketing world this year and next years! 1. Personalization More important than ever before Bulk email and general shipping days are now over. It is a simple and effective way to personalize emails and ensure that your message is for your consumer. Isn't it a passive way of communication in ... Read more

2019 Trends of Social Media Platforms

Social media has become an inevitable part of our lives. Companies continue to invest in their platforms to make users immersive and relevant. Companies and small businesses focus on the presence of social media to increase their customer base. Every year technologies change, social media platforms evolve and new real-life trends reveal that this is what needs to be considered to focus on the present day. Immersive Content Augmented reality has opened new ways to interact with social media pages and users who can help users interact with users. The impossibility of augmented reality content will prevail on all social media platforms, and the trend is expected to increase for a while. ChatBots Integration People find it easier to communicate through chats. Chat desks provide users with a comfortable interaction and help social media pages, customer service managers, website managers to effectively communicate with visitors. Visitors think they are chatting in real time, but they respond to the related manager query with delay. Video and Live Streaming People don't have much time to read anymore. Especially in social media platforms, more video and image galleries attract the ... Read more

Will Make Changes in Showing Instagram Likes

“We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how much they like your posts. During this test, only the person sharing a post will see the total likes received. Instagram has just announced that it will make changes in showing the number of likes with this sentence. He described a seemingly small design change test that seems to have a huge potential impact on users' happiness. Hiding numbers of likes can reduce herd mentality, because people already love images with tons of likes. Users can reduce their sense of competition on Instagram, as they will not compare their numbers with more popular friends or superstar creators. And its creators can encourage them to send the most realistic, instead of trying to shelve Likes for everyone to see. The design change test was spotted by productive, reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong and the TechCrunch garden, which has seen tons of Instagram features before being officially approved or released. Wong discovered the design change test in Instagram's Android code. Instagram has confirmed to TechCrunch that this design is an internal prototype not yet visible to everyone. A spokesperson told us: “We are not testing ... Read more

How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications?

Due to the development of technology and the actions of the users on the internet, social networks are developing day by day and we encounter new social channels. Despite this, Facebook continues to maintain its throne. This social medium, which has billions of members worldwide; It is visited by people from all walks of the day, at work, at home, on the street, everywhere. Facebook applications on phones also increase the frequency of users using this channel. Although we enjoy using Facebook, sometimes endless notifications can bother us. We want to be aware of the likes and comments of our friends or our posts, and we lose our concentration while trying to do our work due to Facebook notifications. Facebook notification shutdown is running to our aid in this case. By closing the notifications we want in the time interval we want, we can feel comfortable when we don't want to be distracted. First, let's start by reducing the volume of the notifications. Muting Facebook Notification Audio Imagine that you are doing an important job on your computer and that Facebook is open in the background. You keep your speaker on to keep you informed of mails and in-house correspondence ... Read more

How to Open Facebook?

While new social networks are emerging every day, Facebook is still one of the most used. Twitter and Instagram have slightly reduced the use of Facebook, but there are still billions of Facebook members worldwide. The use of Facebook is based on a very broad framework. Brands and businesses still see Facebook as an important marketing tool. If you do not have a Facebook account yet and are wondering how to open a Facebook account, you can start by following the steps in our content. Opening a Facebook Account In order to open a Facebook account, you must first use an email address that has never been used on Facebook. You can create an account on Facebook by opening an account via Gmail, Hotmail or Yandex mail. First, go to the facebook.com link. The home page is designed to make it easier for new members to open accounts. After filling in the empty boxes on this page, you can click the "open account" button. You can create a membership with your mobile phone or your e-mail address. In the next step, you can continue your transactions with your e-mail or verification code sent to your mobile phone. If you give your mobile phone to Facebook, you can use it for both secure login ... Read more

What is LinkedIn? What Does It Do?

Today, social networks are an indispensable element of the internet world. Being one of the other media of social media, linkedin is a social network used by job seekers and employers and sharing information about business life. Linkedin, which does not differ much from other social networks, but is used only for business purposes, is a platform for easy communication with peer groups and making friends easily. Linkedin, which is one of the largest professional networks in the world, is very simple to use. All you need to do in order to make your friends find is to contact people who are registered in your notebook, if you perform a scan through your e-mail address. What is linkedin What is linkedin used for? The main purpose of the use of Linkedin provides benefits in many areas such as making job applications easily for people who want to apply for a job, sharing presentations, files and many books easily, advertising your blogs in an easy way, and exchanging information about business life. So why should I use linkedin?Following the developing technological developments, job purchases are realized by reviewing the profiles, accounts and pages of the people to be recruited, ... Read more

What is Google Assistant, How to Use It?

Google Assistant is an assistant application designed for Android phones. In this sense, it can be said that it is a similar application with Siri on Apple phones. Google Assistant, which is very simple to use, is life-facilitating for people with a busy agenda in modern life. To use the application, you first need to have an active Google account defined on your device. You can use Google Assistant on both Android and iOS devices. You can use the Google official page, Google Play Store or AppStore to install the application on your device. Here are the points where you can get help from Google Assistant: You can ask questions You can use it to call You can see the places near you You can get reminders of your tasks You can request the information you want Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence developed by Google. The purpose of development is primarily to facilitate the user's life. It is a matter of curiosity how long this application, which is very easy to use, will take as popular as Siri. Google Now there was no support for Turkey in the past. However, after the last update made application can also be used in Turkey. To do this, you need to manually operate. How ... Read more

Twitter Spam URL Problem

Hello, today we will talk about the twitter spam URL problem seen on Twitter posts and frequently returned to us. Sharing with the domain name on Twitter, which is a micro blogging and sharing platform that is growing day by day, is often said as “Attention! A URL in your tweet is linking to a spammy or unsafe page. ” error is encountered. The problem is actually not only with your domain, but with a spam filter that twitter brings to all domains. Considering that a tweet consists of 140 characters, the twitter team suggests the posts' own link shortening services or alternative (www.bit.ly) shortening services, the general purpose of which is to prevent twitter from turning into a spam dump helix. But you can still share with your own domain name on twitter! To solve the problem; Twitter can visit https://support.twitter.com/forms/spam link, "I can't tweet a Link because Twitter thinks it is spam." by choosing the option. You can report the problem to the Twitter team by typing your name and surname with your url address, and indicate that your domain is not spam. The solution to your problem takes approximately 7 days, according to the Twitter team evaluation, and you can ... Read more

How Leaders Manage Online Management in the Time of Coronavirus?

During the coronavirus period, we all try to reach news from all technological channels. It is very important to reach correct and up-to-date information especially in this period. We come across different coronavirus news from many sources. Most sources may not be reliable either. That's why the state's information system is safer for all of us. So how are online resources managed during this time? As Adıtescil.net, we wanted to examine this issue a little more for you during the digitalization period: Detailed Information Coronavirus is a rapidly spreading disease all over the world. This virus, which affects all our lives, has greatly affected both our country and the world. Lots of tests are done during the day, positive cases are identified or loss of life can occur. During this period, data is published both on television and on the Internet every day to inform the public who are trying to reach the right information. In the published data, the number of daily cases, the number of patients recovering, the number of intubated patients, the number of patients in intensive care, the number of daily tests are updated daily. As a result of this information we reach every day, ... Read more

Video Editing Apps for Instagram

Today, the Instagram application, which is used by millions of people, reaches more subscribers every day, and its popularity is increasing. We create stories and posts for this popular app. We have compiled photo and video editing applications that you can use on Instagram so that these posts get more likes and look professional. Typorama, a completely native application, was developed by Sarp Erdağ and Çağatay Kaptanoğlu. The application, which contains 100 different fonts, allows creating different designs thanks to the fonts that produce random output. You can write articles on photos, create posters for your event and add liveliness to your social media accounts. It proved its success in the field as "Best Practices in April 2015" and "Best New Application" by Apple. Typorama, which managed to be included in the "Best Practices of the Week" list in TIME, continues to be used by more and more people. Typorama can be used on devices with iOS operating system and you can download for free. Quik, an application developed by manufacturers of Quik GoPro, is an application that you can use to edit your regular videos as well as GoPro videos. Quik, which is one of the fastest ... Read more

Time to Make Money on Instagram Live Broadcast and IGTV

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, which has been happening worldwide recently, it has been spending a long time at home and meetings, meetings, concerts and chats have been brought online. There has been a very serious increase in Instagram live broadcasts in the last 3 months. We have the opportunity to watch live broadcasts almost every time we open Instagram. Instagram continues to develop the feature of increasing live broadcasts and appealing to large audiences in a way that provides more benefits to users. Instagram as an example of YouTube's monetization feature; from now on, it aims to make video content producers make money with live broadcast badges and IGTV ads. As you can imagine, this new feature is not yet implemented for all users. The feature, which will be opened to a limited number of users in the first phase, will remain in the test phase for a while. Benefits of Instagram Badges Users will be able to purchase new badges that Instagram plans to open to all users in the near future. Reviews of users with badges will be released first during the live broadcast. This will make the user easily noticed by the content providers they love and follow. This will actually ... Read more

Increase Your Website Traffic

Website traffic is very important in terms of increasing the visibility of your site and making money. There are many ways to increase website traffic. In this article, we have compiled the most practical ways to increase site traffic. Social Media Advertising Social media advertising offers great opportunities to reach your potential audience and promote your company or product. As you know, traditional advertising methods are much more costly than social media ads and do not offer the opportunity to measure the domain. Social media ads that give great results when well-designed today allow the increase of website traffic. If you have not tried social media ads yet, we recommend you to try them immediately. If you have advertised social media and did not get the results you want, it may be a step you have taken. At this point, you can get support from digital marketing experts. Facebook has the world's largest social platform and classifies consumers based on age, interests, search behavior. Thanks to the Dynamic Ads of Facebook, you can reach the audience who has visited your website before, or you can make the products visited before your site appear before the same people. ... Read more

The Most Expensive Internet Shopping

With the development of technology and internet, the number of online shopping continues increasingly. Many people who are Internet users have bought something that they have seen and liked on the internet so far. So are you wondering what are the most expensive products ever sold on the internet? internet-satis Here are the most expensive internet sales; Giga Yacht, which has received a total of 140 million dollars by internet in 2005, is at the top of the list. Made in 1946 by American painter and graphic artist Edward Hopper, the Canvas Painting was sold for $ 9.6 million. Gulfstream brand private business jet purchased by an African company for $ 4.9 million. The vase from the Shang Dynasty, sold in 2010, found buyers of $ 3.3 million. The famous American businessman and stock investor Warren Buffet was given $ 9 million on the internet for lunch. Atlas F Missile Base, which was put up for auction on the famous shopping site Ebay in 2002, has acquired a new owner for $ 2.1 million. One of the most interesting internet sales is the acquisition of the town of Bridgeville in California, USA for $ 1.77 million by a university student on Ebay. The businessman who sold the town ... Read more

Google Glass

Google Glass is a new generation communication device and computer made by Google. The difference from other computers and communication devices is that it can be worn in the form of glasses. In fact, it is not wrong to call Google Glass glasses computer in this sense. It is sold for approximately $ 1500 on Google Glass websites. The device also has an elastic, bendable structure. Technical Specifications of Google Glass Minimum Android 4.0.3 Operating System 12 GB Memory (can be upgraded to 16 GB) Taking Pictures with 5MP Camera (Can record 720p quality video) Wi-fi, GPS, SMS, Bluetooth Feature Voice Command System 1 GB RAM TI OMAP 4433 Processor google-glass-use What Does Google Glass Do? We mentioned that Google Glass is a communication device and a small computer. So you can make phone calls and receive SMS with the device. You can read the e-mails you received, but the reply function is not available in the current version. Although the device does not offer the ability to surf the internet, you can enter Google and search, but you cannot click on the searches and go to other pages. You can take photos and record videos with the 5MP camera on the right. How to Use Google ... Read more

What is Raid?

It is the abbreviation of 'Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks' in English or 'Redundant Array of Independent Disks'. First, in 1978, a field was defined by the scientist Norman Ken Ouchi as "a system prepared to recover information in the failed memory unit". Later, in 1987, American scientists identified RAID technology and five levels within it. RAID is a data storage scheme. It means using more than one hard disk for copying and sharing data between disks. Hard disk performance improves, and data is backed up simultaneously. In addition, the integrity of the data does not deteriorate, and the total disk capacity increases. The computer's processor sees only one hard disk instead of many hard disks because RAID combines disks. raid-data-storage-form RAID application is realized with specially designed hardware or software programs. There are also RAID programs created by combining the two. When using RAID, it would be correct to get a cache support; In the event of a computer system crash, the cache will return to a previous point. RAID also has the ability to quickly reload preloaded information in case the system fails. This is a great advantage in commercially used ... Read more

What is Drone Technology?

Drone is a kind of aircraft technology that can be controlled remotely and it means unmanned aerial vehicle which is read as “Dron” in Turkish. Although the drone was used for purposes such as observation and defense when it first came out, its use for attack after a while caused people to identify with war and conflict in their memories. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is actually not that new technology. It is stated that the idea of ​​using these types of aircraft in the military field dates back to the 1800s. However, the first drone that comes to our minds will be Ryan Firebee, the high-speed and radio controlled era used by America in the Vietnam war. You can read the harms of using Drones for attack in many articles. Of course, this is important because the drone has been transferred to such an important mission before it has developed sufficiently, has caused death in civilians and has caused most people to hate it. Today, drone_nedir is trying to adapt to daily use rather than war. For example, although Drones are preferred in difficult and dangerous missions in many countries today, they are also used for fire fighting, observation and security purposes. Drones that ... Read more

What is Ipv6?

IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) is an Internet Protocol address standard brought by IETF through the inadequacy of the 32-bit addressing system created with IPv4 and the inconvenience. As you know, devices need IP addresses to connect to the internet. As the use of the Internet became widespread and technology improved, internet protocol addresses created with IPv4 were not sufficient. With the distribution of the last IPv4 blocks left in the pool, problems started to occur. Experts, who foresee that this will happen, introduced IPv6 in 1996 as a solution to this situation, and thus, 340 trillion times trillion times trillion different IP addresses were provided and the problems were solved. What is IPV6? IPv6 is currently accepted and more widely used due to the problems it has experienced during the adaptation phase of IPv4 systems, but IPv6 is an internet protocol address standard that will be very useful in the long term. Approximately 2128 IP addresses have been generated with IPv6. However, IP addresses have been more complicated. While IPv4 is in an 8-bit structure, IPv6 addresses are in 16-bit structure. For example, IPv6 addresses; 1999: 6: 13: 0: 0: 1962: 2: 15 → ... Read more

Google's help campaign

Along with the internal turmoil that started in March 2011, those who fled to continue the struggle for survival seek the cure in our country and then in European countries via Greece. A big campaign has been launched by Google for people who have left their families, homes, dormitories and memories behind and in need of our help. Google will donate to more international charities (IRC, UNHCR, MSF, + 1TBD) as well as the sum of all donations collected. With the big help campaign launched by Google, it is aimed to collect 35.000.000 TL. Read more

How to Write a Mobile Application for Iphone?

Mobile applications have become indispensable elements of our lives with the transition to a smart system and the positioning of the powerful operating system in mobile phones. It is possible to realize mobile applications without knowing any software program. There are many websites that provide this. While some of these sites provide free support, some of them provide mobile applications for a certain fee. Thanks to these programs, you can make your mobile application a unique place in the virtual world. If we introduce some of these; What is good-barber-Good Barber: It is a valid platform for iOS and Android. A fee between $ 16-32 is requested. You can personalize your mobile with 350 icons, 600 Google fonts, 9 color choices. The AppBuilder: We can say an event, brochure, staff and customer oriented mobile application. Users can follow two different applications on one screen. You can also protect applications with the encryption system at any time. Thanks to the online application, the application area is launched and the system fills in the content. Wage is determined by dialogue. Mobile Roadie: Thanks to this platform, iOS and Android applications are downloaded to the ... Read more

Differences Between HDD and SSD

We will evaluate the difference between the most used and compared HDD and SSD Disks in terms of speed, vibration and energy and share them with you in this article. First of all, let's start with SSD Disks. Because SSD Disks do not contain any steel discs, at least when we look at them physically, they are similar to flash disk integrations. At the same time, it is the first difference between the HDD and the time it takes to access the SSD disks, since it avoids events that require as much energy as 7200,5400 per minute, known as RPM. As you can guess in our article, we will praise SSD Disks, but let's first say that despite all these advantages, the main reason why HDD disks survive is the difference in cost. In other words, while you can do what you want on a 200 GB SSD disk, we can use 32 GB values ​​due to its cost. The difference between hdd-and-ssd-we want to watch you before we go into more details of our article. You can review the video that Samsung is trying to explain the difference between various tests and SSD and HDD here. Comparing laptops are computers with equal hardware and completely equal conditions, and the only difference between them is HDD and one ... Read more

CDN - What is Content Distribution?

CDN is a content distribution technology that will greatly increase user satisfaction, especially for sites with global visitors. For example, you have an internet site and hits from different countries at the global level because it is only one server will not meet your Turkey-property business. No matter how much you trust the quality of your hosting company, the distances will cause pings. In this case, Turkey registered users ping your site quickly and without delay gezebilirk slowdown in other countries, unfortunately, you will encounter problems such as late opening. The only solution to this situation will be by uploading your files to your servers with different locations, connecting the incoming visitors to the nearest server and enabling them to browse the site. What is CDN What are the Advantages of CDN - Content Distribution? Your visitors will be able to browse your site as your visitors have the opportunity to browse quickly and your page view will definitely increase. Google recently stated that they have measured their website speed and scored accordingly. After this news, CDN drew great attention. Not only Google, but almost all search engines will index your ... Read more

Image Reduction What does it do?

What is image reduction? One of the slow opening problems of your website is the large size of your pictures on your page. The higher the quality of the pictures, the larger the file size. Therefore, we can apply some methods, especially before adding pictures to websites; The most effective of these is to reduce the file sizes without disrupting the quality of the pictures. During this process, it is some special information such as when and with which camera the picture known as EXIF ​​Metadata was taken. After this process, we can reduce the file size within the quality / size ratio relationship. SEO Effect The size of the images you will use within your site directly affects the speed of your site's opening. These dimensions can be 2mb, 5mb or 10mb when using non-optimized images. This may cause your site to react more slowly to open late and slow down your google ranking. Well, if you say how we will implement this process for your entire site, the main focus of our article is the websites that allow you to do these transactions quickly. resimkucultme.com compressor.io tinypng.com jpeg-optimizer.com Through the above-mentioned sites, it reduces the size of your ... Read more

Establishing Turkey's Informatics Valley!

Turkey's technology to future projects such as a Silicon Valley knows the whole world is starting in Turkey can increase very quickly. Here is the Informatics Valley! The IT Valley, which is planned to be built on a total of 3 million square meters, seems to be one of the 2023 projects, which is said to be one of the 2023 projects and will definitely be built by the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology. The work of the giant project, which will be the size of 420 football fields in Gebze Mualimköy, has started. Turkey will be the first big step in this gebzeli was quite happy. Informatics Valley Gebze Turkey's technology, we see that they follow quite clear about 5G 5 years behind other countries in the world. At this stage, if we ask why we do not have companies that make global sales worldwide and test new technologies first, this will be a bit utopian. But at least now our goal is to "Recession" I believe if we can reach a more logical and faster results. In line with this goal, I think I can say that the Information Valley is the best project to be built. The difference of Silicon Valley, which is heard by everyone who is not interested in the world, is not ... Read more

Technology summary of the week

New Features Coming With iOS 9 Apple announced iOS 9 at WWDC 2015. Again, with the beta version, iOS 9, which is only open to developers, will be ready as smoothly as September - October. The devices supporting iOS 9 are; iPhone 4s and above models. IPad mini and higher models. 6 digit numeric encryption Ipod touch 5th generation. So what are the new features that will enter the life of users with iOS 9? Battery life is longer than 1 hour. Thanks to the Low Power Mode, a longer battery life will be provided. 6-digit encryption is coming. In addition to the current alphanumeric encryption and 4 digit numeric encryption, 6 digit numeric encryption comes. With Multitasking, Multitasking will now be able to run multiple applications simultaneously on one screen. In this way, while surfing the internet, he will be able to access Twitter. When you receive the flight reservation mail with the new Reminder, it will be able to add reminders for you. When a number you do not know by guessing the caller calls you, they will try to suggest the caller by comparing them with their contact information by looking at whether you have received mail from this person before. Broader searchWide ... Read more

How is advanced mail filtering done on WebMail?

What is Email Filtering? When using the email / e-mail method, which is an indispensable element of Internet communication; There is an intense email / e-mail traffic due to the intensive use of email / e-mails, automatic shipments sent by exploiting security vulnerabilities, automatic shipments sent together with the aim of creating a security weakness. In this context, unfortunately, due to confusion in reaching the posts sent by real people, it is necessary to use time and effective time to reach the right post. For this reason, you can use the advanced email / e-mail filtering solution that MailEnable provides on WebMail, in order to minimize the complexity and reduce the security weaknesses, especially on the MailEnable product that our customer mostly uses. Using the advanced email / email filtering feature Step: 1. Webmail.domainname.your extension (.com / .net / .org) to MailEnable Webmail using the industry standard internet browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) or You can access the email / e-mail service using the web address www.mailmatik.com. Step: 2. In the screen that opens, you can access the Options> Next> Mailbox Filtering screen. You ... Read more

What is CMS, for what purpose is it used?

CMS, as it can be understood from its name as Content Management System, is used to manage content on websites. Within the concept of management there are all actions such as creating, publishing and archiving the content. Using CMS helps create and maintain a well-designed website. The vast majority of quality websites whose contents are properly managed use CMS. "What is CMS?" The question can be answered briefly in this way. There are many benefits to using the CMS program. Using CMS firstly makes your work on your website more organized. You can do the maintenance required by your website with CMS, make your content more consistent, keep regular archives and see how you index data at any time. The CMS program also improves the user experience of your site, streamlines the process of creating content, and makes it easier to create overall consistency on your site. CMS helps you perform your content creation, management and publishing functions. If you want to create content on your website but don't know software, CMS offers you the ability to create content without knowing code. CMS is a program that can be used by anyone. There is no need for technical knowledge to use CMS ... Read more

New Ways to Make Money From Youtube

As youtube has increased its power worldwide, youtube monetization methods have become more and more curious especially by young people. The extreme figures earned by millions of times watched by popular Youtubers have made Youtube a brand new industry and career path. Questions such as “How to make money on Youtube” and “How much money does Youtube make” are among the most researched subjects of people who want to make money by making videos. In this article, we brought together those who are curious about ways to make money on Youtube. There have been some changes in Youtube's revenue policy recently. These changes have also changed the YouTube monetization terms. The changes made after the Logan Paul scandal were met with panic, especially in small channels. Youtube, which wants to create a secure platform for advertisers, recently shared its new rules about the Partner Program, which should be included in order to make money. youtube child You need to be a member of the Partner Program first to make money on Youtube channel opening. Moreover, not every channel can be included in this program anymore. Channels that wish to participate in the Partner Program for ... Read more

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, which was the subject of science fiction books many years ago and which can be considered as the number one starting point of disaster theories today; It seems to be on our agenda for many years. Artificial intelligence, which has been developing for many years, has a place in our lives in direct proportion to the development of technology. So, what is artificial intelligence? For artificial intelligence, machines can be defined, which are created by means of non-living organisms with no living organism content, but still exhibit human-like behavior. Devices that exhibit all of these behaviors can generally be called "robots". The concept of artificial intelligence dates back to a very old history. "Can machines think?" Asked by Mathison Turing This concept, the first steps of which were taken with the question, goes up to the smartphones of today. The concept of artificial intelligence developing slowly with the technology of the past period; Today, with the introduction of giant companies such as Google and Facebook, it is taking great steps that will deeply affect the lives of all of us. Mathison Turing In order for artificial intelligence to be ... Read more

What is Virtual Reality?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to virtual reality? Are people acting like a different place from where they are with their huge glasses? Or The Matrix, which mediated a generation to meet virtual reality? If it is one of them, we guess that there are many points you are wondering with virtual reality. In this article, we tried to explain the points you wonder about this subject. Pleasant readings! Virtual reality is a technology where users will feel in a different place from their environment, moreover they will experience a different environment in 3D. Users use apparatus such as glasses, helmets to experience this different environment. It is not a coincidence that the word “reality” is used in the concept origin. Because the user, who entered the environment created with virtual reality technology, literally breaks from the environment he is in, and the current reality of the user becomes the new environment that he entered with glasses or a helmet. It is very important to design the new environment entered with virtual reality glasses perfectly. If the VR (virtual reality) environment is not set up correctly, the user cannot experience ... Read more

What is this “Internet of Things”

The Internet of Things actually entered our lives in a company presentation prepared by Kevin Ashton in 1999. However, the technology of that period caused this concept not to occupy much place in our lives. Developing technology, changing world conditions and digital revolution; It has enabled us to frequently use the Internet of Things concept today. So, what is this “Internet of Things”? Let's take a look together. The original name of this concept, the Turkish name of which is the Internet of Things, is Internet of Things, that is IOT. The standard definition of IOT is as follows: “It is a widespread worldwide network created by uniquely addressable objects and the objects in this network to communicate with each other through a certain protocol”. This definition means devices connect to each other over the internet network, share information, create a smart network system and communicate with each other using various communication protocols. The Internet of Things is a much broader concept than just electronic devices connecting to the internet. With IOT, devices come to a point where they can update their status information by communicating with people. In other ... Read more

What is Google Assistant, How to Use It?

Google Assistant is an assistant application designed for Android phones. In this sense, it can be said that it is a similar application with Siri on Apple phones. Google Assistant, which is very simple to use, is life-facilitating for people with a busy agenda in modern life. To use the application, you first need to have an active Google account defined on your device. You can use Google Assistant on both Android and iOS devices. You can use the Google official page, Google Play Store or AppStore to install the application on your device. Here are the points where you can get help from Google Assistant: You can ask questions You can use it to call You can see the places near you You can get reminders of your tasks You can request the information you want Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence developed by Google. The purpose of development is primarily to facilitate the user's life. It is a matter of curiosity how long this application, which is very easy to use, will take as popular as Siri. Google Now there was no support for Turkey in the past. However, after the last update made application can also be used in Turkey. To do this, you need to manually operate. How ... Read more

What is Google Maps and How is It Used?

It would not be wrong to say that it is one of the most used applications in the world for Google Maps. Although this application, which is on the phones of the majority of the people around us, is used mostly by us for navigation purposes, in fact, Google Maps is an advanced map program that allows us to go on a 3D trip anywhere in the world. Google Maps can be used on a computer or on mobile devices. The most important purpose of its use in mobile devices is to get an address directions and go to the address we want to reach in real time with navigation. Google Maps are widely used in Turkey. Another counterpart in Turkey this program Yandex Maps application. The part of Google Maps separated from Yandex Map is that a single application of Google consists of two applications in Yandex. We can look at the address we want to search on Google Maps and go to this address with direct navigation. In Yandex, there is another application that we should use for this purpose: Yandex Navigation. One of the issues you should be aware of when you download Google Maps to your phone is your internet usage. When we all use large amounts of internet data, we generally prefer to connect to a ... Read more

The Unknown of Stephen Hawking

The idol of careers in physics, and even those who have no idea about physics, Stephen Hawking is one of the most important people of our century. Hawking, who swallowed his eyes at the age of 76, had such an interesting life that his life was even the subject of movies. Describing black holes in a simple language to large masses with his book The Short History of Time, Stephen Hawking was known for his ALS disease as much as his discoveries. These are all known information about Stephen Hawking. In this article we will talk about the unknown of the famous physicist. His grades weren't good Stephen Hawking was one of the brightest intelligence of our century, but he wasn't that successful in school life. Hawking, who managed to pull down his bad grades with average effort in his 10s to average levels, has never been a brilliant student. However, his mindset was soon discovered by his friends and teachers, and he received the nickname "Einstein". In the university period, he got the notes that reveal the field he is really talented in physics exams. Diagnosis of ALS was made at the age of 21 Stephen Hawking was a graduate student at the age of 21. He did not escape the attention ... Read more

How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications?

Due to the development of technology and the actions of users on the internet, social networks are developing day by day, and new social channels appear. Despite this, Facebook continues to maintain its throne. This social medium, which has billions of members worldwide; It is visited by people from all walks of the day, at work, at home, on the street, everywhere. Facebook applications on phones also increase the frequency of users using this channel. Although we enjoy using Facebook, sometimes endless notifications can bother us. We want to be aware of the likes and comments of our friends or our posts, and we lose our concentration while trying to do our work due to Facebook notifications. Facebook notification shutdown is running to our aid in this case. By closing the notifications we want in the time interval we want, we can feel comfortable when we don't want to be distracted. First, let's start by reducing the volume of the notifications. Muting Facebook Notification Audio Imagine that you are doing an important job on your computer and that Facebook is open in the background. You keep your speaker on to keep you informed of mails and in-house correspondence programs at ... Read more

How to Gmail Contact Blocking?

Gmail, Google's mail application, is used by millions of people and thousands of businesses worldwide. Using a user-friendly interface, Gmail is very simple and practical. However, being unable to block the people we receive e-mails was one of the minuses of this program. It is now quite easy to do gmail contact blocking. When we wanted to block someone's e-mail before, we were able to get this mail only in the spam box. Today, we can completely block the mail. People blocking steps are as follows: Gmail contact blocking After opening your Gmail account, open the mail you want to block. Click the down arrow icon in the upper right. When you hover your mouse over this icon, other text will appear. Click the block “Sender” named “XXX” in the menu that opens. After you apply this method, the person you blocked will not be able to send you an e-mail. Gmail contact unblocking Open a mail that the person you blocked previously sent you and click on the downward looking arrow icon as you did in the previous application. Click the unblock button for "XXX". After this step, this person can resend you. If you have deleted all of this person's mail, you can still unblock it. Click ... Read more

What is IPTV?

We often dream of watching television as easy and enjoyable as surfing the Internet. Because the internet is an unlimited world, we can follow the series we want, find and watch the movies we want. We can find some great video channels that appeal to us by wandering a bit on Youtube. On television, we have to be content with what is offered to us. Although we use different satellite receivers, the channels are clear. Moreover, it is not possible to reach every broadcast we want whenever we are available. Especially when we come home from work, we want to take the control and reach the content we want immediately, but we cannot find this program on television. This is where IPTV comes into our lives. IPTV has a very simple logic. This product, which means Internet Protocol Television; It means you can stream video with the help of fiber optic cable or satellite dish. You can think like your Youtube watching process on the internet. In this way, you can watch television programs on your computer or on your computer. For this you need to use a set-top box. This set-top box establishes a connection between the television and the internet and operates the incoming signals in the ... Read more

How to Change Computer Password?

Computer password is extremely important for the privacy and security of our personal information. Whether we have a workplace computer or our home computer; we all want our personal use to remain confidential. Especially at workplaces, even when we go to lunch, we lock our computer by pressing the Windows key + L key, we get out. Because there may be confidential information on our computer that other colleagues may not see. This process is vital especially for human resources managers, where all employees' salary information is on their computers. The safest method to ensure computer security is to change the computer password periodically. We have created a guide for you to quickly and easily handle computer password creation, change or removal. Read on. Change the Windows 10 Computer Password to the Control panel. Go to the User accounts section. Select the account whose password you want to change. If you are the name of the computer, you can change the password of the desired account. If you are not an admin, you can only change the password of your own account. After selecting the account, click on the change password button. Type the current password, type the new ... Read more

Superonline Password Change

Evlerde ve işyerlerinde internet kullanıcıları genel olarak wifi hatları üzerinden internete bağlanıyor. Bu durum aslında hayatı büyük ölçüde kolaylaştırıyor. Wifi üzerinden internete bağlandığımızda daha fazla hareket özgürlüğüne sahip oluyoruz. Özellikle laptop kullandığımızda, ofiste istediğimiz yerde çalışabiliyor, toplantı sırasında internete bağlı kalabiliyoruz. Aynı durum evlerimiz için de geçerli. Evde wifi ile internete bağlandığımızda bir kablo sınırlandırmasına tabi olmuyoruz. Evimizin istediğimiz yerinden internete bağlanmaya devam edebiliyoruz. Wifi internet ağları, mobilin yoğun kullanımı ile birlikte daha çok önem kazandı. Hücresel internet ağlarımız sınırlı olduğundan, evimize ya da ofisimize geldiğimiz anda wifi ağından internete bağlanıyoruz. Zaten akıllı telefonlarımız da büyük güncellemeler ya da yüklemeler yapacağı zaman bizden wifi ağına bağlanmamızı istiyor. Wifi kullanırken en çok merak ettiğimiz konulardan biri, şifremizi nasıl değiştireceğimiz. Özellikle kotalı internet kullanıyorsanız, şifrenize büyük önem vermeniz gerekiyor. Kesinlikle zor ve ... Read more

What is Wetransfer?

The process of sending large files is one of the most common situations in business life. High resolution images, video files or Excel files with thousands of data take up a lot of space on our computers. Sending these files to someone else will be troublesome, equivalent to the size of the file. If you do not have the chance to transfer your files to someone near you with external memory, you have to send them over the internet. Sending large files by mail is not a highly preferred method. First of all, some mail systems do not allow uploading of very large files anyway. Although the mail network allows this, the download of the file takes too long or you are busy loading the other party's mail account for a long time. For this reason, sending files loaded with e-mail is not a very efficient method. However, sending large files is quite simple with Wetransfer. How to use Wetransfer? Wetransfer is an extremely simple and effective file sharing tool. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can manage to send files using this program. For this, it is enough to write your own e-mail address, the e-mail address of the recipient and add your files to the page that opens. You can also ... Read more

What is the SAR Value?

Although technology advances day by day and brings innovations and convenience to our lives, it brings with it some problems and even health problems. The radiation problem and SAR value brought by smartphones to our lives are among the most prominent issues lately. SAR, which is the abbreviation of Specific Absorption Rate, means Specific Absorption Rate in Turkish. Mobile phone radiation and SAR value have caused much concern over the past decade. While some people do not care about this when choosing their next smartphone, this value is one of the most important issues in some people's mobile phone choices. In this article, we will answer the question “What is the SAR value” and investigate whether this value is critical to our health. It is a well-known fact that mobile phones emit electronic radiation. The frequency radiating to our device and to the network of our operator is between 450-2100 MHz. Wi-Fi networks, radars and microwaves are also known to emit radiation in the same range. However, they use mobile phones use radio waves to communicate with cell towers. These waves are used to carry our voice and other data. These waves are transmitted in all directions, ... Read more

All About Humanoid Robot Sophia

Robot Sophia entered our lives on October 25, 2017. With her brown eyes, long lashes and a delicate appearance, Sophia is immediately in the headlines of the international press. Sophia later became a citizen in Saudi Arabia, making her the first artificial intelligence to achieve such status. Robot Sophia said in a statement that this situation honored him very much! Robot Sophia was developed by Hanson Robotics' think tank. While creating this humanoid robot, the target is; It was an image that would not disturb people, and aesthetics and integrated social sensitivity that could appeal to real people. In order to better understand social intelligence in the creation of Robot Sophia, social human was tried to be shown in all possible details including scientific and artistic aspects. The most important reason why artificial intelligence Sophia attracted so much was that it gave humorous and clever answers to the questions people asked. The artificial intelligence and appearance of Sophia was planned with such great care; He admired everyone with his profitable smile to the questions asked, understanding people's facial expressions, making eye contact while talking and getting ... Read more

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001, which is based on the correct protection of information, its general logic is a management system that supports this issue. The most important reason for the establishment of this system is the accurate storage of written information in the digital age. In order for an institution's business to continue without interruption, its information must be properly stored. In cases where the information is not stored properly, even the simplest jobs can turn into hours of laborious operations. Especially in the digital world, the protection and storage of information is very important. Because technology is changing day by day and there are changes in the conditions of information hiding. These changes may cause the confidentiality or integrity of corporate information to disappear. Information security aims to protect the confidential information of institutions from malicious people. In today's world, when digital theft has increased, company information can be used for malicious purposes. It is aimed to ensure corporate information security with ISO 27001. By using this system, the integrity of both people, processes and information is preserved. You can not only protect ... Read more

What is Dropshipping and How is it done?

What is Dropshipping? Dropshopping, which means selling without stock, is an e-commerce method that eliminates operating expenses and can be applied with low capital. The main difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the seller in this method does not have any stock. Instead, the seller buys the product from another person. This person is usually a wholesaler or manufacturer. The seller takes the order from the third party and sends it directly to the customer. He does not see the product. Advantages of Dropshipping Requires less capital. It is not necessary to keep a warehouse and store stocks for the store. Selling in this way is less costly. You do not need to buy a product before selling it. You need to buy the product that the customer has already purchased. Thus, there is no risk of keeping the product in your hand. It's easy to get started. Money, energy and space are saved as there is no need to deal with products physically. You don't have to worry about the risks. There is no need to pay for a warehouse, track inventory for accounting, or deal with returns. All this is the responsibility of the supplier, not the seller. As you do not have ... Read more

What is Dropbox, How is It Used?

Offering cloud-based storage, Dropbox stands out as one of the most used applications in the world. You can use Dropbox, which can also be used as a file sharing application, on both your computer and your smart devices. Dropbox operates as a virtual folder. After uploading your files to this folder, you can re-upload and use them on any device, in any environment you are in. How to Use Dropbox? To use the application, you must first install and then register. After creating a new account, entering your username and password, you can create as many folders as you want and upload the file you want. Every device you download the application synchronizes instantly and your files are ready for your use. You can also create and access shared folders with different friends who use the application. Today, each of us has many files that should be kept for business and personal life. Dropbox is very useful and useful in order to never lose them. You can use the application on Mac or PCs and smart devices. The app has both paid and free versions. You have 2 GB of storage in the free version. The paid version, known as Dropbox Plus, has 1 TB of storage. The only plus of the paid version ... Read more

What is Blockchain?

In this article, we have prepared an extensive guide for you about blockchain technology. This concept, which will appear in many areas of our lives in the very near future, must be known especially by new generation entrepreneurs and businesses that do business on the internet. Blockchain, which is known as Block Chain in Turkish, is a chain consisting of blocks, as can be understood from its name, in its simple expression. Think of it like this, there is a person who transfers money. Issues such as the identity of the person, the identity of the person receiving the money, and what amount was sent will be encrypted for security purposes. These passwords form a block. Each block forms another, and they are added one after the other to form a chain. Information distributed to the blockchain network becomes unbreakable and unchangeable. The unique security and privacy that this technology has comes from here. Information leaves the center, blocks are located on the entire network. Only designated buyers and sellers can process the information in that block. No one else has the chance to break or change the transaction in the blocks. Blockchain technology is completely ... Read more

How to Delete a Gmail Account?

Google's mail application, Gmail, is used by millions of people worldwide. Reaching a considerable number of users in a short time, Gmail remains popular with its easy-to-use and especially add-ons that provide added value to business life. Even many companies open their mail accounts via Gmail today. No matter how satisfied you are with your Gmail account, you may want to close it for reasons that you do not have. Your account may have been taken over by hackers, malicious software may have infiltrated your mail account, or you may no longer be satisfied with your username. Each of these could be a reason for your permanent gmail account deletion request. It is very important for your privacy and security not to forget to close a mail account that you no longer use. If you neglect this, your mail account can be used by different people without your knowledge and transactions can be made on the Internet under your name. Your bank statements can come to this bank account or you can get family mails that you don't want anyone to see. For this reason, if you are not going to use your gmail account anymore, it is very important to delete it permanently. What to know about Gmail ... Read more

What is Data Analysis?

One of the most important steps to establish a successful business is to make accurate data analysis. The correct analysis of the data and the correct information obtained as a result of the analysis reveals the wishes and demands of the company customers. Accordingly, the company can draw out the road plan in the future and stop doing the applications that it has done so far but has not yielded. With data analysis, useful information should be discovered, the useless ones should be cleared and what should be done and what should not be done in the next process. This is a transformation process. Data analysis should be done in all business lines. Of course, the analysis of each sector will not be equal. Different organizations serving in different sectors should perform their analysis using different techniques and taking different approaches. As this is necessary for a giant brand, it is an important process even for a small blog that publishes on the Internet. Before performing data analysis, it is necessary to ensure data integration. When the integration is smooth, the firm's data flows regularly and the relevant department can analyze it. Companies only have data analysts ... Read more

Best Video Converter Program Options

We have gathered the best video converter program options to meet all your video conversion needs in our content. A video that does not consume your memory unnecessarily because it is very high quality or compressed, although it has great features, it will not work if it cannot be watched on the device you choose. Of course, you can install different video surveillance programs on your desktop, but this can cause problems, especially when watching videos on your tablet or smartphone. We have compiled the best video converter options so that you can not watch the videos you want without any problems in this regard. Any Video Converter (Windows / MacOS) Also known as AVC Any Video Converter; DixX has the ability to convert more than 60 video formats including MPEG4 and VOB. It can also convert user-defined video outputs and multiple files simultaneously. Saves videos in a predefined folder for quick access and organization. The program can also be used as YouTube video converter and Google video converter. The quality of the videos obtained is excellent. Using the program, videos can be trimmed and video effects can be edited. The sounds on the videos can also be extracted and ... Read more

What is BlueStacks?

We have gathered all the information you wonder about BlueStacks App Player, BlueStacks 2 and BlueStacks 3 and more in our content. If you need to use an Android platform, however you do not want to buy any Android smart device; BlueStacks is for you! You no longer have to have an Android device to access the operating system of the world-famous Google. Because this process can be done using a single program since 2011. If you have not heard of BlueStacks before, you can have an idea about every aspect of this subject by reading the information in our content. So what is BlueStacks? BlueStacks entered our lives as a portal designed to play high memory consuming mobile games on desktop. Now his full function continues as an app player. Bringing together the entire ecosystem of Android, this app is used by millions of people worldwide as a desktop program uniquely designed for devices with Windows and Mac operating systems. What is BlueStacks App Player? Today, the use of smartphones has increased from good to good. It seems that this increase will continue with a rising chart in the coming periods. The reason for the increase in the use of smartphones is that every user can find ... Read more

All About Java Programming

If you want to program in Java language, you can use the information we have compiled in our content and have a wide knowledge about it. If you want to do Java programming, you are at the right place! You can find basic information and concepts in our content. Java; is a simple, object-oriented, network-savvy, interpreted, robust, secure, portable, neutral architecture, high performance and dynamic computer language. It looks like C and C ++, but is easier to use and allows you to create more robust programs. Some important information about the Java programming language is as follows: Java is a simple language. Modeling after C and C ++ has added some confusing features to this language. It is an object oriented language. It allows developers to adapt Java to solve problems. Network is an understanding language. It simplifies the task of making Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) network protocols such as HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and simplifies the task of making network connections. It is an interpreted language. This makes it easy to debug erroneous Java programs. It is a solid language. Reliable. For this ... Read more


Bug is actually a software coding error. The word bug is used to express a technical dysfunction. In short, it can be called system deficit. Bug problems can also cause security vulnerabilities from time to time. Therefore, it is very important to detect and fix bug problems. The word understanding of Bug is actually an "insect". It is noticed that the circuits of a computer that broke down in 1947 were burning. Despite all the arrangements made, no problem can be found and eventually it turns out that there are insects burning inside the computer. It is understood that the problem is caused by this insect and for this reason, this type of software coding and system errors are called bug. The first person to use the term bug in software code errors; Is Grace Hooper. What does Bug mean in the game? These software bugs, called bugs, appear in computer and telephone games the most. For example, it is a bug problem when a character freezes or looks pixel pixel while playing games. If you're experiencing something wrong with your regular game routine, it's probably due to bug in the game. A discourse such as “I found a bug” has emerged among the players. So what do I mean, bug? ... Read more

What is Chromium?

Chromium, named after the chrome element, is simply the name of an open source web browser project. Its logo differs from Chrome in terms of its automatic updating mechanism. One of the most important goals of the Chromium project is that Chromium is not just an ordinary web browser, but also a tabbed window manager for the web. Developers of the application state that Chromium is small in size like Windows Explorer because of its lightness and speed. The browser, which has been mentioned a lot recently, gets a positive response from the users. What Can You Do With Chromium? It includes a apps page with Chromium alpha version that provides access from the top left corner. · Applications page can connect to all web applications that Chrome is connected to. It can easily access applications such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Apps, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter. Calculator, clock, battery and network status indicator are also included with the application. · F8 comes with a screen containing all the shortcuts. · With F12, additional browser pages can be opened and switched between them. It is much faster than Chrome. It offers a simple interface. What is Chromium Host Executable? Host ... Read more

What exactly is Fraud and how can it be prevented?

Today, we are examining fraud, meaning Turkish forgery, which we may encounter with you in the internet world. We recommend that you read the subject carefully. What is Fraud? It is a collection of forgery methods used in online trade, which is now one of the greatest habits of our time, with the return of developing technology. If we say the word, it means that individuals make unfair earnings, pass personal credit card information to third parties and generate income through fraud channels of this information. For companies, fraud means that payment is made on an offline or online platform using payment cards such as credit card and debit card belonging to another person and the card holder is not aware of this situation. Rapidly increasing online payment channels with the use of developing technology and internet are among the places where the most fraudulent events are experienced. What Does Fraud Control Mean? Thanks to the secure payment channels that have emerged in recent years, even if fraud cases have been largely prevented, they are still not completely eliminated. There are some items that need to be done to prevent and minimize such fraudulent activities. When ... Read more

Google Maps Api Key

You know that there is no limit to what you can do when you connect to the internet from your mobile devices, but you may need a manual to use it. Google Maps is a service of the Google server. With this program, you can make discoveries in three dimensions on the world map to all the countries, regions, cities, neighborhoods and streets. You can mark your current location and add pictures and content. This program is a web-based and advanced mapping system. It is seen that those who use smart devices to Google Maps application, as the simplest case, frequently apply to find addresses in daily life or to identify areas with high traffic. To use Google Maps or infrastructure services, you need a code, that is, a number, which is called Api. Api is provided free of charge by Google up to a certain number. With Api, you can adapt the content used in a Google Maps application to projects used on a different website. You need Google Maps Api Key to adapt the services provided by Google applications to your website and use them in your project. So we can say that for Google api key, it is a kind of key that provides access to Google services. Getting Google Maps Api Key Among the ... Read more

Features of Turkish Production Reeder P13 Lite!

The features of the Turkish production reeder P13 Lite model have been announced. Produced in its factory in Samsun, the reeder P13 Lite offers state-of-the-art features and offers a different comfort to its user. Turkey-based technology firm reed, which produced the first smart phone made a quick introduction to P13 Lite smartphone market. P13 Lite, which has features to appeal to every segment, has Android Oreo Go operating system. With its dual camera and powerful 4-core MediaTek MT6739 processor, the P13 Lite is available only at select technology stores at an affordable price. After the F1 model produced for the first time in its factory opened in Samsun last year, the smartphone model attracts attention with its P13 Lite camera feature. Especially users who love to take selfies will provide a successful efficiency from the front camera at 5 megapixel resolution. The main camera with 8 megapixel Full HD video recording feature used on the back of the phone is accompanied by the second camera with a resolution of 0.3 megapixels. P13 Lite, which is quite ambitious in video shooting, automatically adjusts the ambient light. Reeder P13 Lite specifications: Processor chip: 1.5 ... Read more

CDN - What is Content Distribution?

CDN is a content distribution technology that will greatly increase user satisfaction, especially for sites with global visitors. For example, you have an internet site and hits from different countries at the global level because it is only one server will not meet your Turkey-property business. No matter how much you trust the quality of your hosting company, the distances will cause pings. In this case, Turkey registered users ping your site quickly and without delay gezebilirk slowdown in other countries, unfortunately, you will encounter problems such as late opening. The only solution to this situation will be by uploading your files to your servers with different locations, connecting the incoming visitors to the nearest server and enabling them to browse the site. What is CDN What are the Advantages of CDN - Content Distribution? Your visitors will be able to browse your site as your visitors have the opportunity to browse quickly and your page view will definitely increase. Google recently stated that they have measured their website speed and scored accordingly. After this news, CDN drew great attention. Not only Google, but almost all search engines will index your ... Read more

Gmail Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary With A New Feature!

Gmail is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. A new feature is added to the features along with a special celebration for the 15th year. Let's examine the features of the feature that you will add to its 15th year together. Technology giant Google celebrates its 15th anniversary today. So what new feature does Gmail bring to the email service? How easy does it aim to offer its users with the googleneni feature? What will the new feature AMP feature benefit users? Google Gmail, which offers its web-based e-mail service to its users on April 1, 2004, continues its success as it was on the first day. Gmail, which is the most used email service in the world, is getting ready to meet its users with a new feature. The expected new feature of Google Gmail! You have the Smart Compose feature, a new feature of Google Gmail. With the Smart Compose feature, it will be easier to write your e-mails. While writing e-mails using Smart Compose feature, it will become smarter with the auto-complete feature and artificial intelligence algorithm. For example, let's say that you will send an e-mail to someone and if you are used to starting with "hey" instead of "hello" at the beginning of the ... Read more

Google Plus closed

Google Plus, which Google realized with great hopes more than a month ago, announced that it ended all its activities on April 3. World giant Google has closed the Google Plus platform announced months ago. Users trying to log in to Google Plus profile account received a warning message as of yesterday. Google officials were shown as rivals to their social media accounts when they installed the Plus platform. But he did not keep the popularity among Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. Gooogle Plus, which started broadcasting in 2011, has been in the testing phase for a long time. Tested for a long time in beta and started broadcasting in 2011, Google Plus was frequently shown as a competitor to social media platforms like Facebook in its early years, but Facebook did not succeed in being popular like Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. In order to eliminate the risk of victimization due to security vulnerabilities, he started deleting some of the information of users who used Plus accounts that he had previously warned his users. Since all of their data is not deleted, they will be able to access some users' data. Read more

New update to WhatsApp groups!

A new feature has come to Whatsapp groups. The most preferred messaging platform of the world, WhatsApp, seems to make the job of the users much easier with its new feature. Especially the users of the group. In WhatsApp messaging too, group users do not want to add themselves to each group. Here, thanks to the new feature, users will now be included in group conversations according to their own preferences. So how can we activate this feature? How can I activate the WhatsApp groups invitation feature? WhatsApp group options; When everyone, my people and nobody chooses one of the options, you will be able to decide which group to join or not. To adjust; First, log into your WhatsApp account. Follow the guidance when you enter Account> Privacy> Groups. This beginner feature will soon reach all WhatsApp users worldwide. Read more

New features to come with Apple iOS 13!

Apple has also announced the features it will offer its users with the iOS 13 operating system. Apple plans to share iOS 13 with the world for the first time at the WWDC 2019 event in June. Apple plans to introduce the iOS 13 operating system to its user in September. What kind of innovations are waiting for users in Apple's highly anticipated iOS 13 operating system? The newly developed operating system iOS 13 will not be applied to all Apple phone models. Apple, iOS 13 operating system to come features; With the night mode feature, the eyes of iPhone owners will be less tired and battery saving will be provided. Another feature offered by the iOS 13 operating system is; multi window support. iPhone users will be able to view multiple applications on one screen at the same time. The undo feature is another feature that will come with the iOS 13 operating system. You need to shake the device to get it back on the operating systems currently used. However, with iOS 13, it will be enough to swipe the screen to the left with just three fingers. Apple is another innovation that will come in iOS 13 operating system, mail application. Incoming messages in the mail application to be ... Read more

Intel introduces the new 8th generation Core vPro

Intel is ready to meet the new 8th generation Intel Core vPro user. The 8th Generation vPro processors that Intel introduced at its launch offer its users better performance, long battery life, extremely fast Wi-Fi 6 and embedded security features thanks to Intel Hardware Shield. Intel launches the new 8th generation Intel Core vPro based on Whiskey Lake architecture. It helps the developing new processor user to establish a WLAN connection on the go. Intel Core vPro is one of the first products to be configured with Wi-Fi 6 (Gig +) solutions and launched to provide faster Wi-Fi 63 connections. Intel new 8th generation Intel Core vPro features; Users can work as they want, wherever they want. They will also be able to experience the most challenging mobile applications, video conferencing, real-time collaboration and content sharing at the fastest performance level. Thanks to Core vPro mobile devices developed for more companies, it does not lose performance even when it is not connected to electricity. The 8th generation Intel Core vPro i7-8665U processor delivers high performance while delivering up to 11 hours of battery life. Offering a basic operating system for company ... Read more

Google released Chrome 74 update

Google has released the Chrome 74 update. Chrome, the world's most preferred browser, continues to update. With the Chrome 74 update, Google introduced new accessibility settings and a few adjustments to make the user more comfortable to use. Features that come with Google Chrome 74 update; Google Chrome has resolved animation problems. With the update, the disorder experienced during the scrolling of the page up and down was improved with the new update. Disturbing effects have been resolved thanks to the limitation of motion animation. It is now easier to create private class fields with the Chrome 74 update. CSS transitions supported in other browsers are now supported by Google Chrome with the update. Chrome 74 update is available for MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems. Read more

Huawei P30 Pro update herald! Here are the update features!

Huawei introduced the flagship P30 Pro at its launch on March 26 in Paris. 2 days after its introduction, it offered its user the first update. The most remarkable feature with the first update was the camera. Now, Huawei has released another update for its user again after one month. The fingerprint reader draws attention as the focus of the upcoming update. Features of Chinese technology giant Huawei P30 Pro update; Considering that the most important feature of smartphones is to use the camera effectively, Huawei P30 Pro has planned to offer a unique usage experience to the user with the camera update. The P30 Pro improved night mode on the camera with the first update. Shooting is now better, with Super Zoom in low light. In the second update, the fingerprint reader has been improved. The fingerprint reader is now more sensitive. In addition, social media platforms eliminate the problems that occur during the audio and video synchronization of the videos you watch on Instagram, Facebook and others. Since the update has not arrived in our country, we only inform users about these features according to the news written. India users received the update first. We expect it to ... Read more

ASUS introduces new player computer models

ASUS unveiled the new player computer model ROG Re: Define 2019. Republic of Gamer, the sub-brand of ASUS, came to the fore with the new gaming computer of the ROG family. In recent years, the game market is developing more and more every day in digital media. ASUS realized that the launch of the ASUS Systems Business Unit, Turkey Country Director said that Libby Sword Guler, Turkey shows interest in the last 2-3 years in the gaming industry. Markets opened too much here in terms of game companies, many companies began to bring the latest technology to Turkey like us. Now our youth are showing a lot of interest in the game industry. But Turkey at the beginning of the road. This acceleration will increase 3-4 times more in the past years. ASUS Turkey, with plans to introduce new products that introduce users in a short time. About ASUS's new game computer introduced in ROG Re: Define 2019; ROG Mothership: Designed to replace desktop computers with display options for both gamers and content producers ROG Zephyrus S: GX502 Active Aerodynamic System (AAS), 240Hz PANTONE certified display, 9th Generation Intel Core i7 and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU G ROG Zephyrus M with SYNC ... Read more

Google Mobile Friendly: Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

It is designed to provide the best possible experience on mobile devices to users browsing the web and to ensure that the sites ranked high in the mobile search results are mobile compatible. Google tries to ensure that the sites offered to users in search results are “optimized for their devices”. This represents a significant change in how mobile-friendly it is to be used as a ranking factor for Google owners for websites. To combat this change, website and business owners need to check if their sites are mobile-friendly. It is important for website owners to start reviewing their sites to avoid losing valuable traffic from mobile devices if their sites are not compatible. Why Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly? Making a website mobile-friendly not only helps maintain or increase rankings on mobile devices, it also helps improve the user experience and make it easier for them to browse and turn into a potential customer or client. So there are many advantages to making your site mobile-friendly apart from mobile search results. Is My Site Mobile Friendly? To help website owners, Google launched a Mobile Friendly Test tool that allows users to use specific URLs through the ... Read more

Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy M40

Some technical features of the Samsung Galaxy M40 have been announced. South Korea-based technology manufacturer Samsung, new information about the Galaxy M40, the new phone of the Galaxy M series, gradually emerged. Under the Samsung Galaxy M series, it brought together three different smart phone models: Galaxy M10, M20 and M30. Samsung has added a new phone called Galaxy M40 to the series. Samsung Galaxy M40 Features Some technical information about Samsung Galaxy M40 has emerged. According to the review on Geekbench, Galaxy M40 features; Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 Operating system; Android 9 Pie is expected to have 6 GB of RAM capacity. Read more

METU's 'com.tr' domain management authority has been transferred to BTK

METU's ".tr domain names management powers" passed to BTK with the protocol signed between METU and Information Technologies and Communication Authority and the approval of IANA / ICANN. According to the statement made by METU officials, the technical, administrative and sponsoring powers of the “.tr” country coded “domain names management” that the university started with the international authority obtained from IANA / ICANN in 1990 and has been continuing for 29 years have also passed to BTK. he said. The transfer process was initiated in line with the Internet Domain Names Regulation of 2010, when the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure assigned the task of conducting business and transactions related to the allocation of internet domains based on the duty given by the Electronic Communication Law No. 5809 dated November 5, 2008. In line with the principles agreed upon by METU and BTK, the ".tr" network information system to be established, the necessary studies for TRABIS to become operational were launched in 2016. Technical and administrative preliminary studies in transfer operations took three years. The protocol for the determination of the procedures and ... Read more

Oppo signs agreement with Google for Android Q

Oppo has officially announced that they have partnered with Google in the Android Q beta program. At the Google I / O 2019 event, Oppo officials announced that it was one of the first smartphone brands to partner with Google in the Android Q Beta program. Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has announced that they have partnered with Google in the Android Q beta program. Andy Wu, Oppo Head of Software Engineering and Vice President of OPPO, said they were happy to see Google as an integral and long-standing member of our common ecosystem. At the “Google I / O 2019” conference held in California, All Features of Android Q, Oppo, which has partnered with Google in the Android Q Beta program, introduced the innovations it has prepared for its users in the new 5G technology. Android Q, the newest version of Android currently in the testing phase, will be available to all users after various tests. Read more

How Automated Email Campaigns Help with Conversion Rates

Publishing automated email campaigns has many advantages, including triggering required actions from a larger user database, thereby increasing the conversion rate. If emails are sent automatically, they can be sent on time, often overly related to readers, and generate more ROI (ROI) than manually sent. What is the Automatic Email Campaign? An automated e-mail campaign consists of automatic e-mail creation and sending to potential or existing customers who perform some necessary actions. A specific response from any user triggers a personalized email and is sent directly to the inbox. For example, if an organization wants to send welcome emails to all those who sign up on their website; This can be done by sending an automatic e-mail to the subscriber. In the same case, if a manual e-mail was sent, it would take more time and effort, and it also could not be sent exactly after registration. On the other hand, automated e-mail only needs to be set up once, and when it then takes a certain action on the website, it is automatically forwarded to a potential customer's inbox. Benefits of Automated Email Marketing - The right content is delivered at the right time and to the right ... Read more

Youtube will regulate subscriber counts!

Youtube announced that it will now express subscriber numbers with rounds with the last decision. According to the report published by The Verge, in the example given by company officials, if an account has 10.500.000 subscribers, it will be shown as 10.000.000. Websites such as Social Blade, which show how much subscribers gained or lost channels with the data it received on YouTube, the world's largest video sharing site, also seem to be dysfunctional. According to the news of the Youtube product development team on the blog side, the main purpose of this round; Such a decision was made as a result of the increase and increase in the subscription numbers of names such as Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Jeffree Star and Turner “Tfue” Tenney, which produced the most content channels. So to ensure consistency in the number of all channel subscribers. To make this a uniform application with some channels showing subscriber numbers on Youtube channel. Instagram, the world's most preferred social media platform, is preparing to find a similar initiative. Instagram is considering adding the option of not showing how much like a photo gets. ... Read more

iOS 12.3.1 update is live!

Apple released the new update to its users yesterday evening. What innovations does it offer its users with iOS 12.3.1? Apple has released a new iOS 12.3.1 update for their iPhone and iPad. iOS 12.1.3 update, you should have about 120 MB file size. When you look at the features of the new update, there is no new feature; it only removes some of the problems on iOS with the update. One of the issues resolved with the iOS 12.1.3 update was a technical problem that prevented receiving and making VolTE calls. However, a minor error in the Messages application is resolved with this version. iOS 12.3.1 update; The update can be downloaded by following the path Settings> General> Software Update. It is possible to download the latest update by connecting your relevant Apple device via iTunes. Apple devices that will receive the update: - iPhone XS - iPhone XS Max - iPhone XR - iPhone X - iPhone 8 - iPhone 8 Plus - iPhone 7 - iPhone 7 Plus - iPhone 6s - iPhone 6s Plus - iPhone 6 - iPhone 6 Plus - iPhone SE - iPhone 5s - 12.9-inch iPad Pro - 2nd generation - 12.9-inch iPad Pro - 1st generation - 10.5-inch iPad Pro - 9.7-inch iPad Pro - iPad Air 2 - iPad Air - iPad 5th generation - ... Read more

MDM (Mobile Device Management)

In order to ensure the management and control of employees, both in the center and in the field, where the number of staff or employees is high in corporate workplaces, the control systems of the computers or mobile devices used through the network, hosting are provided by the administration's information systems. In order to prevent damage to corporate data, processes such as software installation, deletion, data storage, blocking malware, and access controls to web services are provided with MDM. What is MDM? How to Uninstall MDM is the abbreviation of Mobile Device Management, that is, Mobile Device Management. It is the administration of corporate data in order to ensure information security over mobile devices (such as smartphones, tablets) operating systems. In order to ensure information security, institutions, organizations and businesses can manage their business data, e-mail, information and document tracking from mobile devices in order to monitor and control the work processes of the personnel working in the field and to ensure that the work continues without interruption. What is mdm and how to remove it for management and non-access is an issue that occupies our ... Read more

Top 5 Tips for Increasing Retail Brand Awareness

As a seller, your brand is your most important asset. Although product presentation is undoubtedly the main focus, it will be difficult to attract customers to your products in the first place without a strong brand. Regardless of your sales channels, it's important to constantly work on brand development to see a growth in online or customer conversions. Five tips to increase brand awareness to attract more customers and increase your revenue: 1. Creating consistency A consistent brand profile is required both online and offline to enable potential customers to discover your products. Product errors can really slow down your business; whether there are in-store staff who cannot find or sell an item or an online customer who decides to purchase; incorrect data are revealed, loss of time and customer experience negatively. The duplicated data also creates confusion and potentially loses your sales. A simple way to avoid this is to use a PIM system with only one data entry point; streamline systems and help prevent errors and inaccuracies. 2. SEO It is imperative to make sure that your website and product content are optimized for search engines, to build brand awareness and make ... Read more

What is Overclock?

Overclocking is a component; It is the name given to a higher level of performance than the performance determined by the manufacturer. Each electronic device has a clock frequency. The devices operate according to this frequency and operate at the specified speed threshold. Overclocking is used to go over the frequency and get more efficiency from the device. This process is also called "overclocking". Many users resort to overclocking to push the limits of the product and use it more efficiently. Overclocking ensures high performance of video cards, processors and many devices. Devices that are subjected to overclocking because high performance means more energy and more heating; needs regular maintenance and control. Important Information About Overclocking For example, if your processor is operating at 2.8 GHz, the speed can be increased to 3.1 GHz with successful overclocking. However, the statistics before and after overclocking differ between devices. Not every electronic component can respond positively to overclocking. It is also possible that the component will be damaged after overclocking. The goal in overclocking is not only higher performance; it is a stable ... Read more

Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Doesn't Work

Are you worried that the growth of your business is slowing down? Don't you know what to do about this topic? Why do you think your marketing strategy is not working? Digital marketing has examined the issues you need. Every existing business relies heavily on marketing to accelerate its growth. Effective marketing has the ability to provide a predictable and stable lead to a company that ultimately leads to paying customers. However, if your potential customers stop streaming, or you're not one of the small businesses that invest in social media marketing, your company's growth will slow. This is a frightening situation for every business owner. If you want to be successful, examine why your marketing strategy is not effective so you can make some changes. Is your brand not as attractive as the others? Customers actually want to work with businesses they like, know, and trust. It is very important to strive to create a brand and business that positions you as a knowledgeable and lovable business in your business. If potential customers do not trust you or are unsure that you have the ability to help them, they will not choose to give you their business. Many people still see ... Read more

Web Design Tips and Trends You Should Try in 2019

You found your name for your brand or yourself, you bought your domain name. You have completed two steps that are important to your website. What about the design of your website? The name and production of the brand you create and your website design should be linked and in line with 2019 trends. This year, knowing and applying the latest web design tips and trends is a way to help you increase your visitors and attract your attention. There are 4.4 billion people active in using the Internet worldwide. Making sure your web designs are new and important is a factor to have a beautiful and impressive website. Also, you should always look at the end user for the site to be user friendly. This year, knowing and applying the latest web design tips and trends is a way to help you increase your visitors and attract their attention. Here are the 2019 website tips and trends you should be familiar with: 1. Asymmetric Design and Layouts Balance is an indispensable part of designing a website and using asymmetric features. This year, the latest trends are breaking the grid system, which has been used by many web designers for decades to maintain balance and regulation on their designs. ... Read more

Google Chrome Releases New Feature

Google Chrome has released its new feature. Google, the new feature released for Chrome stands for user security. So, which users will be able to use the safe browsing feature published for Chrome users? Google announced the Safe Browsing feature for Chrome. We can say that Chrome users have been waiting for a long time. Because, while browsing the websites, the most disturbing situation for us is that we cannot take action instantly about the sites we see as suspects. With this new feature, you will be in front of this instantly. When we examine the published safe browsing feature closely, users can report a website instantly if you think it is suspicious. Simply click on the orange icon located next to the URL bar of a website you are looking at as suspicious. Then, simply click 'Send Report', taking the site's URL, screenshot and HTML information. We can say that this feature is mostly for webmasters because their explanation about the Google Powers Safe Browsing feature uses the phrase 'for masters'. During the day, regular Chrome users will also be able to report on sites they consider suspicious. Read more

First Voice and Data Traffic was held in Turkey

The first voice and data traffic in Turkey, was held with local 5G infrastructure. 5G infrastructure, in which the whole world started to establish its infrastructure gradually, continues to work in our country rapidly. The End to End Local and National 5G Communication Network Project was carried out on the NFVI infrastructure in the HAVELSAN Test Laboratory in METU Technopolis. The first voice and data traffic realized within the scope of the End to End Local and National 5G Communication Network Project, HD quality video transfer via the 5G Core Network and other 5G network elements developed by HAVELSAN, i2i, TTG and Pavotek companies, and the right voice search for the existing mobile operators were made live. Domestic Construction National Network Fully developed by Turkish engineers, 5G products such as Core Network, NFVI, IMS network (TAS), router / switcher, EMS (Element Management System) were integrated and used. According to the information received from the authorized people, the work continues at full speed. The project continues with the cooperation of 16 Communication Technologies Cluster (HTK) member companies and 3 operators supported by TÜBİTAK. End to End ... Read more

Google Drive will now work without internet!

Google Drive is implementing a new application for Google Drive users, the Cloud storage service. Google Drive users will be able to access Google Drive in the coming months without an internet connection. So how will Google Drive be used without internet? First of all, we have to ask the question, what is Google Drive? We can say that Google Drive is a large Cloud platform that works with internet connection and users can quickly back up their files and look after them. Google officials have said that some rumors that it would be possible to access Google Drive without an internet connection were exciting. It is possible to store files without internet connection with Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Docs, applications offered by Google. However, it seems that with the new feature, access to almost any file including PDF and World documents will be possible without internet. How can we use Google Drive without internet? Google Drive feature will only be used in the Chorme browser. All you need to do to take advantage of the functionality offered by Google is to enable offline mode when the feature is activated and then log in with your account information. Read more

What is Website Conversion Optimization?

What is Website Conversion Optimization? Do you need to apply website conversion optimization to your marketing mix to increase conversion rates? Driving visitors to your site is part of the puzzle and keeping visitors on your website is another. Moreover, turning them into leads and loyal customers is another step to deal with. However, your ultimate goal in implementing website conversion optimization processes is to turn site visitors into potential customers. So if you can get your site visitors to complete the action you want, the next step is to turn them into loyal consumers. What are Conversion Rates? Conversion rates are the percentage of web users who complete the action or task you want on the site. In other words, any activity or step that visitors and users who come to your website observe and complete on your site is the conversion that fits your original purpose. Moreover, when you optimize your site and landing pages for conversion, you get positive results for each page. These results are combined and counted as conversion rates. This is the percentage or percentage of web users who act on your bids and complete your final conversion goal. These marketing ... Read more

Which phone models will receive the Android Q update?

The Android Q update is expected to come to smartphone models soon. So, will Huawei models that are having problems with America in the near future will be able to benefit from this update? Here are the phone models that will get Android Q update; Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL ASUS Asus Zenfone 5Z, Asus Zenfone 6 BlackBerry Key2 Essential Phone Huawei Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei P30 , Huawei P30 lite, Huawei Mate 20, Porsche Design Mate 20 RS, Porsche Design Mate 10, Huawei Mate 20 X, Huawei Mate 20 X (5G), Huawei P20 Pro, Huawei P20, Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Huawei Mate 10, Huawei P smart 2019, Huawei P smart + 2019, Huawei P smart Z Honor Honor 20 Lite, Honor 20, Honor 20 Pro LG G8 Motorola Moto One, Moto One Power, Moto One Vision, Moto G7, Moto G7 Play, Moto G7 Power, Moto X4 Android One OnePlus OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro Nokia Nokia 8.1, Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7.1, Nokia 6.1, Nokia 5.1, Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3.2, Nokia 2.2 Samsung Galaxy Fold, Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy S9 series, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy A9, A8, A7, A6 + (2018), Galaxy A80, A70, A50, A40, A30, A20, A20e, A10, ... Read more

WhatsApp crashed, national apps gained importance

The problem that occurred in the popular messaging network Whatsapp that occurred yesterday evening revealed another importance. Our local alternatives such as BIP, LAFF, DEDI, which were previously published as a national practice, came to the agenda once again. The worldwide problem started primarily in Western Europe. And it affected all social media users. So why did this problem occur? Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Ömer Fatih Sayan made a statement on the problem that started yesterday at 16:00. WhatsApp Statement from Deputy Minister Deputy Minister Sayan said that the interruptions in Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook raise questions about the data sharing of these companies and by mentioning our local and national practices, our citizens are not without alternatives. The importance of domestic and national practices such as BIP, LAFF, DEDI once again emerged. The description, interruptions in Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook services bring to mind the question of what data these 3 companies share with each other and who else. We look forward to explaining the source of the problem transparently. Our citizens are not without alternatives. The importance ... Read more

Turkish Airlines reaches agreement with Huawei in digital aviation

Turkish Airlines is signing an important digital transformation process with Chinese phone maker Huawei. THY, who wants to reshape the IT structure, is preparing to provide a better service to its customers by agreeing the infrastructure together with Huawei. Optimizing its current operations with advanced technologies, THY is reshaping its business structure and IT architecture. THY, which has started to renew all its operations including the new ticket system, flight and route management, luggage services, airport network, security controls, video observation and facility maintenance, offers a more personalized and comfortable flight experience to its guests. In this context, THY continues to replace its old equipment with the most advanced technologies to provide a stable and reliable network hardware support for business and airport operations and passenger management for the past three years. Turkish Airlines, which has established a new IT infrastructure starting from its main campus, continues to work in cooperation with Huawei. Huawei established all network connections of the Istanbul Airport project and implemented interconnections of the First Stage buildings. "We ... Read more

Google will set up a mobile network

Google has announced that it will establish a mobile operator in the USA. Satellite service provider Dish Network Corp. to set up the fourth mobile phone operator in the U.S. started talks with. Google, Dish Network Corp. is planning to carry out the project it plans to realize jointly with. The reason for this is said to be that Google's manager, Aolan Mulally, is of the opinion that the project is still fragile. Google FI Project Google's Google Fi project, which was founded in 2015, has similar characteristics to the idea of ​​establishing a mobile operator. After paying a certain fee, Google Fi users can automatically switch between mobile phone operators, depending on the signal strength and speed, whichever operator quality is better in the region. Read more

World Emoji Day: New Emojis Ready

A set of new emoji is ready for users on the world emoji day. When will new emojis coming for Android Q and iOS13 be used by users? Emojis designed last year are expected to be released by the end of this year. Not forgotten in individuals with disabilities among different emojis. Apple is making emojis available for smartphone users, including wheelchair users, visually impaired people with walking canes, and hearing impaired people who use sign language. World Emoji Day: Here are the latest emojis coming to phones Among the new designs, there are new skin colors, new animals such as flamingo and new dishes such as waffles and falafel for the ‘shaking hands’ emoji. After about 20 new designs, other different emojis are expected to be announced in the fall. The designs proposed by Apple also passed through the Unicode Consortium, which is responsible for approving new emoji characters. According to the statement made by Apple officials, they said "they want to make new emojis that will also explain the life experiences of disabled people". The new emoji designs are as follows: Guide dog Men and women walking with a cane Men and women showing that they are deaf with sign ... Read more

How much was the IMEI registration fee?

After the recent hike to the IMEI registration fee, yesterday it was raised again. Will it still make sense to bring a phone call abroad after these hikes? How about operating a phone passport? Here is the answer to your questions. IMEI registration fees have changed again. According to the decision published in the Official Gazette on November 30, 2018 last year, the IMEI passport registration fee, which rose to 618 lira in June 2019, increased from July 170 to 500 TL according to the decision published again. Bringing smart and state-of-the-art phone models, which we bought at home, was always logical for users. However, with the hike, bad news came from users who plan to buy smart phones from abroad. With the decision published in the Official Gazette, IMEI passport registration fee has increased from 618 lira to one thousand 500 TL. The President's decision came into force after the Official Gazette publication. With the new decision, the passport registration periods were extended. Users who register for their passport will not be able to register for another phone within 3 years. In the IMEI registration fee, where there is almost a 2-fold increase, the 1,500 TL price tag ... Read more

iOS 12.4 update is live!

iOS 12.4 update has been released. What new innovations does iOS offer to its user yesterday evening? Apple has released the new iOS 12.4 update. Apple company also presented its last update before iOS 13 to be released in September. So what features are waiting for users with the iOS 12.4 update? Apple's 12.4 update, which it shared with its user yesterday evening, takes about 400 MB. If your phone does not update automatically, you can easily update it in the settings section. What features came in iOS 12.4 update? Apple is seeing new features along with every new update to the iOS operating system. In the 12.4 update, you can transfer not only photos, but also other data wirelessly from one iPhone to another. In this way, when you buy a new iPhone, you can transfer your data from your old iPhones directly over WiFi. With this feature, downloading data from iCloud or iTunes is over. This update also re-enables Walkie Talkie on Apple Watch. Thanks to Walkie Talkie, Apple Watch users can easily communicate with each other, just like a radio. In order to use this feature, it is enough for two users to send an invitation between themselves, and then a voice can be sent to the ... Read more

Google introduces Gallery Go photography app

Google introduced Gallery Go's new photography app. Internet giant Google has officially announced Gallery Go, its new low-size photography app. Internet giant Google has launched a new photo application called Gallery Go. This app is designed mainly for low-end smartphones. The application, which occupies less than 10 megabytes on phones, has already surpassed 100 thousand downloads. Your Phone Does Not Force Your Phone Since it requires low system power, Gallery Go automatically organizes your photos according to "People, Selfies, Nature, Animals, Documents, Videos and Movies" groups. Gallery Go, which can quickly improve photos, also offers SD card support. The plain interface that Google generally uses in its applications draws attention in this application. Uses Artificial Intelligence The app also has face grouping feature that uses artificial intelligence technology. However, this feature is still in the testing phase and is not publicly available. You can use the link below to try Gallery Go application on your Android phone. Read more

Apple buys Intel's modem unit

Apple has officially announced that Intel has purchased the modem unit. Apple bought Intel's modem-producing unit for $ 1 billion. U.S. technology firm Apple bought the processor-producing unit of Intel, a modem for smartphones for $ 1 billion. US technology firm Apple acquired Intel's modem producing unit for mobile phones. It has been announced that all the infrastructure, hardware and patents in the hands of the modem producing unit of Intel will be transferred to Apple with the long-discussed purchasing process. This unit of Intel holds 17,000 technology patents. In the last quarter of this year, along with the scope of the agreement expected to be concluded, 2,200 employees in Intel's modem unit will be transferred to Apple. Read more

Yandex, on-duty pharmacy website launched

Yandex is expanding its scope of services with its on-duty pharmacy website. The pharmacies on duty previously displayed on Yandex navigation have now moved to the website. Yandex is aiming to reach more people by setting up a website on duty pharmacy finding feature that attracts a lot of attention in navigation. Yandex, which aims to expand the service of pharmacies on duty and use it for all internet users without using it in the application, thus has a website other than the application. Yandex aims to benefit more people with quality service by moving this feature to a different platform with navigation. Within the Yandex Navigation application, the pharmacy information on duty, which started in Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Istanbul, Izmir and Kocaeli in the first stage and later became active in 39 cities, is now available to users with a special website. Anyone who wants to be a Yandex Navigation user or not, can access the nearest on-call pharmacies at yandexnobetcieczane.com without needing to login. On-site pharmacy information is available in 39 provinces Users can view the pharmacies on duty on the map by selecting the province and district where they are located on the ... Read more

Error Email: How to Get Rid of an Email Marketing Mistake?

Did you make a mistake E-mail marketing? If you have made an e-mail error and do not know exactly how to save the situation, this article is for you. How to fix an e-mail error? While spelling errors and grammatical errors can be annoying, it can leave you in a difficult situation when you make e-mail errors. For example, if you sent a missing link or dangerous promotional code in the e-mail you sent, this can significantly affect you and your company's success. Common email mistakes for marketers include: - Sending email to the wrong subscriber list - Bad links or wrong landing page - Incorrect competition dates, incorrect discount codes - Incorrect promotional information - Inconvenient or insensitive content from request - Personal or private data Sharing with the wrong party If you had to deal with an email error, you can easily translate it on behalf of your brand. So how is it? First of all, you should make a nice gesture to its customers. If you are an e-commerce website, you can define a discount coupon. You will protect your brand name with this gesture that customers will like. If your mistake in the email you sent is too large, causing more serious consequences, such ... Read more

Developed the first liquid cooled SSD

The world's first liquid-cooled SSD developed in Taiwan was developed. Developed by Taiwan-based technology manufacturer Team Group, the new generation SSD has a structure that uses the liquid cooling system for the first time in the world. SSD (Solid State Disk), which is now vital for users and surpasses hard drives in many respects, is used in many systems today. But the SSD is also having the problem with many other hardware: Warm-up. Although overheating is not a big nightmare for SSDs, it can lead to a shorter life span and poor performance. SSDs using the T-Force liquid cooling system developed by Team Group operate in an average 10 degree cooler environment. Unlike the liquid cooling techniques we are used to, the water-cooled model is shaped on a solution that it circulates according to the heat flow of the liquid you fill. T-Force Cardea Liquid M.2 PCIe Gaming SSD, which comes with the first liquid-cooled SSD features with 3 options of 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB, has not been announced. Read more

Is there a security vulnerability within AirDrop?

Are you waiting for AirDrop users to be in great danger? A big claim has been made about AirDrop, the most preferred service in Apple's smartphone models? Here are the details about the subject .. A new claim has been made about the service AirDrop, which allows Apple users to share many files, including photos, among the phones in the fastest way without internet. According to the claim made by experts, everyone can see their phone numbers while sharing with AirDrop. AirDrops, one of Apple's widely used services on iPhones and iPads, detected a vulnerability. According to the news published in Ars Technica, the phone numbers of those who use this service, which offers the wireless sharing feature to the users, are shared publicly in the environment where the user is located. Experts agree that this is a fairly common vulnerability when trying to balance Apple's ease of use and security / privacy. Although it seems that there will not be a lot of problems in the workplace and in the environments that users know, it is a serious security weakness that the number appears clearly with the use of this feature besides the people that users do not know, and this gap must be closed ... Read more

How to Use Google Adwords?

As we all know, when we want to get information about a product, service or any subject, the first place that most of us look is the internet. So how can we redirect to our site after these calls made by our target audience? Why should we use Google Adwords Ads? Which budget should we start with, what should we pay attention to? Request! We continue to review our article, which we recommend to browse new ones in Adwords… We will examine the first of Adwords Search Ads, Google Display Network Blast Ad Campaigns YouTube & Video Ads and Mobile Ads, namely Adwords Search Advertising. As you remember, What is the previous Google Adwords? In our article, we gave information about Adwords advertising. So, what are the benefits of Google Adwords to our site and business in our internet research? Why should we use Google Adwords Ads? Oran Today, those who start their searches with the internet have a high rate of 76% and prefer the internet to access information in the most reliable and fastest way. So what are we looking for? According to Google Think Real Estate data, the percentage of people who search for “unbranded” without specifying a brand is 83%. So, in most of the ... Read more

Internet download speed in the world has increased!

The internet download speed in the world is increasing day by day. Although users complain about internet speed, internet download speed is increasing day by day. So how internet speed based on the latest situation in Turkey? Although internet users in our country complain about slow internet connection, there is an increase in internet download speeds worldwide. The internet download speed, which increased by 28.5 percent compared to the same period of 2018, increased to 59.45 megabits in June. According to the data of June, 1 GB of data can be downloaded in 2 and a half minutes with the world's average internet download speed. Turkey's Download Speed ​​Art for the said period, the average broadband download speed in Turkey, 23.3 percent percent to 20.64 megabits rose to a file of 1 GB with Turkey's average download speed download 6 minutes takes 56 seconds. At this rate, Turkey, took part in the world of Internet speed ranking # 100. Fastest Country Singapore The three fastest countries on broadband internet connection were Singapore (195.88 Mbps), Hong Kong (173.54 Mbps) and South Korea (144.99 Mbps) respectively. The United States ranked 7th on the list at a speed of ... Read more

The names of the new iPhone models have been announced!

The names of all three iPhone models that Apple will introduce next month have emerged. Here are the names of the new iPhone models expected ... The company named ESR, which produces special cases for iPhone, has stated that the names of 2019 models of iPhone will be 'iPhone 11', 'iPhone 11 Pro' and 'iPhone 11 Pro Max'. Expected iPhone Names The countdown has begun for the new iPhone models. Dozens of claims have already been made for Apple's new devices. This time, an iPhone statement came from Ken Miyauchi, President of SoftBank, one of Japan's leading telecommunications companies. In a statement to the country press in Miyauchi, I am wondering what to do for 10 days to be honest. I don't know when the new Apple iPhone will be released, but the law will take effect 10 days later. said. According to the statement, iPhone 11 revealed that it will be announced on September 20. Read more

Head of Personal Data Protection Authority Bilir: Great attention should be paid in social media sharing

Head of the Personal Data Protection Authority Dr. Faruk Bilir stated that attention should be paid while sharing social media. President Bilir has increased attacks on individuals' private spaces or privacy. Attention should be paid to the sharing. It continued in the form. Addressing the dangers in sharing personal data on social media, Head of the Personal Data Protection Authority. Dr. Faruk Bilir said, “The fact that our personal data is open to everyone increases our chances of becoming the target of malicious individuals or groups or even cyber attackers.” Professor of Personal Data Protection Authority stated that with the development of the Internet, there were serious social changes both in the individual and the society. Dr. Faruk Bilir said, “Especially social media has made communication and interaction easier than ever before. In addition to this, developments in every field have reflected on social life. With the advancing technology, social life and social media have become an almost inseparable whole. Thanks to the transformations occurring in the means of communication, attacks on the private living spaces or privacy of individuals have increased ... Read more

Google Chrome Pulls FTP Support

Google Chrome has announced that it has made a very important decision. Chrome plans to cut its support for one of the most important parts of the internet by Chrome 82. Google developers have issued a document stating that FTP support in the web browser Chrome will end with a surprising decision. Starting with Chrome 82, the FTP connection feature will no longer be available in the browser (current version Chrome 76). What browsers will have problems with Google FTP cross-section? Google thinks that ending support for FTP will not change anything because there are "more capable" FTP clients on every platform. Browsers such as Opera and Vivaldi may also have problems connecting to FTP addresses when Google ceases to support FTP. Firefox, Edge, Safari and Internet Explorer are all able to connect to FTP addresses at the moment, but it is not known whether they will follow Google and discontinue FTP support in the future. When you click on any "ftp: //" link after the withdrawal of FTP support, this program will open if a program that can manage these URLs is installed on your system. Chrome previously stopped capturing and processing sub-resources via FTP. Therefore, the change ... Read more

US to delay Huawei ban

The U.S. has announced that it has made an important decision about the Huawei ban. China-based technology manufacturer Huawei has been waiting for an announcement about the embargo decision to be implemented by the USA for a while. However, the statement made by the US Department of Commerce was surprising. The eyes on the embargo to be applied to Huawei have been on the USA for a while. While the embargo to be applied is awaited with curiosity, an important statement came from the U.S. Department of Commerce yesterday. US Trade Minister Willbur Ross announced in a statement on the issue that sanctions imposed on Huawei would be delayed for 90 days. So what exactly does this procrastination mean? The reason why the USA takes this step back is that US-based telecom companies are dependent on Huawei. Confirming this situation, Ross stressed that a 90-day delay period is required and noted that a decision was made in this direction. Ross stated in his statement that telecom companies have given 90 additional days to get rid of their dependence on Huawei, and stated that telecom companies should make good use of this period. In addition, the US Trade Minister added that the ... Read more

Acer Spin 3 now in Turkey!

Acer Spin 3 is a very useful laptop for young professionals. Acer's popular convertible notebook series Spin 3, SP314-52 offered for sale in Turkey. Acer Spin 3; It makes a difference with its power, value, long battery life and large screen size. Windows 10 operating system, 8th Generation Intel Core i5 processor, 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD storage have enhanced Wi-Fi 5 performance. Spin 3 weighing 1.7 kg can be carried easily in the bag. Its 360 degree swivel and durable hinge enables the device to be used as a laptop or tablet. Spin 3 with 14-inch Full HD IPS touchscreen is ideal for work, writing, sharing presentations and games. Long Battery Life Frequent professionals can use the Acer Spin 3 for up to 16 hours without charging the battery. The front-facing speakers deliver clear and powerful sound in all modes of use. Thanks to the Precision TouchPad, which supports Windows 10 gestures, users can work faster and fluently with precise finger and gesture tracking. Gigabit Dual Band Wi-Fi 5 technology with MU-MIMO technology enables users to connect with colleagues, customers and friends. Read more

Ping Down Ways

Ping can be briefly explained as the time it takes for a packet sent from the computer to reach the game server and then return to your computer. Failure to reach the signal in a long time means delay. The delay is 1000 milliseconds or more. This delay is a situation that infuriates gamers. Especially in the battle scenes, the necessary skills are not used instantly, the messages written during the game do not go on time, and falling out of the game repeatedly in the worst scenario turns the enjoyment from the game upside down. Players are therefore constantly looking for ways to drop pings. Delays can be caused by network density, insufficient bandwidth and crowded servers. It is enough to press CTRL + F keys during the game to understand the delay time. Ways to drop ping are as follows: Slowness of your internet package may cause delay. If this is the case, you may need to switch to an internet package with higher download and upload speeds. For this, you can search for discounted packages or internet services that come at a more affordable price for an annual commitment. The most important thing for the game lovers is the high speed internet packages. If your modem is more ... Read more

Best Antivirus Programs

Antivirus programs prevent malicious software and viruses from entering your computer. It is extremely important to use a quality antivirus program as well as your standard firewall to have a secure internet experience. When it comes to the best antivirus program options, there is a common perception that high fees must be paid to get a quality program. However, this view is not entirely correct. There are also successful free antivirus programs that can protect your computer from malware and viruses. We have brought these programs together for you. 1- Bitdefender Antivirus Program By using Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, you can protect your computer from malicious software for free. When you install this program on your computer, it starts running in the background. Moreover, it does not cause your computer to slow down while it is running in the background because it has a light system. Bitdefender antivirus program, which keeps the resources it consumes to a minimum, provides high protection despite being free. It does not support Turkish language, but it can be easily used by people who can speak English at a basic level with its simple interface. It features automatic ... Read more

What should be considered before writing a blog post?

For business owners, writing articles in accordance with SEO rules can often be daunting. But there are actually many simple ways to optimize your blog posts for SEO. Although Google ads are excellent, you can start optimizing your blog posts immediately with SEO, where you can organically improve your authority. Why is Organic Traffic Important? Organic traffic is traffic that comes to your site without any paid components. Organically classified site visitors reach your site through a search engine, not from another site or an ad. This means that they do not come to your site without a "referral" or "social media". Wondering how your site traffic is doing? Google Analytics makes it very easy for you to see your site traffic. We recommend using Google Analytics regularly to determine your marketing strategy and see the effects of your blog posts on your site traffic. For organic traffic to be high, correct SEO work is essential. While the first 2-3 results on the search page are ads, the results listed after the ads are; organic results that best match the search results. By doing SEO correctly on your website and blog posts, you should aim to take part in these queries, and ... Read more

IBM Introduces First Data Privacy Capabilities in the Industry z15

IBM announced the IBM z15 system, a new enterprise platform that provides the ability to manage the privacy of customer data in hybrid multi-cloud environments. Moving data is often the root cause of data breaches. 60 percent of businesses report a data breach caused by a supplier or a third party in 2018. The increasing adoption of hybrid multi-cloud environments makes the imperative of maintaining data security and privacy even more critical. The IBM z15 system represents the result of a four-year development with more than 3 thousand IBM Z patents published or being processed, and collaboration with input from more than 100 companies. The z15 innovations include: • Encryption Anywhere - IBM is based on common encryption. Accordingly, the new Data Privacy Passports (Data Privacy Passports) that customers can use to have control over how data is stored and shared, not only in the z15 environment but also in an organization's hybrid multi-cloud environment, providing the ability to protect, provide, and cancel data at any time. announced the technology. In addition, the z15 can encrypt data anywhere in hybrid multi-cloud environments to help organizations secure their data ... Read more

Teknofest'19 Opened its Doors

Teknofest'19 opened its doors. Teknofest'19 Industry and Technology Minister held at Atatürk Airport was opened with the participation of Mustafa Varank and Teknofest Chairman of the Board Selçuk Bayraktar. Teknofest, which attracts great interest of young people and students, is expected to award more than 2 million TL to the teams participating in the competitions this year. Teknofest, which has managed to become one of the most important aviation and technology events in the world, will end on September 22nd. Contests and Festivals festival 19, held in different categories of Turkey's history largest award-winning technology competitions, world Drone Cup, Take Off International Venture Summit, hackistanbul 2019 Solo show Turkey and the Turkish Stars a breathtaking vertical wind tunnel, planetarium, aviation shows, workshops , gendarmerie police special shows, Atak Helicopter Harmandalı, exhibitions, concerts and very special surprise events will be held. Teknofest in 81 provinces, 17 373 teams from 122 countries from Turkey's history held in 19 different categories that determine the 10 grand finalists from 50 thousand applicants largest award-winning technology has ... Read more

İnci Dictionary and Uludağ Dictionary are Sold!

Turkey constitute the most creative community of the internet and the concept of the dictionary with the biggest players in Uludag is located between Pearl Dictionary Dictionary have been sold. Incicaps and Haberself sites included in the dictionary concepts and social media accounts linked to these sites were also included in the sales process. The new owner of the dictionaries, the young entrepreneur, Uludağ dictionary and İnci Sözlük bought 50% of the brands, Emin Adanur, Chairman of Ergünkent İnşaat, operating in Bursa. 28-year-old young entrepreneur, this field among the new generation of the busiest, followed by two dictionary sites and platforms depending on their social content platform has taken an important investment for signature by buying in Turkey. After Uludağ dictionary, which started as a student project in 2005, Berbaer managed to create its own audience in a short time with İnci Dictionary. After these two dictionaries, these two dictionary platforms, which reached wider audiences with Incicaps and Haberself, also acquired a wide audience on social media. Uludag, Turkey's second largest dictionary site organizations dictionary 2005, the number of ... Read more

Apple iOS 13 released: Here's what's expected

Apple has announced the new operating system iOS 13 update and supporting iPhone models. Apple released the iOS 13 update yesterday evening for supporting iPhone models. Innovations for iPhones with iOS 13 A 30 percent speed increase when unlocking your phone using FaceID 50 percent in app sizes, 60 percent reduction in update sizes Apps will launch twice as fast as in previous iOS versions. Updated Mail, Notes and Safari applications A Share Audio feature that allows you to share music with a friend using AirPods New Memoji and Animoji with more personalization options Sticker packages for Memoji Portrait lighting mode, which helps smooth the skin and brighten the eyes thanks to the Highkey Mono feature. allows you to change the intensity of the light New design added to the image editing feature in Photos New video editing interface You will no longer need to write emails on social media entries. Apple has created a random email address for you that will protect your privacy. Added to the Map application roads, beaches, buildings and other areas in more detail than before. A new favorite feature on the map application's home screen. Tags feature that allows you to learn more ... Read more

How New Businesses Can Accelerate Their Growth

You started a new business. However, you do not know how to act in the market. How can new and high growth firms ensure that all marketing and media activities are at their lowest? Here is the answer to your questions in our article. For a founder focusing on short and medium term growth, marketing opportunities are endless, but time is limited, and product promotion is a small aspect of everything that needs to be managed. Entry point search and social are paid for many businesses. Big tech companies like Facebook and Google have democratized ads for Micro SMEs. There are no barriers to entry, initial costs are minimal and sales can be measured in real time. However, if a new business wants to achieve the scale level that guarantees the interests of foreign investors, it needs to disrupt existing industries and establish players. So, how can a new business achieve significant sales growth in an established category or create a strong consumer appetite for a completely new product category when it comes to disruptive brands? While organic reach can offer a sales activity basis, the real scale cannot be achieved only with digital direct response activity that targets people who ... Read more

Technology news of the week

11 Turkey expected iPhone release date has been announced, Apple unveiled a new iPhone model 11 career launch carried out on September 10. At the launch, with the iPhone 11 model, other accessories were introduced, with more price and time than the features of the phone. about 11 models of the iPhone is expected in Turkey on October 18 the market will be sold in Turkey. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max models will be available on the same dates. It is predicted that it will be close to 11 thousand TL in terms of price. iPhone 11 Features Apart from its sensitivity to water and dust, the glass design is dominant on the back and front of the phone, and the 7000 series aluminum is used in the frames. iPhone 11 is IP67 certified. The 6.1-inch screen offers a resolution of 858X1792 pixels. iPhone 11 Pro Features Apple has made the biggest change in the new iPhone models, I think cameras. The iPhone 11 models are accompanied by a wide-angle lens with f / 1.8 aperture at 12 MP resolution along with telephoto with f / 2.0 aperture and ultra-wide angle lens with f / 2.4 aperture. Apart from these features, it is said to be very successful in shooting under low light in open ... Read more

How to disable DCOM support in Windows?

What is DCOM? DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model) is a protocol that enables software components to communicate directly over a network. DCOM, previously called "Network OLE", is designed to be used for multiple network transfers, including Internet protocols such as HTTP. If you disable DCOM, you may lose all functionality of the operating system. After disabling DCOM support, the following problems may occur: Any COM object that can be started remotely may not work properly. The local COM + snap-in cannot connect to remote servers to enumerate COM + catalogs. Certificate autoenrollment may not work properly. Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) queries may not work properly against remote servers. If you disable DCOM, there are many built-in components and 3rd party applications that are likely to be affected. Microsoft does not recommend disabling DCOM in your environment unless you test and discover which applications are affected. Disabling DCOM may not be suitable in all environments. DCOM support can be disabled on all Windows NT-based operating systems. You can follow these steps to disable this support; To specify disabling DCOM on a Windows 2000-based ... Read more

Adıtescil is the main sponsor of the Digicon project of JCI Culture!

We have brought together young entrepreneurs and those who are curious about the power of digital in Digicon trainings, organized by a partnership of Adıtescil and JCI Kültür. Kadriye Dağınık, Business Development and Digital Marketing Manager, who took place as a speaker in the program we attended as the main sponsor of the Digicon event, gave information to the participants about our new project TMCH. Providing information about TMCH, which is a brand protection program in digital environment, Business Development and Digital Marketing Manager Dağınık emphasized that all brand owners should definitely register TMCH. The Digicon project is back with an award! The Digicon project was awarded at the 2019 JCI World Conference. More than 1000 projects took place in the award ceremony held in Tallinn, Estonia. The main sponsor of this project, which we take great pride only prize to Turkey to take part as isimtescil team. The Digicon project will continue in the future. In the Digicon project, which will be held regularly every month, technical information will be given to the participants about the services provided by Adıtescil. Topics to be included in the Digicon ... Read more

Analytics Made Easy with Google Data Studio

Analytics is a great platform for you to check all kinds of data about your web page. We have reviewed Google Analytics as Adıtescil (isimtescil.net), which updates itself every day and offers the opportunity to access more diverse data. Web analytics is essential for digital marketers. Every marketing specialist knows that it is imperative to tackle analytics and it's not that difficult. You can access analytics much more simply and quickly by applying some features in Google Analytics and by setting up the Google Data Studio control panel. Why Web Analysis Matters? Website optimization and functionality is very important in terms of getting traffic. Unfortunately, it does not end with buying a domain (https://www.isimtescil.net/domain/) and building a good site. Actually, everything starts right after this point. Following the setup and functionality of your site, keeping track of the data regularly shows you where you are and gives you an idea of ​​what to do next. By doing web analytics, you can clearly see how your site is based on data. With Google Analytics, you can measure the performance of your website, identify the problems on your site, and at this point, you ... Read more

Saving Friday Discounts!

Black Friday 2019 discounts are at Adıtescil with 25% discount on all domain, hosting, SSL, server products between 25 November and 29 December! The Black Friday 2019 discount that you have been waiting for 1 year to have the product you want has finally arrived. Do not miss the great opportunity in Adıtescil with the Saving Friday slogan on the discount planned between 25-29 November. During the fertile Friday week, as Adıtescil family, we prepared opportunities that our customers could not miss. Hold your hand quickly to avoid missing discounts of up to 75% in SSL certificates, 60% in hosting packages, 10% in server and 80% in selected domains. Where did the name Black Friday come from? The first example found belongs to a local newspaper in 1961. When Black Friday first appeared, stores had discounts of almost eighty percent. Situations such as pedestrian and vehicle traffic, injuries caused the newspaper to call this day Black Friday and this tradition continued. Black Friday has a great impact on the news and social media every year. In addition to discount news, incredible scenes such as stampede and people competing with each other are on the agenda. Black Friday ... Read more

Beginner's Guide: How Many Words Should Your Blog Post Be?

Have you ever wondered how many words the blog post should have? In this article, we will explain why your blog posts should have a large amount of words and talk about the compatibility of blog posts with SEO. Length of the Post Important The length of the blog post depends entirely on what you want to achieve with it. To increase the awareness of your domain and to ensure that your website is in the top ranks in SEO, the blog posts you write in the site must be original, long and in accordance with the rules of writing. Different Goals When you create a blog, there should be a purpose. Do you want people to comment a lot on this issue? Do you want a lot of sharing and traffic? Want to be the first thing people see when they search for something on Google? The goal you want to achieve for your blog is very important in how many words you write for your blog posts to achieve this turning point. After receiving comments from your subscribers, writing about 300 words of discussion is enough to encourage discourse. With 300 words, you can briefly describe your topic as an introduction, then discuss your opinion and invite others to share their beliefs and insights. Writing blog ... Read more

JCI is organizing a Cultural Aid Night with the Main Sponsor, Adıtescil

Young Entrepreneurs and Leaders Association (JCI) Culture branch is breaking new ground for itself. The JCI Culture board of directors decided to turn the presidential handover ceremonies every year into a charity night this year. The income to be obtained at the handover ceremony, which will take place at Kolektif House Levent on 7 December 2019, will be donated to the Down Syndrome Association. Elif Sen, the 2019 term chairman, will hand over the Culture branch to Fatma Nur Kaptanoğlu, who will become the chairman in 2020. We would like to see you among us on the night we will take place as the main sponsor. Transfer Delivery and Aid Night to be held on Saturday, December 7; It will turn into a meaningful night with sponsors, artists and participants. The price of the entrance tickets and the sales revenues in the stands opened by the sponsor brands will be donated to the Down Syndrome Association. Full support from many artists and brands came to the Handover Ceremony and Aid Night at Kolektif House. Esin İris is among the names that will color the night with their songs. Medley Acoustic will be there for the Down Syndrome Association on this meaningful night. The program ... Read more

Graphic Design Trends 2020: Breaking the Rules

The question of "What changes will there be in the world of graphic design?" Is wondered days ahead of 2020. Undoubtedly, graphic design has always been a deep admiration and a great inspiration for many people. We have researched the innovations of the graphics world for you in order to detect the rise of certain trends that are expected to explode next year. 2020 graphic design trends: 3D depth and realism Monochrome Shiny metals Typography craze Image and text masking Line art Drawing and photo collages Simplified drawings Isometric drawings Earthy colors: Vintage style Patterns and textures Geometric designs Liquids 1. 3D depth and Realism 3D trend in 2019 It reached its peak and it certainly does not disappear very quickly. Thanks to modern technology and software capabilities, we will continue to see more wonderful 3D graphic design compositions in 2020. 2. Do you remember the double tone madness that came with 2017 in Monochrome Graphic design trends? We will no longer see the double color craze. In 2020, it turned into a simplified version, mostly on one color. A monochrome color filter seems to be widely used in photos in graphic composition or on partial elements. 3. ... Read more

Do You Take Security Measures in the World in Digital?

Technology is developing and changing day by day. We are now talking about technological developments such as artificial intelligence and machinery, and new technologies are being applied in many business areas. With the reflection of digitalization in every area of ​​life, almost everything has been moved to the internet. Every area from healthcare to shopping, education to food and beverage sector is included in the digitalization process. Today, all businesses are going through fast digital transformation (https://blog.isimtescil.net/teknoloji/) and those who cannot keep up with this transformation cannot survive in the long term under competitive market conditions. Digitalization has now become the key to surviving the business world and meeting customer demands. Statistics show that 34% of companies go through digital transformation. On the other hand, two-thirds of global CEOs aim to focus on a digital strategy by the end of this year. Although it seems simple, digital transformation (https://blog.isimtescil.net/teknoloji/) is not just an integration of digital technology in an organization. It is a way for companies to respond quickly to their customers' demands, ... Read more

We met at the help night of JCI Kültür

The JCI Culture handover ceremony and aid night took place at Kolektif House on 7 December. All income generated on the night of the JCI Culture handover ceremony, where we are the main sponsor, was donated to the Down Syndrome Association. Fatma Nur Kaptanoğlu became the new chairman of JCI Culture at the charity night we received. Full support from many artists and brands came to the Handover Ceremony and Aid Night at Kolektif House. Esin İris, Faruk Emre and Medley Acoustic, who color the night with their songs, were there for the Down Syndrome Association in this meaningful night. The program was hosted by Zeynep Bayraktu, who we know from TRT Radio as a program producer and presenter, who is also an honorary member of JCI Culture. Stating that they took part in important projects in 2019, Elif Şen said that the Digicon project was worthy of award at the 2019 JCI World Conference. Being the main sponsor of the JCI Culture Digicon project, which has returned to the prize ceremony held in Tallinn, Estonia with more than 1000 projects, made us proud as the Adıtescil family. Elif Şen, the president of the JCI Culture branch of the Young Entrepreneurs Association 2019, ... Read more

Does Google, Turkey will be withdrawn from the market?

a new statement was made by Google because of disputes with Turkey took place between Google Competition Authority. According to the statement, Turkey would withdraw from the market, they have said they will continue to update. However, Google Play Store, Youtube and Gmail will not be installed on the newly released Android mobile phones. Google officials stated that they are meeting with the Competition Authority to solve the problem. Disclosure by Google; In 2007, we started developing Android as an open source operating system to power the mobile devices of many companies. Since then, we've made it free to manufacturers and developers so they can build devices and experiences for people around the world, as we've invested billions of dollars in Android. Our investment in Android is very meaningful to us, because we give phone manufacturers the option to pre-install popular Google apps, some of which generate revenue for us and enable manufacturers to offer useful services to their customers. Phone manufacturers do not have to install any of our services on their devices, but they are also free to install competing applications alongside ours. This means that we earn revenue ... Read more

Are you safe while using a mobile application?

Do you know how safe your mobile apps are? With the rapid development of cyber threat forms and the hacking frequency of hackers, the security of mobile applications and sensitive data stored in the technological environment also comes to the agenda more frequently. With the development of technology, cyber attacks have become quite equipped and hackers can now catch system vulnerabilities in more detail. This situation brings with it the fact that companies should increase their security measures. Large companies take measures by paying large sums of money to keep user data safe, but sometimes even that may not be enough. As Adıtescil (https://www.isimtescil.net/); We have compiled some of the most common pitfalls in mobile application security and some tips on their prevention. Insecure Data Storage Mobile applications; It contains a large amount of sensitive user data such as location, name, credit card number, and contacts. Leakage of this data can cause huge problems for application users and the company. For this reason, mobile application developers should pay attention to storing data safely. Data stored on the mobile phone should always be encrypted. The iOS file ... Read more

What is Hotjar, Does it Benefit Your Site?

One of the common goals of every website is to drive as much traffic as possible. Regardless of the sector of the website, knowing and analyzing the behavior of the visitors within the site provides great advantages to the companies. The fact that site visitors spend time on the site, easily access the page they are interested in, and their behaviors such as filling out the membership form on the site can be analyzed very well in understanding the needs of the target audience. All of the successful websites are; they prioritize user experiences and take care to make updates to satisfy users. Well-known companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are constantly making improvements to strengthen their presence in digital and to satisfy their customers. The work of big companies to develop their websites is an example for small businesses. If you want to improve your site, we recommend you to review the companies that have done well in this regard. In this context, it is essential to regularly measure how much of the visitor's actions take place. Google Analytics, the most known and frequently used method for site measurements; keeps statistics for you and reports. With ... Read more

Differences Between Marketing and Advertising

Although the words marketing and advertising are different from each other, they are often perceived as synonyms. Many people are familiar with both of these words, but when asked about the difference, they cannot express it clearly. When you buy a domain name and implement your company or project, you will need both marketing and advertising. As a registered name; In order to analyze this process well, we examined the concepts and differences of marketing and advertising. Advertising is a paid communication or promotion related to a particular product or service and is geared towards developing brand awareness. Advertising is part of marketing as a specific technique, its sub-branch. Marketing refers to a much wider set of activities to promote your product or service. So you can think of the ad as a subset of marketing. Making such a positioning in your mind will make your job easier. Advertisement; TV, radio, magazine, newspaper, internet etc. covers the channels. The marketing business is much wider. Social media management, free worklists, strategic product pricing, promotion, email marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization and more are all within marketing. ... Read more

Do You Delete Your Web History?

The Internet is an unlimited world and search engines can help you with any topic you want to know about. In recent years, we have been asking almost everything to search engines. So do you ever clear your search history? Your internet browser records all the websites you visit while you spend time on the internet. This feature; Although it provides you a great convenience when you want to find something you have searched for before, the search history that is saved on shared computers can sometimes have unpleasant results for you. These records are very useful for accumulating data, but your calls that you do not want anyone to see or data that could endanger your security remain in your call history. If you care about your security, we recommend that you check your search history periodically and clean up registered websites and cookies. How to Delete Web History? You can clear your browsing history if you are using Chrome and do not want to save web page searches information you have done before. If you delete your browsing history, your web history will also be deleted on all devices where you have signed in to Chrome. To delete your web history: Sign in via Chrome. After ... Read more

2020 Video Marketing Statistics!

Video marketing is strengthening its position in the industry day by day and continues to grow. You should definitely develop video marketing strategies in this industry, which is growing and offering a good opportunity to promote your brand. Even 10 years ago, video marketing was predicted to be a rising trend in the future. Studies conducted by Wyzowl show that the predictions are correct. In December 2019, the following statistics were collected by surveying 656 unique participants. The survey group includes both marketing experts and online consumers. Here are the results of the survey, which is repeated every 6 years: 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. This actually means a small decrease compared to the rate of 87% in recent years. 92% of video marketers say this is an important part of their marketing strategy. This rate is the highest percentage of the year since 2015. What Do Marketers Think About the Return on Their Video Investments? 81% of video marketers say the video helps increase the average time visitors spend on the page. 95% of video marketers say the video allows them to better understand users' products or services. 83% of video marketers say ... Read more

Mobile Application Trends envisaged in 2020

Mobile applications have become very popular nowadays, when the use of mobile phones has increased rapidly. As Adıtescil, we have compiled some of the trends foreseen for 2020 in mobile application development, which is a sector that must always be up to date to keep up with the speed of technology. Foldable Devices Will Increase As of this year, a rapid increase in the use of foldable phones is expected. This brings with it the need to develop applications suitable for foldable technologies. Many popular Android apps are also optimized for foldable devices such as Amazon Prime, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Office and Spotify. Other app developers will also need to optimize their apps for foldable phones quickly. These devices seem to have a positive effect on users as they will provide larger screens and multi-window usage. Artificial Intelligence and Use of Machines Artificial intelligence will continue to reproduce machines that are instructed to think like a human. One of the best examples here is FaceApp, a mobile application that performs very well and interacts with many audiences. The app shows how the person will look when he or she gets older or rejuvenates. Rise of ... Read more

How Employers Can Benefit From Chatbots

We all came across chatbots when shopping online or interacting with a website. What are Chatbots? Are live chat windows that communicate with the customer. Simple bot chatbots evolved into a structure that supports NLP (natural language processing) and NLU (natural language understanding) with the development of artificial intelligence. Thus, modern chatbots can analyze, understand and imitate people's speech. Artificial intelligence-supported chat bots can analyze complex conversations and respond naturally thanks to the large data sets they can learn. Although there is a strong technology behind chatbots, it is very easy to use and install. This makes them compatible and perfectly working assistants. Usually used in customer service, chatbots are divided into two main categories: standalone applications and web-based applications. Chatbots, which are used instead of support operators and customer representatives, are now being developed for use in many areas. One of these areas is that job applications are made via chatbot. Chatbots and Recruitment Process Recruitment periods are quite intense today. The employer has to choose the most qualified among tens of candidates for ... Read more

Teknofest 2020 is waiting for technology lovers this year in Gaziantep

Preparations have begun for Teknofest 2020. All of Turkey's great curiosity and enthusiasm that followed, experiencing the joy and pride in one's Teknofest 2020, our universal cultural heritage promotion meeting was held at Zeugma Museum. TEKNOFEST, which was carried out in line with the targets of “national technology move” for the independent, prosperous and strong future of our country, will be held this year in Gaziantep, the veteran city of the national struggle. TEKNOFEST, the world's largest aviation, space and technology festival, which has broken visitor records for two years, will be held at Gaziantep Airport on September 22-27, 2020. Defense Industry President İsmail Demir, Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology - Teknofest Chief Executive Officer Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin, T3 Foundation Chairman of the Board of Trustees - Teknofest Chairman of the Board Selçuk Bayraktar and T3 Foundation Chairman Information about Teknofest 2020 was conveyed in the introductory meeting held with the participation of Haluk Bayraktar, valuable managers of Teknofest stakeholders, students ranking in ... Read more

Voice Assistants will be able to Buy for You in the Future!

A new move came from Amazon, the owner of innovative and sound products, recently: Alexa! Amazon's voice assistant Alexa is winking to the Google personal voice assistant, which Google is working on, as a gear competitor. What is Google Voice Assistant and how is it used? We have shared information about you before. Alexa in question will be completely at our service with the latest updates. When we wake up from Alexa in the morning, we can get the brief information of the day, ask our favorite music group to play a piece while having breakfast, but most importantly, we can ask him to order home when we need it. Studies have now found that the number of people using Alexa's voice-enabled ordering system to purchase products is very low. In 2018, Alexa says that only 2% of users order something from the device. Research in 2019 showed that the number of people who bought at least one product from audio-enabled devices like Amazon’s Alexa or Google homepage has increased by almost 32%. These figures represent a demographic of 31 million shoppers who are expected to increase to approximately 40 million over time only by 2021. This AI-powered Alexa seems to be more talked about. ... Read more

Top Products Purchased Over the Internet in Turkey

Internet is a concept that has been in our lives for the last 30 years. However, it is obvious that the effect it has on individuals and the society is much more than this period. The internet, which is developing its domain day by day, has changed the mechanisms of fields such as advertising, marketing and purchasing over e-commerce in recent years. The action of online shopping is becoming more and more common among consumers today. Because the user can access the product he needs easily and at an affordable price. In addition to being able to compare the product you are looking for instantly through different websites, it can also access all the details of the related product on the internet. Turkey's e-commerce market Trendyol, Hepsiburada, are dominated commercial giants like Amazon and Alibaba. So, which product categories do consumers prefer on these websites? Let's examine it as isimtescil.net. A research company 4service's already at the consumer via the internet in Turkey in 2019 marshalled at least correct in the following way: Ready meals (Pitta, pizza, burgers etc.) Books, movies, music, games category Flower and gift items for personal care and make up products ... Read more

What is IP Address?

What is an IP address? Even if a computer comes to mind when it comes to IP address, the IP address is actually all devices that the computer is connected to. That is, all devices to which the internet is connected have an IP address. Thanks to these IP addresses, all devices connected to the internet communicate between each other. So how are IP addresses formed? IP addresses consist of numbers and numbers. To give an example of an IP address; Such as 506.457.14.512. Each computer connected to the Internet network needs this address in order to exchange data between them. However, in order for the communication to be smooth, the IP addresses of all devices connected to the network must be different. If there are computers with the same IP address in the system, communication cannot be established with those devices. IP addresses are different every time you access the Internet. So it changes. Dynamic IP addresses are given to internet addresses generally used at home or mobile devices. In other words, an idle IP address is assigned to you. A different IP address is assigned when you turn each modem on or off. But websites need to have a fixed IP address. WHAT IS STATIC IP? ... Read more

Succeed in Web Design in 5 Steps!

Would you like to be at the top of the game in the web design industry? In this article, we will share with you the best tips for success in web design. Did you get domain and hosting services on isimtescil.net? Okay, now we start if you're ready. There are more than 400 billion active websites worldwide. This provides the opportunity to access everything online from our grocery shopping to our education. Our possibilities, of course, will increase the number of websites that increase every day. Of course, the high demand for website setup affects the supply size of the job. In a market that develops so fast and where the competition is so intense, it will take a lot of effort to be the top player with your work. Being successful in web design is based on your design skills and creativity. However, since most web designers in the industry offer the same style of services, you can quickly come to the fore in case you make a difference. You have to show your real web design skills to the market. Let me examine the small steps how you can show yourself together: Make a Business Plan Success can be evaluated in many different ways and means something completely different for each ... Read more

What Are The Risks Of Using Whatsapp For Your Business?

Do you know that the legal rights of the WhatsApp application are for personal use only? According to the new research of Guild, a business messaging platform, 41% of employees in the UK use the platform for business purposes, despite being against WhatsApp's legal terms of service. This figure rises to 53% for people under the age of 45. So, what are some of the risks of using WhatsApp for potential work? As we are registered, we care about secure data access and we want to enlighten you on this matter: WhatsApp cannot Ensure KVKK Compliance In addition to violating WhatsApp's own legal terms, WhatsApp's features may not comply with European privacy legislation such as GDPR. Discussions about whether WhatsApp usage is compatible with CCPA in California are still ongoing. Ashley Friedlein, CEO and Founder of Guild, said: “WhatsApp users are unlikely to be aware that the platform is not for commercial use. However, businesses cannot hide behind ignorance and cannot ignore the situation. Businesses must train their employees on the importance of using platforms designed for professional use, which provide the required level of control and compliance. ” Sharing of Unsuitable ... Read more

How E-Commerce Can Help You in 2020

With the simplest explanation, e-commerce is electronic shopping over the internet. Also known as internet trading. Any online transaction or service, such as money and data, can be called e-commerce. It is a sector with the fastest growth in the global economy. It is estimated to increase 23% annually. One of the main reasons consumers turn to online shopping is its efficiency. Businesses using e-commerce operate in four different ways: Business-to-Business (B2B) Includes transactions between non-consumer companies. It is a boom industry driven by SaaS and other technology companies. By the end of this year, e-commerce sales estimates across businesses are estimated at $ 6.6 trillion. Business to Customer (B2C) Really descriptive. The company sells goods and products to consumers. Just like when you buy a product from Amazon. Customer to Customer (C2C) When a consumer decides to sell their products to another customer without involving any company, this is called customer to customer. A typical swap is OLX. Customer to Business (C2B) As a consumer, you can now sell your product or service directly to a company. The world's leading e-commerce website stores; Amazon, Shopify, ... Read more

The Importance of Understanding Human Psychology in Marketing

In today's world, where diversity decreases due to brands, it becomes more and more difficult to attract the attention of customers. In this article, you can learn how the loyalty to the brand and the decision-making stages of people's products are influenced by psychology and how you can use these situations in your favor to highlight your brand. In today's world, where diversity decreases due to brands, it is becoming more and more difficult to create permanent experiences in the mind and attract attention for customers. As long as the marketing strategies change, one thing always remains the same: Human psychology. By understanding human psychology, brand loyalty, and people's buying habits, you can highlight your brand compared to other brands. As Adıtescil.net, we are aware that internet marketing has also increased especially in today's world. We know the importance of digital in marketing and have been supporting it for years. We know Turkey's largest domain and hosting leader isimtescil.net consumption habits as individuals airports. For this reason, we wanted to address the psychological factors that will make your brand and business very successful or unsuccessful in ... Read more

What to do in Computer Cleaning in Combating Corona Virus!

How should we take precautions against the corona virus spreading across the world? How should we clean the phone, computer and other equipment we use regularly throughout the day? You can find the answer to this question in our article. Corona virus first emerged in the case of Turkey the measures to be taken against outbreaks won With the introduction of more importance. You can protect yourself by following the hygiene rules from the Corona virus. In statements made by experts, the virus cannot survive on inanimate objects. However, various diseases such as viruses on the phone, computer, mouse, keyboard and other shared and used devices that we use frequently during the day can increase the risk of transmission from one person to another. First of all, we should frequently disinfect our mobile phones, computers and other technological equipment that we are in constant contact with in the office. By frequently disinfecting our equipment, such as the phone, keyboard and mouse, we can prevent the virus from spreading rapidly. Continuous cleaning of the hands is of great importance in order to increase the risk of contamination in common areas and indoor areas. What precautions ... Read more

The Digital World is With You at Home!

The digital world is now with you. You can now easily visit all the museums you want to visit. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, we all take our individual measures. The first of these comes with social isolation and antivirus. Because experts say that the later the contact with the virus, the better it will be for our social health, it raises awareness of citizens to stay at home. We can also contribute to our immune system by keeping healthy nutrition in our homes and doing small exercises. In this way, we take all our personal measures to protect against the virus. Certainly, there were certain changes in our living conditions these days when we were at home because of the epidemic. We do not get up every day and go to school or work as we are used to. We do not establish the interactions we do in social life, we do not even use public transportation. Some of us work from home while others work to improve themselves during this precaution. As Adıtescil.net, we think that there is technology. Thanks to technology, we can carry out two important actions such as learning and having fun anywhere, anytime. Especially during the epidemic, we can open the doors of the world we want ... Read more

Protect your smartphone from coronavirus!

Nowadays, when we do not go out of the house unless it is compulsory by the country, we are now paying attention to hygiene. As much as we care about our house and our own personal cleaning during the day, we should show the same care to the phone we use continuously. So how should we show our care to our phone? Here are some cleaning tips you can do to protect your devices. According to the researches, coronavirus can live on some surfaces for hours while in others it can live for days. As a result of the research, coronavirus can survive up to 4 hours on copper surfaces, 24 hours on cardboard, and 3 days on plastic and stainless steel surfaces. However, the active time of the virus may vary depending on factors such as temperature, humidity and the amount of the virus. For this, the devices should be cleaned using effective methods. So how do we get viruses on our smartphones or tablets that we use a lot during the day? If there is a sick person around you, and when this sick person coughs without closing his mouth, it can be transmitted by small droplets in the air, viruses in the door handles, or money you touch when you go outside, ATM buttons or other contact surfaces. If ... Read more

Google prohibits using Zoom over

Google no longer allows it to use Zoom over. Google has banned the use of the Zoom teleconferencing platform for employees. In the statement made by the company, it expresses its security concerns with the application that has emerged since Zoom became one of the most popular services for free video chat during the COVID-19 outbreak. Google has emailed employees about the issue last week. Google told users who installed the Zoom app that the software will not work soon. "We have a policy of not allowing longtime employees to use apps that are not approved for jobs outside our company network," said Google spokesman Jose Castaneda Verge. Recently, our security team reported to employees using Zoom Desktop Client that they no longer work on corporate computers because they did not meet our security standards for applications used by our employees. Employees who use Zoom to stay in touch with your family and friends can still do so through a web browser or mobile device. The statement was also found. Even before the COVID-19 outbreak pointed out Zoom's vulnerabilities, the company faced criticism over loose privacy and security protections in July last year, as a macOS flaw ... Read more

İşletmeniz Salgın Sürecinde Nasıl Çalışıyor?

Due to Covid-19, the whole world is going through a difficult process. Institutions and employees are trying to complete their work online by staying at home. Many businesses had to postpone their planned projects. They created a new action plan and started managing processes online. Thus, businesses are trying to adapt to the online meeting and job tracking process. This process created a lot of questions in the minds of employees and business owners. So, how can we best overcome this epidemic that causes everyone to spend their time at the computer? In this article, as isimtescil.net, we will offer 5 methods to better manage the Covid-19 process on behalf of employers and employees. You can share your importance or business plans after the epidemic by sending informative e-mails to your employees about how your company conducts this process. At the same time, as many businesses in our country and around the world switch to work remotely due to the outbreak, they communicate with their employees through video calls. In this period, you can offer flexible working hours by reducing your workload expectations. In this way, you can stay in touch with them and support them. Let ... Read more

The Power of Animated Videos!

The digital world is in a rapid change and development. Sometimes, even when you are not logged in to an application that you actively use for a short time like just a week, a lot can change in the application. In order to keep up with the speed of the companies that follow the digital transformation and update themselves, the most important thing you need to do is not only to follow and follow the innovations, but also to integrate it into your own business. Internet users are not of special interest or are not helping to solve a problem at the moment; He does not prefer reading content any more. Users who are exposed to a lot of content during their internet browsing today prefer only quality and content that can answer the questions in their minds and benefit in a short time. This leaves no choice for all content producers other than producing the best. At this point, animated videos are on the rise. Animated videos that offer information that can be told in many words, both fun and memorable, in color and sound, are a good advantage for companies especially in terms of promotion. Recently, the videos are so effective that no matter which sector your company is in, you can ... Read more

What Should Be Considered While Shopping Online?

What Should Be Considered While Shopping Online? People who could not go out and shop due to the troubled days we have recently started to do all their needs online. In this period when online shopping is increasing, the attacks increase a lot. So what should we look out for when shopping online under quarantine? While you make a physical observation from the shopping you have done in normal stores, we cannot do this when it comes to online shopping. It is necessary to use a highly effective system to ensure customer safety in online shopping sites. According to the researches, it was revealed that the factor that does not shop online and prevents it from doing so is security. Because people can be nervous when giving their credit card information while shopping. When you are going to set up an e-commerce site or you should give priority to the security of your site. Accordingly, you must provide the infrastructure. How is an e-commerce site secured? What are the threats that make up the vulnerability in the e-commerce site? The reasons for the attack of e-commerce sites; Stealing credit card information Stealing confidential information, database Deletion of the database of ... Read more

What Are The Latest 2020 Online Games? #one

What are 2020 Online Games? Which Game is More Popular? Which Games You Play on Computer You Can Play on Mobile? There are approximately 1 billion players playing online games worldwide. Offline this number is almost in question. Games from small to large worldwide attract many people. If people are interested, a player plays for an average of 3 hours. Considering these factors, we have compiled games that you can play on Mobile and PC platform, where the number of players is high. Black Desert Online Our first game is Black Desert Online, which is said to be around 3 million popular users worldwide. Black Desert Online is a cut out three-dimensional game for MMORPG lovers. You can discover a huge universe with a character created entirely based on the player's choices. It is worth noting from the very beginning that it has a fast structure in terms of fighting system. There are also combinations of abilities in the combat system, where you can deal much more solid damage to the enemy. Black Desert Online, which has a very lively atmosphere in terms of atmosphere, offers a variety of colors in terms of gameplay, leaving different effects on the players with the weather and ... Read more

Google and Apple Force Alliance against Coronavirus!

Alphabet, the roof company of Apple and Google, one of the biggest companies of Silicon Valley, has announced that it will take a big step for the world's coronavirus. On Friday, Google and Apple came together for an ambitious emergency project and prepared a new protocol to monitor the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. In the project of the two companies, they will make a system that enables people who are likely to carry coronavirus to get tested and quarantined. IOS and Android operating systems are used in 99% of the world. The two companies, which announced that the project will be carried out via Bluetooth connection, are a huge step forward with the technology found from the oldest model phone to the latest model. This technology, which also does not affect battery performance, will make it easier for everyone to use. This practice shows that curfews and social distance practices will be a good step to prevent the virus from re-spreading after it ends. Essentially, Apple and Google created an automatic contact tracking system. Most importantly, given that the outbreak has spread so much in most countries, it can work on a much larger scale than conventional contact tracking. ... Read more

What Are The Latest 2020 Online Games? #2nd

What are 2020 Online Games? Which Game is More Popular? Which Games You Play on Computer You Can Play on Mobile? There was also a big stir in the gaming industry due to the coronavirus outbreak that forced most of the world's population to stay at home. During this period when we stayed at home, many people started to play games that they had seen before but were unable to play. We have compiled the most popular games of 2020 for you in order to help you spare time for our troubled days. Now choose the game that will give you the most pleasure and start playing! The Darwin Project is the crazy project of scientists preparing for the ice age in the post apocalyptic future to the Canadian foot of the Rocky Mountains. It is a game that is based on understanding how they can survive the dangers in cold climates thanks to new technologies and entertain others while doing so. In this game, where the last survivor will win, there are 10 players and 1 robot. You are left on a map divided into 7 in a hexagonal shape, while players start the game with a bow and ax, you have to collect fires regularly in order not to freeze from the cold and to produce items that will give superiority to ... Read more

How to Take Social Distance Measures in Your Business?

Due to COVID-19, most businesses started to work from home, unfortunately not suitable for some sectors and companies. As we all know, due to COVID-19, social contact should be avoided and attention should be paid to distance, so you can protect yourself and your loved ones. In this article, we will talk about the measures you can take for your workplace COVID-19. Keep Your Hands Clean You should wash your hands with soap and water, which is one of the most important methods of preventing this disease. Wet your hands with warm water, then wash them for 20 seconds using soap. The World Health Organization recommends that you wash not only the palm but also the fingers. After washing your hand, you should use the paper towel on which you are drying your hands when closing it to avoid contact with the tap. When you make contact with someone, you should wash your hands before meals or when you go out. If you do not have the opportunity to wash your hands, you should use a hand sanitizer containing alcohol. Workplaces that work in the current conditions can put hand disinfectants near the elevators at the door entrances and exits. Prepare Informative Content for Your Employees ... Read more

What Are The Latest 2020 Offline Games? #one

We have created a list of popular games in order to have a pleasant time during this time we stay at home. These games are games that you play Offline and make progress over a specific story. Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpunk 2077; Enraged by the power, flair, and body modification spree, Night City is an open world action adventure story set in the cluster city. Play as an outlaw mercenary "V" and pursue a unique implant that is key to immortality. Customize your character's cyber equipment, abilities and style of gameplay; Discover a huge city where decisions change the story and the world. Assassins Creed Odyssey Dominate your own destiny in Assassin's Creed® Odyssey. In the adventure that you can progress as the character of Kassandra or Alexios, you reveal the secrets of your own past and discover Ancient Greece. From lush green forests to volcanic islands and crowded cities, you can sail to Greece and freely navigate the open world. Be ready to fight while exploring the war-weary country of gods and people. The choices you make affect the course and results of your journey. Thanks to the new dialogue system and different choices you will make, different finals are waiting for ... Read more

Digital Feshane Entertainment Has Started!

Are you ready for digital feshane fun? This year, we brought feshane entertainment to digital. Fun games and discounts that we have prepared for you the abundance of Ramadan days are waiting for you. So what is a digital feshane? How are the games played? And how do I take part in the raffle? Here is the answer to your questions. We carried the Ramadan events, which are organized every year, to digital as Adıtescil this year. We appeal to everyone with our website, which we call Digital Feshane. It helps them move their business to digital with discount coupons we offer to our customers who want to start a new business. However, do not miss the discount opportunity for our brands, servers and hosting that are required for your website. Hanoi Tower game You can make your desired event on the Digital Feshane page between 23 April - 27 May 2020. Hanoi Tower, also known as mathematical intelligence game, is quite fun for puzzle enthusiasts. Hanoi tower consists of 3 sticks standing on a wooden board and one of these sticks has 6 rings. We are sure that you will have a lot of fun even if you have difficulty in this balance game. What is Hanoi Tower? The world-famous mathematical ... Read more

What are the Best Mobile Games of 2020?

In this period when we stay at home, we need to be patient and fulfill our responsibilities. We are sure that you are getting bored because you are staying at home. Here we have created a list of non-boring games to make this process enjoyable. Mobile game list that takes the whole world by storm; Asphalt 9 Legends Gameloft-made Asphalt 9 Legends, which is fond of car racing lovers, offers its players a visual and audial feast with its extreme graphics atmosphere and effects. You can download the game from AppStore or Google Play. FIFA Mobile The FIFA game series Mobile, which has been developing since 98, attracts attention with its visuality and gameplay. There are 30 League 650 Teams and 17 thousand Football Players. You can download the game from AppStore or Google Play. Sniper 3D Assassin Sniper 3D Assassin gives the impression of a game that applies to weapons for good. If the content of the game is mentioned, the only thing requested from the players is “Killing”, but the number of people to be killed can vary and you can present different scenarios in each mission. You can download the game from AppStore or Google Play. Head Ball 2 One of the simplest gameplay ... Read more

Telephone Advice in April 2020

While people are generally seeking 2000 TL -3000 TL while making smart phone choice, we can also encounter situations where this figure sees 5000 TL. Due to the development of technology every day and the competition of smart phone manufacturers, the phones that come up with technical features and stylish designs continue to attract the attention of users. In this competition, we have created a list of the most up-to-date smartphones that can be purchased between 3000 TL and 5000 TL. Samsung Galaxy A71 One of the strongest brands in the technology market, Samsung is presenting an innovation almost every day. The brand, which has been talking for a long time with the Samsung Note 10 and Galaxy A70 models and pleased its users, recently introduced the Galaxy A51 and A71 models of 2020. We researched the Galaxy A71 model, which stands out with its technical features and other details. 2020 Samsung Galaxy A71 specifications and detailed review Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 Dual-core 2.2 Ghz Kryo 470 Display: 6.7 inches, 1080 × 2400 (FHD +), 393 PPI, Super AMOLED RAM: 6 GB Storage: 128 GB Rear Camera: 64 MP, 12 MP, 5 MP, 5 MP Front Camera: 32 MP Battery Capacity: 4500 mAh ... Read more

Digital version of Ramadan

The coronavirus causes us to make radical changes in our lives for a while. Our workplaces and schools have been moved home, we follow our every business through technology, and continue our lives with digital meetings. Another effect of coronavirus is that Ramadan coincides. We are all wondering how to communicate with them during this Ramadan, which we will spend away from our friends and relatives, and how we can show our love even if we cannot come together. When we look at other Ramadan months, we had many different habits that were different this year and changed during this Ramadan. In this article we digitalized our lives as you isimtescil.net Turkey's domain and hosting leader, and we will continue talking about the beauty of Ramadan. We were wondering how to spend the month of Ramadan after the mosques were closed for a while due to Covid - 19 Covid - 19 at home. In big cities, measures such as weekend bans and social distance rules must be taken. We started to spend this Ramadan away from them in order to protect our loved ones. We will spend healthy and happy with our family at home. Due to the extraordinary situation this year, we can be together in other Ramadan ... Read more

Think Digital on This Mother's Day!

Many families are likely to spend the Mother's Day at home this year due to the effect of the coronavirus. Nothing replaces the time spent with your mother, but if you want to send a gift to your mother instead of visiting because of social distance rules, we hope this list will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you have a bookworm or a sports-loving mother, we all wanted the mother's best for her child throughout her life. As the nametescil.net family, we have found the perfect technological gifts for your mother these days when our digitization processes have increased due to the coronavirus effect. Mobile Printer All mothers like to take pictures and keep them all carefully in albums. In the age of smartphone photography, a mobile printer that prints photos directly from a phone is a great gift for your mom. Moreover, it is easy to use for your mothers, it is not very expensive, and it can have the opportunity to print the pictures they take! You Can Also Make Your Favorite Food Remotely! You can also prepare your favorite food or dessert with your mother from afar. All you have to do is to make your favorite meal by calling your mother over video chat ... Read more

Think Digital on This Mother's Day!

Many families are likely to spend the Mother's Day at home this year due to the effect of the coronavirus. Nothing replaces the time spent with your mother, but if you want to send a gift to your mother instead of visiting because of social distance rules, we hope this list will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you have a bookworm or a sports-loving mother, we all wanted the mother's best for her child throughout her life. As the nametescil.net family, we have found the perfect technological gifts for your mother these days when our digitization processes have increased due to the coronavirus effect. Mobile Printer All mothers like to take pictures and keep them all carefully in albums. In the age of smartphone photography, a mobile printer that prints photos directly from a phone is a great gift for your mom. Moreover, it is easy to use for your mothers, it is not very expensive, and it can have the opportunity to print the pictures they take! You Can Also Make Your Favorite Food Remotely! You can also prepare your favorite food or dessert with your mother from afar. All you have to do is to make your favorite meal by calling your mother over video chat ... Read more

How Should the Sales Process Begin in Post-Quarantine Stores?

Covid19, which caused multiple constraints in our lives, also affected the economy on a large scale in the world. Moreover, this situation is becoming increasingly difficult not only for citizens, but also for some industries such as retail. While every country is trying to return to normal slowly, it is also possible to open stores. So how will the stores continue their activities? In this article, we will consider this issue. Coronavirus Does Not Disappear In one day, the curve of new Covid19 cases began to gradually flatten, especially in Europe, but still exerts its Coronavirus effect. In many countries, including the USA, thousands of deaths are still reported daily. Most of the economies are frozen because of the coronavirus, and this will cause huge losses. According to economists, approximately 7-8 billion PLN is lost every day only in Poland during the coronavirus. In a long-term perspective, the economic slowdown caused by COVID-19 is a 2 point loss in the annual GDP growth of major economies each month. Every day brings us closer to the domino effect, which can lead to irreversible consequences due to the large number of small and medium business closings. For 84% of ... Read more

Things to Consider When Using Internet for Children

During this period when we kept the children at home, parents and teachers had to look for creative new ways to keep them busy. Often this means encouraging our kids to use more and more online to help them focus on their learning throughout the day. This will probably increase your child's screen time. As a parent, you may be concerned about seeing how much time they spend online and worry about their safety. Now children will not only have access to online resources such as joining online classes, but they will also increase their time to stay online by playing games or chatting with friends through video apps. So how can you protect your child? What Are The Risks Of Increasing Children's Online Activity? There are various risks that children can be caused by increased online activities. Many schools in the UK have created educational packages with various age-appropriate online resources and workbook-based activities for students to learn at home. When using online resources, it is important for both teachers and parents to make sure that children are using them properly. The same goes for socializing with friends for kids going online. 7 Tips for Internet Security of ... Read more

Online Shopping Habits of Generations

It is not surprising that every generation can shop online, choose or even comment in different ways. Understanding exactly what these differences are can have a big and powerful impact on your marketing tactics. Why do you energize social media marketing if your target audience prefers the shopping part of Google and compares many brands? And exactly how many reviews or comments should you have in place to reassure potential buyers? You can strengthen your marketing methods by learning about the behavior of your customers. As shoppers, reviews are often an important part of the buying process - but depending on your age, you can trust reviews more than your other customers. Generational Differences The online habits of different generations affect how they make their purchase decisions, from the minimum number of reviews they should see before clicking "Buy" to the possibility of shopping between businesses. Understanding these differences and finding out what habits your target audience has have can help you strengthen your marketing tactics and increase participation. For example, generation Z want to see an average of 181 reviews before they feel safe enough to buy a ... Read more

How Should the Sales Process Begin in Post-Quarantine Stores?

Covid19, which caused multiple constraints in our lives, also affected the economy on a large scale in the world. Moreover, this situation is becoming increasingly difficult not only for citizens, but also for some industries such as retail. While every country is trying to return to normal slowly, it is also possible to open stores. So how will the stores continue their activities? In this article, we will consider this issue. Coronavirus Does Not Disappear In one day, the curve of new Covid19 cases began to gradually flatten, especially in Europe, but still exerts its Coronavirus effect. In many countries, including the USA, thousands of deaths are still reported daily. Most of the economies are frozen because of the coronavirus, and this will cause huge losses. According to economists, approximately 7-8 billion PLN is lost every day only in Poland during the coronavirus. In a long-term perspective, the economic slowdown caused by COVID-19 is a 2 point loss in the annual GDP growth of major economies each month. Every day brings us closer to the domino effect, which can lead to irreversible consequences due to the large number of small and medium business closings. For 84% of ... Read more

2020 Smartwatch Suggestions

When it comes to wearable technology, one of the first products that come to mind is smart watches that make our lives easier. These watches, which provide convenience in many aspects from measuring our heartbeat to making voice calls, have become increasingly popular recently. We have created a list of smart watches for you. Huawei Watch GT2 HUAWEI's self-developed wearable chip Kirin A1 serves you day and night with 2-chip design and smart power saving technology. Inspired by the aesthetic design of minimalism, the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 combines a high-quality 3D glass face to create frameless vision. HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 tracks your workouts with precise positioning systems and tracks your heart rate with TruSeen ™ 3.5. To simplify your everyday life, HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 supports features like Bluetooth call, in-device Music, Message Notification, TruSleep 2.0 sleep monitoring and TruRelaxTM Stress monitoring. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Galaxy Watch Active2 offers a personalized solution from the first day, starting with your choice between Bluetooth or LTE options. With a slim body and fast touchscreen frame, you can get the most out of your seamless display experience. Galaxy ... Read more

Minimalism in the Digital World

Minimalism is among the most trending trends of the last period. Based on simplicity, modernism and art, this trend is applied in many areas of life. In particular, minimalist home designs started to be preferred very often. "Less is more." reflections of the current that adopts its philosophy; we can see clothing, music, visual arts, even in the digital world. Day after day, the internet world is expanding and growing. In the digital world where millions of new videos, content and products are uploaded every day, we are exposed to a lot of information and visuals. This situation sometimes exhausts our brains and the crowd bothers us. Create Your Own Digital Minimalism First of all, we recommend creating your own minimalist digital environment in order to meet the content you will like and to make the most of your time on the internet. You can remove the accounts that you follow on social media and think that they do not add anything to your watch list without thinking about it. This type of content will do nothing but waste you time and tiring your brain. Organize your phone and computer in the most functional way. We are sure that there are applications that you have ... Read more

How Does Customer Behavior Affect the Performance of Digital Channels?

In a few months, the world has changed completely. Nobody knows when this outbreak will end, what will be the economic consequences, or whether things will return as before. This uncertainty left businesses in the UK panicked for their future. They are trying to establish a remote working order to attract new customers, protect their existing customers and above all, to continue their business. To do this, you must first pay attention to the opinions of customers and then understand how to use this information in the COVID-19 process. Understand that Online Behavior is Different Before you dive into how you should use your digital channels during Covid19, you must understand that online behavior has changed. This is quite normal. Moving with Panic s England suffered great problems in February as people emptyed the shelves of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, soap and household cleaning products. As a result of this event, hand sanitizer sales increased by 255% in February. Increase in Online Shopping There has been a huge increase in online shopping since COVID-19 took place. People have ordered non-essential products such as board games by expanding their purchases online before. ... Read more

Phone Recommendations for June 2020

Due to the development of technology every day and the competition of smartphone manufacturers, the phones that come up with technical features and stylish designs continue to attract the attention of users. In this competition, we have created a list of up-to-date smartphones for the month of June that can be purchased between 3000 TL and 5000 TL. Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 family last year, which included the S10 and S10 Plus, while the Galaxy S10e was launched as a more affordable model. The budget-friendly model, in which some features of the other 2 models were reduced in proportion, was in demand in our country with its price and sizing. Recently, Samsung has brought a new model to the Galaxy S10 family. With this model, he even brought a new member to the Note 10 family. Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite models are released. We have listed the technical details of these two new models below. Processor: Snapdragon 855 Screen: 1080 × 2400 FHD + RAM: 8GB Storage: 128 GB Rear Camera: 48MP + 12MP + 5MP Front Camera: 32MP Battery Capacity: 4500mAh Operating System: Android Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Features of Samsung ... Read more

Sectors Growing Together with Coronavirus

Coronavirus effects still continue in our country and in the world. While jobs in many sectors have been disrupted due to coronavirus, some sectors have further developed and increased their market share. When we look at the developing sectors in general; We see companies that meet basic needs, help spend quality time at home, adapt to the digital world and reach the right audience in digital channels. Gifts Reach Owners with Online Shopping Many of us spent Mother's Day apart from our mothers and we sent gifts with online shopping to make our mothers feel we were with them nowadays. While online shopping has been increasing steadily year by year, it has reached the top with the coronavirus. Many companies made special discounts for Mother's Day. These opportunities also contributed to the increase in online shopping. Houses and Gardens Are Improving Balcony and garden arrangements have finally come to the table. The gardens and balconies, which have become the only areas we can connect with, have started to flourish these days. Therefore; garden furniture is among the most sought after and demanded products. In online and phone calls, garden furniture has become even more ... Read more

Digital version of CV: Personal Web Site

In today's digital world, the importance of personal websites is increasing. Websites, which are our reflection in digital, where we can describe ourselves, our work, our hobbies or our projects, are increasing day by day. If you have a personal website or want to create a new site, there are some steps to consider. What should be the website that will bring you to the fore in your job applications and reflect your work well? In this article, we have compiled some tips for your personal website. Your Color of Theme is Reflecting Your Sector The design of your website is one of the most important elements that attract attention at first glance and ensure your stay on your site. Themes that are harmonious in color, reflect the work you do and do not feel tired, provide a positive perception about you for those who visit your site. The colors you choose should definitely reflect your industry. For example, if you are doing business related to the health sector; If you are a dietician or aesthetic doctor, it will not create a nice perception that your site is in black tones. Because when it comes to health, it occurs in everyone's mind; are white or light shades. This creates a ... Read more

Local solution video conferencing “Baalan”

“Baalan”, which was developed locally and nationally, was also included in video conferencing applications. This application, which the company has produced in order to eliminate foreign dependency in the field of online video conferencing in the digital transformation process after the global pandemic, also provides online service through “Baalan.com”. According to the information obtained by AA reporter, “Baalan” application developed by the domestic software company Mediatriple was created by local engineers and designers, all with open source applications. Presentations and screens can be shared, surveys can be made with the tools in Baalan and users of the application can work on a common document. Baalan, which does not require any application installation, can be used with computers, phones and tablets via any web browser. The infrastructure of the Public Information Digital Summit was also held on May 20 with the Mediatriple infrastructure on 20 May due to the Kovid-19 outbreak, in the "Public Information Summit" organized by the Public Information Association from Mediatriple in large conference halls in the past years. İlker Kasaboğlu, Mediatriple Sales ... Read more

Normalization Process and Small Businesses

Many sectors and businesses are experiencing stagnation with the pandemic process. While the business volume of some sectors has shrunk, some sectors have become completely unable to do business. The period of normalization begins in the coming days. In this period, the enterprises will not immediately switch to their old working order. New working rules such as shift work, cleaning measures and social distance seating will become part of our lives. We have some advice that we think can help you get your business out of its recession. What are the sources of your cash flow? Cash flow is one of the most important factors that helps businesses survive and contribute to their payments. At this point, review your cash flow sources and remind you to receive your payments regularly. When checking your cash flow, make sure that your goal is always higher than your spending. If you are among the sectors that interrupted your business in this process, you can send an e-mail to remind yourself that you have started working with your existing customers and the new arrangements you have made at your workplace. Remember that many businesses with you are starting the normalization process, ... Read more

Normalization Process and Small Businesses

Many sectors and businesses are experiencing stagnation with the pandemic process. While the business volume of some sectors has shrunk, some sectors have become completely unable to do business. The period of normalization begins in the coming days. In this period, the enterprises will not immediately switch to their old working order. New working rules such as shift work, cleaning measures and social distance seating will become part of our lives. We have some advice that we think can help you get your business out of its recession. What are the sources of your cash flow? Cash flow is one of the most important factors that helps businesses survive and contribute to their payments. At this point, review your cash flow sources and remind you to receive your payments regularly. When checking your cash flow, make sure that your goal is always higher than your spending. If you are among the sectors that interrupted your business in this process, you can send an e-mail to remind yourself that you have started working with your existing customers and the new arrangements you have made at your workplace. Remember that many businesses with you are starting the normalization process, ... Read more

Building Block of Your Brand: Logo

Logo is the most important fact that gives an idea about your brand when your target audience first meets your brand. Although it may seem simple, designing a logo that reflects your brand identity and ensuring that this logo creates the perception you want in your target audience is a laborious and meticulous process. There are many things to consider before working on a logo. Your Long Term Think Logo will represent it as long as your brand exists. Always keep this in mind when creating your logo. Only a design that will save the day or a logo that costs cheap will not work. At this point, deliver your logo to a team you trust during the design phase. Tell everything about your brand to the person who will design your logo. Your designer; It will develop what you want, your difference from your competitors or original ideas that will reflect the brand. Otherwise, non-communication will arise and you will be more likely to encounter problems such as the length of delivery of your logo or the absence of a logo as desired. Take Advantage of Motion Graphics Animated designs have started to take place in almost every area of ​​our lives. You can also use motion graphics in ... Read more

New Feature to WhatsApp: Sending Money

The pandemic process, which has been taking place all over the world, has enabled many brands and applications to grow more digitally. One of the most popular applications in the world, WhatsApp, which has increased the use of the internet with the time spent at home, has become an opportunity. WhatsApp, which came up with many new updates during the pandemic period, also announced the feature of sending money. However, in a short time, this feature has caused the company trouble. He wants this feature, which WhatsApp wants to turn into an opportunity in the pandemic process, wants it to be passive by the Central Bank of Brazil. Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg shared about the new feature, “Today we are launching the payment feature for people using WhatsApp in Brazil. We send and receive money as easily as sharing photos. We also enable small businesses to sell on WhatsApp. To do this, we use Facebook Pay, which offers a safe and consistent way to pay in our apps. I would like to thank all of our partners for making this possible. We work with local banks, including Banco do Brazil, Nubank, Sicredi and Cielo, the leading payment processor in Brazil. Brazil is the first ... Read more

New Feature to WhatsApp: Sending Money

The pandemic process, which has been taking place all over the world, has enabled many brands and applications to grow more digitally. One of the most popular applications in the world, WhatsApp, which has increased the use of the internet with the time spent at home, has become an opportunity. WhatsApp, which came up with many new updates during the pandemic period, also announced the feature of sending money. However, in a short time, this feature has caused the company trouble. He wants this feature, which WhatsApp wants to turn into an opportunity in the pandemic process, wants it to be passive by the Central Bank of Brazil. Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg shared about the new feature, “Today we are launching the payment feature for people using WhatsApp in Brazil. We send and receive money as easily as sharing photos. We also enable small businesses to sell on WhatsApp. To do this, we use Facebook Pay, which offers a safe and consistent way to pay in our apps. I would like to thank all of our partners for making this possible. We work with local banks, including Banco do Brazil, Nubank, Sicredi and Cielo, the leading payment processor in Brazil. Brazil is the first ... Read more

Digital marketing volume continues to grow

Digital marketing volume continues to grow day by day. In recent years, digital marketing has become very important, especially in the pandemic process. According to research by Statista, digital advertising spending worldwide will reach $ 384 billion by the end of 2020. By 2021, the market volume is projected to increase to $ 435 billion. Businesses, especially SMEs, started to focus on digital marketing to reduce the negative effects of coronavirus. According to the Future of Business report, 71 percent of SMEs in Turkey using digital platforms to introduce new products or services. Online tools, the rate of use in order to communicate with customers and suppliers percent 63. 56 percent rate of those SMEs for Internet product or service sales, if the purpose of consumers have the information so 58 to 50 million people every day in Turkey online Global Digital Report ' according to, there are 59 million internet users in Turkey. 84 percent of users go online every day. 63 percent of our total population uses social media platforms. 71 percent of SMEs in Turkey using digital platforms to introduce new products or services. The percentage of those who use online tools to ... Read more

Useful Internet Use for Children

Today, children start using smartphones and tablets without learning to read and write. Even children who are only 2 years old can use many features of smart phones alone. Now, children are born with touchscreen use embedded in their genes. Education was suspended in many countries due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The children, who were away from home, school and friends for a long time, started to spend much more time on the Internet than before. Although some families put screen restrictions on their children, children like to spend time on the Internet. Well, do you want your kids to spend time on the Internet to be both quality and enjoyable? In this article, we have compiled fun and educational internet usage methods for children. Internet Security Comes First As we all know; The Internet is an immense world. Children may encounter content that you may not even think of and can become the target of malicious individuals. In order not to be exposed to such annoying situations, we recommend that you filter the internet usage for your children and restrict access to harmful sites. You may think that you have the opportunity to observe because your child is on the internet with ... Read more

Which is the world's first domain?

In what year were many internet gurus registered as the world's first domains? what was the extension? who noted? Seeks answers to questions such as. In this article, we will try to give a clear answer to the question, which is gnawing at this person, and whose answers are sought with hearsay information in many webmaster forums. As it is known, the world's first domain extension is COM, which is still very popular today. The COM extension was planned in December 1984 and was realized by calculating that all jobs would go through this extension in that period. Assuming that there are over 100 million registered COM domains today, the first fruit of this downfall, which cannot be considered unfair, is Symbolics.com, which was registered on March 15, 1985. Although Symbolics was a very popular computer company in those years, the related domain was sold to XF.com in 2009 and is now treated as a historical monument. Read more

Hp and Tata won't be able to get their own domain extensions

Nowadays, when ICANN accepts new top-level domain applications, it turned out that the two industry giants cannot get their own domain extensions even if they want. American technology giant Hp will not be able to apply for .hp as ICANN does not accept extensions shorter than 3 characters in new domain name applications. Indian auto giant TATA will not be able to purchase the .tata extension because it is against the principle of "the capital / region / geographic location of any country or its equivalent in any language". Because TATA is the name of a region in Morocco. Read more

Only 68 percent of domains in the world are active

Verisign, which manages popular domain extensions including com and net in the global market, has announced that only 68% of the com and net domains in the world are multi-page structure. According to the Verisign report, com and net domains that are on the air with "under construction" or "park page" are 20%, and those who are not directed to any page are 12%. According to the results of the research, the share of those who are positioning investment domains or who have not implemented their project is 32%. In Turkey, where about 1 million 200 thousand registered domain name and of which only 550 thousand are estimated to refer to any DNS. Read more

Generics are over now in meaningful phrases

As the internet market competition grew, the interest in meaningful and memorable domains also reached the line phases. Domains that are not even looked at in the early 2000s can now hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. The domain market, which is accustomed to generic purchases such as fund.com ($ 9.99M), toys.com ($ 5.1M), and diamond.com ($ 7.5M), is selling a $ 1 million PersonalLoans.com domain name in February 2012. with his eyes set on meaningful phrases. PersonalLoans.com, which means “Personal Loans”, found its new owner through the domainnamesales site last month. The Canadian company investing in Domaine hopes to earn new millions with the domain name registered in 1999 and held so far, as it is the most meaningful match for the "Personal Loans" phrase, which produces 1 million 220,000 unique searches per month, according to Google reports. Considering the Verising reports, considering that an average of 360 million .COM domain registrations are made annually and meaningful phrases have been exhausted in this inflation, it is not even possible for the owners of COM domain owners to keep plenty of zeros in the medium and long term. potential in ... Read more

Microsoft wins WIPO case

The microsoftslate.org lawsuit filed by Microsoft, the software giant, to WIPO on January 20, 2012 has been concluded. WIPO decided to transfer the microsoftslate.org domain to Microsoft Corporation on the grounds that "it contains confusingly similar expressions" despite the fact that Microsoft did not carry out any operations on the domain registered by a UK-based holding in 2011. Statement of microsoftslate.org owner Russell Warner, who defended that the case was processed with the file number D2012-0105, that the domain name registration service was offered on the relevant domain and that no malicious intent was offered, was not found realistic. Microsoft Corparation, who said that he represented him in 10 different extensions except Microsoft.com, made a request to give him the domain acquired with the intention of abuse by taking advantage of the product title to be launched in 2012. This request, which was justified by the WIPO referees, guaranteed the return of all rights of the domain to the software giant as of April 10, 2012. Read more

Domain Discount Coupon

As Turkey's largest domain registrar, we think will appeal to all our followers that we get quite an attractive discount coupon circuit we wish to proclaim. The Campaign Has Ended. Thank you for your attention. You can follow our facebook page for current campaigns. Register for free at isimtescil.net Click to register COM domain with your coupon code How is this coupon different from others? As it is known, discount coupons distributed by foreign companies are usually restricted. For example, coupons that allow only one discounted product to be purchased with a user account and give a default number of usage opportunities, while a few hundred users can register domains at an attractive price, and offers freedom of registration without user restrictions. Another point to note is that the domains registered with discounts are closed to the transfer process in some companies for the first year. You may have to renew the domain purchased with a coupon that looks very attractive to you from that company and at exorbitant prices next year. Freedom of discount over real price The number 3 step of your order, while confirming your cart, istescil.net. You can use it from the "Coupon ... Read more

Domain selection for e-commerce

Domains can be examined in two different groups according to the purpose they will serve. The first of these groups are vertical domains, where the domain name represents or evokes the work done, and another is innovative domains, which can create the effect I found, although it is essentially meaningless, the business model can load meaning and trigger personal perceptions in visitors. Message to the visitor with vertical domains Vertical domains are alternatives that can give you speed in SEO logic and explain your business model to new potential more easily. If you are going to focus on one channel or a small number of cross-tracks following the main product range, choosing a vertical domain can make it easier to manage your marketing operation and reduce some of your costs. Let's give a simple example through classical businesses: Let's assume that you will open a pastry shop anywhere in the city. Like other businesses that do the same job as you, your main goal will be to attract people who are in that neighborhood and want to eat a burrito. Since the first thing you need to do is tell your potential customer that you are selling pastries, it is logical to include the ... Read more

What happens when you don't renew your domain name?

It is possible to register domains, that is, between 1 and 10 years. In fact, it would be more correct to rent a domain name. Domains are available to you for the duration of your rental and you own all the rights. For example, a domain name that you have rented for 2 years belongs to you for 2 years. If you do not renew your domain name after 2 years, the domain name will drop. The fall of the domain name means that it can be easily taken by someone else. There are several applications for domain names of domain companies that you regulate domain names. For example, some foreign domain companies give the domain owner an additional 1 month after the domain name expires, and within this period, they drop the non-renewed domain name and open a new record. You can examine detailed information about renewing and deleting domain names from HERE. As you can see from the article, certain times are given for you to renew in addition to the registration period of a domain name in Adıtescil. We strongly recommend that you provide your real-time and E-MAIL information to the company you registered with your domain name. This is because domain companies send information messages with the ... Read more

Things to Consider When Choosing a Domain

If you have decided to set up a website, the first thing you will need is your site name, namely “domain”. The site addresses that we write to internet browsers are called "domain" in the internet language. Although the domain selection seems easy, you may have a hard time finding the domain you are looking for. Many domains today are taken by webmasters. Although the exact number is not clear, many domains are held by the domain owner to be sold or to be projected. Compared to the domains sold so far, the number of domains installed on the website is very low. domain-browser To buy a domain, you must first enter a site that sells domains and search for the desired domain names from here. With this transaction Turkey's largest company isimtescil domains can in a simple way. If you go to the Domain Inquiry field from the site, write the words you want to search without any TR characters, mark the extensions you want and press the Inquiry button, the words you searched within a few seconds will be listed as blank. If the domain you are looking for is already taken and you want to have this domain, you can view the name of the domain name, the person's phone number, address, ... Read more

Domain Trading

Domain trading is a business model that you can generate income from the internet. Internet-computer related people generally do domain buying and selling. A domain where you pay an average of 20 TL for registration money can be sold for a million dollars after a while. Of course, it is very difficult to find a domain with that feature. All generic domains are bought, some are projected and some are waiting for their new owners at high prices. What is Generic Domain? Generic domains are domains that do not have any attachments and are usually made up of one word. To give an example of generic domain words; In every extension that will be used with "izmir" and "news", the domain falls into the generic class. Besides, "izmirhaber" is not generic. In addition, generics can not be defined in domains with plural suffix Domain-sales Is It Possible To Find Generic Domains? It may be impossible to find generic domains in .com and .net extensions. You can edit generic domains in other extensions. But it should not be forgotten that the two most valuable and known domain extensions on the internet are “.com and .net”. Where to Buy a Domain? If you decide to take Turkey's entering the ... Read more

Domain Life Cycle

When you question a domain you want to buy, you will encounter some terms. Although you know some of these terms, you have no idea what others are. In this article, we will try to write the terms called "domain life cycle" with their explanations. In this way, you can also find out when a domain you want to buy is “available” with your own account. Active Status: Indicates that the domain is active, that is, it has been registered for 1 to 10 years before and cannot be received during this period. Available Status: Indicates that the domain you are inquiring is idle, that is, it can be registered by you or by others. You can register the domains between 1 and 10 years, by paying the fee according to the domain extension, and you will have all the rights of the domain during this period. On Hold (Registrar Hold) Status: Registration periods of such domains have expired normally, but the domain owner is given an additional 30-45 days depending on the domain company to renew the domain. This time the domain has been identified as the biggest company in Turkey for 38 days by isimtescil. In Adıtescil, you can renew your domain that is about to be deleted by paying a bit more ... Read more

Subscribe to Google Webmaster Tools

As it is known, Google has many services for webmasters. The most common of these services is the Webmaster Tools feature. To use Google's webmaster tools feature, you can log in HERE and log in with your Gmail address. Or if you don't have a Gmail address, you can get a free mail account and access webmaster tools in a very short time. To add your sites to Webmaster Tools, you need to enter the address of your site from the "add site" link, and then, to prove that the site belongs to you, you should connect the HTML code to your site with ftp and throw it into the main directory of your site. In this way, your site is verified and added to your Webmaster Tools panel. google-web-gadgets So what will Webmaster Tools do for you and why should you use Webmaster Tools? As the most important feature, an alert is sent to you in the form of a message, disruption, page inaccessibility, dns problems, etc. in the form of a message on your site. In this way, you can see the problem on your site and reach the solution in a shorter time. You can submit your sitemap here and find out how many of your pages are indexed and what links and pages Google cannot access on your site. If you have ... Read more

Effect of Domain Extensions on SEO

Domain (domain name) shows the identity of the brand, affects the number of visitors to the website and gives information about the brand to the visitors. Website users, companies and organizations who want to further develop their business are purchasing a Domain, setting up a website and aiming to get their website to the top of Google results. So, what should we do to get to the top of the Google search engine? In the previous article, we talked about the positive effect of domain age on Seo. In this article, we will try to talk about whether domain extensions have an effect on SEO. I guess there is no need to explain the value of the com domain extension. The extension that we will recommend to you first is “.com”. Because ".com" has been used since the internet first appeared and is an extension known to all internet users. If the “.com” extension of the domain you want to buy is not idle, you have 2 options; either take an attachment to your domain and get the extension “.com” in that way or go to other extensions. The ".com" extension of many domains you want to buy may be full, either sites are established or purchased by investors and are waiting for their ... Read more

Which Extensions Have Generic Domain Opportunities?

The most valuable ones of the domain market are undoubtedly domain names with generic words. These generic domain names are preferred because they consist of a single word, their search volumes are large and have the potential to be a brand. If we refer to the generic domain term, we can classify the words that have not received any attachment, that is, in plain form. For example, "car" is a generic word and any extension received with this word is considered a generic domain. In addition to this, word groups consisting of plural, derived supplements such as “cars, my car, car models etc.” and which are composed of two words are not in the generic class. Every day, many domains are registered by users. Almost all generic domains have been registered in the most sought-after “.com” domains in the world. To have these generic domains with the extension Com, you need to pay high fees. Users who do not have such a high budget can search and register generic domains in other extensions. They can either design and activate these registered domains or use them as an investment tool. generic-domain-names You can find such generic domains among the newly launched domain ... Read more

The Effect of COM.TR Extensions on SEO

We talked about the effects of domain extensions on SEO in our previous articles. In this article, we will deal specifically with the extension "com" and we will try to give information about whether these extensions have an effect on SEO. Unlike other domains, you have to provide some documents to the hosting company to get Com.tr extensions. You can handle your transactions and have a "com" domain extension. Google uses special extensions from many countries, and in our country this is the extension “.com.tr”. So what benefits does this extension provide us with SEO? If you google-turkey First project is a global project definitely "tr" You should not use any domain extension. In global projects, the extension ".com" can be used, followed by the extension ".com". Examples will be given on your site if you want to sell Izmit Pişmaniye both in the domestic market in Turkey and abroad surely. "Com" domain, you must use an extension. Because a visitor coming from abroad uses his own Google extension search engine and it is not possible for your ".tr extension" site to appear in the top rankings here. You can do this by using the ".com" domain. But only if you are carrying ... Read more

The Effect of COM.TR Extensions on SEO

We talked about the effects of domain extensions on SEO in our previous articles. In this article, we will deal specifically with the extension "com" and we will try to give information about whether these extensions have an effect on SEO. Unlike other domains, you have to provide some documents to the hosting company to get Com.tr extensions. You can handle your transactions and have a "com" domain extension. Google uses special extensions from many countries, and in our country this is the extension “.com.tr”. So what benefits does this extension provide us with SEO? If you google-turkey First project is a global project definitely "tr" You should not use any domain extension. In global projects, the extension ".com" can be used, followed by the extension ".com". Examples will be given on your site if you want to sell Izmit Pişmaniye both in the domestic market in Turkey and abroad surely. "Com" domain, you must use an extension. Because a visitor coming from abroad uses his own Google extension search engine and it is not possible for your ".tr extension" site to appear in the top rankings here. You can do this by using the ".com" domain. But only if you are carrying ... Read more

What is Client Transfer Prohibited?

We tried to talk about domain life cycles in our article here, where we mentioned the situations that domains can get due to monetary events. In this article, we will talk about Client Transfer Prohibited, which is also a domain related situation. We can translate Client Transfer Prohibited into Turkish as a "customer transfer ban". This means that the transfer of our domain is not allowed by the customer, that is, by us. This can happen in the domain whois query or while you are transferring. If you come across this code, you need to remove the lock on it to transfer your domain. In order to perform the lock removal process in some domain companies, you need to contact the authorities and state your situation. However, if this happened to you in quality domain companies, they can enter your domain panel and remove the lock on the domain with a single click and continue their operations. Although the domain-transfer Client Transfer Prohibited status is thought to have been created to cause difficulty to the customer, it is aimed to prevent transferring your domain or domains to other companies in case the account is stolen. The transfer password should be obtained from the ... Read more

What is Backorder?

Backorder is a system based on the logic of taking the falling domain automatically, which means “Pre-Order” and has achieved to create a very different line of business in the domain sector. This system, which was first released by snapnames.com in the 2000s, has managed to attract the attention of most people interested in the web and has become a business line in the meantime. In fact, what does the backorder, which is based on the logic of first come, which is one of the main rules of trade, do? Thanks to the backorder companies, there is a domain you want, but when you look at the register companies, the domain appears to be purchased. Here, backorder companies come into play. Thanks to the backorder firms, if the person receiving the desired domain does not update the expiration date and the domain drops, these backorder firms buy the domain you want for you as soon as it drops in seconds. Snapnames Backorder - When these systems were first installed, only one person could make a backorder for a domain at SnapNames time. This is how this happens, just as you can now go to the domain you want and look at the registrar companies, this time started to look for unwanted ... Read more

Most Expensive Domain Extensions

Domain extensions are determined entirely for the purpose of the website. For this reason, the content of the website should be considered primarily. If a domain name to be determined in accordance with the general content is also supported by an appropriate extension, users' access to the site and its continuous use will also be supported. Domain extensions consist of many types. Domain extensions, which are from many kinds of extensions, vary according to the characteristics of the website's content such as hosting general, organization, local or adult content. The main point to be considered here is; These are the general content of the website where the domain extension will be taken and whether there is a live media broadcast. Given the extension of websites with general content; The .com extension is more preferred and normally has a more useful and appealing feature for the user. The price of this extension can be evaluated as an average. Of course, it can be seen that hosting or domain name providers offer much cheaper extensions to users. The Most Expensive Domain Extensions .xxx adult content, which is the extension that is offered to the new service and where a high ... Read more

What is Domain Alias?

Domain Alias ​​appears as a different form of forwarding on domains translated as Turkish (other) domains. The alias domain is different from normal redirect. You can use the nickname feature, which you can find in all companies, without any additional fees. Let's explain the alias domain technology through examples: For example: We have a domain name called “www.birincisite.com” and let's say an active site on which hosting is installed and we store our data. internet browser We additionally purchase a domain name called “www.ikincisite.com” and forward it to the domain name “www.birincisite.com” with the alias domain name. After this step, visitors logging into www.ikincisite.com domain are automatically directed to www.birincisite.com. When this process is done, it is an important situation for users that your site address remains www.ikincisite.com, not www.birincisite.com. You may still not be able to understand the feature of Domain Alias ​​because all of the things described so far are transactions that can also be done with normal routing. We entered www.ikincisite.com and actually www.birincisite.com was opened to us, but there is no change in the ... Read more

Domain Name Period of Life Com-Net-Org

Domain Names, one of the most important inventions of the web world, have a life cycle and this is of course determined by ICANN. The life periods of domains differ according to their extensions and generally consist of 4 processes. For com, net and organ extensions, on average, 75 days are allowed after the domain's end date. If we need to sort the periods; Active Period: This process is the process where the domain name is active. The domain owner has all the privileges and can make any change on the domain name. It can also extend its time from the normal price. domain-name-life-periods Suspension (On Hold) Period: When you query the domains that are in this period process in Whois, you will see that status: "registrar-hold". If you have a domain that exceeds the due date, it enters this period as. During this period, the domain can be renewed and extended, without any difference over the current price. However, within this period, the domain name cannot be reached and your mails become unusable. The duration of this period varies from company to company. Redemption Period: This period is the last period when the domain name can be renewed with penalty. After this period is ... Read more

Meaning of Domain Extensions

In parallel with the growth rate of the domain market in recent years, the variety in domain extensions continues to increase at the same speed. In the first years when the internet entered our lives, our eyes were only familiar with the .com extension. However, it is a fact that it is no longer as easy to get a .com domain name today. You can no longer purchase easily the old and old extensions of the internet world, such as .com, .net, etc. Instead, users can easily register and purchase domain extensions such as .xyz, .site .travel, .best, which are newly added and alternative to our growing virtual world. It is entirely in your hands to make your project, which you choose according to the job you want to do, and by purchasing one of the newly created domain extensions even stronger and remarkable. With the generic domain extensions that have contributed to SEO, which is an indispensable feature for the performance of e-commerce sites in recent years, you can take your website to the top in searches. At this point, we would like to remind you that the important thing is to choose your domain extension correctly. So what do we need to consider when choosing domain extensions? ... Read more

The Importance of the Right Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name for your website is crucial to your success. Incorrectly chosen domain name may damage your brand and search rank. So what should you consider when choosing the right domain name? When you first start, it can be hard to find catchy business name ideas with a great domain name. However, it is not an issue that cannot be solved with a little work and dedication. If you want to create a new website, you should choose a domain and domain name from the beginning. This is the first address where people can access you on the Internet, except the website is your manual address. It takes time to choose a domain name because the domain name is very important for every project. The second important part after the brand name is the domain name part so that you can determine your attitude clearly in the internet world, in accordance with the identity of your brand. So, based on our own experience, we can say that a well-chosen keyword field can clearly support the ranking of the main keywords positively. Regardless of your financial situation, there are a few things to keep in mind when considering a domain name: The name of your startup and the domain name ... Read more

3 advantages of having a strong domain name for brands

Technology continues to evolve rapidly to cope with new inventions. Gone are the days when a business must have a good office location to impress customers and look legitimate. Today, the world works online. Now a business needs a well-designed and well-managed website to make a positive first impression. Entrepreneurs, however, focus so much on designing a good website that they often do not pay much attention to domain names. The problem is that nobody can find you if your address is unclear. Having the right domain improves your brand identity and allows you to stand out from the crowd. What's more, a good domain name makes your business's brand stand out. Below, we list three methods that show you how you can use domains to make your business a brand. Brand advantages of a good domain name As the Internet grows, new opportunities emerge to become a brand. Today, there are more than 1200 new domain extensions that are keyword-rich, can be used as a brand and make domain names meaningful, reliable and appropriate. These range from specific purpose-oriented extensions such as .TECH, .FUN, .STORE, to multi-purpose extensions such as .ONLINE, .SITE, .SPACE. The advantages of ... Read more

5 Effective Ways to Increase Your Domain's Power

The domain authority designed by Moz was created as an indicator of success. It is a score ranging from 0-100, which estimates how well your website will rank on Google. The higher your domain name, the more likely you are to get better web traffic and rank higher in the search engine. However, increasing your DA is not an easy thing. You need an effective strategy, great ingredients and a lot of patience for it. If you want to rank higher on the Search Engine Results Pages, get your tips from these five of the most effective ways to increase your domain authority in this 2019. Post Quality and Relevant Content It can be a cliché, content has always been the king of SEO. In fact, relevant and high-quality content can help increase your domain's authority. All you have to do is write useful, unique and interesting articles on your website. You can use images, videos and GIFs to make your content more exciting and attractive. Also, using infographics is a great way to make your content viral. Your articles should also be of the correct length. Content consisting of more than 800 words tends to be more informative than short content. Therefore, if you publish short, unrelated and ... Read more

With which documents can you buy Com.tr domain?

Many of our customers may encounter problems such as paperwork and domain name mismatch in com applications. In this article, we discussed which documents will be received correctly with the .com domains .. .com is the recorder of the Middle East Technical University, just are allocated exclusively to companies and brands operating in Turkey. Under which conditions can be purchased .Com.tr? If you have a company or brand, you can buy the domain address with .Com.tr extension and the documents change in these two activities. So, with which documents can we activate the com.tr domain? If you want to buy com.tr com extension for companies; Your activity certificate of your company, which was issued up to 6 months ago, or your Trade Registry Gazette, which is at least 5 years old, together with your domain name allocation form documents (download link: https://www.isimtescil.net/documents/tahsisformu.doc) You can activate it by sending it to Belge@isimtescil.net. An important point is that the com.tr domain you will buy must match your company name exactly. If you have a company in the form of Adıtescil Bilişim A.Ş, you cannot buy domaintescil.com.tr or bilisim.com.tr. Just the ... Read more

Things to Consider While Getting Domain Name

What should be considered when buying a domain name? When setting up a new company or creating your personal site, you should choose your domain name correctly. While the domain name reflects the work you do, it should be kept in mind. 7 steps to be considered while getting the Domain Name; 1. Length Matters In general, the shorter your domain, the better. This is because people are easier to remember and write from a shorter area to a shorter area. 2. Domain Variations If your business can afford this, it's a good idea to buy as many variations of your domain as possible. This prevents other people from getting them and also allows you to catch potential customers who have misspelled your domain name because you can redirect them to your primary website. For example, if you have an eyewear company called Four Eyes, your primary website should probably be FourEyes.com. However, you may also want to buy 4Eyes.com, ForEyes.com and other similar variations. 3. Avoid Frequently Used Words Avoid words in your domain that people will have difficulty or spell. Find a unique domain name that people can remember, easily pronounce. 4. Be Memorable The best domains are what people can ... Read more

What is Subdomain and What Does It Do?

Subdomain means "subdomain" in Turkish. Subdomains can be opened depending on a main domain and are perceived by search engines as an extension of the main domain. To explain what subdomain is with an example; www.isimtescil.net is a main domain, the company sells hosting and domains through this site. Blog.isimtescil.net subdomaini is a blog that was established to give visitors information about domain, hosting, technology, e-commerce, social media, etc. In addition, services such as blogger and wordpress are provided free of charge, using subdomains. Subdomains that are perceived as a separate site by Google are not detected by Alexa, which webmasters frequently use. For example, if you want to find out the Alexa value of a blog you have opened via blogger, if you type the address of your blogger with the blogger in the search bar on the site information tab in Alexa, Alexa will show you the values ​​of www.blogger.com. About subdomain What do subdomains do? The main purpose of using a subdomain is to strengthen its main domain. Each subdomain can be designed and used for a separate business model. It is also recommended to be this way. For example, if you have a website ... Read more

The Best Domain For Your Website!

Buying a domain is one of the first steps to take when you want to open a website. While purchasing a domain, both the compatibility of the domain name with the brand and its retention and ease are very important. Because the first action that is mostly done to get information about a brand is to enter the name in the address bar and add “.com”. The aim is to reach the website with one click. This is exactly what you can enjoy as a website owner! With a smartly chosen domain, you can be sure that you will reach more visitors. Think about whether you want to target visitors in your country or engage with an international audience. Always get a domain name that works for your audience. If you're targeting visitors in the U.S., it means choosing a domain with the extension ".us". ".Co.uk" is the standard in the UK and ".in." For India If you want to create an international effect and reach an international audience, buying a domain with the extension “.com” is the right choice. This also applies to multilingual websites. How To Find The Right Domain? Determine the purpose of your website that you plan to open first. Are you creating a business website, a blog or a site for ... Read more

The Importance of Domain Name

Even if you have an idea for an existing business or start, you should first need a strong online platform. If you want to make such a leap, the first thing to do is to buy a domain extension and join the online platform. In this way, you will greatly increase your chances. The vast majority of shopping, the marketing of the internet, the dynamics of marketing have changed significantly. A well-developed and protected website is one of the most effective and permanent ways of reaching potential customers. To be permanent on the online platform, you can create a permanent brand image with the right domain name. Benefits of a strong domain name Deciding and registering a domain name should not be done in a hurry. domain name is a valuable marketing and search tool that should successfully direct customers to your site. Careful discussion and research should be done since it is the most important decision you will make when creating your language in the online market. A strong domain name: - Adds professional reliability to your business. It distinguishes millions of rich-speed programs from websites on the online platform. - Provides visibility for your brand. A good domain, very ... Read more

Things to consider when buying a domain name

What should be considered when buying a domain name? Want to design a website? To start your dream website, you must first set the domain name. The most important criterion that should not be forgotten when choosing a domain name should be easy to promote and catchy. You found your domain name after long thoughts. You should now buy the domain you found. However, before purchasing, you should investigate whether someone has purchased the domain you decided before. So how can I do this research? You can do domain research from Domain Whois Query. What is domain name inquiry and how does it work? Domain name, whois information; While registering each domain name, the companies; company name, phone, e-mail and physical address details. What can I do if the domain you want to buy has already been purchased? Here you can find the answer to your question by asking the whois information. You can search for the company information that comes up when you enter the domain name of your choice and decision in the whois inquiry field. Some people can buy domain names that come to mind right away. And then they can sell them later. Or, after purchasing the domain name he thought of at that ... Read more

Why should I keep my domain information up to date?

What should you consider after purchasing a domain name? When you buy a domain name, you should keep your information up to date. So why should you keep your information up to date when you buy a domain name? You bought the domain name last year. You left some information blank while receiving it, or your personal information changed during the year. You should definitely review your blank or updated information during the year. You can also update your information when you receive a reminder e-mail that the domain expires for the information you need to update. You may need to take action to review the contact information associated with your domain and make corrections if necessary. It is very important to keep your contact information up to date. When your domain registration is about to expire, the registrar or registrar must inform you. This is usually done via email. Your contact information is outdated and you may lose your domain name. If the registrar could not reach you due to the end of domain registration, it may take a long time to recover or be recovered. An important reason to keep your contact information up-to-date is that you get notifications from your ... Read more

How to Buy Com.tr Domain?

The most known extensions among the domain names of websites on the internet are “.com and .net”. Recently, it has become preferred because the domain names with the ".tr" extension are adopted by the visitors and reach a certain awareness. Although some “.tr” domain domains can be registered without any document, you need to prepare various documents while registering a domain with the extension “.com.tr”. In this article, we will discuss in detail how to get the “.com.tr” extension. Com extension domains (domain names), is managed by an institution affiliated to the METU in Turkey. You can register the “.com.tr” domain names to the company name or your own name through this institution. If you want to buy a domain name “.com.tr” with your own name in the form of a username.com, you just need to send the copy of the identity card to the company where you will buy the domain name. You want to get to the company ".com" is for extension domain names Operating Certificate Commercial Registration Certificate of Turkey's documents Room Registration Certificate commercial titles that have been published in the Trade Registry Gazette Brand Reference Document ... Read more

When is the Domain Name Wasted?

What is a domain name? Should I renew my domain name again? When do domains get wasted? The domain names that you purchased for time may be wasted. Users buy their domain name annually. So when you buy a domain name, it will not be lifetime. If you are interested in such a business, you should always be on follow. Otherwise, you can have your brand's website bought and domain hunters for a long time. Domain name is the name and address of your website on the internet. In short, it is your company's identity on the internet. You should never lose the domain name you announced before. For this, you should check your membership information, SMS or whois without question. The wasted days of domains differ according to the extension you purchased. For example; While your .com domain name is wasted 68 days after it expires, your .xyz domain name is wasted 30 days later. Domain transactions are carried out within the framework of the procedures determined by the Internet Allocated Numbers and Names Institution - ICANN. These procedures are rules that are determined by the relevant authority, are valid worldwide, cannot be changed and are binding for all domain extensions. Domains lose ... Read more

Domain extensions meanings-2

Domain extensions continue to appear with different extension options in recent years. You can have the most different domain name by choosing the domain extensions we will call the new generation. By choosing the domain extension correctly, you can still get your project remarkable and go to the top of the Google ranking. So do we need to know the meaning of the domain extension while doing this? Here are the meanings of domain extensions: .CLUB The most popular domain extension, .club, helps you add a special meaning to your projects that are different in your mind. If you want to go beyond the traditional, the .CLUB domain extension is for you. Why register the .club domain extension? It offers investment opportunities with thousands of empty generic variations. It differentiates your project with its structure customized in its own category. It allows you to save keywords that exactly match the search terms for SEO experts. It protects the reputation of your trademark and ensures its continuity. Registration of domains selected by the registrar with special pricing rules (premium, reserve etc.) is not provided. When you look at the Turkish version of .ME, it appears as "I". ... Read more

The Journey of the Domain in History

We define the address of any website on the internet as a domain name. In fact, there are numbers behind the website name that we wrote in the browser as a domain name. When you type isimtescil.net in your browser, IP addresses consisting of numbers in the back are activated and redirect you to the right site. So why do we write names, not numbers? If you think that the addresses of the websites are composed of different numbers, such as phone numbers, and that we need to keep in mind or save the IP addresses of each website we enter. This is exactly why IP addresses work in the background and you find us immediately when you type isimtescil.net in your browser. We Are Greeting The First Domain Name In History! When the date shows March 15, 1985, the internet world is slowly on its way to reach today's point. The speed of light of the present was then from the turtle. A computer company named Symbolics shortly after the .com domain name was implemented; By registering symbolics.com, it took the first domain name in the internet world and printed its name on the domain history. The .Com Extension Was Once Free! When it was first used, the .com domain name was administered by the ... Read more

What is the New Domain Extension?

ICANN started collecting requests for new extensions in 2013 in order to expand its domain extensions area and accepted approximately 1500 of these extensions and opened them for use. Today, besides .COM, .NET, .ORG domain extensions, new domain extensions are also used that appeal to different sectors and audiences such as .XYZ, .SITE, .ONLINE. With the opening of new domain extensions to general registration, it has become available in many generic extensions. There are over 27 million new domain extension users in the world. The management of these extensions is no different from .COM, .NET extensions. You can also go up in Google rankings with new domain extensions. The new domain extensions representing our country are .IST and .ISTANBUL. Most government agencies use these extensions. For example www.iett.istanbul You can choose an extension that describes you, your hobby, your job, your education and use it comfortably. You can also take advantage of many generic names. New domain extensions and usage areas; If you want a .movie movie-like domain extension, this is for you! You can register a domain with the .movie extension and set up your website. You can publish a ... Read more

Are Domain Investors Here?

What is domain investment? Have you ever thought of making money from your domain name? Domain name is not just something to buy for your brand or blog. In fact, there is even a concept called “Domain Investor”. Those who follow the internet world closely are aware of domain investment. They may even be interested in buying and selling domain names for a while. So how should the right domain investment be done? Is it enough to have some insight and ideas or much more is needed? Let's examine it together. Domain investment; As a result of researches on a subject, name or any project, we can define the domain as a purchase, with the prediction that the domain name will be valued in the long or short term. Today, domain investment is done by many people. Your domain name that you bought on time and you are not using right now will perhaps inspire a good project and bring you a profit. It could even be a big win. Domain investment is just like normal investments as a process. In other words, you should logically buy the domain at a low price and watch the appropriate time and sell it at a high price. Domain Extension and Quality are the Most Important Criteria! For domain ... Read more

Why Domain Name Matters?

What is a domain name? As of 2013, there were more than 150 million blogs and this number continues to increase day by day. It is very important that the rest of the blogs have a great blog domain name to stand out from the competitors that attract the attention of the readers. Why Domains Matter? After choosing your domain name for your blog, you are likely to have it for the lifetime of your blog. You can easily change your blog's theme or domain hosting provider, but your domain will remain the same. This is because when you change your domain name, you're basically starting to restart your blog. You would have a low ranking on Google and would have to open your way by earning incoming links and using other SEO tactics. Domains form your blog brand. If your domain name matches the name of your blog, it will empower this brand and make it easy for readers to remember and return. Create a Blog Domain Name Since creating one of the most important steps in creating your blog, you can see that creating the perfect blog domain name is stressful. Choosing an obvious blog domain name for your blog's subject makes it easier for readers to find you. However, choosing a creative domain ... Read more

Domain Millionaires

While explaining the history of the domain, we gave the information that the first domain entered our lives in 1985. Domain (https://www.isimtescil.net/domain/) was not very popular in the 80s. In the mid 90's, the domain sector has just started to move and gain importance. Some far-sighted investors bought thousands of domains during this period. They created high-access and clicked sites with some domains and sold them at high prices. With these domains reaching millions of dollars, domain investment has become a sector. So do you wonder about domain millionaires who are farsighted and really know how to make money? Rick Schwartz Schwartz is so good in this industry that he is known as the domain king of the industry. This title is not easily given to anyone. Schwartz gained this title with forward vision, patience in the investments it made and its ability to sell at the right time. Schwartz, which registered its first domain for $ 100 in 1995, later bought domains such as candy.com and men.com with very low fees and sold for million dollars. Schwartz has inspired many people who see how they can earn so much money by selling domains and pioneered the industry. Schwartz, ... Read more

Increase the Effect of Your Domain Name!

Regardless of the sector, there is almost no possibility of growing and reaching the right audience without your presence in the internet world. In order to enter the online world, as we mentioned in our previous articles, you need to get your domain name (https://www.isimtescil.net/domain/domain-sorgulama.aspx) first. However, it does not end with getting your domain name. You must always stay active and improve your business in the online world, where competitors are growing and updates are available every day. Get Started by Integrating Domain and Hosting If you plan to build a website, you also need a hosting service after you buy a domain. You can click here (https://blog.isimtescil.net/web-hosting-nedir/) to understand exactly what hosting is and why you need hosting. After getting your hosting service and domain service, you should sync your domain name with your hosting service. This process is actually quite simple. Just paste your nameserver from your service provider into the box in your existing nameservers. Make Your Email Extension Private to Your Domain Name To increase the awareness of your domain, you should make sure that many people hear your domain. To do ... Read more

How Can I Change My Website Name?

The thought of moving your site to a new domain may worry you. While you are thinking of changing the domain (https://www.isimtescil.net/domain/), you can also be afraid of the disadvantages of this process. As Adıtescil (https://www.isimtescil.net/) we have compiled some information that can help you about the domain change process. Continuing with your existing domain name is best for your site, but in some cases it may be necessary to update the domain name. You may have had the opportunity to purchase a much better and user-friendly domain than the one you are currently using. In this case, evaluating the new domain will bring better results in the long term. Or, the domain you use may have been penalized and continuing with a penalized domain can be a problem. A new start is always more advantageous. You may have diversified the service area of ​​your brand. In such cases, your domain name does not fully meet your service and a new domain name (https://www.isimtescil.net/domain/) may be required to expand this perception. Although domain change is a disadvantage in terms of SEO (https://blog.isimtescil.net/seo/), you can overcome this process by paying attention to ... Read more

Nic.tr Warns Domain Owners of com.tr

It has been announced that the authority of METU, which provides Nic.tr domain names and has the authority to allocate these domains for a long time, has been transferred to BTK. After this news, it was announced that a domain name with nic.tr, .TR extension, which warns its users with a press release, should be transferred to domain registrars (registrar) within 3 (three) months, especially those whose renewal period is approaching. You can transfer .TR extension domains to isimtescil.net at the most affordable prices. Announcement by Nic.tr: To the Attention of Our Valuable Users; The Middle East Technical University (METU) has provided the internet connection of our country with the international authority it obtained from IANA / ICANN in 1990 and since then, it has successfully been able to allocate and process domain names with the extension ".tr" with the Nic.TR system created by its own staff. He was directed. Our university has transferred its “.tr” Registration Authority to the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) with the agreement signed on 21 December 2018. As per the contract, it is envisaged that the Nic.TR system will be shut down in ... Read more

Adıtescil.Net is Ready for Transferring .tr Extended Domain Names!

METU Nic.TR domain names management. It has announced that about 400,000 domain names with the tr extension have begun the transfer process. We arranged our necessary infrastructure works as Adıtecil for the transfer process to go smoothly. METU Nic.TR, which has registered the ".tr" domain names since 1990, has transferred its "Registration Authority" authority to the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK). After the transfer process, BTK became a fully authorized institution in “.tr” extensions. with this development, close to 400,000 registered in Turkey ".fr" extension of the domain to be transferred to the competent registrar within 3 months. Officials from the domain of Turkey's leading company isimtescil Kadriye messy, "We have organized our infrastructure needed to enable our customers through this process smoothly. ".Tr" domain name owners can also benefit from free DNS and subname server administrations, under construction, other address forwarding and advanced DNS administrations. " How will the transfer be made over Nic.tr? Expressing that the domain transfer process can be easily provided online via Nic.TR, Kadriye Dağınık said, “When ... Read more

Have You Received Your Domain Extension For Distance Education?

What is distance education? Why should distance education be done? The holiday of the schools, one of the main measures taken against the corona virus, directed teachers to online education, ie distance education. Thanks to online education, students will listen to lessons in their homes and will be able to study in a more stable environment. What should be paid attention to if the institutions or individuals who will provide online training will establish a new site? If we consider that the schools that will provide distance education have their own platforms and domain extensions, do not teachers who offer private lessons online want to create a platform that can provide their own online lessons? You can purchase .SCHOOL, .COLLAGE and other educational domain extensions that are among the domain extensions and you can instantly create your online distance lesson platform. So what are the benefits of school and education related domain extensions? If your content and domain extension are directly proportional, you move to the top of the Google rankings. However, you can make it easier for students to find you, thanks to the keywords you choose based on your content. With the ... Read more

Do You Know the Value of Your Domain Name?

The values ​​of domain names can sometimes go up far beyond your estimates. There are even people who earn millions just by buying and selling domains. You can read our Domain Millionaires article to learn more about this subject. In this article, we will include recommendations on how you can calculate the value of your domain name. Today, you can think of domain names as your assets or investments in the internet world. So how does a domain name be valued and become an investment that promises high prices? The first criteria that come to mind for the domain name to be valuable are; simple, short and catchy. However, all of the domain names with these criteria are taken today. Even domain names, which are 2-3 letters and quite meaningless, have found buyers for millions of dollars. Because brands can position these seemingly meaningless domains as an abbreviation of their names. Fortunately, there are different ways to have valuable domains. Word Games Keep in Mind! The development of the digital world has brought with it the necessity to develop different and creative methods for those who want to get traffic to their websites. Cleverly created domain names can easily be ... Read more

Don't worry if your domain has expired!

Website Domains are the primary address of a person or a business worldwide on the web. This site acts as a dashboard and tells your potential customers where you are and what goods or services you provide. Do domain names expire? Choosing the perfect domain name for your business can be a long process that takes up a lot of your time, effort and money. Consider this process a little: You take your domain name and link it to your website. You'll then spend months building your brand around it, if not the year. If successful, users will start associating your product or service with the domain name. This domain name will now be an integral part of the way your business and people find you on the Internet. Then, you will sign in one morning and receive a message informing you that your domain has expired. It is no longer yours and all your efforts are wasted. At this point, the expired domain is ready for sale and can be used by the highest bidder. One of the scariest things that can happen to any website owner is to discover that the domain name has expired. In this article, we will discuss the reasons and consequences of terminating your domain name without your knowledge as ... Read more

Have you discovered new domain extensions?

Most people know a little about domain extensions. For example, you have trouble finding someone who doesn't know what .com is. Moreover, .com and .net make up 50% of all registered domain extensions worldwide. In this article, we will take a look at the list of domain extensions as isimtescil.net and see how many actually there are, what they are used for, and what private domain extensions mean. When did the Internet Start? The first basic infrastructure of the Internet was developed in the 1960s and 1970s. Many people didn't actually know or understand how the internet works or what its function was for. The term “internet” was not actually defined until October 1995. The first 6 new domain extensions included: .COM (commercial) .ORG (establishment) .NET (network) .EDU (education) .GOV (government) .MIL (military ). Since the beginning, the internet is constantly developing and in growth mode, it is constantly changing, it is always growing. More content, more usage, more domains are being added to the list of larger content extensions. For example, 2-letter country code top-level domains such as .US, .UK, and .IL were first launched. Since then, more than 200 ccTLDs ... Read more

What is Domain Transfer?

Domain transfer; is the process of moving the domain name from the registered company (Registrar) to another company. Domain transfer; It can be done for reasons such as price, security and ease of management from one place. In addition to these, the presence of a company that offers better service in terms of security, customer service, user experience and privacy may cause the domain name to be transferred. In addition, in case of selling or transferring the domain to someone else, domain transfer is made. The transfer processing time varies between 12 hours and 3 weeks, depending on the domain extension. What are Domain Transfer Conditions? At least two months or 60 days must have passed since the domain was registered. It must also be 20 days before the domain expiration date. 20 days is not a mandatory time. However, it is recommended in this way to avoid trouble. If these given time frames are suitable for your situation, you can start the transfer process. You should not owe to the company that the domain name is currently registered with. In this case, transfer will not be possible. Admin Contact, ie authorized mail account, must be active and working. In such ... Read more

Investing in Your Child's Future: Domain

As parents, we know that you want the best of everything for your child. The period we are in is a time when the digital world is rising rapidly and smart technologies are entering every area of ​​our lives. When you compare just 5 years ago with our day, you can easily see how fast the technology has developed and what convenience it has provided in our lives. Well, have you ever thought about investing a domain name for your child in these days when technology has advanced so much and building a website on its own has become increasingly important in terms of reputation? Now, regardless of the sector, it is starting to become personal websites where everyone talks about themselves and their jobs and places their work. Your child may become a doctor, engineer, hairdresser, mediator or perhaps an architect in the future. It may even prefer a different profession that will be restructured with the development of the world. Whatever its choice, it is certain that it will need a personal website. Every day, thousands of people buy domains to build their personal website. As you know, there is a very similar name and surname in our country. For example, if your surname is ... Read more

Joomla 2.5 released!

The popular CMS system, 2.5 version of Joomla, was announced on the official site. The new version is the package that will be supported with an 18-month maturity. According to the release notes; 26 Security issues were added while adding new features. We talked about the benefits of current versions in our article on "More security" which we shared with our friends on the blog before. We recommend upgrading your old versions so that you do not have security problems and experience new features. Read more

WordPress and Its Usage

WordPress is an open source CMS (Content Management System), ie content management system, written in PHP and MySql. WordPress is used by many individuals and companies today. This is because the system is fast, quickly indexed by Google and other search engines, easy to develop, and open source. Is It Difficult To Use WordPress? WordPress is the easiest to manage content system available on the market. Anyone who has mastered basic computer use can easily use WordPress. You can do all kinds of operations in WordPres in a simple way thanks to the admin panel. wordpress-editor What kind of sites are made with WordPress? It is possible to make any kind of site you can think of with WordPress. For this, of course, you must have knowledge of design and code. Among the sites visited by hundreds of thousands of people a day on the Internet, there are many sites with WordPress infrastructure. As an example to these; We can count blogs, gaming sites, movie sites, portals and corporate sites. Is WordPress Paid and How To Get It? WordPress is completely free. If you want to download WordPress and install it on your server, you can get the files HERE. Wordpress files that you obtain from ... Read more

WordPress Social Media Plugins

Social media is very important for your site to reach wider audiences and increase your site's awareness. You can see that many of the blogs you have entered act with social media. Using social media for your sites provides many benefits to your site. An interesting content that you share on your blog, if you are using social media, spreads here, allowing hundreds of thousands of visitors to learn about your site. This means free advertising. In this article, we will briefly talk about the most popular social media plugins that can be used for WordPress system. Digg Digg Plugin is the most used and constantly self-renewing plugin among WordPress social media plugins. You can set this plugin to the left of the post or to the top or bottom of your content. In this way, if the visitors who come to your site like the article they read, they share your content with the link of your site in their social media account. With Digg Digg, you can place the buttons of popular social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, Del.ici.ous, Google Plus, Pinterest and Tumblr along with the sliding menu. Digg The Digg plugin has been downloaded about 800,000 times to date on the ... Read more

WordPress Security Measures

Many websites that publish on the internet use wordpress infrastructure. It is also among the target sites of malicious people. Because it is always easier to infiltrate a known system than to infiltrate a unique site. However, you can safely use WordPress if you take necessary security measures. In this article, we will try to tell you how you can make the WordPress system more secure. WordPress File Permissions: One of the most important security vulnerabilities in WordPress is due to giving wrong permissions to files. Below we will give you the ideal file permissions that should be on your system. Main directory (root directory): 0755 wp-includes /: 0755 wp-admin /: 0755 wp-admin / js /: 0755 wp-content /: 0755 wp-content / themes /: 0755 wp-content / plugins /: 0755 wp-admin / index.php: 0644 .htaccess: 0644 wp-config.php: 0644 During the installation of some add-ons, you may need to give some permission to some of the folders, that is, when installing the add-on, you need to give 777 permission and restore it after completing the installation. Because the 777 setting has no restrictions, the file with this permission can be accessed very easily. wp-system-security ... Read more

Joomla vs WordPress

It was released on August 17, 2005. It is produced as open source and can be developed. It is written in PHP language. It can be a bit more complicated and difficult to install than WordPress. It has a more detailed and mixed usage compared to WordPress. If you are a web developer or developer, Joomla will appeal to you more. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is much more laborious and requires knowledge than WordPress. It is more suitable for the construction of complex sites. According to WordPress, the technical support and document you can find on the internet are lower and less. The administration panel is more complex and detailed than WordPress. According to the official site Joomla.org data there are about 7500 plugins. Since it is more detailed than WordPress, it is more suitable for professional use. It has many themes that can be downloaded over the Internet. Features of WordPress Wordpress-features were released on May 27, 2003. It is older than Joomla. It is manufactured in accordance with the open source GNU / GPL license like Joomla and is open to improvements. The software language is PHP. Its installation is very simple. It is plain and simple in use. If you ... Read more

Why WordPress?

Many of the sites that publish on the Internet use wordpress infrastructure. We mentioned in our article here how wordpress is a system and how it is used in the content we wrote before. In this article, we will talk about the reasons why the wordpress infrastructure is preferred, the benefits it provides to the user and a number of features. “Wordpress” Having a Flexible Structure: WordPress is a content management system written in PHP as everyone knows, and this system is delivered to the user with open source code. In this way, using the system, using the wordpress infrastructure, it can transform the system into the way it wishes and create a unique software for itself. wordpress-cms-software Easy Installation: WordPress installation is quite simple compared to other script installations. For example; A person using CPANEL can start his site by installing "wordpress" within minutes on his "domain address". In manual installations, once the installation files are examined, we see that even a person with basic computer knowledge can easily perform the installation. Continuously Developed and Updated: It is unknown whether WordPress would reach so many users when it first ... Read more

Building a WordPress Site

WordPress is an infrastructure that attracts the attention of the world of Webmaster with its freeness, easy-to-use and installation, constantly updated and renewed interface and other user-friendly features. the appreciation of the developers in the world and Turkey collects WordPress theme also compatible with almost all sectors due to the ease of the chance of finding an asset could say. Any code etc. as themes are easy to find as well as very simple to install, edit and publish. It is also preferred by people who do not know. Let's Tell WordPress Site Installation Step by Step. 1.) First of all, you need to set a Domain name. Or you should continue on the domain name you set. You need Bidet Hosting with Domain. 2.) Download the Turkish WordPress Package Here. Turkish WordPress Download 3.) Throw the files in the ZIP into public_html via Filezilla program or File Manager from Cpanel. (I will show it through Filezilla.) To Discard Wordpress Files to Ftp 4.) After these processes, the following text will appear and click on the "Create Configuration File" button. wpconfigolustma 5.) When the following page appears, "We can continue!" Continue by clicking the button. Wordpress ... Read more

Making a WordPress Contact Form

Contact form, demand form, job application form etc. that WordPress users need most. you can do all the forms with one plugin. The name of the plugin is Contact Form 7! Thanks to this plugin, which is written specifically for the contact forms on each site, you can meet your many form needs without requiring any code knowledge. All you have to do is install the Contact Form 7 plugin and set the form you want and add the form to the page you want. So how do we use the Contact Form 7 Plugin? After installing the plugin, a section named communication with the gear icon will open from the left bar of the WordPress panel. This section is the special area where we will adjust the plugin. Let's make a new form with you. Press the "Add New" section in the communication section. Select the language you want to use in the form. Contact Form 7 Settings This field will come and I will share with you what should be done individually in this field. First, enter the title of the form and click the "Save" button. When you first install the plugin it will give you a sample template. Here you can ask the questions you want and make the ones you want to be filled. For example, you want Name ... Read more

What is Css?

Css stands for the most used coding type in visualizing a site or code directory, meaning Turkish Cascading Style Layers made as Cascading Style Sheets. Even if you are a good developer and programmer, the visual size of the software you make is very important for the end user as well as the codes that make the system work. At this point, Css provides you a great convenience in the visual aspect of the software you make. Let's explain Css for friends who do not have a lot of coding language knowledge right now. What is Css? What Does It Do? Css Benefits There are certain code directories that prepare the infrastructure of the sites and for example let us consider all of them as an object. You can write what should be written in the title with other codes, but you can make visual details such as font, color, placement of the title in the page with Css codes. In particular, developers recommend Css because multiple pages can be linked to an externally edited Css file. You can do not only the fonts, but also by changing the color of the menu and opening the sub-menu with Css. Or you can edit whatever you want to do by clicking on a section you want with Css. So What Are the ... Read more

WordPress Simple Tags Plugin

Despite such updates, the Tag system, which has not lost importance by search engines, continues to maintain its importance in issues such as SEO and SERP for now. WordPress is an infrastructure that is known for its plugins and is used by Webmasters for its convenience. WordPress plugins also have to keep up with the updates in search engines, the needs of Webmasters, new technologies and therefore, they are constantly updated and new plugins are tried to be released. There is always an add-on for everything that is known and gets a lot of appreciation. Simple Tags is a unique plugin for Tags, a must-have for sites and articles. There are many features in the plugin and almost all of them are important features for webmasters. Thanks to this plugin, you can perform the labeling job and its editing more easily. Let's briefly talk about the general and important features of the plugin. Wordpress Simple Tags Auto links tags: With this feature, you automatically link to the words in the tag. In other words, the word “simple tags” and “webmaster” were included in our article. In short, it makes internal links on its own. It can discuss the benefit-harm, but it is definitely ... Read more

How to Increase Website Speed

It is very important that your site is opened by users quickly. In terms of both users and Google, site speed is an important criterion that affects SEO performance today. There are some steps to be taken for this. You can try many ways to increase the speed of your site. We will tell you how to increase your speed by optimizing your site. Let's start sorting our criteria; 1.) Hosting Selection Sponsor hosting, distributed by forums, companies working with technically insufficient personnel will always cause problems for you. You should choose companies that are institutionalized, where you can find online people 24/7. However, the part that will really affect your site speed is the Uptime Time. Working with companies with high uptime is directly proportional to the speed of your site. Not opening your site fast will be added to you as negative points both in the eyes of users and in SEO. 2.) Optimizing (Reducing Pictures) Optimizing Pictures is the first clue to speed up your website. Because of the extra large size images on your site with the average internet speed of 5 megabits for Turkey, it will experience difficulty. Therefore, you need to optimize the pictures. You can ... Read more

WordPress SSL (HTTPS) Redirection

After installing SSL in WordPress scripts, all pages should be redirected from http protocol to https protocol. If this redirect is not done, you may get theme disruptions, page errors and errors like "this address is not secure" in the address bar. For Wordrpess SSL routing process, you can open the wp-config.php file in your wordpress directory with the help of an editor, by adding the following code just below the <? Php parameter, and you can provide the routing of your main page and all your sub-pages. With this option, you can do SSL routing on Wordrpess. if (isset ($ _ SERVER ('HTTP_SSL'))) {$ _SERVER ['SERVER_PORT'] = 443; $ _SERVER [ 'HTTPS'] = 'on'; } 1 2 3 4 5 if (isset ($ _ SERVER ['HTTP_SSL'])) {$ _SERVER ['SERVER_PORT'] = 443; $ _SERVER [ 'HTTPS'] = 'on'; } Other Method: If your website contains a link with “http” and you cannot provide redirection with the above process, you can do the process with the plugin. In some cases, there may be "http" links from your website from the plugin or theme, in which case your browser will give an SSL error. You can do this guidance with the wordrpess plugin for its solution. For this, you can install and activate Really ... Read more

What is CMS, for what purpose is it used?

CMS, as it can be understood from its name as Content Management System, is used to manage content on websites. Within the concept of management there are all actions such as creating, publishing and archiving the content. Using CMS helps create and maintain a well-designed website. The vast majority of quality websites whose contents are properly managed use CMS. "What is CMS?" The question can be answered briefly in this way. There are many benefits to using the CMS program. Using CMS firstly makes your work on your website more organized. You can do the maintenance required by your website with CMS, make your content more consistent, keep regular archives and see how you index data at any time. The CMS program also improves the user experience of your site, streamlines the process of creating content, and makes it easier to create overall consistency on your site. CMS helps you perform your content creation, management and publishing functions. If you want to create content on your website but don't know software, CMS offers you the ability to create content without knowing code. CMS is a program that can be used by anyone. There is no need for technical knowledge to use CMS ... Read more

Best WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the first options that come to mind of those who want to create a website. Especially if you don't know the code, it still makes WordPress site setup really easy for you. The fact that WordPress is compatible with mobile and has thousands of plugins makes this medium very popular. WordPress has hundreds of quality themes that adapt to every industry and blog topic. We have put together the best WordPress themes for you in our content. Avada One of the world's best-selling WordPress themes, Avada received 4.77 out of 5 in a vote by users. This theme, which is used by thousands of people, is highly functional. Some prominent features of Avada are as follows: Avada has 28 different demo options. You can design a site with 28 different looks only with the Avada theme. You can use drag and drop feature when designing your page. This theme is 100% compatible with e-commerce. All demos of the theme are mobile compatible. The theme has unlimited color options. Avada also has SEO compatible Social media sharing support. X TheTheme X The Theme, which is used by hundreds of thousands, is among the best WordPress themes. Some of the features that make X The Theme so ... Read more

What is AMP, what does it do?

Before explaining who you use AMP for, for what purpose, "What does AMP mean?" Let's start with the question AMP's long name is Accelerated Mobile Pages, the Turkish equivalent of this name is "Accelerated Mobile Pages". As the name suggests, the purpose of the AMP coding method is to access the content on your website faster on mobile. It aims to increase the number of users on mobile using Google AMP. For this reason, it stores the sites that use AMP coding system in its cache and makes the access faster when the user wants to access this site from mobile. When you configure the page with AMP, you offer your site users much faster access. AMP also provides traffic convenience to your site's server. In this sense, AMP coding is extremely useful. Perhaps the most important of the success criteria of a website today is the user experience. If a user does not have a quick and easy experience on the website they access, he hesitates to visit the site again. Since mobile access is increasing day by day, the use of AMP is essential. What is Accelerated Mobile Pages Content is loaded when a user visits a website. Although the user does not notice this, there are actually many actions ... Read more

Announces the new version of WordPress!

WordPress introduced its new version, Jaco. The WordPress 5.2 version called "Jaco" in honor of the famous and revolutionary jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius seems to help you with significant improvements to the problems in the site infrastructure. WordPress version 5.2 has tools that you can easily use to identify and fix fatal errors that occur in the site infrastructure. As a user, you can easily intervene in a WordPress 5.2 version called "Jaco" when you encounter an unfavorable situation on your site. In short, you can easily manage your site on your own and you can also provide developer assistance to your customers. Tools added to the WordPress 5.2 Jaco version can help you find the right information whenever you need it. WordPress, which improved the site health features more, added two new tools for debugging the 5.2 version. It also added a space where developers could include debugging information for site owners. Plugin Compatibility Controls In WordPress new version 5.2, it will automatically determine if the PHP version is compatible with the installed plugins. If the plugin requires a higher version of PHP than your site is currently using, WordPress will prevent ... Read more

Wondering About WordPress

WordPress is a free content management system that allows you to produce all kinds of content and publish it on the internet without the need for any coding knowledge. Even though WordPress is a free system, it offers some of its themes to its users for a fee. So if we are going to use wordpress for the first time, what should we be careful about? Which plugin should those who do not like coding in WordPress use? Over 30% of today's websites use wordpress. Wordpress, which is very simple in terms of use and installation, you can choose for first use, for blog sites, for your company website, very easy and simple installation. So is WordPress Eligible for the First Experience? Absolutely. If you have little design or coding skills, you can easily work with WordPress. WordPress offers a wide variety of tools, plugins and extensions that allow you to bring a fully personalized presentation to your web projects while you work in visual mode. Codeless site development is made effortless through page builders for WordPress. There are many innovations open to the public. One of the most popular drag and drop page builders for CMS is Elementor. Elementor Page Builder is a user-friendly ... Read more

Top 7 WordPress Web Design Trends for 2020!

Website design features are becoming one of the fastest changing trends in the world. We can say that WordPress is the number one choice of those who want to make a website, especially with its easy installation, changeable modules and fast access to codes. Do you want to keep your WordPress site up to date? Let's take a look at 7 WordPress web design trends that will be popular in 2020. Why You Should Follow Web Design Trends? There are many factors that affect web design trends from time to time. You may notice that WordPress trends are changing rapidly in 2020. In the web design industry, the change of audience and the growth of technology greatly affect today's trends. Also, the change in existing technology solutions shows what you can do with a website. For this reason, it is important not only to consider what visitors demand, but also to consider the latest innovations leading the market. Having the most popular designs on the market, WordPress is developing with the industry's own trends and the latest innovations of the platform. With more than 54,000 plugins and 31,000 themes to work with, we can say that the speed of change of WordPress is inevitable. Any ... Read more

Where Should We Start To Build An E-commerce Site?

E-commerce, which is still very important in recent years, is not a new concept for the internet and commerce world. However, as the number of e-commerce firms increases, there are certain issues that need to be paid attention, although they benefit from the blessings of the internet and technology world. Where should you start first, especially when setting up an e-commerce site? If you are asking yourself the question, we have researched for you what to do in this article. Here are the steps to build an e-commerce website step by step with WordPress; Domain Hosting package SSL certificate WordPress installation Theme selection Installing WordPress plugins WooCommerce installation Getting started First step is to purchase hosting, domain and SSL certificate. For this, you can visit the nametescil.net site. What is a domain? Domain is the address you use to ensure your visitors reach your site. It starts with www and ends with extensions like sizinsiteniz.com, .net, .org, etc. What is hosting (hosting service)? These are the computers running 24/7, where the files of your hosting site are kept. These computers, also called servers or servers, have continuous services such as ... Read more

What do you need to know to open a blog?

What is a Blog? A blog is a personal website where people think that there is a need to share their personal wishes, their special moments, their talents with their expertise. How to Open a Blog? Opening a blog is not as difficult as it seems. When you follow the steps to open a blog, you will be able to make your dream of having a first class, high quality blog come true in the easiest and fastest way. A person who knows how to use a computer can simply blog and create his own website with today's best tools and without the need for anyone else. Today, blog topics; There may be subjects in which people address their expertise and cite current news. You want to open a blog but you can not find a subject? For you, I convey the topics you may want to open blocks below. Personal development blog - Language learning blog - Blog with advice on traveling with a certain budget - Animal rights - Animal protection - Social dynamics - Communication skills - Behavioral disorders & Diseases in children - Bodybuilding by weight - Child education - Marriage secrets - Career etc. Money - A self-sustaining lifestyle (generating your own electricity, solar energy, producing your own food) - ... Read more

How Should I Choose Hosting?

Websites visited on the internet are hosted by computers called "server", that is "server", which have 24/7 fast internet speeds. Since it is difficult to keep these servers at home and keep them open, there are a number of private companies to meet this need. These companies set up their server computers and offer this service in private centers with a fast internet access. Hosting These sites are put into use in the servers in their centers established by private companies, hosting is called hosting in Turkish. Private firms that provide this type of hosting are called "hosting firms". Hosting companies create hosting packages with various features and sizes according to the needs of their customers and rent them to the website owners, either monthly, quarterly, 6 months or 1 year or longer. Hosting package features, quality of servers, speed and payment plans may vary from company to company. hosting-server-server If you have a website that you plan to open recently, you should definitely take one of the hosting packages and host your site here to publish your site. When choosing your hosting, which software your site has is the first important factor. You should choose the ... Read more

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting (cloud hosting); It consists of multiple servers connected with each other. This technology is also called Hybrid Cloud Technology. Instances can be deployed in independent data centers. hybrid-cloud-technology Large companies that provide Cloud Hosting services around the world keep their servers in data centers in other continents, except for the continent where they are located. To reinforce this with an example, the person living in the Asian continent who wants to access a site hosted by America-based Cloud Hosting accesses the site via the company's data center in the Asian continent. This automatically ensures faster access to the site and more efficient operation of the site. In addition, if access to a data center where a company using Hybrid Cloud Technology is interrupted, the visitor can connect to the site from these data centers because other data centers work and there is no interruption in the site. Another feature that distinguishes Cloud Hosting from normal hosting is the "load balanced" operating system called "load balanced". For example, you have a website and the number of visitors is growing rapidly, it has come to a position where it cannot ... Read more

What is VPS and VDS Server?

VPS and VDS; is the division of a server into smaller virtual servers using special programs. When a server is split, results of the same feature are obtained in small pieces, but when this split is done in different ways, it is possible to obtain small servers with different properties. As your website starts to develop and the number of visitors increases, the hosting package that you host your site may not respond to your site's needs and resources may be insufficient. For this, if you contact the place where you purchased the hosting package, it recommends that you move your site to VPS / VDS packages. In this article, we will try to explain the definition of VPS and VDS servers and the main differences between them. What is VPS? vps VPS is an abbreviation of English Virtual Private Server. The simplest definition occurs with the software division of the server, which will enter the division process. The VPS servers obtained as a result of this process operate depending on the main server and use the main server's operating system. At the same time, since the shares are obtained in software, all VPSs are affected if there is any problem in the main server or VPS that are ... Read more

How do I Backup and Restore Backup with Cpanel?

You should regularly back up your websites for any reasons and data loss that may occur on your site. Otherwise, all the labor you give to your site in case of any problem can be wasted in seconds. That's why we recommend that you take backups of the sites you care about. So how to get a backup in the healthiest and simplest way and what do you need to do to restore the backup you took when needed? We will try to answer all these questions clearly. First of all, let's mention that there are many different ways to get backups. In this article, we will explain how to take backup from Cpanel and to install backup from Cpanel. How to make a backup from Cpanel? To back up your site, you must first access Cpanel by putting “: 2082” at the end of your site address. (Ex: isimtescil.net:2082) On the next page, under the "Files" folder, you will see multiple folders with "Backup" and "Backup Wizard". You can click one of these two folders to make a backup. If you click on the Backup folder here, your backup will be backed up anywhere on the server, and thanks to the Backup Wizard, you can start downloading the created backup immediately. Here you can connect the backup sent to your ... Read more

What is Uptime Rate?

The term uptime is a term that people who deal with websites absolutely hear during their hosting shopping. We can translate Uptime as a term of "working time" in Turkish. Uptime rate is the expression of this time in%. The term uptime comes across to users when it comes to hosting websites. All websites need a domain / server to broadcast. Hosting companies also offer their customers uptime rates and show how long their servers are accessible and uninterrupted. Uptime rate is given as minimum 99% in many hosting companies. So how is the uptime rate calculated? Let's talk about how this rate is created and offered to customers. given-uptime-guarantees Take for example a hosting company with an uptime rate of 99%. You can rate our account as daily, yearly, etc .. We will base the monthly rate on the account here; If we consider a month as 30 days; There are a total of (30 × 24 = 720) 720 hours in 30 days. If we make an average calculation without converting this 720 hours to minutes, it will make 720/100 = 7.2 hours. This is the hour per unit, if we multiply it by 99, we get 7.2 × 99 = 712.8. In other words, a hosting company with an uptime rate of 99% gives us an average of ... Read more

What is Datacenter (Data Center)?

We can say that Datacenter (Data Center) is a server repository that uses high-level technologies with the types of hosting or server we use. Especially with the ever-increasing use of the internet, the information on the internet has become more important and more security measures have to be taken. Therefore, Datacenter, which will host this data, started to be established and developed. In this article, What is Datacenter, How to Install Datacenter, The Importance of Datacenter, How Should Datacenter Infrastructure Be? We will give some brief information about the questions like,. You need to use advanced technologies in many areas such as security, strong electricity, air conditioning and strong internet infrastructure. datacenter air conditioning For example, if you think of a Datacenter that is lacking in air conditioning, the heat generated due to the power used by the servers when the required cooling is not performed will heat the environment too much and cause problems caused by heat. When the moisture balance cannot be established, electronic circuit boards can oxidize in extremely humid environments and this creates problems for your servers. Fire installations must ... Read more

What is Physical Server?

Unlike the physical servers (Dedicated) virtual servers, it is the type of server rented by companies that sell private servers to you without sharing hardware. In this article, we will try to answer the basic problems such as What is Physical Server, what are the differences between Physical Server and Virtual servers, why to buy physical server. Physical server is a different type of server than the systems offered as shared. At the bottom of the topic I will share the reasons why you should choose this type of server. Physical servers are realized through the hardware offered by Hosting companies. You buy from Normal Hosting packages, many sites are hosted on the server you connect to. Sometimes this can cause you to have problems and late opening. Or the traffic you use may be too much for Hosting packages. You have to produce corporate solutions with corporate companies on these issues. Physical servers are a private rental of a server and hardware. Co-location may come to your mind, but you don't buy the hardware here. Hosting companies offer you hardware options and rental fees. You can run your server with the hardware you want. In short, the hardware is fully covered ... Read more

What is SSH? How to use ?

SSH is a remote server connection protocol similar to TELNET and RLOGİN, which is used as an acronym for Secure Shell expansion. A small DOS software is required to use this protocol. The name of this software is Putty. We will share it with you in our other articles and commands. As you know, Reseller (Reseller Hosting) customers use remote management programs to connect to their servers. In any management process, they can connect to their hosting with these applications and manage their servers with the necessary commands. Wherever you are in any attack, you will have to reach your servers. SSH application also helps you in this sense and your server allows you to perform the management you want with really short and memorable commands. Putty Commands Before you can connect to your remote server with SSH, you need to enter the public key password used for authentication. If you manage to enter the user name and password correctly in the application, you have administrative authority and the program opens a DOS screen to manage your server and operates according to the commands you will enter. SSH is carried on TCP ports and provides connection with X11. It also allows you ... Read more

What is KVM?

It is an acronym for KVM, Keyboard, Video, Mouse and is a hardware device used to manage remote computers. This device, which you can also see as KVM Switch, is a special device that allows you to access multiple computers. KVM enables you to reach a remote server you want via your mouse, keyboard and monitor via its IP address and perform all management operations up to the BIOS level. You can see many remote computer management programs and you can say why I need KVM. Other software mentioned and used remain at the Desktop level, but you can go down to the KVM BIOS level so that you can reach and communicate with your KVM, even if the network in the environment hosting your server collapses. This device is not connected to any data center and location. KVM is the most powerful device that can help, even in the worst cases of environmental problems. What is kvm switch KVM manages to satisfy users in terms of security that server owners are most anxious as well as so many features. With this hardware, you can reach your server without any restrictions and perform your maintenance and management. Also password control etc. It provides the security of the server owner with such ... Read more

Who is Suitable for Server Rental Services

Server, the server, is the general name given to the software and hardware that distributes and shares any program or information to different systems and users over a network. Servers are reliable, based on working without problems, and is a computer system serving multiple users. It stores a lot of business information that performs its transactions on the computer and stores it on the computer at one point. It needs a reliable and trouble-free server to share this information with other users, customers and visitors. This computer system, which will serve as the brain of the business in question and will remain operational, is called a server. With the development of technology, many transactions in almost every sector can be done online via computer. For example, in many sectors such as education, health, finance, the computer system must remain in continuous operation. Because of the jobs that cannot be tracked online in these sectors, the loss of money and jobs is much higher than expected. In addition, it is very important for all companies to keep their information safe and complete. The need for vps servers occurs exactly in this case. Users benefit from the systems ... Read more

CDN - What is Content Distribution?

CDN is a content distribution technology that will greatly increase user satisfaction, especially for sites with global visitors. For example, you have an internet site and hits from different countries at the global level because it is only one server will not meet your Turkey-property business. No matter how much you trust the quality of your hosting company, the distances will cause pings. In this case, Turkey registered users ping your site quickly and without delay gezebilirk slowdown in other countries, unfortunately, you will encounter problems such as late opening. The only solution to this situation will be by uploading your files to your servers with different locations, connecting the incoming visitors to the nearest server and enabling them to browse the site. What is CDN What are the Advantages of CDN - Content Distribution? Your visitors will be able to browse your site as your visitors have the opportunity to browse quickly and your page view will definitely increase. Google recently stated that they have measured their website speed and scored accordingly. After this news, CDN drew great attention. Not only Google, but almost all search engines will index your ... Read more

How is advanced mail filtering done on WebMail?

What is Email Filtering? When using the email / e-mail method, which is an indispensable element of Internet communication; There is an intense email / e-mail traffic due to the intensive use of email / e-mails, automatic shipments sent by exploiting security vulnerabilities, automatic shipments sent together with the aim of creating a security weakness. In this context, unfortunately, due to confusion in reaching the posts sent by real people, it is necessary to use time and effective time to reach the right post. For this reason, you can use the advanced email / e-mail filtering solution that MailEnable provides on WebMail, in order to minimize the complexity and reduce the security weaknesses, especially on the MailEnable product that our customer mostly uses. Using the advanced email / email filtering feature Step: 1. Webmail.domainname.your extension (.com / .net / .org) to MailEnable Webmail using the industry standard internet browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) or You can access the email / e-mail service using the web address www.mailmatik.com. Step: 2. In the screen that opens, you can access the Options> Next> Mailbox Filtering screen. You ... Read more

Have you backed up your website?

Backing up your website periodically is the best measure to take for many problems that may occur on your site, especially security. When we look at the latest data, we can say that 40% of bloggers and small to medium enterprises do not take backups of the website. In an extraordinary situation, your backups will be the best way to go for situations such as hacking of your site due to various security vulnerabilities, deleting data content, irreversible software updates and long termination of hosting. In Adıtescil.net hosting packages, even though weekly and monthly automatic backups are taken depending on your package feature, in some cases, the problems may fall between 2 backup periods or a problem that you do not realize may be overwritten with your correct backup after time passes. For this reason, you should periodically take a backup of your website in order not to let the projects that you have been working for years deteriorate or disappear, and do not leave the job to the possibilities. At what intervals should I take backups? If you have a dynamic website that you update daily, add articles or products, you can schedule backups in 3-5 days intervals or weekly so ... Read more

Linux Reseller Hosting Mail Cleaning Process

One of the important issues in reseller hosting packages is exceeding disk limits. Generally, the problem stems from the fact that people do not delete their old mail. In this case, very high disk usage can occur on reseller hosting. With a few small things you need to do, you can open large disks on linux-selective reseller hosting (cPanel). Also, you can earn a high rate of disk quota by clearing the mail of people who do not use mail via webmail. The actions to be taken are listed as follows; You can perform transactions from WHM Panel> List Accounts> Cpanel> Email Accounts> Email> More> Email Disk Usage> Actions> Manage> Messages to delete> Delete. We are entering the whm interface environment. We find the relevant domain address from the List Accounts field on whm and enter the cpanel address of the relevant domain address. You are entering the Email Accounts section in the Cpanel service structure. Under the Email Accounts structure, we provide access to the More> Manage Disk Usage field, directly opposite the email addresses. In the email disk usage section, all the files in the mailbox are visible. You can clean the mails in the period ... Read more

Asp.Net Projelerde DLL yükleme ve Güncelleme

As the basic structure of Asp.net project consists of dll files, there may be some problems in the upload processes of the related systems on the server. The most basic of these problems is the "550 Access is denied" error. If you are uploading the file to the server for the first time, the main reason for the error is the authorization problem on FTP client & Application Pools in terms of file permissions. You can solve the problem by checking your file permissions. In addition, because DLL files on asp.net systems are Runtime structures on the server, ie active running systems, new data cannot be written on IIS or App_pools without stopping. In such cases, even if people prefer to delete the file as the most basic solution, this process will not work for you, because the system is running in the background, it will upload it to the server as "0" MB when it is desired to rewrite it. If you encounter such an error, here is what you need to do; 1. Operation; It stops the iis or aplication pools structure attached to your domain address on your hosting package. 2. After you delete your files, RAR, ZIP, etc. on the server. It is to open the compressed files on the plesk panel ... Read more

Proticaret E-Commerce System Manual Installation Process

The procedures you need to do to install the Proticaret e-commerce system in the Windows hosting package found on isimtescil.net; You need to upload basic proticaret files by connecting to the server via FTP. During this process, do not forget to give permission to write two files of the proticaret structure, web.config and Upload. You need to create a database through Plesk panel. In this process, your Server field must be named the namestescil.net structure, the SQL 2014 server, hostsql1.isimtescil.net. You can see the sample database configuration in the screenshot. After the database creation process, you must provide an update in the web.config file in order to activate your site. You need to write your own domain address in the field in web.config. In order to integrate your structure with the database in the same field, you need to add the database connetion string below the previous updated line. 1 2 3 4 After the connettion string update and web.config processes, the operation you need to do is import the SQL file of the proticaret structure, that is, it is activated on the database server. What you need to do for this; You must enter http://hostsql1.isimtescil.net/. ... Read more

What is CMS, for what purpose is it used?

CMS, as it can be understood from its name as Content Management System, is used to manage content on websites. Within the concept of management there are all actions such as creating, publishing and archiving the content. Using CMS helps create and maintain a well-designed website. The vast majority of quality websites whose contents are properly managed use CMS. "What is CMS?" The question can be answered briefly in this way. There are many benefits to using the CMS program. Using CMS firstly makes your work on your website more organized. You can do the maintenance required by your website with CMS, make your content more consistent, keep regular archives and see how you index data at any time. The CMS program also improves the user experience of your site, streamlines the process of creating content, and makes it easier to create overall consistency on your site. CMS helps you perform your content creation, management and publishing functions. If you want to create content on your website but don't know software, CMS offers you the ability to create content without knowing code. CMS is a program that can be used by anyone. There is no need for technical knowledge to use CMS ... Read more

Drupal SSL Routing

In order for SSL certificate to be active on Drupal, you can follow the steps below. First of all, we are entering the "bootstrap.inc" file in the "includes" folder. You can activate https directly by typing the below routing code in the same way just below the code "<? Php". if (isset ($ _ SERVER ('HTTP_SSL'))) {$ _SERVER ['SERVER_PORT'] = 443; $ _SERVER ['HTTPS'] = 'on';} 1 2 3 if (isset ($ _ SERVER ['HTTP_SSL'])) {$ _SERVER ['SERVER_PORT'] = 443; $ _SERVER [ 'HTTPS'] = "on";} Read more

What is Litespeed? How To Install Litespeed?

We can say that there is a web server software for Litespeed. This software is used for servers with a lot of visitors and high resource consumption. It is a widely preferred web server with its high performance. Litespeed, which is known to be one of the healthiest web server types, is chargeable. However, it is indispensable especially for sites with high visitor rates. Litespeed; Direct Admin can be installed on Plesk Panel and cPanel. In cases where higher performance is intended, it is recommended to be used stably in cPanel / WHM. The main purpose of using Litespeed is to reduce the load of the server. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully calculate which scenarios will increase the performance during its use. Today, many people who aim for high performance prefer to install Litespeed on their Linux based servers instead of Apache Server. If you have been using Apache Server before and have decided to switch to Litespeed, we can say that your job is quite easy. Because you don't need to make any changes to your operating system or other different details while making this transition. The only thing you should pay attention to is to consider the needs of your server ... Read more

What is Chromium?

Chromium, named after the chrome element, is simply the name of an open source web browser project. Its logo differs from Chrome in terms of its automatic updating mechanism. One of the most important goals of the Chromium project is that Chromium is not just an ordinary web browser, but also a tabbed window manager for the web. Developers of the application state that Chromium is small in size like Windows Explorer because of its lightness and speed. The browser, which has been mentioned a lot recently, gets a positive response from the users. What Can You Do With Chromium? It includes a apps page with Chromium alpha version that provides access from the top left corner. · Applications page can connect to all web applications that Chrome is connected to. It can easily access applications such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Apps, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter. Calculator, clock, battery and network status indicator are also included with the application. · F8 comes with a screen containing all the shortcuts. · With F12, additional browser pages can be opened and switched between them. It is much faster than Chrome. It offers a simple interface. What is Chromium Host Executable? Host ... Read more

DirectAdmin Web Control Panel

DirectAdmin is the web hosting control panel prepared to make the management of websites easier. DirectAdmin, also known as DA, for short. The Easiest Way to Web Page Management: DirectAdmin DirectAdmin has a very easy to use control panel. Thus, web pages can be easily managed. DirectAdmin has a clean and convenient interface that can be used by both novice and experienced users. The company's 3-tier design allows for switching between all user types. The design of the panel and the web page can be changed with a single click. DirectAdmin is very effective in finding ports. Manage Your Web Page Quickly With DirectAdmin DirectAdmin's control panel is designed to be the fastest running control panel. It is a software that works by using minimum of system resources. This feature makes DirectAdmin an ideal software for any server. DirectAdmin is One of the Most Reliable Hosting Software Thanks to DirectAdmin software, web pages on the systems are minimized offline. Thanks to the notifications sent by DirectAdmin to the server, possible interruptions and errors are prevented. System administrators can upgrade or downgrade their software as they wish, without fear of breaking the ... Read more

What is Redirect?

What is a URL? It is useful to know about the URL before going into the Redirect topic. URL is the abbreviation of the term “Uniform Resource Loader”. The Turkish equivalent of the Uniform Resource Loader is “Uniform Resource Finder”. All websites have an address. These addresses are commonly called URLs. Users must use the URLs to access the sites. URLs that can be easily read by users are more clicked. The perfectly prepared URL can be added as a link to social media, blogs, forums. What Is Redirect and How To Uninstall It? Redirect is a type of HTML file developed by Microsoft Corporation for Windows. The word Redirect means "orientation" in Turkish. Redirect is simply a URL redirecting the user to a different URL. There are several different methods of redirect, ie redirection. Redirect can also redirect you to pages you don't want. You go to another page instead of the URL that Internet hackers have clicked because of malicious software. This can damage your computer and pose a threat to your security. You should use antivirus programs to remove these redirects, which can infect your browser. 301 What is Redirect? 301 redirect is defined as permanent redirect. If ... Read more

Your connection to this site is not secure error and solution

WHAT DOES THE “NOT SAFE” WARNING MEAN? As it is known, Google Chrome is among the most practical and most used internet browsers offered by a famous brand like Google to the world. As of July 24, 2018, Google has launched Chrome 68, and with Chrome 68, website security has become increasingly important. Google Chrome gives the error "Your connection to this site is not secure" in the address bar for all websites that are not protected by "https". In another case, while the browser users want to connect to some sites, your connection is not secure and they are warned by the internet browser that their access to the site is not secure. The reason for such warnings is not understood by most internet users and Google is used to investigate the reason. For these reasons, it is scanned by writing to Google with phrases such as "not safe error chrome". EVERYTHING IS FOR SECURITY First of all, we need to know that such alerts are part of the web security standards that are increased by Google in order to protect users' personal information. Most users disregard these warnings and try to access websites that have been warned to be unsafe by Google in other ways. Of course, there is ... Read more

Types of Web Hosting

As technology advances, different types of web hosting have been introduced to best meet the needs of websites and customers. Web hosting is the most popular web hosting services; Shared Web Hosting Shared hosting is hosting a website on the same server as many other websites. Most web hosting companies provide shared hosting. It is cheap and easy to set up, making it a good choice for new sites that don't expect a lot of traffic in the short term. It is best suited for personal websites and sites of small and medium businesses. Anyone who is serious about digital marketing or managing an online business should carefully review shared hosting options and ensure that your provider can offer Business SSD hosting services, specifically designed for e-commerce websites. Shared hosting is not suitable for large sites with a lot of traffic. These sites need a dedicated server to host the appropriate amount of resources to guarantee proper website performance. VPS Hosting Virtual private servers (VPS) is the situation where a virtual server appears to be a private server for each client, although it actually serves multiple websites. Therefore, VPS-style hosting is considered the step ... Read more

What Should We Pay Attention While Choosing The Right Hosting?

What should you consider when choosing the right hosting? If you are entering the sector for the first time, you should be careful in choosing hosting. You may experience big problems in choosing the wrong hosting later on. Three steps to avoid these problems will help you choose the right hosting for your business. Consider your security You will want to protect your site from the potential of hackers, lost data and other unpredictable actions. So you should look for a sophisticated plan, as they will have protections to avoid setbacks such as lost, stolen or unrecoverable data. This is also where auto backups come in handy - another great security feature. Automatic backups are normally available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and take place in the cloud using. Finally, be sure to choose a plan with an appropriate amount of firewalls to avoid hackers, malware and other threats. You should also search for a hosting in: Antivirus and antispam protection Tracking detection software follows a reliable data center Related Features and Plugins If you are running a small business or a large online e-commerce market, it is important to make sure that your hosting plan has ... Read more

Benefits of Cloud Hosting for SEO

What is the most important factor in associating cloud hosting with SEO? While cloud hosting means more than one connected server, how can we understand the importance of SEO here? SEO on a website is a very important factor. SEO, which is very important in Google rankings, forms the cloud hosting infrastructure. Here are the benefits of cloud hosting to SEO; Impact of physical location Physical server location has traditionally played a leading role in geographic targeting and can have a major impact on international ranking. In other words, in Turkey, including hosting websites showed better performance in Turkey in the search results, including any hosting websites in the United States perform better in search results in the United States. There is a rationale behind search engines that provide an algorithmic lift to locally hosted websites. One solution is to create country-specific sites (hosting locally on local domains) and it works, but it should be remembered that it is a cumbersome approach and the possibility of damaging resources. Cloud Hosting and Geographic Targeting make Google smarter and effective ways to target international traffic with a single domain, but a ... Read more

What is Reseller Hosting (Reseller)?

You can use Reseller Hosting (Reseller) type of hosting sales in many areas and you can earn income from them and add them as an additional feature in your sales. In this article, we will give a general answer to the questions such as What is Reseller Hosting (Reseller), Who should buy Reseller Hosting (Reseller), What are the advantages of Reseller Hosting (Reseller). What is Reseller Hosting (Reseller)? Reseller Hosting Reseller Hosting is defined as the turkey market. It is a type of hosting where you can define your own NS addresses and assign FTP information as you wish. Who buys Reseller Hosting (Reseller)? What Does It Do? If you have a small hosting company or you have an environment in which you can market hosting, you can buy and sell Reseller hosting. If you have many websites, different hosting packages for each site will be expensive. Instead, you can buy a Reseller Hosting and reduce the cost. If you are selling themes or designing and selling them, you can increase sales with slogans such as, for example, I take this type of Reseller Hosting and give a hosting package besides having a design. Apart from these, you can use it in various business branches. The best ... Read more

What is Error 503 Service Unavailable Error?

The "503 Service Unavailable" error is usually a very common error message on windows hosting servers. Although many software developers or software companies report that the error is caused by the server firm, the error is actually due to unending requests on the software. On a shared hosting server, when you do not terminate your requests, processes continue to run on application pools and iis requests do not terminate. For this reason, as requests come to the site, the structure swells and problems begin to occur in responses. A few of the well-known mistakes regarding this error; Clearing the caches on the browser is to control the internal limits of the hosting company via a different device. For the 503 errors, the above processes will not work. What to do when the 503 Service Unavailable Error is received firstly determines why the application pool is full. In this case, it is due to certain reasons; Excessive resource consumption Going beyond the band limit from receiving attacks or receiving a loaded request Endless requests on the server Instead of a domain-based application pool, plesk panel etc. Using the default pool of structures Error logs consisting of software ... Read more

What is Web Hosting?

Hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to publish a website or web page to the internet. A hosting service provider is a business that provides the technologies and services required to view the website or web page on the Internet. Websites are hosted or stored on special computers called servers. When Internet users want to view your website, all they have to do is type your website address or domain into their browser. Their computers will then be connected to your server and your web pages will be delivered to them via the browser. Most hosting companies require that you own your domain to host. If you don't have a domain name, hosting companies will help you buy one. Some features you expect from your hosting provider: Email accounts As mentioned earlier, most hosting providers require users to have their own domain name. With a domain name (For example, www.isimtescil.net) and the e-mail account features provided by your hosting company, you can create domain e-mail accounts (For example, yourname@isimtescil.net). FTP Access Using FTP allows you to upload files from your local computer to your web server. If you create your website using your own ... Read more

What is cPanel? What is the benefit of cPanel to the user?

WHM / CPANEL, commonly called cPanel, is a Linux-based control panel for hosting sites. Currently, this panel, which is also preferred by Linux server users, offers a main management panel under the name WHM and a sub-management panel under the name cPanel. With this panel, while dealers can manage all their customers over WHM, users can have a domain-based management with the cPanel system, which is a separate panel. In addition, reseller service can be adjusted through reseller powers that are lower than the hostmaster's authority but have domain management privileges. CPanel, which provides the most needed requirements of Hosting administrators with a simple and fast interface, can enable even end users to manage a server. You can automatically restore and backup with cPanel, which has many language options including Turkish. In addition to the security of your sites, in case of possible software vulnerabilities or user errors, you can instantly return to your previously taken backup. Your site is safe with cPanel Constantly updated, cPanel is one of the best in the industry in terms of security, usage and performance. Due to the change of corporate owners of CPanel in 2018, ... Read more

Mx Registration Redirect on Wix

Wix is ​​among some of the current ready-made website design environments. However, since most services are offered at paid prices and high prices, people prefer to combine different environments. Our related information article includes how our customers who own individual and corporate hosting on isimtescil.net can use multiple environments at the same time. After providing your website to be published in the Wix system, that is, directing your domain name server information on wix, you need to set your MX records belonging to the mail service structure according to the namestescil.net mail server records. Our records for individual hosting; Required A records for mail pop3.domainname.extension -> smtp.domainname.extension -> mx01.domainname.extension -> webmail.domainname.extension -> Mx registration information domainname. extension -> mx01.domainname.ext Mail priority value should be set to 10. Our records for corporate hosting; Required A records for mail pop3.domainname.extension -> smtp.domainname.extension -> mx01.domainname.extension -> ... Read more

Mx Registration Redirect on Wix

Wix is ​​among some of the current ready-made website design environments. However, since most services are offered at paid prices and high prices, people prefer to combine different environments. Our related information article includes how our customers who own individual and corporate hosting on isimtescil.net can use multiple environments at the same time. After providing your website to be published in the Wix system, that is, directing your domain name server information on wix, you need to set your MX records belonging to the mail service structure according to the namestescil.net mail server records. Our records for individual hosting; Required A records for mail pop3.domainname.extension -> smtp.domainname.extension -> mx01.domainname.extension -> webmail.domainname.extension -> Mx registration information domainname. extension -> mx01.domainname.ext Mail priority value should be set to 10. Our records for corporate hosting; Required A records for mail pop3.domainname.extension -> smtp.domainname.extension -> mx01.domainname.extension -> ... Read more

How Does Your Hosting Package Affect Website Ranking?

The algorithms of Google, Bing and other search engines pay attention to many factors when calculating where web pages are ranked in search results. Some of the criteria they use look directly at your selection of hosting packages. How does it find your site to rank higher to know what these are and how they affect your ranking? can help you find the answer. Here we will look at some of the main ways that affect hosting website ranking. Website speed A site's ability to load new pages quickly has become an increasingly important ranking criterion for search engines. The primary reason for this is the increase in mobile searches. In the past few years, we have seen an incredible growth in the number of smartphone owners. The growth in smartphone owners has also led to a significant increase in mobile internet browsing. In the UK study, it was concluded that being online on a phone is two times more than computers. Understandably, search engines have acknowledged that they need to focus more on mobile browsing in order to provide the best service to their users. Since search engines have little effect on link infrastructure, they put pressure on website owners to make a ... Read more

Best Antivirus Programs

Antivirus programs prevent malicious software and viruses from entering your computer. In order to have a safe internet experience, it is extremely important to use a quality antivirus program as well as your standard firewall. When it comes to the best antivirus program options, there is a common perception that high fees must be paid to get a quality program. However, this view is not entirely correct. There are also successful free antivirus programs that can protect your computer from malware and viruses. We have brought these programs together for you. 1- Bitdefender Antivirus Program By using Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, you can protect your computer from malicious software for free. When you install this program on your computer, it starts running in the background. Moreover, it does not cause your computer to slow down while it is running in the background because it has a light system. Bitdefender antivirus program, which keeps the resources it consumes to a minimum, provides high protection despite being free. It does not support Turkish language, but it can be easily used by people who can speak English at a basic level with its simple interface. It features ... Read more

How to define e-mail for hosting?

How to define e-mail for hosting? In this article, we will tell you about the "Define Hosting Email" on the frequent requests of our customers. In this way, you will be able to define your e-mail to your hosting package that you have purchased easily. First of all, we log in to the istescil.net website. Login to your subscription to which you are connected to your domain and hosting package. By logging into the Hybrid Panel in the upper right area of ​​the screen, we select our domain, which we previously added to our hosting, from the 'Domains Assigned to Hosting' section. After selecting, click on the E-mail category that appears in the bottom panel and select the 'Add E-mail' section. Then we write the e-mail address that we want to add to the e-mail account. In the password section, set a password as big, small and number. Or you can use the password suggested by the system by clicking on suggest password. After selecting the quota we want to reserve for the mail we will create from the total quota of our hosting package in the mailbox size section, press the 'Save' button. Here our e-mail is ready for use. Read more

What is Web Hosting?

Hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to publish a website or web page to the internet. A hosting service provider is a business that provides the technologies and services required to view the website or web page on the Internet. Websites are hosted or stored on special computers called servers. When Internet users want to view your website, all they have to do is type your website address or domain into their browser. Their computers will then be connected to your server and your web pages will be delivered to them via the browser. Most hosting companies require that you own your domain to host. If you don't have a domain name, hosting companies will help you buy one. Some features you expect from your hosting provider: Email accounts As mentioned earlier, most hosting providers require users to have their own domain name. With a domain name (For example, www.isimtescil.net) and the e-mail account features provided by your hosting company, you can create domain e-mail accounts (For example, yourname@isimtescil.net). FTP Access Using FTP allows you to upload files from your local computer to your web server. If you create your website using your own ... Read more

What is the Domain and Hosting Difference?

What is the Domain and Hosting Difference? What should be considered when buying a domain? What to do when buying hosting You can read the answer to these questions in our article. Creating a website is a process. Some of these steps are designing the site, deciding on the domain name, obtaining the domain name, hosting service and publishing the website. The first thing you actually need to do before starting the site is to determine your domain name. Because all of the next steps are shaped by the domain name. Domain name is an address where users can access your website. It can also be defined as your access address on the Internet. The domain represents the internet protocol address, the URL used to find a website on the internet. It is like an identity to find the target on the Internet. Domain preference is very important on the website. Your domain name should fully reflect the work you are doing and make it easy for your target audience to find you. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for your project or business to proceed as you wish. For this reason, you should choose your domain name very carefully at the very beginning of the job, considering all subsequent ... Read more

What is Hosting? Most Affordable 2020 Hosting Prices!

Hosting is a must for all websites. You should keep the articles, images, videos and other content you upload on your site in an online storage area. So, how should you decide on the selection of the hosting package where you can keep all the contents of your site? How much are the hosting prices? You can find the answer to all your questions in this article. If you want to make a website, you should definitely buy a hosting service so that you can access and publish it all over the world. You should also choose the hosting package according to the job you do. Hosting packages; Individual Packages Corporate Packages are divided into 3 as Dealer Packages. These packages have different features among themselves. The package you will purchase according to your job must be in the same proportion. For example, you have set up an e-commerce site. 'Individual Package' may not suit you because too many customers will come to the e-commerce site during the day. Click here to get more detailed information about the packages. Web hosting is the process of renting or purchasing the space required to host a website on the World Wide Web. Website content such as HTML, CSS, and images must be ... Read more

The Importance Between Hosting and SEO Relationship!

Search Engine Optimization, shortly known as SEO, means Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a must to move the website to the top of the search engines, as many people interested in the internet know. Search engines; It improves itself day by day and brings the most reliable sites to the top. The top ranked sites related to a word we are looking for today give us confidence and are always more likely to click on the first to appear. According to statistics; Apart from adwors ads, the sites that rank among the top 7 in search engine rankings are evaluated as reliable by internet users. Search engines are very careful and selective when moving sites to the top and examine many criteria. All the efforts of the sites to rank high in the search engines can be considered as SEO. What is Hosting and SEO Link? All of the SEO work should proceed in accordance with the Google algorithm. Google algorithms and updates should always be followed to make a proper and useful SEO work. Google updates very frequently to make its algorithm more effective. It is necessary to make changes in SEO studies with each update. When you miss a minor update, you can regress from the first page to the 3rd ... Read more

What is Mail Hosting? What Do Mail Hosting Packages Do?

What is mail hosting? Thanks to mail hosting, they can host the e-mail accounts of users who receive hosting services. So what should we consider when buying mail hosting packages? We have compiled the answer to this question for you. The most important and most important feature that separates mail hosting service and normal hosting service is that it is used only for mail purpose. If you are wondering what is hosting and mail hosting, Hosting is the hosting service where your website data is stored, while mail hosting is the hosting service offered by corporate companies to store e-mail accounts used for internal or corporate correspondence over their own sites. What is the Purpose of Using Mail Hosting? Mail hosting packages have become very important by the institutions these days when we do not go out of the house unless it is mandatory by the country. E-mail use has also become widespread when the use of websites has increased with the increase in home work. Along with the hosting service you receive from hosting companies such as Adıtescil, it also provides mail hosting services to its customers depending on their websites. Corporate companies are also used for ... Read more

The Importance of Hosting Service in Digitalization

In these times when the coronavirus epidemic affected the world, many companies and platforms started to perform their processes through digital resources! Now projects, activities and business follow-up continue completely from our homes through our computers and internet. As isimtescil.net, we have been a follower and supporter of digital processes from the very beginning. In this article, we wanted to share the concept of hosting with you in detail. Hosting is the service of providing storage space for a website or application on a server on the Internet. Once your website is available on the internet, it can be accessed by other computers connected to the internet. How Does Web Hosting Work? Web servers are companies that rent their services and technologies to host websites on the Internet. After the hosting company hosts your website, users can access the site by typing your web address in their web browser. When they do this, their computers connect to the server where your website is hosted. The server will display the website to your web visitor in order (send the files you have stored in storage). Web hosting is paradoxically simple and complex. For those who have ... Read more

What is Seo?

What is Seo? SEO consisting of the initials of the words "Search Engine Optimization"; It means “Search Engine Optimization” in Turkish. Why Should Seo Be Applied? In order to have a prominent place among the websites that are opened one after the other, to rise to the top in the search engines, SEO has been almost a must. If the site without optimization is a very new site, it is a difficult possibility to rise to the top in search engines. Seo applications made today are generally directed to the Google search engine. This is because most of the internet users use the Google search engine and visitors enter the sites via Google. A site that ranks high in Google as a word will also appear in other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. google-seo-application What happens if I do not apply Seo to my site? If you do not apply seo to your site, you cannot reach the visitor potential you want, which naturally affects the model you are trying to generate revenue from. For example, you have a business selling watches and you want to appeal to a wider audience by opening a shop on the internet. You opened the site and added your products to your site. However, since your site is ... Read more

WordPress SEO

Today, many websites are prepared and published on WordPress basis. The reason for this is the WordPress system; It can be listed as being liked by Google, getting a fast index, being open source and open to all kinds of innovation and development. The first system that people who want to have a website, especially a block, will meet will be WordPress. You can read about WordPress definition and usage from our previous article. In this article, we will see which plugin we should use for Seo in WordPress systems. wordpress-seo SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that is, search engine optimization is a very detailed and broad subject. In this article, we will talk about the most popular plugin for WordPress, the All-in-one seo pack plugin, and how it should be used. To download this plugin first, you can click on the Plugins and Add new tab in your Admin panel and type the name of the plugin in the search bar or you can see this plugin at the top of the popular plugins tab. After installing the plugin files and activating your plugin, you should fill in the homepage title, homepage description and homepage keywords section of your site from the general settings section. Here, you ... Read more

What is Google PR?

What is Google Pagerank? Google uses a variety of algorithms to distinguish millions of websites on the internet and give them a value. One of these algorithms is Pagerank. Although the Turkish equivalent of the word Pagerank is not exactly, we can translate it as page, rank (value) and use the terms "page value" or "link popularity" given by Turkish internet users and webmasters. The pagerank values ​​of websites range from 0 to 10. 0 (zero) is given to the weakest websites, and 10 to the largest known and powerful websites. Google and Pagerank Connection The world's largest search engine was created in 1998 by two university students Larry Page and Sergey Brinn studying at Stanford University. Two students have developed and developed their search engine based on Pagerank technology. A small note, “Brinn and Page”, as they received Pagerank's patent on behalf of the university while they were studying at the university, the patent belongs to Stanford University, not Google. google-pagerank-value Is Pagerank Important and How To Upgrade It? Although the values ​​of the sites are not only measured with pagerank, the high “pagerank” of a site represents the trust ... Read more

What is Linkwheel and How is it Made?

Linkwheel is a seo term with a Turkish meaning "link loop". The word wheel means wheel in Turkish. So you can compare this to the wheel you create around your sites. The purpose of Linkwheel; By opening front blogs, you create links from these blogs to your main site. In this way, you can reach higher rankings in your keywords in Google ranking. In other words, you can create your own link loop through your front blogs instead of receiving promotional articles and links from other sites. Linkwheel How To Linkwheel work has a set of rules, like every work. With the hope that I will create a link loop, I will move my site to the top in keywords, you can put your site into Google filter. Your site that you will make Linkwheel should be an original and valued site, so that it is worth the work and time you spend. Linkwheel work is usually done with blogs, but you can do this work in many different ways that can provide backlinks to your site. link-wheel-how-to-do You can use blogger, WordPress, Blog.com and other similar blog services for the blogs you will open. The blog address you choose here must be compatible with the content of your site. For example, if you have a training ... Read more

SEO Terms Dictionary

Almost everyone has heard about SEO, namely Search Engine Optimization, about websites. Seo is the name given to all the work done to ensure that your site, especially Google, ranks high. What is Seo and you can follow our articles about Seo for WordPress from the links. In this article, we will talk about some SEO terms and what they mean. On Page SEO: As the name suggests, it is the name given to all the work done within the site itself. On page in Seo; Keywords, site title, site description, content and links given from the articles are made. Off Page SEO: It is the name given to all optimization works performed outside the site. Here we can talk about the work you do on your own site from other sites that exist in search engines. For example, promotional articles, links, etc. that you receive from other sites. Off Page enters Seo. seo-terms-what Pagerank: Abbreviated is PR. You can find the detailed article about Pagerank HERE. Backlink: Any link to the homepage or any category, article of your site is perceived as a backlink by Google. Hacklink: It is called the links provided to the sites through illegal methods. Its application is strictly not recommended. Meta Title: ... Read more

Ping Services

The content you write on your website may appear instantly on your site, but it may take time for the content you write by search engines to be visited and recorded by bots. The only thing you will need here is ping services. If the content on your site is being indexed late, your posts may be received by content thieves who follow your site and copy your articles and publish them on other sites, and can get indexes faster on the site where they are published. This means that the time you write and write is no longer unique for your site. These problems mostly meet new sites. Old and rooted sites may not need ping services because they are constantly visited by search engines. Although it is not recommended to use a large number of ping services, if the articles you write get indexes too late, you can use the ones you want from the list of ping services below and ensure that your content is indexed in a shorter time. pinging-services-list If we need to define ping services, we can say that there are large data stores. Since these services are constantly visited by search engines, sending the content we write to any of these services automatically enables us to visit our site on ... Read more

Effect of Domain Extensions on SEO

Domain (domain name) shows the identity of the brand, affects the number of visitors to the website and gives information about the brand to the visitors. Website users, companies and organizations who want to further develop their business are purchasing a Domain, setting up a website and aiming to get their website to the top of Google results. So, what should we do to get to the top of the Google search engine? In the previous article, we talked about the positive effect of domain age on Seo. In this article, we will try to talk about whether domain extensions have an effect on SEO. I guess there is no need to explain the value of the com domain extension. The extension that we will recommend to you first is “.com”. Because ".com" has been used since the internet first appeared and is an extension known to all internet users. If the “.com” extension of the domain you want to buy is not idle, you have 2 options; either take an attachment to your domain and get the extension “.com” in that way or go to other extensions. The ".com" extension of many domains you want to buy may be full, either sites are established or purchased by investors and are waiting for their ... Read more

The Effect of COM.TR Extensions on SEO

We mentioned the effects of domain extensions on SEO in our previous articles. In this article, we will specifically consider the "com" extension and we will try to give information about whether these extensions have an effect on SEO. Unlike other domains, you have to provide some documents to the hosting company to get Com.tr extensions. You can handle your transactions and have a "com" domain extension. Google uses special extensions from many countries, and in our country this is the extension “.com.tr”. So what benefits does this extension provide us with SEO? If you google-turkey First project is a global project definitely "tr" You should not use any domain extension. In global projects, the extension ".com" and ".net and .org" can be used first. Examples will be given on your site if you want to sell Izmit Pişmaniye both in the domestic market in Turkey and abroad surely. "Com" domain, you must use an extension. Because a visitor coming from abroad uses his own Google extension search engine and it is not possible for your ".tr extension" site to appear in the top rankings here. You can do this by using the ".com" domain. But only if you are carrying your sales ... Read more

What is Seo Compatible Article?

We will tell you the most important topic for “Seo”, which is perhaps the most important and unchanging subject of the sector. How to write a seo compatible article for you today? The article is the general name given to the articles written to give information on any subject, to convey thoughts and opinions. On the Internet, you can see articles that go beyond the subject and do not work, just to show long and original articles to Google. If you want your visitors to look at the name of your site, first of all, you should write "useful" and "useful" articles. What is the Original Article? There are hundreds of articles on the internet and if you take the article from somewhere and enter it as a new article, Google will easily notice this and will treat you as a "copy site" and give you (-) points. Not only the article, if you want to write an original article, the content of your article, the images you add and use, the tags you use, almost all affect the originality of your article. How should an article suitable for Seo be written? First of all, if you are writing an Seo oriented article, the first condition you should pay attention to is the originality I have explained ... Read more

What is SERP?

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) stands for search engine results page. This is the name given to the page that comes up when you search for any word on Google. In this article, What is SERP? What is the importance of SERP? What does SERP do? We will try to find answers to such questions. SERP is important in many issues. One of the most important issues that SEO experts and AdWords experts should know is SERP. Even if you are working on SEO in the market, trading on this subject and you can find many informative topics, you need to have SERP knowledge before you can make Seo. It will be a mistake to work in SEO style on a site without optimizing SERP. What is Serp? HOW IS SERP OPTIMIZATION done? As you can see in the image above, when you type in Google for example, "Adıtescil", the page that comes up is called the search engine result page. All of the methods that should be applied to get to the top in these rankings are called SEO. Although SEO should be a process that requires time and quality, you need to perform SERP optimization of your site first in order for your site to go up. So, What Should Be Considered For SERP Optimization? -Title of the Title The most ... Read more

What is SEF Link?

SEF Link is a special link structure that Google cares about, which stands for Search Engine Friendly Link and Turkish equivalent for Search Engine Friendly Link. If you want to go up in search rankings on Google and think this is important to you, you should first examine our SERP and SEO issues we mentioned earlier. After doing these optimizations correctly, it will be the importance of SEF Link. When you do SERP and SEO transactions, your site will inevitably gain a ranking. As this ranking increases, it will be much more difficult to go higher. When your site is placed in good rankings, your competitors will be the sites that pay attention to these issues at least and after this stage, the business will remain in detail. Details that look small may cause displacement in the rankings. SEF Link can be counted from these details and is perhaps the biggest element to be considered among the details. If you want to pay attention to SEF Link, what you have to do is actually in the meaning of the word. You need to provide a Search Engine Friendly Link. So if your topic is “What is SEF Link”, your URL should not be in the form of siteadresi.com/=p?5326 or ... Read more

What is SEF Link?

SEF Link is a special link structure that Google cares about, which stands for Search Engine Friendly Link and Turkish equivalent for Search Engine Friendly Link. If you want to go up in search rankings on Google and think this is important to you, you should first examine our SERP and SEO issues we mentioned earlier. After doing these optimizations correctly, it will be the importance of SEF Link. When you do SERP and SEO transactions, your site will inevitably gain a ranking. As this ranking increases, it will be much more difficult to go higher. When your site is placed in good rankings, your competitors will be the sites that pay attention to these issues at least and after this stage, the business will remain in detail. Details that look small may cause displacement in the rankings. SEF Link can be counted from these details and is perhaps the biggest element to be considered among the details. If you want to pay attention to SEF Link, what you have to do is actually in the meaning of the word. You need to provide a Search Engine Friendly Link. So if your topic is “What is SEF Link”, your URL should not be in the form of siteadresi.com/=p?5326 or ... Read more

Why is robots.txt important? How to use?

Robots.txt is the file that tells which pages of any website to be indexed and which pages will not be indexed by all search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Almost all search engines use a program called the robot (spider) to see the newly opened sites on the Internet, the newly entered articles, the changes on the sites, that is, all the changes in the internet world, and they constantly scan the entire internet world with this program. Here these bots first look for a robots.txt file when they enter a site. If there is a robots.txt file, this time the robots listen for the commands written here and check the changes in the pages that are requested to be indexed and renew them if necessary. If this robots.txt file could not be found among your files, you can expect the robots to index each page. However, even if you do not want to write a command, create a robots.txt file and load it into your files, even if it is free. Because the bots will want to go to the robots.txt file when they enter your site and if there is no file, this process will be logged as an error because the page will be “404 pages not found”. What is Robots.txt So what would you like not to index? For ... Read more

WordPress SSL (HTTPS) Redirection

After installing SSL in WordPress scripts, all pages should be redirected from http protocol to https protocol. If this redirect is not done, you may get theme disruptions, page errors and errors like "this address is not secure" in the address bar. For Wordrpess SSL routing process, you can open the wp-config.php file in your wordpress directory with the help of an editor, by adding the following code just below the <? Php parameter, and you can provide the routing of your main page and all your sub-pages. With this option, you can do SSL routing on Wordrpess. if (isset ($ _ SERVER ('HTTP_SSL'))) {$ _SERVER ['SERVER_PORT'] = 443; $ _SERVER [ 'HTTPS'] = 'on'; } 1 2 3 4 5 if (isset ($ _ SERVER ['HTTP_SSL'])) {$ _SERVER ['SERVER_PORT'] = 443; $ _SERVER [ 'HTTPS'] = 'on'; } Other Method: If your website contains a link with “http” and you cannot provide redirection with the above process, you can do the process with the plugin. In some cases, there may be "http" links from your website from the plugin or theme, in which case your browser will give an SSL error. You can do this guidance with the wordrpess plugin for its solution. For this, you can install and activate Really ... Read more

What is AMP, what does it do?

Before explaining who you are using AMP for what purpose, "What does AMP mean?" Let's start with the question AMP's long name is Accelerated Mobile Pages, the Turkish equivalent of this name is "Accelerated Mobile Pages". As the name suggests, the purpose of the AMP coding method is to access the content on your website faster on mobile. It aims to increase the number of users on mobile using Google AMP. For this reason, it stores the sites that use AMP coding system in its cache and makes the access faster when the user wants to access this site from mobile. When you configure the page with AMP, you offer your site users much faster access. AMP also provides traffic convenience to your site's server. In this sense, AMP coding is extremely useful. Perhaps the most important of the success criteria of a website today is the user experience. If a user does not have a quick and easy experience on the website they access, he hesitates to visit the site again. Since mobile access is increasing day by day, the use of AMP is essential. What is Accelerated Mobile Pages Content is loaded when a user visits a website. Although the user does not notice this, there are actually many ... Read more

What is Voice Search?

Voice dialing is technology that allows a user to make a voice call using a device. We can give Google voice search application by taking this technology as an example. When you install the Google app on your mobile phone, you can see that Google is referring you to voice search. In this way, you can query the terms you want on the Internet by using your hands and talking. Voice search is increasingly used today. For this reason, it is possible to make voice calls by using enterprises' voice search technology, their business growth and reaching more users. While users searching through text tend to more specific and short keywords, what is said in the voice search is usually long-tail keywords. Products like Google Home and Amazon Alexa are making voice search technology widespread day by day. So much so that it is now known that 1 / 3rd of the 3.5 billion searches made on Google daily are voice searches. It is predicted that 50% of all calls in the near future will be made in the form of voice calls. The increasing popularity of mobile also highlights voice search technology. The fact that voice search makes the user experience faster and more convenient is one of the ... Read more

Your connection to this site is not secure error and solution

WHAT DOES “NOT SAFE” WARNING MEAN? As it is known, Google Chrome is among the most practical and most used internet browsers offered by a famous brand like Google to the world. As of July 24, 2018, Google started rolling out Chrome 68 and website security has become increasingly important with Chrome 68. Google Chrome gives "your connection to this site is not secure" error in the address bar for all websites that are not protected by "https". In another case, while the browser users want to connect to some sites, your connection is not secure and they are warned by the internet browser that their access to the site is not secure. The reason for such warnings is not understood by most internet users and Google is used to investigate the reason. For these reasons, it is scanned by writing to Google with phrases such as "not safe error chrome". EVERYTHING IS FOR SECURITY First of all, we need to know that such alerts are part of the web security standards that are increased by Google to protect users' personal information. Most users ignore these warnings and try to access websites that have been warned to be unsafe by Google in other ways. Of course, there is no rule to ... Read more

Things to watch out for in SEO when moving your domain name!

What should you consider when moving your domain name? Organizations or individuals may need to migrate old websites (old domains) to a new website (new domains). In the process of moving the site, it can result in loss of organic traffic to the website. Since organic traffic is a critical factor in the success of any website, it must be unaffected. Meta Tags: Switch Meta Tags from old web pages to new related web pages. If any web page is missing Meta Tags in the new domain, create new Meta Tags for it. Google Analytics Tracking Code: When moving to the new domain, check if the Google Analytics Code has been added to the new website. Broken Links: When the website is live, you can use the XENU Broken Links tool to check for any Broken Links on your website. If you encounter any of them, make the necessary changes. H1 - H6 Tags: Check if all required H1 - H6 Tags are available on all web pages. Canonical URL: Google treats www and non-www versions as different websites, so be sure to redirect to one of the versions using the .htaccess file. Also, add relevant Canonical Meta Tags to all web pages. 301 Redirects: Use the .htaccess file to redirect the old web pages to the ... Read more

What is Domain Authority? What features came with Domain Authority 2.0?

Domain Authority, domain authority or ‘DA of most digital marketers is a ranking score created by the SEO giant Moz to determine the authorization of a web page. Since 2004, Moz has been at the forefront of SEO developments, and the higher the DA, the higher the probability that the page will rank in SERPs. It is important to remember, however, that domain authority should not be considered a ranking factor, but rather just a criterion. There are three main points about how the DA of a website is created. These are: Number of rooted domains Number of backlinks Reliability of incoming links So, What Has Changed For Domain Authority 2.0? In February, it was announced that a new DA will be launched by Moz from March 5. Moz has updated the way the domain authority is calculated and added new factors to increase scores. Changes that have taken place: Prior to DA 2.0, domain authority has been weighed against multiple outcomes, and the new DA seems to focus on more specific outcome data. The new metric should only be better to understand sites with historical rankings. Changes to the training algorithm resulted in a more equipped system to sniff link manipulation. Moz will now edit ... Read more

The Importance of SEO on the Website

SEO is no longer about choosing keyword terms with the highest search volume. To meet a user's query, you must also understand the purpose behind the term used. When you choose target keywords for your SEO campaign, you will turn to those with the highest search volume. However, an intelligent SEO strategy will be much more than a number game. Not only will you try to rank for a highly relevant term, but you will want to make sure you understand the purpose of the given keyword. The content you provide in this way can meet the user's query more comprehensively. The search intent is defined as the reason behind a particular query. Do people do this research when they want to buy something? Or are they looking for the answer to a particular question? Or maybe not both, and they actually use this keyword phrase to search for a particular website? Google's goal is to provide users with the most useful content that extensively matches their search phrases. Their algorithms are getting better and better to determine the user purpose behind the algorithms. To improve the browsing experience, the search engine will reward higher rankings not only for a particular search term but also ... Read more

Is SEO Search Engine Optimization necessary for Small Businesses?

The answer is a resounding YES. SEO helps you improve Keyword / Keyword ranking related to your business in a search engine. This makes it easy for the end user to find you. SEO drives more paid traffic to your website, helps in creating brand awareness and ultimately generates more information. Can small businesses take part in search engines? Absolutely. The Google Search Engine Algorithm has made very effective updates such as Panda, Penguin and Pigeon, designed to provide more useful and relevant local search results. This helps small businesses achieve better ranking for their products and services. Some factors that search engines consider when ranking a website: Quality of Content Website SEO Friendly, User Interaction with Website Link Creation Local SEO Social Media Presence What Should Be A Small Business Goal? A small business should target business related words. They can target keywords related to: Brand / Company Name Products and Services When and what results should expect from Industry and Location SEO? SEO is a long-term investment that can normally be expected within a few months of starting SEO. Search Engine Algorithms consider competition for keywords ... Read more

Important Factors That Can Affect SEO Ranking

The SEO ranking of your website is really important, so you should pay attention to some tips to rank high. However, Google rank may not be as static as it is thought. We can explain this situation as follows, if you do not pay attention to some factors in SEO, your site's ranking may go down to the bottom as well. Websites are run effectively with the use of some software that can do or process web jobs. A Search Engine Optimization basically aims to present your website to search engines. Google and devilfinder are examples. Therefore, your choice of a hosting provider may lose your chance of exposure or help create this link. 1. Downtime and Working Time: We can say that the most important factor for SEO. We can call the host platform downtime. Indefinite stop times make a website unreliable, and this is a hosting error. Frequent downtime, therefore, affects the results of searches related to your websites when a keyword is entered. Search engines do not want to draw the conclusion of an unstable and unreliable website. There are times when it's almost impossible to avoid downtime. However, when a large percentage of uptime is guaranteed by a host, most of the time, the ... Read more

Is Inbound Marketing the Future of Online Marketing?

If you own or assist a business, you are always looking for new and effective marketing techniques to create successful leads and enable customers to purchase your services or products. How to use it on the inbound marketing website? Simply put, as the word "incoming" suggests, it is a marketing method that aims to bring customers to your business website. Here, they will learn about your products and services in their own way and attract their attention. Imagine and essentially reverse the traditional foreign marketing relationship between the company and the customer. By creating a marketing method by attracting customers to a business website by providing meaningful, relevant, useful content for them, the business will experience conversions for more meaningful leads and therefore better sales. How does inbound marketing work? You know what inbound marketing is, but when it comes to how things work, do you know the nitty courage? Afterall, the aim of inbound marketing is to create a meaningful interaction with the target audience of your business instead of just informing the masses. So why exactly comes from the future of online marketing? It is safe to say that we live in ... Read more

Tricks and Basics of Creating an SEO Friendly Website!

When we think of SEO, we often associate it with technical issues such as content creation, link building and social media promotions. However, many SEO marketers and business owners forget how important it is to have a really good web design to strengthen their SEO strategies. There may not be a direct correlation between SEO and the visual design of a website, but there are a few elements required here and for SEO strategies. What's more, having a truly stunning web design is crucial to give your visitors the best user experience, so they don't go away from your website. We are used to viewing websites on desktop computers for years. This made sense because it is the only way we can connect to the Internet. However, the latest technological advances gave birth to smartphones and other mobile devices, which enabled the world to access the internet even on the go. Due to the increasing number of mobile users, Google took the problems into their own hands and released a new algorithm that prioritizes the mobile versions of their websites to determine their rankings. Here's what users really care about when accessing a website via mobile devices: Responsive images and text. Since ... Read more

Raising Your Site to the Top with Keyword Tool

One of the most important criteria that affect the success of a website is search engine ranking. The higher the ranking of a site on search engines and especially on Google, the more visitors it has. Whether it's an e-commerce site or a blog, for a site to be successful, the number of visits must be high. In order to rank high in search engines, the content of the site should include the keywords most searched by users. Finding keywords is not data that site administrators can find as they think. This process needs to be done professionally. The tool used to find keywords is called a keyword tool. It is not a coincidence that the Google Keyword Tool is one of the applications used for this purpose, since the search engine is the most important to rank high. keyword adwords Google Keyword Tool is a free app. However, the main use of this application is Adwords ads. In order to make correct keyword analysis, it is necessary to use Google Keyword Tool correctly. In order to use Google Keyword Tool, that is, Google Keyword Planner, you first need to have an AdWords account. Once you have an AdWords account, you must log in to your account. After logging in, enter the Tools tab and ... Read more

6 Local SEO Strategies You Should Be Successful

Local SEO is a great way to market local businesses online. It also helps businesses stand out in local searches and earn more traffic from online customers, even if you don't have a business website. According to the 2018 Local Consumer Survey, 54% of internet users aged 18-34 used the web daily to search for a local business. As Brian Harnish explains, local SEO focuses on optimizing a website to be visible in local search results. It's like making sure your website will be on Google when someone searches for "local store next to me" or "local store [city name]". If you are a local business owner, now is the perfect time to take advantage of local search engine optimization. So how can you make sure that search results appear on the first page of local SEO? 1. Responsive and Fast Loading Site Users want a fast loading website, especially if you are looking for a mobile and hassle-free service. Moreover, Google knows that site speed is an integral part of the excellent user experience. According to Mary Ellen Coe, head of Google Customer Solutions, 54% of people get angry when a brand's mobile website takes a while to load. As a result, it can affect a business's profit by up ... Read more

The Biggest Local SEO Trends in 2019

Local SEO helps you create a fixed address or phone calls with your potential audience in your environment and generate traffic to your business. Of course, if you are going to reach your target market, a suitable strategy is required. How should we strategy about the biggest local SEO trends in 2019? Your customers' comments are more important than anything Your customers have always been important to your business, but now it is more important than ever about local SEO. In 2019, expect Google to ask your customers more questions about your business. Google will ask your business about the accessibility environment and more and will use this information to improve local search results. Online Marketing Assessments About a third of local researchers look at reviews. This means that your local SEO strategy must be at the forefront in order to get reviews and respond. This will give you a competitive edge and help you reach more customers. Proximity Matters Google actually provides a huge benefit to users in local search results. If another website has stronger ranking signals and is not within the desired search range, it will not appear in a local search. While this may seem ... Read more

How to Use Google Adwords?

As we all know, when we want to get information about a product, service or any subject, the first place that most of us look is the internet. So how can we redirect to our site after these calls made by our target audience? Why should we use Google Adwords Ads? Which budget should we start with, what should we pay attention to? Request! We continue to review our article, which we recommend to browse new ones in Adwords… We will examine the first of Adwords Search Ads, Google Display Network Blast Ad Campaigns YouTube & Video Ads and Mobile Ads, namely Adwords Search Advertising. As you remember, What is the previous Google Adwords? In our article, we gave information about Adwords advertising. So, what are the benefits of Google Adwords to our site and business in our internet research? Why should we use Google Adwords Ads? Oran Today, those who start their searches with the internet have a high rate of 76% and prefer the internet to access information in the most reliable and fastest way. So what are we looking for? According to Google Think Real Estate data, the percentage of people who search for “unbranded” without specifying a brand is 83%. So, in most of the ... Read more

How Does SSL Certificate Affect SEO?

The Impact of SSL on SEO In a research conducted on the top 10,000 Domains, the answer to a single question was sought. "How do SSL Certificates (HTTPS) used by sites affect ranking results on Search Engine pages?" For this important question, the sites are over HTTP and HTTPS; Accessibility, Routing, Status Codes were examined. Information We Obtained From the Research of the Impact of SSL on SEO 1- 1 of 10 Web sites have a perfect HTTPS installation (We estimate that this number will be more after this article.) 2- 60% of the analyzed websites HTTPS ' 3- No 1 in every 4 domains, (23.6%) standard HTTPS versions are not applied. 4- One in every 4 domains are used instead of 301 Permanent (302 Temporary). The Effect of SSL Certificate on SEO What is the Importance of SSL / HTTPS? In simple terms, it is the protection that provides a secure communication between SSL web servers and your browser. The Internet allows any person to read information sent from any server naturally. Any person can also see the information you see when you search for any disease on Google. HTTPS, on the other hand, ends this problem with encryption. HTTPS makes it possible to see only the data sent from ... Read more

What are 2020 SEO Trends?

Knowing which SEO trends are on the horizon gives you insight into how you can update your website and reach more customers by getting more traffic. As Adıtescil (https://www.isimtescil.net/), we have compiled some SEO (https://blog.isimtescil.net/seo/) techniques that will be trending in 2020. Websites Have to Be Safe User security is not very much connected with SEO, but the website is very important for the user experience. If a user does not feel safe while visiting a web page, they are very likely to leave immediately. Or, when the “Unsafe” warning appears on your site, the user can decide to leave the page. As a result, users who think that the site is unsafe tend to leave the site in general. This can affect the position of the site in the organic search list. Google wants to provide a safe browsing experience to its users, so those who implement HTTPS can experience a small SEO boost. Optimize Your Site For Voice Search Before the presence of innovative smartphones, people were searching for words simply by typing them into search engine boxes on their desktop computers. Keywords arise from this behavior. With the increasing use of mobile devices, voice calls are ... Read more

How You Can Make Your Website Found On Google

You tried searching your website on Google and could not find any results. Are you trying to figure out why your website is not appearing on Google? Google probably hasn't indexed your website, which is a complete nightmare for SEO. It is the strongest data that SEO brands compete with each other in the digital field. There are important factors that will affect your SEO ranking. Google cares about your site being SEO friendly, and its entire algorithm is built on the search engine through your website's SEO score. You can take a look at our article on the tricks and basics of creating an SEO friendly website that we wrote for you. So why can't Google find your site when you search? In order to find the problem and possibly solve the problem, we have prepared a quick checklist for you: 1. Wordpress Settings You must make sure that WordPress does not prevent your site from indexing search engines. To do this, log in to your WordPress site. Click the reading box in the Settings section and make sure the Search Engine Visibility box is unchecked. 2. Robots Meta Tag The Robots meta tag is a piece of code placed in the header of your pages. You should look at the status of this code ... Read more

Have You Adapted Your SEO Strategy According To Coronavirus?

Sectors began to change with Coronavirus, which influenced the whole world. While in many sectors such as tourism and aviation that were first affected by the coronavirus wave, things were at a standstill, most companies switched from home to work. Are the SEO status of your business or the business of your customers affected today when consumer habits are changing and the time spent on the internet increases? During this period, we will have some recommendations for your SEO efforts not to decrease and to maintain your organic success both now and in the future. With Coronavirus (COVID-19), thousands of companies were temporarily closed and many people lost their jobs. This means that we move to a period when consumer habits will be built on meeting basic needs. People who lose their jobs or find it difficult to see even if the current job continues, minimize shopping outside their basic needs. Consumers who take precautions against the current economic uncertainty; clothing, furniture, electronics etc. may not prefer the products very much in this process. Consumer habits are reshaping when the consumer is away from spending actively. In order to protect and develop your ... Read more

Time to Upgrade Your Local Ranking on Google

To increase the reputation of your brand, reach more people and ensure that your website is visited by more people, it is necessary to rank high in search engines. So, when you search for your sector in your region, do you want to face the right target audience? We are sure that your answer is "Yes". In this article, we will talk about what you need to do for Local SEO. What is Local SEO? Imagine moving to a new place. You are trying to explore the region. You have needs such as a hairdresser, market, restaurant or plumber. The first thing you will do is search for them on Google. At this point, you will come across businesses that have done the right local SEO work. Local SEO is one of the most effective ways to market and promote your business online. With the right local SEO, you can reach your target audience and increase the volume of your business. However, this is a labor-intensive process that needs to be planned meticulously. What Should You Do for Local SEO? Sign Up for Google My Business If you haven't registered your business with Google My Business yet, this is the right time. My Business is a store where you can have an idea of ​​how your business will look in ... Read more

Here are a few tips that can fix the Css problem we often experience in IE6.

Be sure to include this code that you need to add to your HTML page before you start encoding it and at the top of the page If you are using XHTML: you can use this code. Setting the position: relative element Using the position: relative element can cause problems in the internet explorer, so adjusting the visibility of the pole dimensions instead of relative will help you solve the css problem. 3. Use the display: inline element where the Float tag is used. For example . Let's say you give the left margin 5 px. IE6 can also be seen as 10px. So float: left margin-left: 5px; inline; 5. Repetitive character error When you open it with IE (when using float tag) in the layer you have prepared, sometimes some of your articles do not appear or overflow. Make it a habit to use display: inline where you use float. Add [highlight style = 'cream'] margin-right: -3px; [/ highlight] to the last float tag you use. Add this comment to the last float tag, i.e. Add an empty div tag for your last element container. In element 6, use only link and hover elements. IE6 can only detect a: hover, so the product is not a: hover. It does not apply to IE6. 7. Use! Important or advanced selectors for ... Read more

What is Rich Snippets? Add visual to your site with Rich Snippets.

What is Rich Snippets? If Google and many search engines understand what content is on your pages, it will visually show it to visitors in searches. We can call this process as Rich Snippets. Since it doesn't make sense when translated into Turkish (Rich Snippets), let me continue my article as Rich Snippets. For example, a restaurant snippet can show the average review and price range; a recipe page can show the total preparation time of the snippet, a photo, and the user the recipe receives in the comments; the music album can display a link to listen to next to each song using the snippet when serving songs. These rich snippets help users notice when your site is relevant to their searches, and as a result, your pages can be clicked more. What does Rich Snippets do? In fact, if we think of logic, it will not work. Why do you get out of searches even if you don't do it, so why do we do it? Having an image other than text in the searches attracts the visitor, the click request increases by 40 - 45% compared to the others. (I am saying this for a site I am working on is not an average or statistical result, just a result I made for my own site) It seems to me that it shows that ... Read more

Remove the translation of this page on Google

It is a fact that Google Translate sometimes infuriates us, which is useful for enabling us to translate this page to translate the text on the Google searches, to translate foreign sites into Turkish or different languages. The desire to translate a Turkish page in particular into Turkish is seen as a coding deficiency or error on your page. So how can we remove the “Translate this page” article. You may not have a lot of code knowledge, but there is a very simple code to do this job. Access your site's files using the ftp program, and open the index.php file with the help of a notebook and HTML Editor. If you are using joomla or WordPress software, open the section where your Theme is and open your index.php file. What to do after the label Read more

Show author information in search results

While searching on Google, you have seen the official and google plus + address of the author who wrote that article to the right of some articles. If you want to do this kind of work on your own blog, you can do it very simply. You only need to have a Google Plus account for this. Step 1 - Copy the link with your Google Plus Account [No problem if you made an abbreviation] I suggest using a picture with a clear picture of your face as a profile. When you register with your e-mail address (Especially if you want to go out, make sure your name is www.siteadi.com and your name@siteadi.com) you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Saying correct means that you have passed step 1 of the verification. Read more

YSlow: What is the Add Expires headers adjustment?

YSlow: What do Add Expires headers do? How is it done? YSlow: Add Expires headers is a function that allows your browser to cache the most used files. If you use the following formats on your site and they don't change constantly, images: jpg, gif, png favicon / ico javascript css. FTP (Filezilla I recommend) Program and editor (I recommend Sublime Text or notepad ++) will be sufficient for this. Enter the ftp of your site using the ftp program. Then install the .htaccess file on your computer. .Htaccess dosyasınızın en altına gelip # Enable expirations ExpiresActive On # Default directive ExpiresDefault "access plus 1 month" # My favicon ExpiresByType image/x-icon "access plus 1 year" # Images ExpiresByType image/gif "access plus 1 month" ExpiresByType image/png "access plus 1 month" ExpiresByType image/jpg "access plus 1 month" ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access plus 1 month" # CSS ExpiresByType text/css "access 1 month" # Data interchange ExpiresByType application/json "access plus 0 seconds" ExpiresByType application/xml "access plus 0 seconds" ExpiresByType text/xml "access plus 0 seconds" # Javascript ExpiresByType application/javascript "access plus 1 year" # Favicon ... Read more

Cpanel / WHM installation on Centos 6.4 bit Video Description

Cpanel / WHM Installation First of all, this process is only for Centos 6.4 bit system installation with fixed rope. It can be done for a newly purchased VPS - VDS or Dedicated Server. The important thing here is that your operating system should be Centos 6.4 bit. The installation I will explain is only valid for the new operating system. If you want to switch from a different operating system or a different version, you need to format the server. Supported Virtual server systems KVM Linux-VServer Microsoft Server® 2008 Hyper-V [2] OpenVZ (stable releases only) [3] Oracle VM VirtualBox, VirtualBox OSE Virtuozzo ™ [3] VMware® Server, VMware® ESX Server Xen, XenEnterprise ™ , XenExpress ™, XenServer ™ Supported Operating Systems (i386 and x86-64bit only) CentOS versions 5.x and 6.x Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® versions 5.x and 6.x CloudLinux 5.x [3] Note: Whm (Cpanel) cannot be installed on 32bit operating systems, so you need to have 64bit operating system. NS Definition for Vps Before proceeding to step 2, you need to define Ns for the vps you received. You can make the NS definitions from the company you purchased the domain service from the NS Description section ... Read more

Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagecreatefromjpeg () | CentOS

Call to undefined function imagecreatefromjpeg () Error and Centos installation If you have such an error on your site, you need to make some settings on your server, for this you need to login to your server / VPS first, you need the Putty program, if you do not have information about using putty ”Putty and Servere "don't connect". What to do for Centos 64bit If you are using Centos operating system, you need to install GD Library first. You can make Easy Apache Compilation in it. But if you are writing problems and the GD library is not installed, simply log in with Putty and write the following code and press Enter. After installing yum install php-gd, the installation screen will come, after the installation process is finished, it will send you a message in the form of Y / N where it will be enough to press Y and press enter. Then you need to reset Apache, just enter the code below. Apache Reset service httpd restart If a text like the picture below appears while installing (Nothing to do) then you need to compile Easy Apache. If you have any questions, it will be enough to send a message. Read more

EasyApache version 3.24.19 released

EasyApache EasyApache 3.24.19 version, released as the latest stable version by EasyApache Team, was presented on 02/06/2014. EasyApache (Update) used especially for Php compilation You can find our previous topics for compiling. EasyApache 3.24.19 Stable Version easyApacheYou just need to enter EasyApache (Update) by entering the WHM control panel to update your server / VPS to the new EasyApache version that is released, and the system will automatically update itself to the new version. EasyApache 3.24.19 innovations and changes that come with the new version PHP 5.5 PHP 5.5 version 5.5.13. upgraded to version PHP 5.4 PHP 5.4 version 5.4.29. Upgraded to version FCGI Latest version FCGI 2.3.9. He was raised. ModSecurity ModSecurity version 2.8.0. He was raised. IonCube Loader IonCube Loader 4.6.1. He was raised. Features Deleted from EasyApache mod_frontpage has been deleted. For those still using the mod_frontpage module, in the Custom Module ("Opt Mods") section and only Apache 2.2. It will continue to work in accordance with the version. We recommend using WebDAV or FTP as an alternative to mod_frontpage. PHP 5.2 version deleted Apache 1.3 version deleted Apache 2.0 ... Read more

Editing Defer parsing of JavaScript Error

What is Defer parsing of JavaScript? You are facing the Defer parsing error, especially if you are testing your site speed using online apps like Gtmetrix or pagespeed to speed up your site. So what is Defer parsing of javascript how can we remove this error. defer-parsing-of-javascript Defer parsing of JavaScript As you can see in the picture, you can see the Javascript encodings with Defer Parse error. These aren't actually errors, but if you add the code like this, you won't see an error like this. The only thing we defer = "defer" was to add text form. Add all your javascript - or scripts, which are among other acceleration labels, just above the tag. The purpose of this work is to enable the user to see your site more quickly by providing the latest opening of the javascript files on your page. A user does not have enough patience to stop on the page that is not opened or opened late. If it does not see any action, it will exit immediately without waiting for your site to open. You can find the javascripts on your page if you are using wordpress or joomla style blog or cms in your theme file in your home.php or index.php file. Defer Parsing of Javascript Correction We open ... Read more

Fix Enable gzip compression error

Enable gzip compression Activating Gzip Compression If you are trying to speed up your site, you have probably seen this kind of error and attempted to correct it. In particular, the gzip compression code that helps speed up the site and indirectly contribute to Seo is as follows and you need to add it to your site's root folder (Httpdoc, public_html) and .htaccess file. #Gzip Compression enable code mod_gzip_on Yes mod_gzip_dechunk Yes mod_gzip_item_include file. (Html? | Txt | css | js | php | pl) $ mod_gzip_item_include handler ^ cgi-script $ mod_gzip_item_include mime ^ text / jav.concept mime * mod_gzip_item_exclude mime ^ image /.* mod_gzip_item_exclude rspheader ^ Content-Encoding:. * gzip. * Read more

Protect your mails from spam with Spf Record.

What is Spf Record? Spf (Sender Policy FrameWork - Sender Policy Structure) is a type of record that helps to verify sent mails and prevent them from being sent as spam. Especially if you have problems sending mail to big mail providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and you are constantly falling into spam, you need to check if you have Spf record. You can check it out here. How to create an Spf Record? As I explain, I will explain over the Whm infrastructure, but the situation will not be very different in other panels. We first log in to Whm. Go to DNS Functions »Edit DNS Zone and select the domain where you will create Spf Record and continue. You will see an image like the one below. Scroll down here and select TXT from the Add New Entries Below this Line section and siteadi.com in the long box on the left. (Don't forget to put a period (.) at the end of your site name.). Then we enter "Text information" on the right as "v = spf1 ip4: ipadresi a mx ptr include: siteadi.com ~ all". For example, let's assume that our ip address is We need to login as "v = spf1 ip4: a mx ptr include: emirwebtasarim.com ~ all". If you want to check our registration, you ... Read more

Memcached (Cache Server) setup - Centos 32bit / 64bit

What is Memcache? Memcached (Cache Server) installation Memcache is an open source cache (Memory) server and is a software used especially by sites with very large database and visitors. It is used in most major sites such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest. You need to have a server or a vps / vds style server for the installation of memcached which is very close to suspend and cpu-over, and especially for CMS softwares such as wordpress. How To Install Memcache? You should be familiar with using the Putty program for installation. You can access my article about the Putty program from this topic and have information. For Memcached Centos 64-bit installation wget http://memcached.org/latest tar -zxvf memcached-2.0.10.tar.gz cd memcached-1.xx ./configure && make && make test && sudo make install should be noted here which version of memcache you have installed is installed. For example, on 06 (June) 2014, the Memcache stable version I have installed now is the memcache-2-2-6 version. So how will you understand? I assume you are in the root home directory. Check your folders first with dir command, you will probably see the mcache directory. ... Read more

Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error

If you are using Joomla, you may get an error like the header, especially if you are getting such an error while moving your joomla files to a different server, there is nothing to fear. You may have made a mistake in database password information. Or you may get this error because sql is not loaded in the database you have opened. You must be using cPanel, plesk or Web hosting panel to do these things. If you are not knowledgeable about this, you can get information about which panel you will upload from our site. By using our contact information, you can enable us to add the downloads of the hosting panel that is not included on our site. This time I will make a change and explain the process of moving joomla using the infrastructure of natro. First of all, although the infrastructure of Natro firm is absolutely solid, it does not have a very bad and useful panel. If you are going to buy new or if you are planning to switch to Natro, don't use php software. You cannot install the system without defining dns. There are a lot of problematic places, so I will explain what kind of torture you will be exposed to through Natro. I say again, never switch to Natro. Amann! Moomla move ... Read more

Unable to resolve hostname Error in Linux Plesk Installation

If you are using a server with a Centos operating system or using vps, you can get an error like Unable to resolve hostname when installing plesk parallel. The reason may be because the hostname you specified could not ping. Or, you might not have configured the settings. If you want to fix the hostname error, make root access to the server with putty and follow the steps below one by one. We make sponsor ad cd / etc and make nano hosts. Then, you need to define the hostname you have specified on your ip address. Here you can do ipadresi srv.hostname.adi. For example, to test server.vpshosting.com.tr, ping server.vpshosting.com.tr will be sufficient. Read more

Altered RPMs found Error

[Check_cpanel_rpms] There are altered RPMs on “domain.com” Problems were detected with cPanel-provided files which are RPM controlled. The system has detected problems with files provided by cPanel controlled by RPM: [Turkish description] ] If you have not made these changes intentionally, run the following command as a root user to replace them: If you received a warning message like / usr / local / cpanel / scripts / check_cpanel_rpms --fix, it means there is an update-related error. If the tmp folder is full or there is no space for updating in your host, the files can be loaded incomplete, in this case, the first thing we will do is log in and connect to putty. My advice to you in the first place is to update the transaction system to be done first. Right after yum -y update; We do / usr / local / cpanel / scripts / check_cpanel_rpms --fix altered-rpm. This will replace the faulty files with new ones. This process may take some time depending on the number of corrupt files. So when you type the command and press Enter, do not close before going to the bottom line and you have to wait for a certain time. (It took me an average of 1-2 minutes). If you want to update again ... Read more

What is CDN? Which sites offer free CDN Service?

CDN (Content Delivery Network), which means "Content Delivery Network" in Turkish, I recommend you to get CDN service if you have a lot of visual content and static (css, js) files and if your hit is high. CDN servers work with an infrastructure spread all over the world. There are many companies that provide this kind of service and most of them are paid. Can we not find this service free? YES if you know where to look. Below, let us briefly explain how the system works and then briefly take a look at the companies that provide free services. How does CDN (Content Delivery Network) work? First of all, the system loads all the data on your site, such as visual css js, to its own computer. So what is it for us to get CDN Service? It provides data access very quickly and prevents your visitors from escaping from the site. (Who should do a site that opens very late.) It is very important for seo and increases the value of seo. Automatically generates a visible drop in Alexa value (As the visitor's time increases, Alexa increases your value.) What is cdn-free-cdn-service-sites-Let's list the sites that provide free CDN service. If you have a site other than the CDN sites you use ... Read more

Php Selector Cpanel Video narration

Choosing a different version php for cpanel Today I will talk about a module setup that will enable you to choose a different php for cpanel. You do not need to use Cloud Linux style paid software for this module. For module installation, you should log in to your server or vds / vps hosting with the putty program. After login, let's first update for installation. yum -y update cd / usr / local / src wget -N https://nixtree.com/download/free/ntphpselector_manage.sh sh ntphpselector_manage.sh install Sponsor Advertisement If a different php was installed, that is, if you updated the system, to update the php selector module / / For updating currently installed Php selector using the following command sh ntphpselector_manage_beta.sh update # just enter the above code. To recompile php sh ntphpselector_manage.sh recompile 2 - 5.2 3 - 5.3 4 - 5.4 5 - 5.5 For example, if you want to recompile for php 5.5 sh ntphpselector_manage.sh recompile 5 After the installation is finished, we will see the cpanelde in the Modules section. If you want to delete the plug-in #For uninstalling the plugin sh ntphpselector_manage.sh uninstall www.emirwebtasarim.com Installation will take some time ... Read more

Asus X53SD-SX449R Bios Update Video Explained

Your computer must have an adapter plugged in and at least 20% battery charged. If the device has a shutdown problem, the BIOS update process should never be performed. ** The BIOS version you write should be more current / higher than the version on the device. Sponsor Advertisement When you click on the link “http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/K53SD/K53SDAS208.zip?_ga=1.202725336.877947409.1460372559” the current BIOS version of your product will automatically download. Extract the downloaded BIOS file from the compressed file to any USB stick. (Make sure that it is Fat 32. If your flash memory is formatted with NTFS format, you should format it again and select Fat32) You should turn off the computer and insert the memory and enter the BIOS screen by pressing the F2 key at boot. Go to the "Advanced" section on the BIOS screen and go to the "Start easy flash" section. You will see our HDD and memory on the left side of the screen that appears. Once you have found the BIOS file, select it with the «ENTER» key and start the upgrade. Do not interfere with the device until the BIOS upgrade is finished. The process will take 2-3 minutes and the device will automatically ... Read more

SSL Certificate setup (Picture Expression)

CPanel & WHM® SSL Certificate setup In order to activate the secure login, ie SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol for your site, you first need to purchase a fixed ip and SSL certificate. If you need to do it yourself, you can easily install it by following the steps below. RSA PRIVATE KEY) If this information is ready, let's start with the step-by-step description. Firstly, we log in to the hosting panel. In the first main window, choose the one that suits you. Server Administration »Tools and Settings Main >> (Service C for Whm onfiguration >> Manage Service SSL Certificates) After opening the window, you should open a section like the one below. Attention: Before starting these processes, you must have an email address in the form of admin@siteadi.tld (eg: admin@emirwebtasarim.com). Therefore, before starting the SSL Certificate setup, if you do not have it, open the mail address and activate it. Cpanel SSL / TLS Manager Cpanel SSL / TLS Management plesk-parallels-ssl-certificate Parallels Plesk SSL Certificate WHM SSL / TLS Manager Creating a Private Key First of all, we start by creating a Private Key. If you do not go by order and start from a different ... Read more

Disable Mysql Strict Mode Error CentOS / WHM / cPanel

Mysql Strict Mode Disable Shutdown Using SSH To fix Whmcs or Disable Mysql Strict Mode error you received while installing a different script, you must have root login and access your server with SSH. Otherwise, you will need to contact your Hosting company and request them to do these operations, since you cannot do these operations. So let's start the operations by assuming you have Vps Hosting, Vds Hosting or Server authorization. First of all, if you are using Windows, you are connecting to your server with terminal using Mac Os or Linux with the help of putty. We copy my.cnf at first. cp -rp /etc/my.cnf /etc/my.cnf.backup cp -rp /usr/my.cnf /usr/my.cnf.backup Then you need to edit the my.cnf file. For this you can use the nano or vi editor . vi /etc/my.cnf or nano /etc/my.cnf We find the [mysqld] section when the file is opened. If not available, pay attention to the road in the first place. If /etc/my.cnf is not correct, you have to add it to the top of the page yourself. We write [mysqld] and write the following on the bottom line. sql_mode = If you use "NO_ZERO_IN_DATE, NO_ZERO_DATE, ERROR_FOR_DIVISION_BY_ZERO, NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER, NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION", first we ... Read more

5 Free Online Tools to Make Great Data Images

Visual images with visual appeal are being used more and more by online marketers every day as they can present complex information directly, interactively, as they are an easy way to massively transmit information to internet users. The popularity of data images has also expanded the creation of these images. Data visuals are no longer made by graphic designers who can only use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. infographic templates If you do not have graphic design skills, you can prepare these stylish and eye-catching data images with professional-level templates. Here are five online tools to create these data graphics that will help you with content marketing, for free. Venngage Venngage free plan comes with a monthly limit on the data visuals you can create. It also offers highly stylish customizable templates, icons and tables. You can also use your own backgrounds and images. Paid Venngage offers you custom templates, themes, icons, and charts for $ 19 per month. Piktochart When you sign up for a free Piktochart account, you can use great templates and icons for your data images in limited amounts. As in Venngage, there is a stamp on data images. There is a small ... Read more

5 Easy Ways to Get Likes on Facebook

Facebook is a powerful tool that small businesses use to increase the attraction of customers, but many companies fail to take full advantage of this advantage. Understanding the best ways to gain likes and applying these methods successfully is the best way to reach wider audiences. As social media becomes more popular, the importance of gathering more fans will increase. Businesses that fail to adapt to this will endanger themselves. Create an informative business page. Your business page is the main thing people will “like” on Facebook and should be impressive for new viewers. Successful pages do this in different ways, such as an attractive definition, engaging with fans, or using successful designs and visuals. Always focus on presenting the purpose of your business page most clearly. If viewers cannot clearly understand what you are offering, their tendency to click the like button will also be low. Get likes from people you know. Getting likes from people you know is one of the easiest ways to increase the popularity of your page; especially in the early stages. As long as your contacts remain a fan of your page, this will also appear in their friends' news feeds, ... Read more

Weebly Mobile Editor - The New Era of Viewing

About a year ago, Weebly announced some important changes in website building systems. With the increasing use of mobile and mobile traffic, the necessity of enabling customers to adjust the changes in small business sites while traveling or drinking coffee has emerged. wp = -weebly One of these major changes were the new Weebly organizer and Weebly mobile organizer apps from Weebly. As you know, website builders are designed for people who do not have technical experience and want to create a website from scratch. Therefore, editors also need to be user-friendly to appeal to non-technical people. What User Friendly Features Are Available? The new interface in the desktop version is much cleaner, lighter and more innovative than the version before 2013. Many new features have been added and the interface has great improvements overall. If you have used an earlier version, the first thing that will catch your attention will be a toolbox (very similar to that in Adobe Photoshop) that goes down the right side of the screen. In the old version, the menu was positioned at the top, a bit old-fashioned, like Microsoft Office style. weebly sidebar This new menu bar features everything ... Read more

Weebly For Photographers - Stand Out From The Crowd

Undoubtedly, we are in the age of website builders working with drag and drop system. For the past few years, even our most incompetent have been able to open their small business to the internet by opening their browser and finding a website builder. The situation is no different for photographers. The difficulties encountered by a photographer are due to the excellent graphics and the need to create a design that stands out from the crowd. What can Weebly offer to this type of customer? What are the things to do for the best quality design? We are about to learn them. Forget Average, Be Privileged The first thing about a photography site is that it contains a lot of visuals. Whether you look at any photography site, whether it's the fonts they use, or the layouts of pages and galleries, you'll see a detail in every corner. weebly Average themes will be great for your standard business model, but if you are looking for something of high quality that really stands out from the crowd, you may also want to look at exclusive themes. You can work on the site that suits you best with a privileged theme, but there is also a design job that you need to work with. Of course, you can ... Read more

Why is it Useful to Use Google Analytics and Weebly Statistics?

We all know that Google is one of the superpowers in the modern world. If you want to be high on Google rankings, you are more likely to choose to use Analytics software to track your website. In today's article, we will evaluate the best of both worlds using Google Analytics and Weebly Statistics to cover all the data you receive and analyze. Let's start today's article and learn more without further delay. First, let's look at what both services offer to website owners. Google Analytics Google covers most of the analysis software, and the best part is that you can get all this information for free. You can see which pages are receiving traffic, where the traffic is coming from, and how long visitors are on specific pages. Why is it Useful to Use Google Analytics and Weebly Statistics? All this information is invaluable to website owners, as they can often help identify problems that cause a visitor to leave the site or not complete the purchase. By evaluating this information, you can improve your site and help transform certain search results pages that improve your company's important image. All of these have a positive effect on how Google sees your site, because having ... Read more

Why Should You Use a Website Builder to Build Your Site?

Since this is one of the most frequently asked questions at this time, we decided to talk about the benefits of using a website builder. Many factors such as your skills, budget and time will affect your decision on this matter. Website Builder After the next 10 minutes, when you have finished reading this article, we want to make sure that you can decide whether a website builder is the best decision for your small business setup. Let's start now… As I said, there are 3 main factors: Your Skills Your Budget Your Fitness Your Skills When most people do not know how to create a website, they think the only solution is to hire a website developer / designer. We know that working with such a person can cost a lot of money, depending on what you want to do and the time spent. your-skill-set There is a way to overcome this situation easily. Working with Website Builders for all novices and beginners allows you to save developer costs, create a site with drag and drop and helpful tutorials. Your Budget Another issue is the budget. Even if you think the only way you can follow is hiring a web developer, you may not have the budget to pay a developer. If you are in such a situation, ... Read more

How to Use a Squarespace Ecommerce Store with Shopify Widgets?

What is this witchcraft and witchcraft we see; Are Squarespace and Shopify working in harmony? Definitely not. Yes, gentlemen and ladies who use Squarespace for their e-commerce needs, you will no longer need to use Stripe as a payment processor, as Shopify is now available as a reliable option. The purpose of today's post is to tell you how to set up a Squarespace e-commerce store using the Shopify widget, and believe it or not, this is a surprisingly easy process. Let's take a look at how to strengthen your online store with Shopify without defrauding the word. Placing Your Products The first thing you need to do is sign up for a Shopify account, when you have access, you will be able to browse the widgets offered by Shopify. “Embed a Shop”, one of these widgets, will allow you to place a Shopify store on your Squarespace e-commerce system. The difference between Shopify and Squarespace is that Shopify offers 70 different successful payment systems. Thanks to these, you will place your products from Shopify to Squarespace. With all this, not everyone has access to Stripe, and it is obvious that what happens is what others want to see. How Do I Place My Store? This is the ... Read more

How to Test a Business Idea? Build Your Own Website!

In today's technology era, you can create a website with almost any idea you can think of. Some may fail in the long run, while others may be worth true jewelery, the worst thing to happen at the end of the day is just to be tried and wrong. If you think you have a great idea for a job, read on… The article today highlights a few reasons why you should not hesitate and take action according to your opinion. The last thing you want to see is to do business successfully, starting with the same idea as you after months. Let's start now… Do Everything in Order You don't need a 5 digit bank account to get an idea moving. Many people have an idea that can start with a budget as low as $ 100 and be evaluated in a way that can exceed one million in the long run. A great way to save money is to use a website builder to get started. A website builder can be easily used by anyone to create a website, and the best part is that you don't have to know HTML. Moreover, you spend much less money than you would pay a web designer to build your site. A website builder lets you see your own work by moving images to a new site, editing the content, and making the site look the way you want it. ... Read more

Shopify Basic and Professional Plan Comparison

If you have decided to use Shopify as a website builder and / or e-commerce solution, the next decision you need to take is to choose one of the basic or professional plans. The issue to be discussed here is why the Pro plan is $ 50 more expensive, although the basic plan seems to offer similar features to the professional plan. shopify In today's article, we will compare these two packages with each other, and talk about what you will get from every plan for your money and how they can help you move your business forward. Some of you will choose the basic plan, some of you will choose the professional plan, our aim is to help you make this choice correctly. What you should now consider is the quality and benefits of all the features and tools you can get for $ 50 along with the professional plan. I use Shopify for one of my personal sites and I must say that the ability to recover the abandoned shopping cart is a true hidden gem. More Abandoned Shopping Cart Many people come to your site to buy something, add items to the shopping cart, and for any reason leave the shopping cart without making the purchase. Sometimes this happens, such as taking children out of school or ... Read more

Mobile Applications and Mobile Websites - Which is Better for Your Business?

"Web or application?" It remains an important question. Individual multi-faceted development activities cause their own specific problems. Still, creating a versatile site and a portable app may not be too problematic. As an entrepreneur, the first thing you need to do is to separate the motivation behind your portable size from business and advertising ideas. By looking at the results of your discoveries, you can find the answer to meet your needs for your portable venture for now and later. What is the Purpose of a Mobile Project? This is the most important question when choosing a portable site and mobile application. Initiatives related to multi-faceted development should be shaped by business objectives. The target may be to change an item that customers can request over the web or to adapt to the development of guest movements that the normal business site cannot do. Whatever the purpose of the business, it must be determined and distinguished before diving into the development and compliance phase. Who is your target audience? Work on people using the business's portable app and how interested they are in your business. While a portable site can be made with any program, ... Read more

A Look at Jimdo's Help and Support Services

Jimdo is known for helping even the most basic computer users to build professional sites with search engine optimization. However, in addition to highly successful pitches, great templates and prices, you should consider the support you will receive. support-center In today's article, we will briefly cover what sets Jimdo's support service apart from others. The sites that offer you worlds are good, but when you encounter a problem, it is difficult to find someone to help you. We think that we wrote this article at the right time, because nowadays they are transferring all existing accounts to a new system and this process will be completed in October 2014. What is good for us is that they have just completed the help center and we are sure you will like it. Fully Equipped Support The first thing that catches my attention is the basics covered by Jimdo Support, you can see that they are completely user oriented from the support center. From easy-to-follow layout to search, subcategories and guides are available for you. Search search If you are looking for a specific answer to a question, the best option is always to search for that answer. The first thing you will encounter ... Read more

Let your phone ring constantly with these home improvement tips

Your homepage is the first thing people who come to your website see and if you want your phones to ring all the time (for more sales) you need to improve it first. internet phone There is a science in improving the homepage for phone calls, but lessons are easy. Follow all these steps, you may need to get a second phone line to keep up with the incoming calls. Logo / Brand Name in the Top Left Corner When someone enters your website, the first thing it looks at is what happens in the top left corner. If there is nothing there, they look in the upper right corner. Take advantage of this first-left view by putting a catchy logo or brand name there, so you can increase brand awareness. wp-logo Please note that not everyone entering your site is ready to call you; To be clear, we can say that this figure is around 47%. In the meantime, if you make the remaining people remember your brand, you will increase the chances of calling you later when they think about it. Phone Number and Call Right Top Right As I mentioned earlier, if there is nothing in the top left corner of your site, people tend to look directly in the top right corner. Put your phone number there with a sentence ... Read more

How To Cope With Social Media Crisis & How To Avoid It?

If you have your own business, you have heard that the use of social media is very important. However, according to Katie Gutwein from kbkcommunications.com, marketers who spend at least six hours on social media have 52% more potential customers than those who don't. wp-facebook Gutwein also found that companies that use Twitter have twice as many potential customers than companies that do not use Twitter. But what happens when something goes wrong with your company's social media initiative? Here are some tips you can use to deal with and avoid this situation. 1. Have a plan ready. To learn how to get through it, don't expect a social media crisis to break out in your company. According to Katie Moffat of Thenextweb.com, it is important to do a brainstorming first: Ask yourself what situations your customers will face if your systems don't work or something goes wrong. After identifying potential problem areas, identify which team members you can contact with in a social media emergency. Make sure everyone in your company has relevant contact information. Moffat recommends taking the time to write the emergency plan and distributing it to the employees. As another prevention ... Read more

If I Can Use A Website Builder, Why Should I Take It Out?

Creating a website to represent your small business online is just one piece of the puzzle. There may be many other areas to consider, and hiring a self-employed person will save you time and money, as well as save you from headaches when trying to learn something. Outsourcing As you can see, there are many sites created by independent workers nowadays, which means you can find many enthusiastic independent workers from UK, USA, Australia, Germany, India and many more. All these people are experts in their chosen fields and have online profiles showing their skills, feedback and more. Why Are Freelancers Good? You built your first website with a website builder, you know how to do SEO, but you want to do some PPC. One option is to spend countless hours to learn PPC and yet lose more money than you will earn, as you will still be the one who started the game all over again. Hiring a professional PPC specialist means that they will get you to work for you, and in most cases the money you pay them returns quickly thanks to their excellent PPC campaigns. The same can be said about another area where the business is based, which will help you use your time efficiently. Although you ... Read more

How to Create an Online Store

Believe it or not, creating an online store is pretty easy. Today we want to talk to you about the best ways to get started, answer some of your questions and explain ways to generate income for yourself or your company. How to build an online store Many people have the idea of ​​creating their own store, and in some success stories, we come across people whose new businesses they set up as additional jobs later turned into full jobs for them. It is a sufficient motivation for those who think about it for themselves. Getting Started… Basics First of all, if you need help creating a store, the first port you should visit should be Squarespace, Weebly or Shopify, which offers both the possibility of creating a website and an e-commerce option you can add to your site. Using a website builder reduces costs and problems, and with a web designer you save time and resources for your own maintenance and updates. Which Website Builder Should I Use? Squarespace Squarespace Squarespace is currently one of my favorite website builder and e-commerce systems. They continue to grow in the market and have recently passed some important checkpoints with an e-commerce feature for your ... Read more

How To Create A Website By Yourself - Should I Use A Website Builder?

When I first entered the online world, there were two different ways to create a website. The first way was to hire a website design and development team, and the second way was to set up your six-quality site with a primitive website builder in a free subdomain. Things have gotten a lot easier these days. How To Build a Website Yourself - Should I Use a Web Builder? You can now register your account for a website builder and look stylish, cool and compatible; you can own sites that are stored by the website builder but use your own domain name. Creating a site is like taking sugar from baby's hand, now let's take a look at the possibilities offered to you. Which Website Builder Should I Prefer? What you should remember here is that each website build appeals to slightly different users. At the complex end, you will find basic systems like WordPress that require you to know some CSS, HTML and even PHP. On the other hand, you will see three big drag and drop systems such as Weebly, Wix and Squarespace. Choosing a website builder should be done based on your skills, time, budget and other needs you want to meet. Question Mark Another example; you may want to create an e-commerce ... Read more

Free Privacy Policy Template - GVKY Compliant

Sometimes "little things" like privacy policies may be overlooked when preparing a website. This "trivial page" is not taken into account when focusing on colors and design. However, since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GVA) has enacted laws, you should pay attention to details such as privacy policy. This is especially important if you are targeting the audience in one or more EU countries. Let's take a quick look at the online privacy policy. Is Privacy Policy Required On My Website? If your website collects data from users, displays ads and / or monitors visitors with analytics tools, it is very likely that your website has a privacy policy. If your business address is within the borders of the EU or you are planning to trade with customers in the EU, you should not only have a privacy policy, but the policy should be GVKY compliant. What Should Be in the Privacy Policy? There are three basic things to consider in the privacy policy: What kind of data you collect How you collect this data Is there any difference in terms of how you store and protect the data? Yes. Personal and non-personal data should be distinguished in privacy policies. The National Institute ... Read more

5 Website Builders for Novice Websites

Having a kind of online presence for yourself or your business has never been more important. Many web platforms have emerged that have become aware of this need to make it easier for people without a web development ability or business experience to create a website for themselves. All you need is a little time, a small budget and 21st century computer skills. However, not all website builders are equal. Some are easier to set up, some require a more challenging learning curve, some have more flexibility and some cost more than others. In this article, we will present you 5 of our personal favorites and help you choose the best one for your needs. Wix Wix's ease of use and quick start-up process is one of its main selling points. It was one of the first platforms of its kind that achieved a popular status and currently has more than 100 million users. Before you choose a template and start designing your site, you just need to provide your basic information and take a short survey. You can even let the artificial intelligence web designer ADI choose a template and application for you based on your answers. Speaking of templates, Wix has the largest collection with over 450 ... Read more

Best Website Builders for Ecommerce Sites

If you have a retailing business these days, you need an online presence. You no longer need to spend thousands of liras hiring professional web developers to create a store for you. With these website builders, you can create your own site with some time, effort and a small budget. To help you decide which platform is best for you, you should consider the following features: Ease of installation Which features are available at which pricing level? Quality of e-commerce templates Let's start with Wix Wix, whether they provide advanced tax, inventory management and shipping tools, and finish with WordPress. Wix is ​​currently one of the most popular website development platforms. It has more than 100 million users because it is a very easy platform to register and use. You are just a registration process and a few questions from choosing your template and customizing your site. Using the Wix builder to personalize your website can be a bit scary for beginners. However, there are many guides and tips to guide you. Once you get used to it, everything will be child's play. With over 450 generic templates and 60 online store templates, there's no problem in design options when ... Read more

How to Set Up a Wix Website for Wedding Announcements

As technology develops in today's modern age, more and more people choose to create websites for weddings. These websites contain almost everything from the weather forecast on your special day to the directions of the wedding venue. It is not only informative, it can also look beautiful. And many couples prefer to create their own wedding website. In this way, they can make small changes quickly if necessary. One of the best ways to create a wedding site for all your information and announcements is to use Wix. This short guide will teach you how to create a Wix website for your wedding announcements. Signing up to Wix and going through the entire website creation process can seem daunting at first glance, read on and create your site without wasting time. Step by Step Guide Creating your own wedding site is not as difficult as you think. Following this guide step by step will provide not only a great website, but also everything you need. The process is fun and can connect with your partner so you can have a nice experience. Sign up for Wix This is the easiest part. Enter your e-mail address and create a password or register using Facebook or Google. Go through the tutorial ... Read more

How to Set Up a Wix Website for Wedding Announcements

As technology develops in today's modern age, more and more people choose to create websites for weddings. These websites contain almost everything from the weather forecast on your special day to the directions of the wedding venue. It is not only informative, it can also look beautiful. And many couples prefer to create their own wedding website. In this way, they can make small changes quickly if necessary. One of the best ways to create a wedding site for all your information and announcements is to use Wix. This short guide will teach you how to create a Wix website for your wedding announcements. Signing up to Wix and going through the entire website creation process can seem daunting at first glance, read on and create your site without wasting time. Step by Step Guide Creating your own wedding site is not as difficult as you think. Following this guide step by step will provide not only a great website, but also everything you need. The process is fun and can connect with your partner so you can have a nice experience. Sign up for Wix This is the easiest part. Enter your e-mail address and create a password or register using Facebook or Google. Go through the tutorial ... Read more

WordPress vs. Weebly

WordPress does not need any promotion. It is often seen as the ancestor of all modern content management systems (CMS) or web development platforms. Compared to WordPress, Weebly's user base seems quite small. However, there are two different platforms, both of which offer excellent services - it is about finding the right one for you. This is where we aim to assist you with this comparison. Setup There is not much to say about Weebly's registration process because it is very fast and painless. You just need to register with your Facebook or Google profile and choose your themes. So much. Then you're ready to start designing your site. Getting started with WordPress takes a little more time than other website development platforms. This is basically because WordPress tries to direct you to buy some products and forces you to enter details like your domain name. However, it is still an uncomplicated and only slightly long recording process. You can then select your template and start creating the content of your site. Ease of use Weebly is an incredibly easy-to-use platform. The drag-and-drop builder and dashboard are extremely intuitive areas that don't have to go through a ... Read more

7 plugins needed by TümWix e-commerce sites in 2020

Wix redefined website development work with simple drag-and-drop website builder plugins. From novices to more experienced website builders, anyone can easily design professional websites and it costs less than hiring a professional web developer from the outside. Anyone who creates an e-commerce site knows that personalizing correctly is crucial to success. Fortunately, Wix has many plugins that you can use to personalize your site and increase demand for your products or services. Wix Makes Things Easier With Its Applications Most websites require you to install various plugins for extra functionality. Wix does this job in a slightly different way. Since Wix's website offers drag-and-drop web creation, it offers easy-to-install apps rather than plug-ins that require HTML knowledge. This is much more cost effective as you will not need a technologist or special training to install extra features on your site. Wix mainly develops applications offered through Wix, but there are also applications created by WixApp Market Partners. You will notice that there are hundreds of apps in Wix. Some are completely free, while others offer a free version with limited functionality. The ... Read more

9 Easy Steps to Create Your Wix Website - 2020 (+ Pictures)

Having a website is an indispensable requirement if you want to live in the digital world and especially attract customers to your business. If you're new to website building and want to create a simple site to showcase your business, skills or ideas, Wix is ​​an excellent choice. Wix is ​​one of the best website creation platforms for both novice and professional website builders. Here is our simple guide that you can follow to create a simple website using the Wix website builder. Step # 1: Know What You Want Before you dive into the Wix website builder, take some time to brainstorm and think about what you expect from your website: What is the purpose of my website? Do you want to help raise awareness or build a platform for your thoughts and ideas? The purpose of your website will affect its design, layout and content. What is my brand? No business is too small to be a brand. Your brand includes the colors you will use, the emotions you want your visitors to feel and the type of service you provide to your customers. Who is my target market? Think about who your ideal visitors are and then design your website to attract this dream person. For example, a website ... Read more

Creating a WixOnline Store in Minutes - 2020 Guide

If you do not sell your products and / or services online, you are missing out on a big market. Did you know that 96% of Americans shop online and about a third buy something at least once a week? However, many businesses often don't have an online store because they think they don't have the right web design skills. This is where Wix comes into play. Wix makes it easy for businesses to open an online store, even without web design or coding knowledge. Using pre-designed templates and a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can run your online store in minutes with Wix. Here is a simple and practical guide to open your Wix online store. Step # 1: Open a Wix Account If you do not already have a Wix account, you will need to open one. Don't worry, it's an easy process. All you have to do is share some basic information and create a username and password. Although Wix invites you to use it for free, you will have to pay a monthly fee for an e-Commerce plan. If you created a Wix website using a different plan, you will need to upgrade to add an online store. Step # 2: Add a Wix Account After signing up for a Wixpremium plan, you can start building your online store. Adding a store to ... Read more

Wix vs. Squarespace

Today, we compare two of the most popular website creation and hosting platforms on the market, Wix and Squarespace. Both platforms offer solutions for everyone, from individual bloggers to private search sites, online stores, and even large businesses. So how does Wix, user friendly and accessible, cope with the bright and sophisticated Squarespace? This is exactly what we are about to learn. Setup You can create a Wix account for free or log in using your Facebook or Google account. Wix has a web design artificial intelligence called ADI, and this artificial intelligence can design a site for you based on your answers to some questions. Thus, you can directly bypass the problems related to installing applications or tools. However, it may be more convenient for you to choose your template yourself. Just enter a name, email and password to create your free account with Squarespace. You can then start building your site right away by selecting a template and entering the site title and description. Ease of Use Ease of use is one of Wix's main selling points. When it comes to customizing your site, learning to use the interface is quick and easy compared to most other ... Read more

Wix and WordPress: Which Site Builder is Better for Beginners

Is it time to prepare a new site? Both Wix and WordPress are quite powerful builders, but which one is the best is not clear at a glance. Whether you want to create a blog, business, hobby or a different type of site, either can be better for you. I tested both platforms for you for hours. I will explain which one is most suitable for you according to the type of site you want to prepare in a very easy to understand way. You can reach the result with two options. But you will find out which one will be faster and more practical for yourself. Take a look at this review and save time in the long run. Do You Prefer a Visual Site Builder to Manage Your Site? The approach of WordPress and Wix to site construction is different. Wix offers you two different editors. Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is designed to be as simple as possible and is generally for extremely simple sites. The Classic Wix Editor gives you more control and is comparable to WordPress. In this review, we will consider the classic editor. Both ADI and the classic editor have a visual approach to site customizations. In the classic editor you will see which page you are working on and your menu options are ... Read more

How to Build a Free Website on Wix

There are many good reasons why Wix is ​​the most popular and widely used among existing website builders. Price plans are reasonable, there is a wide variety of templates and plugins to choose from, they are easy to use, and offer a generous free plan. With the free plan, you can: With all the features of the Wix website builder, your website can be fully customized. You can choose any of Wix's over 450 templates. You can choose any free application or buy premium applications. It can offer your website 24/7. You can upgrade your free plan to the premium plan at any time. You can create your free Wix website as follows: Create Your Free Wix Account Go to Wix.com and easily create your account by entering your email and password. You can then immediately start creating your website. Let Wix Help You Create Your Website One of the most unique features of Wix is ​​ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) that builds a website based on the answers you provide. You can let it do it, or you can do it yourself. Either way, you have to tell Wix what type of website you want, how to use it, and what experience you have. If you take the ADI approach, there will be a longer form to ... Read more

How to Create a Wix Website to Showcase Your Portfolio

Design 3 Step 2: Think Content Every web page of your portfolio should have interesting content that will make your visitor love you even more. Use Wix's user-friendly editor to make pages one by one. Since you create a portfolio, you will not need much pages, and it is better to keep them simple. Below you will find some web pages with content that you may want to put. And if you want to add more, that won't be a problem either; making your whole event creativity shine. Home This is where your new visitor will get the first impression of you, so watch out. Your homepage is the most important page on your entire portfolio website, it should be as creative as possible. Now is the time to show everyone how great your work is. Try to keep this website as minimalist as possible; do not overwhelm the text completely. Just welcome the visitor to your website and introduce yourself briefly. Be informative, but also personal. This will help your SEO and ranking on Google. And if you like it, Wix also has a functionality widget that you can buy to help move your ranking up. About If you only added a few personal information to your homepage, the About section should be what you want to ... Read more

How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Ten years ago, if you listened to David Platt, Seth Porges, Steve Ballme, and many other skeptics, you would never have guessed that smartphones would fly. But it was so! As stated by TIME, Americans have their smartphones under full control, shockingly 8 BILLION times a day. If you want to hit a lower number, an average consumer checks his phone approximately every 12 minutes, or approximately 80 times a day. This is not only an astonishing number, but also funny. But as a business owner, we also don't need to mention that there is a valuable indicator for a potential customer base - a resourceful way to optimize your website to better appeal to your audience. This is true; We are talking about making mobile-friendly websites so that your customers will be on the top of their to-do list as your customers browse the internet from their useful mobile devices. Here you can find ways to make your website more mobile-friendly, so your customers will visit it again and again. A Quick Look at Numbers But first, you need to understand how important it is for your business to have a mobile-friendly website. A brief overview of current statistics (as explained by OuterBox) will help you ... Read more

Website vs Website - Is there a difference?

If you are new (or not even new) to the beautiful online world, you may be making a frequent expression error. If you use web site and website words interchangeably, you fall into one of the most frequently misunderstood word games in modern English language. Although they may seem like the same thing to a beginner, there are worlds difference between the two words, and when you learn what it is, why do you want to separate them you will understand that it is so important. Hold my hand, and let's walk together from this short but vital vocabulary lesson. So, what's the shuffle? Because the website and the website indicate the relevant functionality - or perhaps because both start with the “internet” - it can be understood why you sometimes confuse these two terms. But now you know that there is a difference between these two. So what is this? In fact, this is simpler than you think… Web page Do you remember the books? Before the internet exploded, books were the most popular way to read content. Every time you turned a page, you were digesting new material from that page. Each page had its own presence. So a book page is like a web page: a page with information. If we say ... Read more

6 Best (Really Free) Website Builders for Photography Websites in 2020

Painting is everything, and it is not just a photography word. When you post photos online, you really want them to connect with your followers. One of the best ways to do this is by designing a deadly website. Of course, there are many options out there to design your website, and choosing one can be difficult. Learn more about some of the best website builders and what they can offer your photography website. Wix Wix is ​​famous for its website design with clicks and offers many features to assist photographers. Some of these are: Image and video backgrounds Personalized domain Contact form SEO tools 40+ gallery design Wix also offers pre-configured photography-themed website templates with a wide variety of designs. Moreover, they provide a variety of social media tools to help you share your photos with the world. To improve the user experience, visit the App store to see a wide selection of tools such as Image Zoom, FlipBook, and more. One feature you'll like is that you can activate Page Protection, which prevents others from downloading your gallery. There is also a Right Key Protection app that prevents visitors from downloading photos. However, there are a few ... Read more

6 Best (Really Free) Website Builders to Show Your Resume

If you plan to put your CV on the internet, then you are one step ahead of the average job seeker. Almost 80% of jobseekers do not have an online resume, which makes them very disadvantageous when looking for jobs online. Of course, one of the biggest challenges of putting your resume on the internet is choosing the right website builder. Luckily, the best website builders will give you the tools you need to create a professional resume site that will help you settle into your next job. Wix You probably already know that Wix is ​​famous for its drag and drop website builder, but what many don't know is that Wix offers a wide range of templates for creating online resumes and portfolios. Some of the following features will really get you one step ahead of the others: Customizable galleries Embed video Social media sharing ShoutOut Email messaging Wix also offers a variety of apps to help you design your resume website. Instant Resume application will help you create your HTML5 resume with features that can be transferred from Facebook and Linkedin. 6 Best (Really Free) Website Builder to Show Your Resume Most of the Wix plans will help you build a solid standard resume. If I ... Read more

How to Create a Free Blog on WordPress (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Congratulations! How long you know you are one step closer to the WordPress blog you have planned to do (haha, we all went through these ways). In this article, you will learn the steps to create and launch your blog. Step 1: Create Your WordPress Account Go to the WordPress website and click Get Started. You will be asked to fill in a few pieces of information about what you plan to do about your blog. This will help the system offer the best options for you. How to Create a Free Blog on WordPress (Step-by-Step Instructions) If you already have a domain name, go ahead and add it right away. If not, GoDaddy, HostGator, etc. You can buy domains from many reputable domain name providers like. How to Make a Free Blog in WordPress (Step-by-Step Instructions) It would be best to place your blog in its own space, unlike the WordPress subdomain. In this way, your content belongs to you, it looks more professional, and it is easier for your visitors to remember your URL. If you're not ready to do this right away, you can always go back to this step by upgrading. How to Create a Free Blog on WordPress (Step-by-Step Instructions) Choose the plan that's right for you. (Keep in mind that ... Read more

How to Create a Free Blog on WordPress (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Congratulations! How long you know you are one step closer to the WordPress blog you have planned to do (haha, we all went through these ways). In this article, you will learn the steps to create and launch your blog. Step 1: Create Your WordPress Account Go to the WordPress website and click Get Started. You will be asked to fill in a few pieces of information about what you plan to do about your blog. This will help the system offer the best options for you. How to Create a Free Blog on WordPress (Step-by-Step Instructions) If you already have a domain name, go ahead and add it right away. If not, GoDaddy, HostGator, etc. You can buy domains from many reputable domain name providers like. How to Make a Free Blog in WordPress (Step-by-Step Instructions) It would be best to place your blog in its own space, unlike the WordPress subdomain. In this way, your content belongs to you, it looks more professional, and it is easier for your visitors to remember your URL. If you're not ready to do this right away, you can always go back to this step by upgrading. How to Create a Free Blog on WordPress (Step-by-Step Instructions) Choose the plan that's right for you. (Keep in mind that ... Read more

Wix E-Commerce Review - Is It Worth Trying By 2020

Many know Wix because it offers online websites that are easily available, but most do not think of it for e-commerce websites. This is pretty bad because it offers a wide variety of tools to help online business owners start and develop their online stores. Believing what you see on TV and online, you may think that the e-commerce website with Wix will be minimalist or will not include features offered on websites such as Shopify. However, this is not the case. Wix offers all the features you can find in many popular e-commerce website builders with functionality you won't find elsewhere. What Wix E-Commerce Plan Brings You Wix offers two plans with e-commerce functionality: E-commerce, and VIP. Both E-commerce and VIP programs allow you to operate your online store with unlimited bandwidth and the following features: 20GB Storage $ 300 advertising coupon Website booster application Form builder application No commission in sales The main difference between the two plans is in VIP, VIP customer support, other plans The primary answer is that it is a one-time professional website review. Wix E-Commerce Review - Is It Worth Trying By 2020 Wix offers a wide range of e-commerce ... Read more

Free 5 E-commerce Website Builders: What is the BEST Choice?

Many enthusiastic online entrepreneurs have fantastic ideas for e-commerce stores, but couldn't take the risk because of the cost of creating an e-commerce website. Fortunately, some of the best website builders offer you the opportunity to develop free e-commerce websites. In most cases, these websites can be installed absolutely without technical knowledge and come with the necessary tools to help you get your products online quickly. Why do these founders offer e-commerce websites for free? Enthusiastic internet gives business owners the option to upgrade their plans to expand their business, while offering a way to enable test driving of websites. Shopify Shopify is one of the best-known e-commerce website builders that allows you to create a website without the need for design knowledge, thanks to a customizable templates library. Note that Shopify offers only a 14-day free trial instead of a "lifetime free" website. A Shopify store allows you to sell and accepts payments both live and online, with fully automated payment and shipping services combined with your website. With the basic plan, you get the following features: Unlimited storage Unlimited product Shopify ... Read more

Top 6 (Really Free) Website Builders for Boutique Website in 2020

You have a great business plan and a keen eye for your niche. Now, everything you need is an attractive boutique website to market your products to the world. Numerous website builders around can help you build your boutique, so choosing the best one can be challenging. The best website builders will bring you the complete solution to get your products online and market your products to your customers in your region or around the world. They should have the features you need for making an attractive website, but also a successful web store for the features you need for your business. Wix If you plan to host a boutique website in Wix, you will have a lot of options to create it. Additional Wix to Wix's proprietary drag and drop editor offers a selection of boutique templates. Whether it is a flower boutique, a fashion boutique or a luxury and expensive jewelery boutique, you can find a template that suits your needs. Setting up a boutique website via Wix offers you all the following features: 20GB storage Unlimited bandwidth $ 300 Website booster and form builder apps in advertising coupons Also, Wix offers a wide variety of apps to help you add features to your website and ... Read more

2020’de Restoranlar için En İyi 6 İnternet Sitesi Kurucusu (Gerçekten Ücretsiz)

If you run a restaurant, you know that it can be a big challenge. Up to 75% of the restaurants fail in the first five years of work. Therefore, it is very important to create a customer base as early as possible and provide value-added services to your customers that they cannot find anywhere else. A restaurant website is the perfect tool for not only advertising your business, but also for creating orders and reservations. By using one of the best website builders to create your restaurant website, you enable your customers to find your business, get information about your menu, and even order or book online. Wix Wix may have seen many of its online and TV ads, but you may not know that it boasts a wide range of tools to help make your restaurant online. Extensive template libraries host various restaurant templates optimized for mobile devices and include ShoutOut email marketing and Google Analytics. Wix's Application Market covers a variety of useful tools for restaurant operators, including: Restaurant Social Bar Online Business Card Wix Restaurant Menus What is better than the Ready-to-Use Restaurant templates and useful applications? How about a complete restaurant ... Read more

Top 6 (Really Free) Website Builders for Small Businesses in 2020

You already know that image is everything in the business world. Therefore, it is very important to create a website that fully reflects your company's vision for online success. Since there are many website builders, it is difficult to find out which tools will help your business success. The best website builders are the ones that will empower you not only by doing your business online with a wide range of features, but also by marketing and selling your products or services to customers anywhere in the world or locally. Wix Wix allows you to create your awesome business website using either a drag and drop builder or an extensive library of templates with a wide range of business themed templates. Wix offers the following features for business websites: Wix contact form Search bar ShoutOut Email Marketing Acquire subscribers' mailing list Customer feedback SEO tools Wix Application Market helps you grow your business by personalizing your website with tools. Here are some examples: Wix Bookings - Allows customers to set up appointments on your website Moovit - Gives your customers directions about your business, including alternative routes MightyCall Toll-Free - Customers ... Read more

6 Best (Really Free) Website Builders for Wedding Invitation in 2020

You're getting married! Congratulations! Now is the time to be aware of the world about your big day. If you are like most of today, you would like to organize a very nice wedding announcement website. Thus, people can easily access all the information about your ceremony. Of course, there are many places where you can set up your website, so which one is the best? The best website builder allows you to create an amazing wedding announcement website, equipped with all the necessary tools and features to inform your guests about your big day and provide the necessary information to plan ahead. Wix Wix gives you a couple of options to create a very nice online wedding announcement. You can create your own website or use one of the preconfigured wedding or celebration templates using proprietary drag and drop installers. In fact, Wix has a large number of websites dedicated to helping you design the wedding announcement page. Examples of available templates are Upcoming Weddings, Floral Pattern Wedding Invitation, and Wedding LCV. If you choose to set up your web page, you can add apps from the App Market to personalize it. Wix Events helps create and plan your wedding Wix Photo ... Read more

Wix Alternatives: BEST 5 (Free & Paid) Competitors of Wix

In 2017, Wix exceeded its target of 100-million users, definitely positioning itself as one of the most popular website management platforms. You may think that you have the best (and only) option with all the promotion and attention. This is not really so. In fact, there are so many platforms they have something special to offer on the market and it's worth looking at. Here are some of the best website builders that serve as a good alternative to Wix. Why should alternative be found to Wix? Do not get me wrong; Wix is ​​truly a fantastic platform. It is relatively easy to use once you grasp it. Wix provides powerful apps on the App Market and offer very reasonable prices. However, not every platform is for everyone, and in some cases you may find that another platform is more suitable for you for the following reasons: E-commerce. Although Wix has online store plans, this is not his strongest team. There are other platforms focused on online sales, and they offer more advanced features, especially when it comes to physical store and shipping integration. It's easy to use. Wix isn't completely difficult to use, but there are some platforms that make the process of creating ... Read more

WooCommerce Alternatives: 5 Best (Easy to Use) Options

As a team, WooCommerce and WordPress invented the most popular e-commerce solution on the Internet. Together, these two are responsible for about 42% of online stores or e-commerce websites. Despite this popularity, WooCommerce is definitely not for everyone. In this article, we will discuss why and present some of the other best website builders that can be used as an alternative. Why would you use an alternative to WooCommerce? As I look at real platforms that can be used as an alternative to WooCommerce, I will highlight the individual qualities that make them better. Since WooCommerce is a self-contained plugin for WordPress, there are a few "non-norm" shortcomings that can cause you to look at other platforms: WordPress-dependent. As a WordPress plugin, you need to install WordPress software and create your website (or online store) using this content management system (CMS). With self-hosting WordPress, your hosting solution as well as the space to work in harmony with it, SSL certificate, etc. You need to set all the extras like. Yes, WordPress and WooCommerce are actually free. However, in order to create a serious website, you have to bear several costs (those related ... Read more

Alternatives to WordPress: Top 5 (Ease of Use) Options

WordPress is popular - you cannot deny it. It works on more than 25% of the world's websites. However, if you are trying to run a personal website, you will find that WordPress is not the most user-friendly or absolutely affordable. Using the platform, you need to learn how to code. At the same time, whenever you need a new feature, you need to go through the process of installing a new plugin. At the same time, online businesses have learned the difficult side of WooCommerce, the e-commerce plugin for WordPress is not as "free" as they claim. Of course, the basic platform is free, but you have to pay to use certain tools, and these fees are usually single license fees for each website you host. For these reasons, most webmasters prefer WordPress alternatives to avoid hassle and savings for websites. Fortunately, the best website builders offer viable alternatives. You may already know that Wix Wix is ​​the popular drag and drop builder. Even this alone makes it easier to use than WordPress.com. But do you know that Wix offers more than 570 templates for free? The Free and Personal plans on WordPress.com offer only a few dozen templates, and many are only suitable for ... Read more

Wix ADI versus Wix Editor - Design, Features, Usability Comparison

One of the completely unique features of Wix is ​​its artificial design intelligence, ADI. For users who are new to setting up their own websites and don't know where to start, or those who find most founders too complicated, having an AI that installs an website tailored to their needs may seem like a dream. Still, even with such a great website editor tool, many of you may probably be wondering how ADI is compared to setting up a website using Wix Editor. This is a good question. Key elements to consider for most users will be: Design and flexibility Ease of use Applications SEO Let's look at how these two are compared, so we can determine which one provides the best experience for you. Wix Editor versus Wix Editor Wix Editor allows you to create and manage web pages; to personalize these web pages by placing, adding, deleting and changing the settings of the elements; and Wix's classic website building tool that allows you to handle all aspects of your website. It is a very detailed drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to do everything that any website builder does. In fact, most people start with a template, although you can build a website from a completely ... Read more

Elementor Review: Can I Really Build a WordPress Website By Myself?

It is not surprising that you consider building your website using WordPress. There are over 75 million online websites currently using this platform, and this number is growing every day. This is 25% of websites worldwide. WordPress websites are popular due to the number of constantly growing templates and snippets that help you create very nice websites. Yet WordPress isn't always the easiest to use platform for, especially for those who are new to web design. Fortunately, we facilitate balancing the playing field of the car appeared a few years ago and WordPress website design significantly. Elementor is one of the most powerful WordPress website builders on the market today, giving website owners the ability to create a WordPress website without writing or modifying a single line of code. What Is Important About Elementor? While WordPress is a popular website builder, it is far from the easiest. Although it is much easier than a website built by embedding the code directly into the program, you still need to either embed the code directly into the program or customize many design elements. This takes most novices away and website builders like Wix and SimpleSite continue to ... Read more

Best Website Hosting for WordPress

According to Forbes, WordPress has been used by over 60 million websites, including 0.6% of the top 10 million websites. Today, it is worth saying that WordPress is the most popular website management system in the world. To use it, WordPress must be installed either on the web server as part of an internet hosting service such as WordPress.com, or on a computer running the software package from WordPress.org to serve as a network hosting itself. This means that the hosting service that runs the WordPress installation is one of the main factors for the success of your website. When choosing one, keep these important factors in mind. Speed ​​- or "load time" Service time - should be at least 99.94% Customer support - To help you with your WordPress questions. How do you choose the best one among the many WordPress hosting suppliers for you? The top five WordPress hosting suppliers are - they are not listed in a specific order. A2 Hosting Established in 2003, A2 is one of the oldest web hosting suppliers in the world. Various hosting services are said to be one of the fastest and most reliable suppliers as follows: Blog hosting CRM hosting Managed hosting Ecommerce hosting ... Read more

Top 6 (Really Free) Real Estate Website Builders

The outdated method of selling real estate is no longer useful. House buyers want instant information and access to your records even at 3am. Therefore, it is very important to have a real estate website that will contribute to your business. Of course, most real estate companies don't have staff to set up a website, so it's important to find a website builder that is easy to use and has features that will contribute to your business. Fortunately for you, the best website builders give you the tools to set up and contribute to your real estate business. One reason Wix remains popular is that it offers a wide variety of features for most websites or businesses, including real estate agencies and companies. Designed specifically for real estate, it contains more than 14 excellent templates to choose from, more than most of the founders on this list. Using just templates, you have most of the features you will need to show your work and records, including photo and record portfolios, contact websites, Google Maps integration, social media integration and more. If you want more control, you can set up your website from scratch using drag and drop website builder. At the same time, ... Read more

Top 5 Real Estate Website Templates for Your Real Estate Company or Agency

As a real estate agent, it is very important to help people find the perfect house and make the right impression. In today's digital age, many home buyers seek help from the web to find their next home. The more information they find on their online home list, the more likely they are to contact you to see the homes. Therefore, it is necessary to build a quality real estate website that can adequately display your listings and help create potential customers. Fortunately, many website building platforms allow you to set up your real estate website for free and offer affordable hosting, where you can decide for an upgrade. Wix Wix offers mobile perfectly optimized multiple templates for real estate and related jobs like construction companies, architecture companies and even interior design companies. What I like about real estate templates is that you can set up your website with everything you need to show appointments, keep potential customers in touch with you about lists, and even book an appointment to visit homes. Two of the best template options in Wix are the Real Estate Company template and the Property Group template. The Real Estate Company template is set up to show ... Read more

TemplateMonster Review - Best Themes for WordPress

TemplateMonster is one of the most varied offering to buy themes to create a website especially on WordPress. But does it suit you? Is it easy to find a good theme? Is it good quality? Is pricing reasonable? I am sure that you will want to know the answers to all these questions before investing time and money on TemplateMonster's themes. I have created dozens of WordPress websites for years and bought themes from many sources, including TemplateMonster. Here I will show you what TemplateMonster offers and how it compares to other options. If you decide to work with TemplateMonster, you will probably be their customer for many years to come. So read the review carefully and make sure it is the right choice for you. Start Today With TemplateMonster >> How Easy Is It To Find The Theme You Like? TemplateMonster has over 2,100 WordPress themes. Since TemplateMonster has plenty of filters and search options, you don't need to spend hours finding a theme you like. First of all, all themes are divided into categories (eg Animals, design, fashion, medical, etc.). TemplateMonster Review - The Best Themes for WordPress-image1 If you are looking for themes designed for a particular ... Read more

How to Cancel Your Hostinger Account and Get a Refund?

If you want to learn more about Hostinger and the refund policy before signing up, read on and sign up to Hostinger here when you're ready. Hostinger is a web hosting service that has a lot to offer, but the truth is that no hosting service can be the only solution for everyone. For example, the setup and installation tool is very complex, so the provider may not be suitable for you, or you may be constantly experiencing problems and want to switch to a better provider. If you decide you want to leave after registering with Hostinger, the service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. We have canceled our Hostinger account and now we will walk you through the process. If you're looking for an alternative to Hostinger, check out our in-depth review of Inmotion Hosting. Canceling Your Hostinger Shared Web Hosting Account You can cancel your Hostinger account directly from cPanel. First, log into your account and click on the 'Hosting' tab at the top of the screen. Next, go to the "Other" section at the bottom of the screen and click "Disable Account". How to Cancel Your Account with Hostinger and Get a Refund-image1 Hostinger will remind you that your account will be disabled and ... Read more

How to Connect a Domaine and Install WordPress on Hostinger?

Hostinger made its name known in the early 2000s with a simple and free website hosting service. Since then, it has become one of the best full-scale website hosting services in the world. One of the most challenging processes of creating a new website is to connect a domain and install WordPress, but don't worry - Hostinger offers simple, beginner-friendly tools that make this process easy. I will guide you through the process of linking your domain and installing WordPress so you can go online as quickly as possible. To learn more about Hostinger's shared web hosting services, check out our comprehensive review. Linking Your Domain The first step to setting up your website is to connect your domain. If you do not have a domain, Hostinger allows you to sign up for a domain on their site. If you sign up for the annual Premium or Business plan, you can have a free domain. I had to buy a domain name for my hosting needs, since I registered on a three-month plan. If you forgot to sign up to your domain while signing up for the service, no problem! Just do what I do. Start by logging into your Hostinger account and click on the 'Domains' section at the top of the screen. This will ... Read more

How to Create a New Account with Hostinger?

Hostinger has been offering web hosting services since 2004. Hostinger, originally a free host, later became one of the world's leading paid providers, with over 29 million customers. Today, you will learn how to open a new account with Hostinger. Do not worry; we will guide you through the whole process. Check out our detailed review to learn more about Hostinger. Creating a New Account Hostinger offers shared web hosting service, cloud hosting service and VPS hosting service. We will sign up for Hostinger's shared hosting service. Creating a new account with Hostinger is simple and can be completed in less than ten minutes. Go to the Hostinger website. You will see the plans on the main page: Single Shared Hosting, Premium Shared Hosting and Business Shared Hosting. I chose Single Shared Hosting. Click the 'Get Started' button to begin the process. How to Create a New Account with Hostinger-image1 The first step is to create your account. You can do this in two ways: To create an account, you can enter your name, email address and password, or log in using your Facebook, Github or Google + credentials. How to Create a New Account with Hostinger-image2 After registering or ... Read more

How to Cancel and Refund Your SiteGround Account

If you want to learn more about SiteGround and return policy before signing up, read on. When you're ready, sign up for SiteGround here. SiteGround has been one of the first names that come to mind in the hosting industry that has been managed for quite some time up to now. It is known for its great technical support and developer-oriented features, but it's not the right host for everyone. If you are looking for something more beginner-friendly, you can take advantage of SiteGround's 30-day money back guarantee and look for a different option. In this step-by-step guide, I will show you how to cancel your hosting account and get your refund. If you're going to cancel your SiteGround account for the reasons I mentioned above, then Flywheel is a great alternative to keep in mind. Cancel Your SiteGround Account Step by Step I have some good news for you. You can now cancel your SiteGround account automatically with the step-by-step wizard - no strange phone calls or chats are required. Get started by going to the Support tab on your hosting board. Skip all the recommended articles and scroll down to the page, and click on the link that says “Continue here to contact us”. How ... Read more

How to Create a New Account on SiteGround

SiteGround is a popular choice for managed WordPress hosting, which comes with attractive promotional prices and impressive features. The company offers a variety of plans for all levels of users, from experienced developers to the latest novices. I wanted to see if the registration process was also beginner-friendly. Spoiler Alert! My registration was not as smooth as I expected. Read on to see why. I will tell you the whole process step by step. Check out my entire SiteGround review to see if SiteGround is worth this problem. How to Create a New Account with SiteGround I decided to sign up for one of SiteGround's WordPress plans. There were three options on the WordPress Hosting page, and you can click 'Compare WordPress Plans' below for full feature comparison. Note the differences between 'Special Prices' and normal prices. How to Create a New Account with SiteGround-image1 After selecting a plan, click on the 'Get Plan' button to continue to the next step. Here you can enter a field you already own or register a new one (keep in mind that the price may vary depending on the extension you choose). Unfortunately, SiteGround does not offer free space in its plans. How to ... Read more

Canceling an InMotion Account and Getting a Refund

If you want to learn about InMotion Hosting and return policy, keep reading, but when you are ready, sign up to InMotion here. If you have read my in-depth InMotion Hosting review, you know that the giant service provider offers excellent performance, support and features. Unfortunately, InMotion's slightly technical Account Management Panel (AMP) does not offer exceptional user experience. If you are not familiar with or like cPanel, this may not be the right service provider for you. Fortunately, there are many different options on the market. If you are looking for a user-friendly and fun panel, I recommend GoDaddy. Before changing the hosting service, you need to close your InMotion account and get your payment back with a money-back guarantee. In this article, I will explain how the process works. Depending on your Account Cancellation and Refund Plan, you may be subject to a 30 or 90 day money back guarantee. If you purchased WordPress hosting service, you can get a refund for 90 days. If you have spent this time, all you can do is cancel the automatic renewal. There is no button to automatically cancel your account. You need to connect to the customer representative. ... Read more

Creating a New Account in InMotion

InMotion Hosting is one of the best-known hosting service providers, it has been on the market since 2001 and has more than 300,000 active domain names on its servers. On the company's website, you can find information on all business reviews, performance, support and hosting infrastructure. However, one of their claims is how fast it is to sign up for their services. There seems to be a valid reason for this claim. Sometimes you need to quickly access the hosting service. You want to put your website on air within a certain period of time. That's why I wanted to try how fast to open an account with InMotion Hosting. While doing this, I generally tested the service of InMotion Hosting. You can find my experience in in-depth InMotion Hosting evaluation. Create a New Account Step by Step To get started, go to InMotion's pricing page. You will find that there are quite a lot of managed WordPress plans. Note that the prices you see are discounted prices offered on two or three year subscriptions (may vary depending on your location). When you hover the cursor over the Buy Now button, you will see boxes showing other pricing options. Unfortunately, you can get a monthly subscription ... Read more

How to Connect Domain and How to Install WordPress on iPage

iPage has a long history of providing hosting services primarily to customers with relatively simple hosting needs. Therefore, I expected that it would be simple to set up my host by linking a domain and installing WordPress. Let's see if I was right about how easy it was. First of all, I suggest you read my iPage review and read How to Create a New Account in iPage if you haven't already done so. Don't forget to come back here when you're done. Are you still with me? Good, because now you can read my experience of linking and installing WordPress on iPage. And as a bonus, I will look at how to install a CDN. Installing WordPress When you create your iPage account, you will be presented with the following page directing you to enter where you want WordPress to be installed (in the field you specify). The domain will be the domain you purchased by default or want to be moved in the startup record: How to Connect a Domain and Install WordPress on iPage-image1 Now the installation and configuration of WordPress has begun. It took less than a minute to complete and finally I got the following email confirming my new WordPress website: How to Connect a Domain and Install WordPress ... Read more

Creating a New Account with iPage

Although not as well known as “big names” like InMotion Hosting and GoDaddy, iPage is not new to the hosting industry. It offers a wide variety of hosting products for customers who are new to the market in general. So I hoped to be able to make a simple entry that doesn't scare customers and confuse them. Let's see if my expectations match my experience. Lets start. If you want to know if this service is for you, read my iPage review before starting the process of creating a hosting account with me. Don't forget to come here when you're done. Lets continue. Now you will learn about all the good, bad and ugly aspects of creating an account with iPage. Creating a New Account First you need to decide which plan you want. This phase was easy for me as only two WordPress plans were offered. I chose the "recommended" WP Essential plan instead of the WP Starter plan. As with most hosting sign-ups, you have to choose between buying a new domain name or moving the old one. The simple interface makes it easy to search and add the domain name you want. It is also clearly stated that the domain name comes free of charge. How to Create a New Account with iPage-image1 In the second ... Read more

Best Wix Landing Page Templates of 2020

Need a landing page? The best of your current options may be Wix. With it, you can create a fully functional and free landing page. There are dozens of landing pages in the Wix template gallery under two different categories: Coming Soon and Promotion Page. You can easily find the purpose you want. Since all Wix templates are fully customizable, you can choose one you like and arrange it the way you want it to reflect your brand. However, some templates are better quality than others. For this reason, we have prepared this list of the best designs to increase your return rate. Are you ready? Lets start. ‌ CREATE A FREE WIX PAGE IMMEDIATELY # 1: The Best Wix Landing Page Templates of Product Landing Page 2020 The following elements that look clean and plain make the following page template ideal to promote a single product or product type: Bold Color Palette: Indeterminate gray background, It creates a wonderful contrast with the dark front font. The white background of colorful product images is perfect for highlighting. Catchy Title: The short and striking three-word title attracts the visitor's attention and encourages them to read more. Simple Layout: The design of the ... Read more

Top 5 WordpPress Landing Page Plugins of 2020

What is the best way to improve the performance of your WordPress landing page? Of course, plugins that take into account both function and design. We have identified five of them. They differ in terms of their features, Unique Point of Sale (BSN) and price. Your right choice targets will differ according to your sector and audience. Managed WordPress Hosting Makes Your Life Easier You want to drive traffic to your landing page and increase your return rates. You don't want to spend hours finding the best server configurations or security settings. We understand that. Fortunately, you can focus on your core business with managed WordPress Hosting. A very popular host like WP Engine will get you out of all the hard work like daily backups and plug-in updates. It is not surprising that he received such good comments. Since you will have plenty of storage and bandwidth, you do not have to worry that your site will lose performance at the most important moment. It also has additional benefits such as a global CDN that boosts your upload speeds and a free SSL certificate that will prevent your visitors from worrying about entering their information on the registration form. START ... Read more

GRAMMARLY - Spelling and Grammar Reviewer [FREE APPLICATION]

When writing text in English, you use the spelling and grammar check of Microsoft Word before submitting the document. Isn't that enough? Unfortunately, it is not so. It doesn't even go beyond being enough. Word is not designed to ensure your complete safety of spelling and grammar mistakes. I learned this with a bitter experience. I will not go into details, but I made an embarrassing mistake in an article I wrote. Microsoft Word never told me about it. Because the word was not misspelled, it was only used incorrectly. So we did not notice the error until the article went live. It was not a good day for me. Even small mistakes can make a bad impression, especially if English is not your native language. People make assumptions about you based on your writing style. These even include job documents, resumes, emails, school assignments, social media posts, and online matchmaking profiles. A simple typo can even cause material damage. Click here to read our full report. You need a tool that not only finds errors, but also improves your English by teaching you. Although I have a successful writing career, I make many spelling mistakes. A few years ago, I started using Grammarly to ... Read more

Top 20 Shared Hosting Providers of 2020 - Big Brands Are Not Better

Whether you want to start your own blog or set up a website for your business, shared hosting is the most affordable hosting option available. You can host your website for as little as $ 1 per month and even get extra benefits such as website builder or app installer with a click. Despite this, shared hosting is not always the perfect solution. If there is a sudden increase in traffic on the other site on the shared server, the speed and performance of your website may be affected. Not only that, the other site's security breach could jump to your part of the server and we can't even tell you what problems they might have. For these reasons, you will want to make sure that you have registered for the correct hosting. Someone who takes your business seriously, not just compressing your site to a crashed, overfilled server. We have tested dozens of shared hosting providers and now we are here to help you choose the best one for your specific needs. Shared Hosting Providers: Our Top Picks WP Engine - Professionally managed WordPress hosting plans Hostinger - Incredible packages for incredible prices InMotion Hosting - Advanced features for professional users iPage - Unlimited ... Read more

Top 5 Windows VPS Hosting - Big Brands Are Not Always Better 2020

So you're ready for Windows VPS! This powerful hosting solution can provide you with sufficient resources and powerful features, including easy remote access and the common Windows GUI. Is there a problem? For starters, some hosts offer Windows Server 2016, the newer server operating system, while others only provide older versions. Some companies are far behind and provide the 2003 version. In addition, each company defines the "managed" slightly differently. And then of course licenses. Windows hosting requires a license for everything from the control panel to the databases. Do not take unnecessary risks. Read on to find out which Windows VPS company has the best offer and which one is right for you. Our Best Windows Hosting Choices Hostinger - Superb popular hosting service that provides four good Windows VPS formatting to choose from Liquid Web - A high quality real experience that offers the best virtual machines with a bunch of useful and interesting extra features Hostwinds - Fully customizable from simple to fully managed, gives you exactly what you need InterServer - An American company serving US customers and visitors with a wide variety of powerful VPS formats - ... Read more

Top 5 (Really) Free Web Hosting Services (2020 UPDATE)

You are ready to launch your first website, but your site needs a good slot first. Good nests come in many different shapes and sizes, but now before searching for a long-term hosting plan, perhaps you're looking for a temporary space. Free hosting is a great place to start. There are so many hosting solutions that are completely free and some are very limited in terms of what they offer, while others are generous. Some offer paid extra options such as email or technical support. You need to be careful when searching for a free web host. Some free hosting will fill your website with advertisements, although it may seem free. Other limitations may include limited storage, slower speeds, and performance issues. The last thing you will want is a website that is often not available due to interruptions. It even tries to reduce costs by compromising your security with some free hosting, low-quality servers or software that does not meet today's conditions. You need to know which one you can really trust. You don't need to research, our experts have carefully tested dozens of free web hosting solutions to bring you a list of the top five web hosting providers completely free. Our ... Read more

Top 5 Tools for Twitter Management - 2 Better, 1 Free [2020]

Apparently, Twitter seems simple. But anyone who uses it to connect with customers, promote their products or grow their business knows that it can be a difficult platform to succeed. We got it - the platform requires constant content, participation and activity. That's almost impossible without a little help, so we've compiled this guide on the best tools for Twitter management. What We Are Looking For The Best Twitter Management Tools While there are many social media management tools on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. No problem. We did the hard one for you. We have reviewed various tools that allow you to best manage your Twitter content, participation and reporting. Here's what we're looking for: An intuitive dashboard: Your Twitter management tool should be as simple and smart as the platform itself. Intelligent content planning: Successful Twitter accounts are active Twitter accounts. Planning the content in advance eliminates the pressure to tweet 24/7 - because who has the time to do this? Some platforms even suggest the best times to tweet. Easy participation: Twitter is more than content. These tools will also help you watch, participate ... Read more

Marketing Service with Top 7 Emails with Free Trial (2020 UPDATE)

Maybe your company is young and your budget is small. Maybe it's time to invest in a new email marketing platform. Regardless, you want to preview your new solution before investing in something real. You need a free trial. How can you expertly choose between trial services without wasting time in a world saturated with a free option with purchase options? As a result, time is an important value when starting and running a business. We took the time to review various email marketing product vendors for you and found the best email and marketing services with a free trial. Finding the right email marketing service is important because your success in email marketing will depend on the service you choose and how comfortable you are with this platform. Not only does functionality and features affect how well you create, send, and track your emails, but the right email marketing service ensures that your emails don't go to your recipients' spam folder. We've combined the best email and marketing services below with a free trial - so you can count on your email marketing from day one. What We Look For in Best Email Marketing Services This highly crafted list presents the email and ... Read more

Wix SEO - 5 Expert Tips to Get Higher in Ranking (2020)

You are willing to create a nice Wix website, but you have read somewhere that Google hates Wix! Is this still true? You need your site to be higher in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so do you need to leave Wix now? Yes, Wix had a bad (honest, terrible) reputation for SEO. There were valid reasons for this. Wix has added characters to the URL. This was Flash-based. And he wasn't SEO friendly about how the block handles the title, the description of the commodity, and even the URL. However, I have good news: Wix has significantly improved its SEO capabilities. In 2016, Wix fixed most of the SEO issues that gave it a bad reputation. Reputation does not increase much these days, but don't worry. Even a top Google employee, John Mueller, made it clear on a Google forum that Wix websites work well with the Google search engine. However, finding a great place in the search engine is not only dependent on the website builder you choose. It depends on the settings and the tools you use on the platform. But more importantly, your overall SEO strategy and platform is only a small part of it. We want your site to be as high as possible… Because we look good when you look good. But at ... Read more

11 Best (REALLY FREE) Landing Page Builders (UPDATE 2020)

Whether you want to create leads or sell, the impact of a well-prepared landing page on the turnaround rate is indisputable. With countless landing page builders available, you can quickly create pages even if you have no code knowledge (and you don't want to learn). The only problem is to find the one that suits you among hundreds of landing page builders. Don't you have time? Our best landing page builder selection is Wix - The most popular FREE site builder and has the largest library for landing pages. Site123 - Highlight your landing page with a variety of professionally designed templates SimpleSite - Build your landing page in minutes with the most user-friendly site builder. Click here to see more landing page builders Check out our comparison table with all landing page builder options Does it offer templates that suit your needs? Does it work integrated with other tools you use? Does it give you enough control? I have created hundreds of landing pages over the years, using dozens of landing page builders. I have listed the top 11 for you to make your own choice. I included both the site builders that can prepare landing pages and the landing page creation tools only. ... Read more

Udemy Review - Why You Should Also Look for Alternatives

All successful people I know constantly improve their skills and online courses are great for this. Udemy has thousands of courses both for entertainment purposes and for improving your real life skills that are important for your career. In some cases, Udemy is the platform that suits you best, but there are some situations where other online lessons might be better. I regularly attend online courses to improve my entertainment and professional skills. Using Coursera, Udemy, Fiverr Learn, edX and many other online course platforms. So I think I know the best and worst parts of Udemy. Before investing time and money on courses at Udemy, read this Udemy review to be sure what you are doing. Take a Course Today with Udemy >> What Is Udemy and How Is It Different From Others? Udemy is an online course platform where you can learn about everything. There are more than 100,000 Udemy courses. Some focus on professional skills, while others are for hobby purposes (there are even video game playing courses). Employers who want to encourage their employees to study can access Udemy's most popular courses. Giant companies like Adidas, Pinterest and Eventbrite are known to use this ... Read more

Canceling Your GreenGeeks Account and Getting Refunds

We have tested the return policy of GreenGeeks Although we have purchased the cheapest plan, we are happy to have received the payment completely. GreenGeeks is an environmentally friendly network hosting service provider suitable for beginners, but it's not perfect for everyone. If you decide that the service is not suitable for you after registering, you can cancel your account by following the steps in this article. If you find GreenGeeks very simple and you are looking for a host that is more suitable for developers, SiteGround or other alternatives we recommend may be more suitable for you. Canceling Your GreenGeeks Account and Receiving Refunds GreenGeeks offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all your plans if you are not 100% satisfied. So you can buy the plan you want and try it risk-free. However, you may not have much chance to get a refund after the first 30 days. How to Cancel Your GreenGeeks Account and Get a Refund-image1 The process after deciding to cancel is quite simple. First you need to log in to your panel and create a support ticket. It is important to create a cancellation and refund request. How to Cancel Your GreenGeeks Account and Get a Refund-image2 ... Read more

Creating an Account with GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is a California-based company that currently provides hosting services to more than 300,000 sites. As the name suggests, it provides the service using green energy. The plans are suitable for beginners and small website owners who do not need complex functions. In this case, as you would expect, creating an account is not difficult at all. The article tells you the process step by step. If you want more information about GreenGeeks, read my full review. Creating an Account with GreenGeeks The first step is to choose the hosting plan. There are three shared hosting plans and three WordPress plans to choose from. I chose the Ecosite Starter plan. It was enough for my system with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. When you're ready to buy, pricing gets a little complicated. The affordable prices shown on the website are only valid if you purchase a three-year plan. Obviously, this can be a bit too binding for many small site owners. If you want to get a free domain name and no installation fees, you must subscribe for a period of one, two or three years. You have to pay the domain name and setup fee on a monthly plan. Although I do not like the payment terms very much, ... Read more

How to Install WordPress by Connecting to a Domain in DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is a developer-friendly hosting provider with customers in nearly 200 countries worldwide. It is not ideal for beginners and customer service is severely limited, but if you have some knowledge of command line writing, it will be relatively easy to connect to a domain and install WordPress. If you want to learn more about DigitalOcean, its features, ease of use, pricing and so on, I suggest you to look at the detailed review. How to Install WordPress by Connecting to a Domain in DigitalOcean The process of creating an account can be a bit more complicated for most novices when you start using any functionality, though it's funny. There is one-click installer for WordPress, but this is not as simple and one-click as other beginner-friendly hosting offers. If words such as the SSH key or terminal will cause you to escape, this hosting is not for you. First, log into your main board and select Create Project. Enter a project name, description (optional) and the purpose of your project. Everything can be entered in these fields and they are really only for reference, so just make sure that they are not forgotten by you. How to Connect a Domain and Install WordPress on ... Read more

How to Create a New Account with DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean offers a developer cloud of virtual machines that allows you to grow in size as your website grows. It targeted the developers, but that doesn't mean creating an account is a complicated process. It is not like that at all. The registration process is easy and simple. In fact, after seeing how easy it is to open an account, you will probably want to read detailed opinions. How to Create a New Account with DigitalOcean This may sound cliché, but creating an account with DigitalOcean is a really fun experience. The pages are perfect and they only ask for a small amount of information to get you started. The first step is your name, your email address and the registration you need to enter in your password. If this sounds like a lot of work, you can sign up with Google instead. How to Create a New Account with DigitalOcean-image1 The window that opens next will tell you to go to your email account and verify your email. How to Create a New Account with DigitalOcean-image2 Just at this moment, the email had arrived in my box and it was only a click to verify my account. How to Create a New Account with DigitalOcean-image3 When I returned to the main board, I was asked ... Read more

Canceling Your Account with DigitalOcean 2020

Read on to learn more about DigitalOcean and cancellation policies before signing up. Ready to sign up for DigitalOcean? Click here to get the best possible offer. DigitalOcean provides cloud hosting for one million developers in 195 countries worldwide, but this is not ideal hosting for everyone. Maybe if you are tired of the lack of customer service or just want a novice friendly host like SiteGround, you can decide to cancel your account on DigitalOcean. Click here to read other recommended alternatives. This article will guide you step by step through the easy cancellation process. Quick Learning Guide: How to Cancel Your Account on DigitalOcean Delete all droplets (be sure to store your data elsewhere). Go to the main dashboard and select Account. Select Disable Account to Disable Account and click to confirm. GO TO DIGITALOCEAN NOW My Experience of Canceling My DigitalOcean Account Like other unmanaged cloud hosting services, DigitalOcean offers a pay-as-you-go model. This means that you only pay for the resources you use, while at the same time you cannot get a refund. There is no money-back guarantee and a money-back policy. Nothing. It is really easy to cancel your ... Read more

Linking Domains and Installing WordPress in TMDHosting

TMDHosting is a relatively small network hosting service provider and hosts approximately 300,000 sites. Despite this, the plans are very comprehensive, customer service is successful and the registration process is very practical. In this article, you will be explained step by step to link domain name and install WordPress. If you like TMDHosting, I recommend you to read the in-depth review article, which we discussed about features, ease of use, support, pricing and many more. Linking Domains and Installing WordPress in TMDHosting First login to your TMDHosting panel. Then click the Services button. When you get to the How to Connect a Domain and Install WordPress on TMD Hosting-image1 Services section, click Manage Product on the right. How to Connect a Domain and Install WordPress on TMD Hosting-image2 Then you will come to the panel of your hosting account. You can find the cPanel by scrolling down. From here you can access all your hosting tools such as installer for WordPress with one click. How to Connect a Domain and Install WordPress on TMD Hosting-image3 While in cPanel, click on WordPress in the Softaculous Application Installer section. Find the WordPress icon. How ... Read more

TMDHosting Account Cancellation and Refund

We have tested TMDHosting's return policy. Although we bought the cheapest plan, we are happy to have fully reimbursed the payment. TMDHosting deserves your money's worth with its affordable and feature-packed plans. However, it cannot be said to be suitable for everyone. It is not the best choice for advanced users, and some older customers complain about various problems. If you decide that the service is not suitable for you after signing up, this article will guide you step by step to cancel your account and get a refund. If you're looking for a different budget-friendly host, check out Hostinger or other alternatives we recommend. Quick Guide: Go to your TMDHosting Account Cancellation and Refund Panel, select the service you want to cancel and click the View / Edit button. Click the Cancel button and fill out the form. Be sure to indicate that you are requesting a refund on the form. When you receive the email stating that your request is pending, you have 96 hours to contact support via live chat and confirm your request. Then your payment will be refunded. GO TO TMDHOSTING NOW My Experience of Canceling My TMDHosting Account First of all, I must mention that TMDHosting ... Read more

Permanently Delete Your Vultr Account (Update 2020)

If you want to be informed about Vultr and its return policy before signing up, read on. Ready to sign up for Vultr? Click here for the best deal. Vultr is a premium hosting provider that manages to achieve the unique balance between ease of use and expert features (read the in-depth review for more). With servers and customers around the world, Vultr is a good option as a reliable and flexible host. However, it may not be suitable for everyone. Although it is partially user friendly, it has many features that are not required for small and new site owners and there is no return policy. If you decide to close your account, this step-by-step guide will tell you the process. GO TO VULTR NOW, Just Follow These Easy Steps To Close Your Account: Login to your Vultr dashboard. From the Samples tab, select the samples you want to destroy. Click the Trash icon in the top right corner of the page. Click the "Yes, destroy server" box, and then click the Destroy Server button. Create a support ticket stating that you want to cancel your account. Wait for approval from customer service. My Cancellation Experience: As usual with cloud hosting providers, you only pay for the resources you ... Read more

Canceling Cloudways Account and Receiving Refunds 2020

We tested Cloudways' return policy. Although we bought the cheapest plan, we are happy to have fully reimbursed the payment. I was very impressed with the introduction of Cloudways, but I realized that this managed hosting provider is not for everyone. It may offer much more power than you need. In this case, you can find a simpler network host among SiteGround or other alternatives we recommend. You may also need more suitable tools for beginners, such as website builder and more comprehensive one-click installer. Whatever your reason for cancellation, you will see the entire process of closing your account and getting a refund in this article. It's important to know that Cloudways does not offer a money-back guarantee first. Instead, they offer a three-day free trial period and you only pay for the resources you use. I think it's fair. You do not need to enter your credit card information for the free trial period, so there is no possibility of accidental withdrawal from your account. However, if you want to upgrade your account during the free trial, you will have to pay a fee. I had to upgrade to install a CDN and I kept the trial period short. However, soon I decided to ... Read more

Creating an Account with 000webhost

000webhost is a free hosting service provider (if you pay attention to the plugins you choose). You can also upgrade to the paid Hostinger plan, which offers more features for small websites. This article will tell you about the details of the account creation process with 000webhost. If you want to get more information about the company after this easy process, you can read the detailed review here. OPEN A FREE 000WEBHOST ACCOUNT NOW Creating an Account with 000webhost 000webhost eliminates the risk of registering with the new host. The website is user friendly, paid plans are very cheap and the money back guarantee works as said. How to Create a New Account with 000webhost-image1 You can use it as a free hosting or choose from three paid plans. Single, Premium or Business. After I started, I was offered the option to choose from a variety of plugins after selecting the three-month Single Plan. For example, daily backups offered by other hosts (important to me) and Cloudflare come as paid extras. How to Create a New Account with 000webhost-image2 Another paid extra is premium support. You can get to the front of the live chat queue for a monthly fee. I do not like this little ... Read more

Linking Domains and Installing WordPress on 000webhost

000webhost offers both free and affordable hosting plans. Hostinger is a subsidiary, while offering low-priced service, you can access powerful features and comprehensive support when you switch to paid plans. Read this article for a step-by-step guide to linking domains to 000webhost and installing WordPress. It's a pretty easy process, especially considering it's a low priced provider. When you finish reading, you will probably want to be informed about the features of 000webhost, support service, pricing and other issues. Linking Domains and Installing WordPress on 000webhost After a smooth account creation process, I was looking forward to setting up my WordPress site. When I logged in, it was clear where I had to go to configure my account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Install button. Easy! How to Connect a Domain and Install WordPress on 000webhost-image1 After clicking Install, I came to the first step of the three-step process. First of all, I had to choose a domain name. I chose to use mine instead of buying a new one. How to Connect a Domain and Install WordPress on 000webhost-image2 The second step was to choose between using my existing registrar ... Read more

Canceling InterServer Account and Receiving Refunds

We tested the return policy of Interserver. Although we bought the cheapest plan, we are happy to have fully reimbursed the payment. Did you change your mind after you registered with InterServer? There are many reasons why you may decide to cancel the InterServer plan. Fortunately, you can feel comfortable with this money-back guarantee. If you are looking for a host that offers excellent performance at an excellent price, check out Hostinger or other alternatives we recommend. Read this guide to learn about your steps to cancel the InterServer account and get a refund. Quick Guide to Cancel Your Account Follow these easy steps to close your InterServer Account. Login to your InterServer dashboard. Click on the product you want to cancel (eg Network Hosting). Scroll down and click on Cancel Site. On the next screen, select the Yes option next to “Are you sure you want to cancel?” From the drop-down menu. You can leave feedback, but you don't have to. When done, click Continue. If the return period has not expired, you will get your money back in five days. Check the account you are paying to make sure the amount is fully refunded. GO TO INTERSERVER NOW My Cancellation ... Read more

Creating an Account with InterServer

InterServer provides service to new site owners. Their plans are affordable, easy to use, but probably not enough for advanced site owners. This review will walk you through the process of creating an account with InterServer step by step. The process is very easy. If you want to get more information about the company after reading this, you can read the in-depth review article. Creating an Account with InterServer Creating an InterServer account takes less than five minutes and is very easy. I can not say that it is the most pleasant interface I have tested, but it is functional and I had no problems using it (believe it is not the case for every host). Step One: Choose Your Hosting Plan InterServer offers various hosting options including shared, private server and VPS packages. If you are looking for shared hosting, there is a package called Standart Network Hosting. How to Create a New Account with InterServer-image1 Step Two: Register or Buy a Domain In the next step, you need to buy a domain name (not included in the price) or match your own domain name. I wanted to try the process of matching the InterServer domain by selecting the second option. If you are going to link ... Read more

Canceling Your AWeber Account [and Receiving Refunds]

We tested AWeber's return policy. Although we bought the cheapest plan, we are happy to have fully reimbursed the payment. AWeber is a great email marketing tool if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur. But if you're looking for more advanced features or a more budget-friendly platform, you might want to try a different service. If one of these two situations describes you, I suggest you consider Benchmark Email, an affordable alternative for advanced email marketers. Click here to see other suggested alternatives. Now, I will inform you about your AWeber account cancellation and refund options. Quick Guide: Canceling Your AWeber Account The cancellation process is pretty easy. Follow these steps: Login to Your Account Hover over your name in the upper right corner and click the My Account button. Click the Close My Account button under the Billing section. Click the red Continue Cancel button in the window that opens. Fill out the optional survey and click the blue Next button at the bottom. If you do not want AWeber to keep your data, click on the red Cancel my account button. Enter your password and close your account! GO TO AWEBER NOW There are a few unnecessary ... Read more

Read AWeber Analytics Like a Pro - Email Strategy Guide 2020

AWeber email marketing is known for its suitability for small businesses. It focuses on basic features without including distracting complex features. The reporting interface recently redesigned for ease of use is no different from the rest of Aweber in this respect. I will make it easier for you to decide whether it is sufficient for you by examining AWeber's analysis tools in detail. If you're wondering about other features of AWeber, check out my detailed review. İZAWEBER START YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW Old Reporting Interface Old reports have been in use for a long time and I remember them from 2008 when I started marketing email. Read AWeber Analytics Like a Pro - Email Strategy Guide 2020-image1 They don't look great, but they do offer basic email marketing metrics like opening email and clicking by time. There are also many different reports. Many are not very useful, but those that show subscriber growth can be very useful. They don't look very nice overall and their interfaces are a bit complicated. That's why Aweber created a new reporting dashboard. The first thing you'll notice about AWeber's New Reporting Interface and the New Reports They Offer is that there are fewer ... Read more

Creating a New Account on A2 Hosting

A2 hosting is a great host that offers powerful performance and security as well as lots of features at reasonable prices. Read my in-depth A2 Hosting review to find out how it won my heart. If you're ready to sign up for A2 Hosting, you can read this step-by-step guide to learn what to do, how long it takes, and what to look out for. To purchase your Step-by-Step Account Creation Plan with A2 Hosting, go to the pricing page of A2 Hosting and select the type of Hosting you want. I chose WordPress hosting, but whichever you choose, the process will be roughly the same. There are a few things you need to know about pricing. First of all, the prices shown are the discounted monthly prices for the 3-year subscription, the longest period offered by A2 Hosting. You should also know that you are almost always getting a discount for your first payment period. As you can see below, the discount is highlighted, but it is not specified for which period: How to Create a New Account with A2 Hosting-image1 When you click one of the links on the page to compare the plans, you will see the detailed pricing table below. When you click the How to Create a New Account with A2 Hosting-image2 Plan ... Read more

Link Domain and Install WordPress on A2 Hosting

If you have registered with A2 Hosting, you are probably looking forward to using hosting and accepting visitors to your site. Here you will find step-by-step instructions on setting up your site and enabling CDN. While you will get information about the user experience, you should read my in-depth A2 Hosting review to find out if it's a good host that suits your needs. Linking Your Domain Name to A2 Hosting If your domain name already exists, no complex process will be required to connect it to your A2 Hosting website. As with other hosts, it will be enough to direct your domain provider's DNS record to A2 Hosting. When you register, you will receive an e-mail with detailed descriptions on how to do this. How to Connect a Domain and Install WordPress on A2 Hosting-image1 When you point your domain name to A2 Hosting, you are done. When you create a new WordPress site as shown below, you also need to give your domain name to the Softaculous installer. Installing WordPress on A2 Hosting When you sign up for A2 Hosting, when you check a box, they automatically install WordPress (or almost all other site builders) for you. If it is overlooked or you want to install additional ... Read more

Linking Domains and Installing WordPress in Hetzner

Hetzner is a South African website hosting provider. Customer service is very successful, but the site loading speeds are low and the prices are very reasonable. In this article, you will be explained step by step to link domain name to Hetzner and install WordPress. If you'd like to learn more about Hetzner later, you can read my in-depth review. START NOW WITH THE HETZNER Step One: Select WordPress Installer Log in to your panel, select the Software option on the left. Then choose WordPress Installer. How to Connect a Domain and Install WordPress on Hetzner-image1 Step Two: Start Installing WordPress Then click on Start Installation. This will initiate pre-installation checks. If everything is fine, a message will appear on the screen stating that you have passed the checks. Click the large green Start Download button at the bottom right of the screen. How to Connect a Domain and Install WordPress on Hetzner-image2 Step Three: Complete Installation On the next screen you will complete the installation. Once done, you will go to the newly installed WordPress (but not yet matched with your domain name). How to Connect a Domain and Install WordPress on Hetzner-image3 Step Four: ... Read more

Canceling HostGator Account and Receiving Refunds

We tested HostGator's return policy. Although we bought the cheapest plan, we are happy to have fully reimbursed the payment. HostGator has been offering various hosting plans since 2002. With almost a million users, it has become one of the world's leading providers. After registering, you may have decided that it is not very suitable for you. You may also be bored with additional sales or looking for faster customer service. You can consider Hostinger or another of our suggested alternatives. Whatever your case, this article tells you step by step the process of closing your account and getting a refund. Quick Guide: Go to your HostGator Account Cancellation and Refund Panel and fill out the cancellation form. Enter a note in the Additional Comment box to request a refund. Click the Submit button. On the next screen, click No Thanks, Cancel My Account. You should have received your refund in two weeks (probably earlier). GO TO HOSTGATOR NOW My Cancellation Experience with HostGator HostGator has a bonker's 45-day money-back guarantee (industry standard is 30 days). So if you cancel the warranty plan after purchasing and using it, you can get all your money back. Note that the ... Read more

Creating an Account with Hetzner

Hetzner has 20 years of experience in the website hosting industry and more than 40,000 customers. The plans aren't called great, but customer service is successful. This article tells you step by step the details of the account creation process with Hetzner. It is functional and easy to use, but not one of the most modern experiences. If you want more information about pricing, support and other issues about Hetzner, you can read the full review. A IMMEDIATELY OPEN HETZNER ACCOUNT Step One: Choose Your Hosting Plan If you are buying shared hosting, you can choose from four different plans: Basic, Standard, Advanced and Expert plans each come with unlimited traffic and 5 to 20 GB SSD storage. How to Create a New Account with Hetzner-image1 Step Two: Create an Account Click on Register to start the registration process. In the first step, you enter personal information such as name, e-mail, password. How to Create a New Account with Hetzner-image2 Third Step: Login to Your Console That's all you need to do to create an account. The next step is to login to your panel and end the process. How to Create a New Account with Hetzner-image3 Step Four: Verify Your Identity When I tried ... Read more

Canceling a Bluehost Account and Getting a Refund

We tested Bluehost's return policy. Although we bought the cheapest plan, we are happy to have fully reimbursed the payment. Although my experience with Bluehost is complicated (you can read it here), the cancellation process was pretty easy. I got it done in less than five minutes, and within three business days my money was deposited into my account. Bluehost offers 30 days money back guarantee on all shared, VPS and private server plans. This includes only hosting fee. Additional products are not refundable. If you purchased a domain name, additional security, postal services, or other types of add-ons, you can't get the money back. Here I explain the entire cancellation process with screenshots. If you are in the first 30 days, simply follow the instructions. Looking for Bluehost alternatives? I can recommend Hostwinds and a few other great companies. Quick Guide: Canceling Your Bluehost Account Go to Bluehost's homepage and start a new live chat session. Enter your information as an Existing Customer and select Close Account as the subject. The representative will ask you to confirm that you own the account. If you want, you can use your e-mail verification method if you ... Read more

Linking Domains and Installing WordPress on Bluehost

Linking Your Domain The first thing on our to-do list is to connect the domain name with hosting. If you bought your domain name while signing up for Bluehost, congratulations! It means automatically connected. You can jump to the WordPress installation section. If you are like me, you bought your domain from somewhere else. I bought it from Namecheap, and the screenshots from there. Options may look different when you buy them from a different vendor, but they basically work the same way. After logging into my Namecheap account, my main panel appeared. Search for something like My Domain Names or Domain List on your page. I pressed the Manage button. How to Connect Your Domain + Install WordPress on Bluehost-image1 Settings page for my domain is opened. This page will probably look different to you, but what we are looking for is the same: Name servers. First of all, we need to change the domain option to Private DNS. Then we will enter the Bluehost nameservers. You can find this information in the company's knowledge base or by contacting support. Do you know how it gets faster? It happens if I give name servers. Such ns1.bluehost.com ns2.bluehost.com I confirm these with the ... Read more

Wix Logo Creator Pricing - Are There Any Hidden Fees? [2020 UPDATE]

There is no suitable design service or tool for everyone. After spending hours on designing your logo, it is extremely frustrating to find out that you will not be able to use it for free or that the file formats you need are not included in the price you pay. So check out my detailed Wix pricing guide below before wasting your precious time editing your logo with the artificial intelligence (AI) wizard of the Wix Logo Maker. I will explain what is included in the existing plans and the hidden costs you need to know. Also, I will give tips on who each individual Wix Logo Creator plan is ideal for and who should turn to different plans or services. Money is important to your business. So I will do my best to get you the logo you need without spending more than necessary. Before you start, if you want to learn more about the features of this tool, read our Wix Logo Creator review or go for the best logo services comparison and see if there is a better alternative for yourself. 1Which Pricing Plan Is Right For You? 2Premium Plans: Logo + Website 3Wix Logo Maker Pricing at a Glance 4 Are There Hidden Costs? So, what does it cost you? Which Pricing Plan Is Right For You? Compared to ... Read more

Joining Fiverr as a freelancer and publishing your first job 2020

In Fiverr, you can get almost any service you can think of, from graphic design to web development, relationship consultancy and birthday videos. In a slightly different way than other freelancers, employees at Fiverr publish their services, and customers search through them and select employees. These jobs are called "gig". It is free to join the platform. Broadcasting gig is also free. If you are a freelance worker who tries to open up to new platforms, wants to earn money by using his talents in additional jobs or is just bored with his current job, then looking at Fiverr may be useful for you. If you are not sure whether Fiverr is right for you, you should read the expert assessment. You may also want to take a look at the experiences of someone who worked there to understand what it was like. Important! Before publishing your first job (as described here), it's a good idea to learn how customers see things and highlight yours! Go to the relevant section to see what you mean. Did you decide? Wonderful! Let's take a closer look at the process of creating a business in Fiverr. Of course, it's very easy. Almost everyone can do this. But I will teach you how to do it well. It ... Read more

9 Best Twitch Publisher Logos and Do Your Own [2020]

You want to be a Twitch publisher, but doesn't anyone take you seriously because of your ordinary profile picture? You can create your own logo for your profile. But for it to be effective, it would be better to choose to work with professional designers. Don't you have money? Do not worry. You can learn below how to get a professional logo for as low as $ 5. Looking for inspiration? You can see the logos of famous Twitch publishers below. Top 9 Twitch Publisher Logo Best-Twitch-Streamer-Logos-and-How-to-Make-Your-Own-image1 thefatboy logo (work for $ 21 with thefatboy) Twitch Streamer Logo - Casual Bastards ddt_arnulfo logo (5 with ddt_arnulfo Twitch Streamer Logo - Bee mynameiismud logo (work for $ 45 with mynameiismud) Twitch Streamer Logo - Parry the Wizard with khdesigner01 logo (khdesigner01) a) Twitch Streamer Logo from Fiverr Tengku Norzaimi logo Best-Twitch-Streamer-Logos-and-How-to-Make-Your-Own-image-7 Vi. logo from 99designs Best-Twitch-Streamer-Logos-and-How-to-Make-Your-Own-image-4 Must.f logo DesignCrowd Best-Twitch-Streamer-Logos-and-How-to-Make-Your- Own-image-5 suryo prakadewa logo DesignCrowd How to Get a Professional Logo for only $ 5? Some Twitch logo ... Read more

Top 7 Cheap MySQL Database Hosting Services 2020

Since MySQL is open source, you may think that you can easily find cheap MySQL hosting service. This is not always the case. Some MySQL hosts are affordable but neglect performance. A service that feels cheap is not good for anyone. Databases are only part of modern hosting solutions, and plan prices depend on many factors. Security measures, business management services, and other extras often produce results that are far from budget-friendly. The good news is that this is not always the case. I have tested dozens of the best MySQL hosting services and identified those that offer balanced services in terms of price and feature. By choosing the hosting wisely, you will be able to get quality hosting experience without going under big burdens financially. Do not overpay for unnecessary extras or hosting that does not deserve hard-earned money. Read on and make a selection that suits you. Don't you have time? The cheapest MySQL database hosting services are: InterServer - Unlimited database and resources, excellent additional features and guarantee that your monthly costs will always remain the same. (Currently offering an incredible offer - 3-month quality hosting service is ... Read more

Top 5 Sites to Find Freelance Graphic Designers - 2020

There are plenty of freelance platforms, but not all of them are reliable. You don't want to waste your time and money by hiring the wrong graphic designer. You don't want to work with a design that turns out to be stolen or a designer who has trouble making revisions you want. You will not like to pay a fee for a design that you will not use. I put the internet on top to find the best freelance graphic design platforms and compared features and benefits. Read on to find the perfect platform where you can get the design that suits your budget. Don't you have time? The best websites for graphic designers are: Fiverr - Best choice for low-budget businesses with professional designs starting from $ 5 99designs - A good option for quality visual design, but not the cheapest DesignCrowd - Pool with graphic designers from around the world Great design with affordable price Click here to see two other freelance sites See our comparison table FAQ What We Look For Best Freelance Sites for Graphic Designers? My colleagues on Website Planet have spent a lot of time testing the best freelance sites. When it comes to the best options for Freelance graphic designers, I have covered the ... Read more

GoDaddy and Shinjiru: Popular Doesn't Mean Better [2020]

Both GoDaddy and Shinjiru offer hosting and domain name registration services. They may look similar, but there are some important differences. I tested both hosts on various parameters such as features, performance, pricing and security. I saw that GoDaddy is a slightly better choice in this GoDaddy - Shinjiru contention. See the latest deals on GoDaddy, or read on to find out why it's better than Shinjiru. Plans and Pricing With GoDaddy, Low Prices and Better Features, Superior GoDaddy from Shinjiru offers various shared hosting plans (Linux and Windows) as well as WordPress hosting plans (managed and unmanaged). In addition to multiple shared hosting plans, Shinjiru also offers VPS, Azure cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting plans. GoDaddy Hosting Web Hosting Plan Name Depot Bandwidth Free SSL Number of Sites Price Economy 100 GB Unlimited - 1 ₺26.18 More Details Deluxe Unlimited Unlimited - Unlimited ₺43.68 More Details Ultimate Unlimited Unlimited + Unlimited ₺49.51 More Details Maximum Unlimited Unlimited + Unlimited More Details Free Purchase Domain name is included in the purchase of any hosting service via GoDaddy Hosting Shinjiru's budget-friendly 3-year ... Read more

En İyi 9 Ev Logosu ve Kendinizinkini Ücretsiz Yapma [2020]

What comes to your mind when you consider your ideal home logo design? There may be a house next to the hammer to show that your company focuses on home repairs. You may also want to show the kind of homes your real estate agency specializes in selling. Whether you want a modern, stylish, old-fashioned or nostalgic design, it's best to leave the job to the professionals. If you know where to look, you don't need a big budget to do this. Read on to find out the secret of finding a professional designer for just $ 5. Top 9 House Logo House logo - The Carriage House shirleyhopper design (work 5 with shirleyhopper) House logo - The Treehouse Nursery harriet_connie design (work 5 with shirleyhopper) House Logo - Mastro Property borislavvakulch design (5 with shirleyhopper House logo - Patton Home Design izabellaowchink design (work 5 with shirleyhopper) House logo - My Space Iustinx design 99designs House logo - Dollhouse City ➳AnnAVA➳ design 99designs House logo - Liberty Landing idealis_all design (idealis_all $ 10) House logo - Sketch House Kreative Fingers design House logo by DesignCrowd - Blend Bojan83 design 99designs My colleague tested the quality and fees of various ... Read more

GoDaddy and Google Cloud Platform - Popular Doesn't Mean Better [2020]

It runs on the same infrastructure as Google Cloud Platform, Google Search and YouTube. Fully focused on enterprise-level cloud hosting, Google Cloud Platform is ideal for businesses and organizations with growing or volatile demand. On the other hand, GoDaddy is the world's largest domain name registrar, offering a variety of hosting services that meet almost all needs. I tested these two hosts and found that although it was more popular, Google Cloud Platform was lagging behind GoDaddy. You can check out GoDaddy's latest deals here, or read on to find out why Google Cloud Platform is falling behind in this comparison. 1. Plans and Pricing GoDaddy beats Google Cloud Platform with budget friendly fees GoDaddy offers a variety of hosting plans with affordable rates for anyone, from beginners to growing startups, and even small and medium businesses. Focusing on enterprise-level hosting, Google Cloud Hosting pricing is higher. Google Cloud Platform is billing according to usage. However, even if you use the cost calculator, it is difficult to understand how the invoice is calculated. If you have little or no technical knowledge and are on a low budget, GoDaddy is a much better ... Read more

E-commerce Traffic for Website Builders: Why We Are Not All Billionaires?

With the presence of many encouraging website makers to set up your own business, building a website is extremely easy these days. A website's professional look and feel, along with its cost, time and ease of installation are beneficial for many small businesses. traffic "Why aren't we all millionaires?" I seem to hear you ask. The truth is that the internet world does not work on the principle of "you do they come", why? Simply because it is very crowded. You compete with millions of sites and you need to follow what some of them do. What are they doing? They get traffic by exposing themselves, and when you do this, your site is getting better in the long run. Having the best looking, functional and user-friendly site is great, but with 0 visitors, all this time is wasted. The good news is that you have something to do about it. What can I do? There are 3 great ways to generate traffic. The quickest way is to spend some money to advertise to the right places, and there is no better place to start this than Google Adwords and Facebook. Social Media and Search are powerful platforms for you to convey your message, and it is possible to communicate one-on-one in order to reach ... Read more

How to Start Advertising on Facebook? What are Instant Articles

The size of Facebook, which has 1.3 million users, is indisputable. Facebook, which opens its doors to everyone from small to large businesses to individual users, has become a platform that provides great advantages to users in terms of interaction. On the Facebook platform, the instant articles advertising system is also becoming more and more comprehensive than other social media platforms. For this reason, all businesses and brands, big and small, advertise their products or services on Facebook. All right, how to advertise on Facebook? Let's examine this issue step by step. 1.Ad Type Should Be Selected To advertise on the Facebook social media platform, first click on the small arrow link in the upper right corner of the Facebook screen and then enter the "Create Ad" link from the drop-down menu. Your face; page post page interaction, page likes, website clicks, site conversions, app interactions and app downloads etc. you will be presented with the menu that says advertisement types. Determine Your Target Audience Before you advertise on Facebook, you need to determine your target audience. So you need to determine who you want to show the ad you will give here. The main ... Read more

Instagram Content Best Practice: Earn Samples from Global Brands

When asked what is Instagram, everyone can answer simply saying that it is a practice of sharing photos and information. With Instagram, which is on social media platforms, it is a platform where people can add friends to their own accounts, share messages and share visual texts after opening an account to Instagram. Although Facebook is similar, it is a different social platform in the Facebook application. Because it is a successful online platform that affects visitors for Instagram products and services. Some brands use content in this application in unusual ways. Here are some good examples from brands around the world Sharing that they carry out their business planned to the Mercedes Benz Instagram Account - Mercedes shares how it organizes its works with its visitors on the Instagram account. It was also found that visits to the site in both Facebook and Instagram advertisements for Instagram ads increased by 14 points with a 55% increase, and when combined with Facebook direct response ads, it increased with an increase of approximately 520% ​​in site visits. He shares his seasonal videos and photos on Instagram in order to interact emotionally with the visitor in ... Read more

What Will Happen on the Web Today and in the Future

With the development of the internet, a lot of information can be reached quickly. In addition, many companies can take their products or services to a wide audience by taking part in this field. You can sign a different success by taking part in this field. Today, every process can be done easily and reliably with the help of websites. Websites are divided institutionally and individually. Corporate sites mostly reflect the content or services of companies. You can access all the information required on the websites as well as all your banking transactions. Today, websites are used by everyone. The use of websites, which have an important place in terms of company recognition, is also increasing. The Importance of the Web Today All transactions related to banking and government affairs are carried out on the internet, i.e. websites. Therefore, websites are of great importance. In the use of the website, the points that provide institutional service must be selected. This is of great importance in terms of security. You also have the opportunity to shop on their website. You can benefit by purchasing the product or service you want. This practice, which is an important form ... Read more

Pinperest ücretli Aramaya Giriyor: Bilmeniz Gerekenler

Pinperest, one of the largest platforms in the world, has announced that you will switch to the long-awaited paid search field application as a result of trial campaigns with certain partners. Although it is not so popular in our country, you can reach the services of the most admired and popular companies or effective marketing methods through this platform. Pinperest visual sharing platform used worldwide since 2010. In this application, you have an unlimited dashboard of your own, and you can edit your desired arrangements and shares in Pinperest. How Does Pinperest PPC Work? Pinperest Ad Manager application h is an open platform for anyone who opens an account and installs at least one pin. Having a highly competitive field presentation, Pinperest aims to offer new things and marketers can offer all the basic performance metrics you expect from Google Adwers. Pinperest has made this announcement with its partners such as E-Bay, Kenshoo b Target and it has come to the end of the campaign that it is trying to get the product or service in this field. It provides great convenience to users with its self-paying payment platform. In this way, companies will have the same ... Read more

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

The AMP application developed by Google recently has started to be used effectively in areas where mobile internet is used extensively. It is anticipated that AMP implementation will be effective in our country in the future. So, what is waiting for website administrators and mobile users with this application, what is AMP application and what it does, let's examine in detail. What is Google AMP Application? AMP application is an open source application which is “Accelerated mobile Pages” with its English language and developed to quickly present the content of the website owners to the readers. If we give an example to this; When searching on the Google search engine of a smart mobile phone, you will see the word red AMP. When you click on the written result of AMP on Google, the relevant content you are looking for will be immediately displayed. How Does the Google AMP Application Work? Google AMP application works with CDN logic. The published content is always waiting in the cache. Users, on the other hand, have the opportunity to access up-to-date content without waiting for server time. Since a website can have both AMP and standard versions, which one to use is also ... Read more

Mozilla launches new crypto removal feature in Firefox

The popular browser solution Mozilla Firefox launches its long-awaited system to secretly block internet resources from mining cryptocurrencies with your computer resources. As of today, users of Firefox ‘Nightly and Beta browsers are equipped with the option to automatically block crypto-jacking scripts (such as the infamous CoinHive). In addition to illegal encryption mining, the latest Firefox update includes the ability to block "fingerprint" scripts that collect snapshots of computer configurations that can be used to track internet usage (even if cookies are cleared). "In collaboration with Disconnect, we have compiled domain lists that offer fingerprint and crypto mining scripts," he explained. “We now offer users the option to block both types of scripts as part of the Content Blocking protection package in the latest Firefox Nightly and Beta versions.” Today, there are more than 20 crypto removal scripts supported by Firefox's new blocking system. Notable blocky mining scripts include CoinHive, JSE and MineXMR. Mozilla was willing to try new crypto login protections to enable users by default. The functionality stated that it is included in Firefox Nightly build ... Read more

What Is a Server and What Does It Do?

Servers, which form the basis of information technologies today, have become an important part of users' lives. The majority of the digital tools we use and almost all of the online services and services are offered to us with the help of servers.So why are the servers so much in life? How much do you know about servers working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? What is a Server?Taken technically, the server; The name given to computer systems where data is hosted to users' access over computer networks. In simpler terms, the server is the system that enables the user to access the data online and makes this data available to them. When it comes to the server, a hardware component usually comes to mind first, but a server is not just a physical device. These devices need special software to operate as a server. These softwares enable the server devices to present the data they contain in the most appropriate way for their intended use. For example, although the basic software found in a game server and an e-mail server are similar, they have different and special software that enables them to fulfill their intended use correctly and they are optimized for this purpose. The most ... Read more

What is Facebook Instant Articles? How to use?

The tool that distributes the content prepared by news publishers with Facebook Social Media account in a fast and interactive way is called Instant Articles. What is the Instant Articles Application System? Instant Article application presents it to the reader by using the tools and methods to quickly view the articles and images on Facebook. Instead of viewing content in a web browser, Instant Articles takes place in a time frame of about 8 seconds with a speed of about 10. In addition, this method provides opportunities such as experience, fluent, high quality and interactive that publishers expect from their mobile application. Instant Articles method is a social media tool based on news publishers' comments and feedback statements. With this tool, publishers can show their ads, as well as revenues from these ads. Apart from these, it has possibilities such as following real-time touch rates, changing the content so that it can adapt to brands. Is Instant Articles Application Mandatory For Publishers? Of course, there will be no such obligation. Because publishers have the option to participate in the Instant Articles program and have no obligation. Publishers who ... Read more

How to Open a Google Play (Android) Developer Account?

To publish your Android App on the Google Play Store, you need to open a Google Play Developer Account. All your new applications will be collected in this account. First, follow the steps to open an account 1. First you need to go to Google Play Console and log in with your Google Account (Gmail) that you will use while installing the application. 2. As a next step, you need to accept the Developer Agreement (you can read the Developer Agreement here) After reading and accepting the agreement, you can proceed to the required payment step for registration by clicking the Continue Payment Process button. 3. To open a Google Play Developer Account, you need to pay $ 25 as a registration fee. On the screen that opens, enter your credit or debit card information and click the Make Payment button to complete the purchase. Next is the step to upload your app's APK file to the Google Play Market. How to Upload the APK files you created in Android Studio to the Google Play Store How to Upload the Android App to the Google Play Store? You can benefit from our article. Read more

4 data points to help your enterprise grow

4 data points to help your business grow In the past two years, a number of businesses have been scaled up that have helped some enterprises accelerate the growth of 12 companies. We use this data to predict what it will look like in the future and what our customers are getting ready as a result. We have 12 main market indicators that we look at when planning future growth. Today, we will share four of them with you. Customer focus times are going down Clearly, our focus times have narrowed. Our days are filled with daily headlines, viral clips, newsletters, comments, thread threads, ping notifications, and more - all this costs our brains at a very high cost. Western Sydney University Senior Research Assistant Dr. Joseph Firth said: “High levels of internet use can really have an impact on many of the brain's functions. For example, the unlimited flow of information and notifications from the internet encourages us to draw a constantly divided focus - which can reduce our ability to maintain density on a single task. "Evidence Here? Spotify announced that our music is getting shorter The economy of the flow is making the songs shorter every year. Switching costs are ... Read more

Yandex Mail Setup Outlook

If the e-mail servers on your server are not enough or you want to open more domains and more e-mail accounts, you can do this service using the Yandex infrastructure. The most important point here is that your customers do not see Yandex mail servers in any way and do not compromise your institutionalism. This situation also helps your websites to work more actively by getting tired of your servers and to take action faster by taking the cpu load over it. Outlook Setup We open our Outlook program and click the Settings / Account Settings section and click the New button in the window that opens. Add new E-mail account Then we check the Configure server settings or server types manually box and click the next button. Configure the server settings or server types manually Configure the server settings or server types manually In the window that opens, you make the settings as in the picture below. You change only the username and e-mail and the username. Then, we click the other settings tab and select the required authentication for my outgoing server (SMTP) option from the Outgoing Server section, go to the Outgoing Server Outgoing Server Settings and advanced tab and edit our ... Read more

Data-vocabulary.org schema deprecated Error

First of all, this message that comes to you is a warning, and it wants us to use it on your sites that Google company has now removed data-vocabulary support. There is nothing to worry about, you can use schema.org instead of data-vocabulary.org. You can review the schema.org site which is more practical to use. So how do we change the codes. You can start by entering the source code of the software you used, and typing schema.org instead of data-vocabulary.org. The important point here is to find and replace the code that will replace the rich content code you have given on the schema site. For example, it will be sufficient to change it to. You can use the link below which google gives free service to check. Rich Results Test Remember to verify from your Google Search Console panel after the process is finished. (Content maps> data-vocabulary.org schema deprecated) You can go to the verification area by clicking the "Fix content maps problems" button in the email you received. Read more

Best Free 3 Online Document Converter Site

With these free and fast document converter websites, you can convert files in PDF, DOCX, XLSX, TIF, WPS and more formats. Here are the best free online document converter websites here. Document converter is a type of file converter that changes one type of document file format, such as PDF, XLSX, DOCX, TIF or TXT to another type. If you can't open or edit a document because you don't have a supporting program, free document converters can help. 1. Zamzar Zamzar is an online document converter that supports many common word, excel, presentation and other document formats. You can convert files as large as 150 MB. Converted document formats: CSV, DJVU, DOC, DOCX, EML, EPS, KEY, KEY.ZIP, MPP, MSG, NUMBERS, NUMBERS.ZIP, ODP, ODS, ODT, PAGES, PAGES.ZIP, PDF, PPS, PPSX Document formats that can be selected after PPT, PPTX, PST, PUB, RTF, TXT, VSD, WKS, WPD, WPS, XLR, XLS, XLSX and XPS Conversion: CSV, DOC, HTML, MDB, ODP, ODS, ODT, PDF, PPT, PS, RTF, TIF, TXT, XLS, XLSX and XML Zamzar also support document to MP3 conversion, meaning it acts as an online text-to-speech tool. Various image formats are also supported as output options for many file formats, such as SWF video format. ... Read more

Best Product, Price and Feature Comparison Sites

Comparing mobile phones, tablets and cameras, the first product comparison sites offer you the most optimal options by comparing with smart price and feature comparison. It creates a social preference environment with comments, points and suggestions. That's usually the best sites where you can compare prices and features to products that can be found in Turkey. 1. Epey - compare everything Epey.com is a free-to-use service that provides price information for products that contain and compare products, including prices. The site provides technical information about products, enabling people at the purchase stage to compare prices and features. The product promotions and technical information in the site are compiled from official websites, official product catalogs and reference sources on the internet. The comments that visitors have added to the site can also guide the users in the decision making process. Star ratings given for products and promotions on the site are formed by the votes of the visitors. It is a very popular site especially with mobile phone comparisons. In addition, if you do not have any brand or device, price / performance phones, phones under 1000 TL etc. ... Read more

These new features of WhatsApp will be discussed a lot

The popular messaging app WhatsApp continues to be talked about a lot with its new features. The new features of WhasApp, which distinguishes its competitors with its voice call feature, does not stop with counting ... WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, continues its innovations. WhatsApp has made a new update for iOS users. As part of the update, WhatsApp has brought many new features to iPhone and iPad users already detected in beta versions of Facebook's app. The new WhatsApp version 2.19.100 allows users to quickly organize and send media back in their chats. For this, users can touch the doodle icon while viewing a picture or video. Voicemails can now be played directly from notifications. This is now possible by long pressing and tapping play. Also, WhatsApp users can now change the font styles on the camera by touching the "T" icon. Finally, memoji can now be sent as a sticker from the emoji keyboard on iOS 13. 11 Secret WhatsApp Features You Should Know You know earlier this month, WhatsApp turned out to be working on a new feature that will automatically delete chat messages after a certain time. This feature, called 'Lost Messages', ... Read more

Enlarging Pictures Without Losing Quality

In this article, I will tell you how you can resize the image without losing its quality. Have you tried resizing the image without data loss? Usually the enlarged image becomes blurry and results in loss of quality. Bitmap is the most widely used image format on the web. All JPEG and PNG files are Bitmap image files. A bitmap image consists of thousands of pixels. By zooming in the picture, you can see these pixels as real frames. Most image editing software enlarges these pixels to shrink or resize an image. When you want to resize a smaller image, it causes visible quality loss. The solution is to compensate for each enlarged pixel to match its closest pixel characteristics. This method is called Fractal Interpolation or Fractals only. It gives a much better result when the image is enlarged using this technique. Method 1: Using Perfect Resize with Adobe Photoshop Perfect Resize is the Photoshop feature you can use to resize your images. This program is paid, but you can download a 30-day trial and get your simple work done right away. After installing the software, open the image file you want to open and resize in Photoshop. Go to File »Automate» Perfect Resize from the ... Read more

Online Photo Editor and Collage Maker Tool Fotor

In Fotor, you can create your desired image with just a few clicks! Online photo editor and a free tool that allows you to easily create collages from your photos. You can edit your photos online and create beautiful collages on Fotor. There are many options and combinations especially for making collages. However, the only problem is the site does not have Turkish language support. A little knowledge of English is a must. The site also has applications for smart phones. Application download addresses are given below for Android and iPhone. Thousands of beautiful and professionally designed templates to meet your design needs! Highlight your ideas with many ready-made templates of social media designs, including Facebook covers, posters, photo cards, YouTube banner ads and much more! You can easily create all kinds of designs with just a few clicks! Photo editing Fotor's online image editor is basically like Photoshop's online tool. With the online photo editing package, you can easily adjust color, size, light and more. It also has HDR effects for advanced editing needs. Photo effect All special and amazing photo effects in Fotor's picture editor can provide you with a magical ... Read more

Online Image Editing and Collage Making FotoJet

FotoJet meets your needs to make quality graphic designs, create photo collages and edit photos! FotoJet is a powerful all-in-one online application for graphic design, photo collage and photo editing. No download or registration required. FotoJet is a free online collage maker and graphic that helps you turn your photos into awesome collages, photo cards, social media graphics, posters and then quickly share them with your family and friends via Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr, and provides more than 600 creative collages. the designer. Thanks to Graphic Design FotoJet, everyone can be a professional designer who gives impressive results with this powerful graphic design tool! With numerous templates, posters, flyers, cards, invitations, social media graphics, banners and much more, you can always create great designs. Collage Maker A beautiful photo collage is an excellent and artistic way to share your photos. FotoJet's photo collage maker has over 800 stunning collage layouts and templates; these include birthday collages, wedding collages, baby collages, family collages, love collages. Photo Editor You won't believe how quickly you can edit your photos online ... Read more

Useful Add-ons for Google Chrome

Useful plugins for Chrome. Plugins can be really functional to customize and make web browsers more useful. For example, you can block ads with the ad-blocking plugin, you can secure your connection with the free Vpn plugin. However, there are so many add-ons on the internet and in browser add-on markets, which is fully useful and which is harmful and sometimes difficult to understand. That's why we are turning to more popular applications. In this article, you will find several useful browser plugins that may be useful to you. 1. Adblock Plus Adblock Plus is free and open source. Get a cleaner, faster web experience and block annoying ads. Turn on ad display for the websites you want to support, if you want. Block ads that disrupt your browsing experience. Say goodbye to video ads, pop-ups, flashing banners and more. Blocking these ad impressions means pages will load faster. With Adblock Plus, it is easy to avoid tracking and malware. Blocking unauthorized ads reduces the risk of "malicious advertising" infection. Blocking tracking stops companies after your online activity. 2. CrxMouse Chrome Gestures CrxMouse Chrome Gestures provides some useful shortcuts to help you browse ... Read more

iOS 11 etc. Android O: Which is better?

Two operating systems that the new flagship phones will use, let's see which one is superior. Apple introduced the iOS 11 operating system for iPhone phones, and a few weeks ago Google introduced Android O. These two software will add new power to the new phones. But which system is better, that is, has superior features? What advantages do they offer the end user. Briefly: It is important to take advantage of WiFi because Android O Cellular data connections are quota, but sometimes we forget to turn on our Wi-Fi. It offers a feature that can turn WiFi on for you when you approach a saved network with a new feature in Android O'. It uses your location to do this. However, currently published features may be removed from the system or new features added in the future. At the moment we do not know exactly what works in these two sites and we will not be able to know this until the completed versions are released. (iOS will be released on September 11 and Android on October O.). Apple and Google are explaining the software features for their "iPhone 8" and "Google Pixel 2" phones. With these in mind, let's take a look at what Apple and Google will do about these systems in the ... Read more

5 Tips to Improve WhatsApp Security

Here are 5 suggestions that can be useful for the security of your Whatsapp account, the most popular messaging program. WhatsApp is now in every area of ​​our life. Some to be in constant communication with friends, some for corporate (now that pdf files are available) for in-house work etc. You can use. It has over a billion active users and is one of the most popular messaging apps. However, this popularity attracts the attention of hackers and virus programs. It is not surprising that security concerns, malware threats, and spam begin to appear. To help you deal with these unwanted situations, we've put together 5 important tips that will contribute to your WhatsApp security. Let's start with the WhatsApp Web application. You should be very careful while using this service. Because over time, many fake websites similar to this site appeared. These sites aim to deceive by referring to websites called phishing to capture your personal information. Some of these websites ask you to enter your phone number to connect to the WhatsApp Web service. However, this is used to get your number and send you spam messages or to associate it with other leaked or hacked data on the ... Read more

5 amazing Chrome extensions you need to install

5 great plugins you can install for use in your Chrome web browser. In this article, browser add-ons that will maximize your web experience. With almost 60 percent of the browser market share, Chrome is three times more popular than its closest rival, Internet Explorer. However, if you want to further improve the Chrome experience, you need to install some plugins. There are hundreds of products in the Chrome Web Store, but if you're wondering what these two or three useful extensions you really need to use, this post is the top five plugin introductions. Reminder: If you are not a Chrome user and prefer one of many Chromium based browsers like Firefox or Opera, most of these plugins will probably work for your preferred browser. 1. Hover Zoom + Here is a long used extension. Once Hover Zoom + is installed, if you hover the mouse cursor over images on supported websites, it automatically expands to full sizes. It looks simple, but after using the plugin for a while, you won't want to go back. Many sites support Hover Zoom +, such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google Images and YouTube. It is an open source version of the original Hover Zoom. Many users have abandoned concerns ... Read more

Instagram Automatically Deletes Unnecessary and Annoying Comments

Instagram is working to implement a system that automatically detects unnecessary and offensive comments and deletes people without seeing these messages. The new system is based on his work with DeepText, a text classification engine that helps Facebook and Instagram understand that they use words in context to combat spam. Instagram says they have successfully used the technology for the anti-spam system on social networks that started in October last year. System workers say they like the results, although they don't say exactly how the system works and to what extent it reduces spam. Using the success of this system as a basis, the team wants to see if it can overcome an even more troubling problem: hateful and disturbing comments. The team was trained to identify DeepText, negative comments, and categorize them to broader groups such as "bullying, racism or sexual harassment." Experts are said to analyze at least two million comments in total before the words to be added to the bag for the software were published, and they classified each one at least twice to ensure correct classification. The filter initially starts in English, but all evaluators working in the project ... Read more

Delete Everything Google Knows About You in 7 Steps

Google knows more about you than you think and are unaware of it. He knows what you are looking for, your interests (he then gives to advertisers), which places you visit in the real world ... Do you think I'm exaggerating? Let's check out these seven links to help you find out what Google has recorded about you. If you have decided to remove at least some of your saved information, continue reading. Reminder: You must be logged into your Google account to visit all these links. 1. First information to remove recorded information Google stores every search you make. All of them. The page where your search activity is reported on Google is called "Activity". This is a page just for you. Here is the link. As you can see, this page reports all the content you visit thanks to Google. You have three options to delete things you don't care about. Use search as the first option. If you are worried that Google knows that you are visiting a particular page, this is a good method. The second option is the most obvious. It's easy enough to go to "Today" and then "Delete" (it will look like the above) if you want to delete searches in just one day. When you click "Delete", "No, don't do ... Read more

Download All The Data You Have From Facebook in 3 Steps

Have all your information and shares on Facebook, in short, everything on Facebook by creating an archive that can be downloaded in just three steps. How much we have shared on Facebook over the years. As time passed, we forgot old posts and friends. But with this method, you will have an archive where you can download all your data from the day you subscribe to Facebook and you will remember the past again. Step 1: Request Facebook to download all your data To get started, go to profile settings, click the down arrow from the menu at the top right of the Facebook bar. Go to Settings and "Download a copy of Facebook data." Click the link. When you click on the button (Start My Archive), it will send a mail to the e-mail account associated with your Facebook account. You will receive an e-mail for information. Step 2: Downloading your data You will receive the download mail in about 10-15 minutes to download the data. If you do not click on the link in this download email as soon as possible, the download link will be deleted after a while. Therefore, you should click the link below as soon as the mail arrives. Note: If it doesn't come, check the spam box. Access the page below ... Read more

This Change in Gmail Policy Will Make You Very Happy

Google has announced that it will stop scanning the content of emails sent to Gmail customers. Google scans emails and offers personalized ads to its users; but the company says it will stop doing it. Gmail users will continue to receive personalized ads, but will come from other data such as calls or browsing habits. This is because it was designed to address the confusion of the privacy distinction between free and paid users of some paying G Suite users. Paid Gmail users were not subject to email scanning when they were free users. "What we're going to do is be clear," says Diane Greene, Senior Vice President of Google Cloud. Advocates of privacy rights have complained about Google's email crawl for years. However, this may seem like an empty victory, as google will continue to scan emails. Now they will continue to scan emails for reasons such as scams or malware. Read more

11 hidden WhatsApp features you should know

WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app in the world. It has many clear and hidden features. Let's take a look at these hidden features now. WhatsApp is the world's most popular messaging app, and anyone who uses it knows how it works, right? What you know is only half of that. This chat service has many features; therefore, they are often hidden behind the more remarkable aspects of the application (voicemails, emojis, group chats ...). I will now list 11 hidden but useful WhatsApp features ... Apps that can help you the best! 11 hidden WhatsApp features you should know We all use WhatsApp but ... can we do the best? We offer you 11 options that aren't so visible in the app, but they can really be useful if you're a regular chatter. 1.Speak conversation sentences in favorites Hold your finger on the phrases you want to save and touch the star displayed above. They are saved in the main menu. Then tap "Starred messages" from the menu to access these messages. 2. Canceling a voicemail You recorded a voicemail message but regret what you said? Just swipe your finger to the left and the message won't be saved or sent to the recipient. 3. Send messages faster When you ... Read more

4 Applications to Learn Foreign Languages ​​on Your Mobile Device

Learning a foreign language is a dream for all of us. However, most of us want to learn, but finding the time to learn can be really difficult. Fortunately, there are lots of mobile apps to help you make the most of your free time. HelloTalk (iOS | Android) The best way to learn a language in practice is to use it with a native speaker. HelloTalk is a WhatsApp style messaging application for language learners. Set your native language and the language you are learning and speak your interests, then HelloTalk finds friends to chat with. When you get stuck, it includes an internal translator as well as text, voice messages and voice calls. Busuu (iOS | Android) Applying modern learning techniques to a traditional classroom structure, Busuu divides the lessons into different themes for your study. Each class includes vocabulary and pronunciation with examples of use and descriptions. Plus, it offers many tests to test your progress and digital memory for review. Memrise (iOS | Android) One of the biggest challenges of learning a second language is to memorize all words. This is what Memrise aims to help. After choosing whether you want to learn 5, 15 or 30 words a day, the app ... Read more

5 Fantastic Applications That Change Face

Even the most arrogant people sometimes expect some change from the person in the mirror. If you want to try a new look on your face or just have a laugh, we recommend five face replacement apps for you. Face Changer (Android | iOS) Perhaps the most recognized app in this category is Face Changer. This app allows you to add silly accessories and make changes to your face or any other. Add a pair of sunglasses and a scar, then be ready to share with your online friends. Snapchat (Android | iOS) Before Snapchat can record a video or take a picture, you can add filters, add objects and play with Snapchat Lens to create a meaningful image to share on social networks. YouCam Makeup (Android | iOS) YouCam Makeup can make your photos look amazing. Eyeshadow, eyelashes, lipstick, mascara ... add anything you want to find the ideal look or take the perfect selfie. FaceSwap (Android | iOS) In the next step, our most creepy choice is FaceSwap. Allowing you to swap the faces of two people living on the camera, this app can have truly terrifying results. I say horrible, but we haven't stopped laughing since we tried. You can even use it with photos. MSQRD (Android | iOS) MSQRD is probably ... Read more

Snapchat becomes a social network it never wants to be

Although Snapchat tends to concentrate on other social platforms, it has not been in the appearance of a very social network so far. While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like are affected by the wide-ranging (mostly public) angry sharing that occurs every day on the networks, it is no secret that Snapchat users direct themselves with a different type of interaction. Rather than being famous or a popularity contest on Instagram, Snap is proud of himself for the special sharing volume he sees, the "creativity" of his users and the kind of original accuracy that this app does not have anywhere else on social media. Until Snapchat released the stories in 2013, there was no way for users to share any updates in general, and even then, this feature was gradually being used. Other common "social" features in practice were avoided. Snapchat still doesn't have an official verification system, except for emoji-based "official stories" devoted to the biggest names in the app. However, if Snapchat is still taking on the role of anti-social social network, you will not be aware of its latest updates. On Wednesday, the company announced that it will allow everyone to share links every ... Read more

Chrome OS starts touch oriented design

Google is slowly changing Chrome OS to work better with touchscreens. A new video, first seen by Engadget, shows much bigger changes in the software. The video shows a redesigned desktop for Chrome OS, introducing an Android-like app drawer and search bar. New items sit atop the traditional taskbar, so using a Chromebook with trackpad and keyboard won't change. However, if you are using a touchscreen, you can directly tap inside a Google search box or swipe upwards to access a grid that shows all your apps. The five "recommended apps" will also appear on a tray, allowing them to open apps even faster. This redesigned desktop is broadcast on the "canary" channel of Chrome OS and is a beta-pre-beta version. This beta version varies considerably due to its still developing structure. This means you can try this redesign if you wish; However, if you are using your Chromebook as your host, it is a good idea to wait for Google to implement both this feature and officially release its code. The update is probably Google's biggest design change that supports touchscreens. Last year, the company added a "hybrid" mode that spaced the buttons at intervals, making them easier to touch. But ... Read more

Instagram now allows you to reply stories with photos and videos

Fast updates to Instagram's stories feature; With the ability to add answers to individual stories with photos, videos and Boomerang, it continues today. With this update, a camera icon appears right next to the text box under each story. After tapping, Instagram's camera will come out, and just like any other story entry, it allows you to prepare a completed answer like face filters, stickers, hashtags. A neat touch of the story you need to answer will appear at the top of your photo, and you may have the ability to reposition it just like a sticker, resize it up and down and rotate it around. The update does not offer a major new feature alone; but the important thing seems to be something that can initiate more interaction with Instagram stories. As Snapchat shows, people like to send goofy photos back and forth, and this new feature helps to enable this feature. The update also shows that Instagram continues to progress with the format pioneered by Snapchat: Snapchat Stories can currently only be answered with text while people are content with each other in this way. Read more

Top 23 Torrent Sites (2017)

The Best Torrent Sites for Movies, Music and More. The most popular torrent sites currently include very popular sites like KAT, RARBG, Limetorrents and 1337X as well as old favorites like The Pirate Bay. The best torrent site are sites with quality torrents and most resources. In the table below, we publish a comprehensive list of these torrent sites for you. A nice resource that you can always benefit from. Please note that Ogznet does not tolerate the illegal sharing of copyrighted files! Review all our disclaimers and warnings for new torrent users at the bottom of this page. Important: If you browse with a VPN Service Provider that can help you keep your torrent activity and other internet browsing private and secure, it may be better for your internet privacy. Below is a list of torrent sites, sorted by the most searched option. If you are new to the torrente, remember that you will need a torrent client to get these files! Torrent Site What We Like The Pirate Bay This site is a classic! Torrents here are always safe here. RARBG This torrent site is for P2P enthusiasts. It is packed with high quality, high resolution torrents. Quality is at the forefront here. 1337X If ... Read more

Completely Free 8 VPN Service 2019

While it is not easy to find truly free unlimited VPN services for Windows, there are a limited number of free VPN programs that you will not pay for. Here you will find the best of them. Free VPN services can often end their free plans all at once. Sometimes, free-of-charge use turns into a paid subscription model. Some switch to freemium mode. So is there no free VPN program that will protect your privacy reliably? Yes there is. Read on to find out more. 1. Speedify Speed ​​in the Internet environment is a unique service. If your internet connection is slow, this is a VPN program for you. It can combine all the connections in your home (including mobile or Wi-Fi signals) into a single, fixed, faster and safer access point. This combination works well to compensate for some of the loss of speed that all VPN users have to bear. Speedify encrypts your data with the latest encryption standards to keep your information private and deliver more than traditional VPNs on desktop and mobile devices. Using the company's Starter Plan is completely free. It allows you to use 2GB of data per month. All your traffic is encrypted using ChaCha or AES (depending on the device) and the ... Read more

10 Reasons to Use a VPN While Browsing the Web

Why is personal encryption and IP manipulation so useful? While your VPN slows your connection speed by 25% - 50%, there are many good reasons to hide your activities and change your IP address. A virtual private network connection achieves two technical results: 1) Hides a VPN, encrypts your signal and makes your online activity completely unreadable to any audience, and 2) A VPN connection changes your IP address, as if you are connecting from a different machine / location / country She walks. Get Netflix Full Access Due to copyright agreements, Netflix, Hulu and Pandora and other streaming media servers cannot stream all content outside the country where it is located. This means: Many movies and shows are blocked from users in the UK, Canada, South America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. This geographic application is directed to the audience by reading the user login IP address and the contents of their country. Using a VPN service, you can change your machine's IP address to see the implications of all countries by unlocking access to more Netflix and Pandora streams. You will need to configure your television movie player or mobile device to use the VPN connection for ... Read more

What is the 'Brute Force' Hacking Dictionary?

Hacker tools and specific techniques are constantly changing, but black hat hackers have some predictable approaches when they get into computer networks. Hackers are people who manipulate computer systems and force users to do things unintentionally. If he does this with bad intent, we call these people black hat hackers. Hackers use three common methods to obtain people's computer passwords: Brute Force ('Dictionary') Repetition Social Engineering (commonly called phishing) phishing) Backdoor Brute Force Hacker Attacks Brute Force (Turkish; Brute force) term, it means overcoming defense many times. In the event of password theft, Brute Force tries with thousands of different combinations. Brute Force dictionaries always start with simple letters like "a", "aa", "aaa" and eventually switch to whole words like "acacia", "cat", "trial". These Brute Force dictionaries can run 50-1000 attempts per minute. Given a few hours or a few days, these password stealing tools will overcome any password. The secret is to wait a few days to decrypt your password. To protect against these attacks, make sure that your password consists of complex characters (number-lowercase / ... Read more

Start Making GIFs on Tumblr

For years, Tumblr users have been publishing thousands of animated GIF images. And now with a new mobile app update, you can learn how to create GIFs on Tumblr without having to use a separate tool beforehand. Why Tumblr GIF Center Tumblr is one of the most popular microblogging platforms with completely visual content today. Its users are constantly posting photos, videos and of course GIFs. The best broadcasts can go viral within a few hours. GIFs target the perfect balance between image and video. They are short, dynamic and have no sound - so they show a series of short stories that can be easily viewed and shared on mini-stories or desktop web and mobile devices. Many users shoot scenes from videos to make GIFs that they can post to their blogs, or scan existing GIF, music video, TV show or movie already prepared by someone else. Giphy is only a good source of popular GIFs; Tumblr users can use this site when they want to add dynamic visual content and get titles in their posts. Interestingly, Tumblr noticed the huge trend in the way users regularly add GIFs to their own posts and developed a new feature to help them. Now you can easily find and add GIFs in Tumblr ... Read more

Free Online File Converter

Free video converters, audio converters, image converters and more are here. Moreover, you can make these conversions online without installing programs on your computer. Sometimes you find a file format that is not supported by any program on your computer. When this happens, you usually have two options. You can purchase the program that opens the file or use the free file conversion software to convert the file to a format supported by some programs on your computer. Or you can convert files by using an online website. Online and free video converter (such as MP4 and AVI), audio converter (MP3, WAV, etc.), image converter (eg PSD and PNG) and document converter (PDF, DOCX, etc.) are given below: 1. Free Video Converter Video conversion software converts one type of video file to another video file. Most video converters support 3GP, AVI, DivX, F4V, FLV, V4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, SWF, WMV and many more popular formats. Many video converters also convert DVD and BD movies to MP4, FLV, AVI, etc. It can convert to various other video formats. Some of these output formats are ideal for use on mobile devices. 2. Free Audio Converter Audio converter software converts one type of ... Read more

Little-known Google Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Great Google tools you never knew. Here are some Google tools that most people don't know much about but can be useful in a wide variety of situations. Practically everyone knows that Google is the world's largest search engine. In fact, most people who have a computer or a mobile device know very well other popular Google products like YouTube, Gmail, Chrome Web Browser and Google Drive. When Google comes to this day, the tech giant has many different products. In the last 18 years of its lifetime, Google has released more than 140 products. Here are a few Google tools that are lesser known but will work very well; 1. Google Keep Google Keep is a beautifully designed, visual note-taking application that will allow you to view all your notes, to-do lists, reminders, pictures and all kinds of information regularly and easily. The card-like interface offers a super intuitive use so you can customize any way you want by adding labels and colors. Want to record a sound for a reminder? Or is there a shopping list that you and your family have to access and organize while learning from their members? Google Keep lets you do it all. You will find that it is among the most useful ... Read more

Top 5 Websites for Free Full Movie Watch

Free, full-length movies are plentiful on the Web; but if you know where to look. A lot of websites promise free movies, but we've listed them to show you the top five sites that will give you an excellent movie watching experience on your desktop. All of these sites offer free movies that you can watch on any Internet-connected device from your Web browser; While each offers a different unique experience, it also offers a wide variety of options. Don't expect the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies on these sites (although these are finally offered on most of the listed sites); These sources offer films that have been out for a while, are directly into the video, or are independent filmmakers. Regardless, if you are looking for good value (or just browsing a new route!), These sites are a good option. 1. Hulu - Free Movies, TV Shows and Original Series Hulu is the first place where many people are online when they want to find quality multimedia. There is a good movie option here and it is easy to find them all with a good organization. Hulu makes it very easy to watch movies on the Web - just click on the movie section; almost all are ready. From moving, mysterious, to ... Read more

Ten Web Search Cheats Everyone Should Know

Have you ever been disappointed in your web search results? Of course yes, we were all there! To search the web more effectively, there are a few basic skills you need to learn to make your searches less frustrating and more successful. In this article, we will focus on the ten most basic Web search shortcuts that will make your searches more successful by bringing the most relevant results in the first results with your search. These are tried and true web search methods, working on almost all search engines and index. This is a few basic web search skills you need to have truly successful web searches. All these tips can be used by anyone, regardless of skill level. Use quotes to find a particular sentence Probably one of the most important things that saved me from a serious Web search time for years is the simplest - I am looking for a sentence by putting quotation marks. When you use quotation marks on a sentence, the search engine only includes pages containing these search terms in order, proximity, etc. As you would say exactly how you wrote. This tip works on almost every search engine and is very successful. Brings back focused results. If you're looking for a ... Read more

How to Upload Videos to YouTube

A complete look at uploading YouTube videos on the web and mobile app. YouTube offers all types of creators the ability to upload their own videos and reach your audience. Whether you're a teenager as a hobby or wanting to start a vlog, YouTube makes it fast, easy and free for anyone to start uploading almost any type of video they want. Are you ready to open your art or message to the world? The tutorial below will describe the steps required to upload a video on both the YouTube web version and the YouTube mobile app. Login to your account Before you can upload anything, you must have an account with a channel where your videos will be broadcast on YouTube. If you have an existing Google account, then this is what you need. If not, you need to create a new Google account before proceeding. If you are using the desktop web, you can go to YouTube.com in your web browser and click the blue Sign In button in the upper right corner of the screen. You will be redirected to a new page where you can sign in to your existing Google account. If you are using the mobile web, go to YouTube.com on your mobile browser and tap the three white dots that appear in the upper right corner of ... Read more

Popular YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginner

It is everyone's mind to open channels on Youtube and become popular. So how do you do that? Here in this article we consider the clues that will be the beginning for this. Despite the incredibly vast and ever expanding collection of high-quality content you can enjoy on YouTube, some of the simplest video formats still dominate the vast majority. You are thinking of starting your own YouTube channel, but if you are afraid of script, acting, special effects, and video production, you don't need any of these things to successfully grow a YouTube channel. Sometimes it's the hardest part to get started. You don't have to be perfect, but you need an idea for a better starting point. Your Life Vlogging Vlogging is one of the easiest ways to start with a YouTube channel because you don't need any additional equipment other than a device with a camera that can capture video content. Vloggers often spend time talking with the camera about their own lives, thoughts, opinions, concerns and even current news topics or events. It is completely open-ended and is considered a video equivalent or post on a daily or personal blog. Unpacking Videos In the world of consumer electronics, ... Read more

WhatsApp now allows you to share any file type

WhatsApp adds a new feature in its latest update: the ability to share any type of file. WhatsApp previously only supported documents, photos and videos, but users can now share any file up to 100 MB. This new update can prove to be extremely useful for those who want to share executables or other files. It can also be useful for people who use WhatsApp at work, otherwise they will have to share it via email. Combined with desktop and web apps, this makes WhatsApp a powerful lightweight messaging service that you can use with your friends as well as with teams or in a small business. There is a huge advantage to send any type of file with WhatsApp, more importantly, the ability to send uncompressed media up to 100MB means that it shares high quality photos and videos. While there are some risks that may cause the spread of malware versions of WhatsApp's Android apps, it is of great benefit that users can share apps directly without the need for app stores. While most people only use the app on their phones, web and desktop clients can be used for file sharing - which means that clicking the links and downloading files on the web will apply the same threats. Although it was ... Read more

Applications Steal Your Bank Information

It has determined that a new malware detected by MalwareBytes uses a legal free multimedia program called FFmpeg to take screenshots and even screen video of users' personal computers. This malware can monitor the use of your device and take action as soon as you visit a financial institution's site. The danger here can track your financial transactions that are clearly visible with malicious code and learn how to gain access to these areas. There is malware you don't know This is a new example of the wave of malware detected first in 2015. The previous wave of malware used effective applications to hide malicious code. In addition to installing malicious codes by hackers that control victims 'phones, they can also be exposed to it by installing a flashlight app that looks completely innocent on users' phones. For example, this was an application called Flashlight LED Widget. It can show fake screens and even show false notifications to bypass the security step 2-step verification. Another example of malware that uses legal applications to install on a user's device was JSocket. Theoretically, malware such as JSocket can access a user's device through a legal application like ... Read more

Share Files with WeTransfer

A file sharing platform with a simple and useful interface, allowing free file transfer up to 2 GB. A file sharing platform generally used for professional or large file sharing. No membership is required when sharing files. You upload the file directly and send the file download address to the other party's e-mail address. You can also add descriptive messages to the file. So why is this file sharing platform so popular? Because it has a very simple structure. It's just a site that does its job. You can easily send a 20-30 MB file that you cannot send by mail with this site. Moreover, Dropbox etc. It does not have such a complex and membership system. The files you upload up to 2 GB free are stored on the servers of this site for a week from the date of installation. During this time, the people you want can download the files. At the end of the period, the files are automatically deleted from the server. You can also subscribe to the site if you want. If you become a member and subscribe to the paid system, there are differences in the service you receive. Differences in paid membership: Send files up to 20 GB at a time Store up to 100 GB Protect your files with password ... Read more

Wikipedia (Wikipedia) How to Login?

Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA), restricted access by Wikipedia (Wikipedia) is no longer accessible from Turkey. However, there is a very easy way to access this site. Without any settings or installing programs on your computer and smartphone. The answer to the questions about how to login and how to enter Wikipedia (Wikipedia) site is in this article. As I said before, you can overcome this obstacle very easily without installing any program or making any adjustments. Thus, you can easily log into Wikipedia (Wikipedia) as before. This is an important article for people who use this site for information. Now you can reach the Wikipedia site by clicking on the address below without going back to the Meydan Larousse encyclopedias. The trick is that they have a zero (0) at the beginning of the web address and continue their publication in Turkish with a new domain name. That's all. So you don't need to do anything on your computer that is Vpn or Dns setting. You can directly access Wikipedia via this address. https://tr.0wikipedia.org/ This address may be banned in the future. However, it is now accessible. Though the guys found it easy. Since they ... Read more

Time to Clean Up in Gmail

How many new emails do you receive every day through your Gmail account? Although you try to keep the inbox up to date, your mail account turns into a trash and the mess begins over time. That's why I've put together useful tips to free up space in Gmail. Try one or all of these tips. When you make the suggestions below, you will realize that you will return to your inbox in a healthy way. 1. Always leave your trash empty Trash and Spam folders are where messages we don't need. Even though the emails sent there will be automatically deleted after all, they continue to stay there for 30 days. Don't let trash stacks in these folders occur, take action: There is an option named "Delete all messages now" at the top of the inbox for Trash and Spam. Click on it and empty the area in seconds. I suggest you do this every few days so you don't get lost in junk e-mails. 2. An easy way to search for old or large emails Gmail has different commands that you can enter in the search bar to find specific messages. In particular, I recommend the following commands: older: 2014/01/01 This command shows all emails before January 1, 2014. To fetch emails before this date, change the date as ... Read more

How Can You Understand a Link You Should Not Click?

Links are the perfect feed to drag us into malware. Isn't it extremely difficult to resist the urge to click on a link? Is there a way to identify fraudulent connections? In fact, there are a few minor tricks. Although there is no guarantee, they can help you avoid malicious software. The rogue link usually appears in two different contexts: in an email or social network conversation (for example, in Facebook Messenger). So the first step to detecting a misleading link is to answer the question: Do you know the person or entity that sent you a message? If the link was sent by an unknown person, all you have to do is click on his account and do some research. In any case, you can search the name on Google. In the case of an e-mail, look at the full title of the message to see the address of the person or legal entity that sent the message. If the address is suspicious, you can delete the message immediately. What can happen if you know the person who sent the message, but have you noticed something is suspicious? Remember that if your friend is being attacked by cyber attack, the computer may be sending these deceptive connections without anyone's knowledge. The solution is ... Read more

YouTube Video Downloaders

Youtube-MP3.org, the web page that converts YouTube videos to MP3 audio files has been closed. Don't worry, there are many more ways to download Youtube videos. The Internet continues to offer us reliable and free alternative options. Let's take a look at 5 great alternatives for Youtube-MP3.org. You will find 2 web pages, 1 installable program and 2 applications in the list. There are options available for everyone! 5 tools to convert YouTube videos to MP3 (and other audio and video formats) YTD Downloader (Windows) YTD downloader is an excellent tool for downloading videos from the internet. Simple to use, easy to follow, and if you're used to using YouTube-MP3.org, you won't have any problems with YTD Downloader. With YTD, you can download videos in 1080p Full HD format and convert them to a number of file formats for use on different devices. If you have a Pro version, you can convert multiple files simultaneously. Wondershare Video Converter Wondershare Video Converter has many features, not only for downloading videos from the internet. It has powerful video conversion software, built-in video player, 4K video support and support for 159 video formats. For some features ... Read more

The ability to delete WhatsApp messages has arrived!

You can now delete your accidentally sent messages on WhatsApp. Both iOS and Android users have the opportunity to delete it within 7 minutes after sending a message for it. In the regret of sending some messages, we are experienced through e-mail or messaging apps. Either you sent it to the wrong recipient by mistake or typed it in an instant and regret it by pressing the send button immediately. E-mail services came with options to undo them, and now messaging apps are also getting these features. The latest version of WhatsApp now allows you to "delete for everyone" messages you want to undo for any reason. With the feature, however, there are a few caveats to watch out for. First of all, you can only delete the message within 7 minutes after sending it first. If you go beyond that, you cannot delete that message. Second, you need to have the latest version of the app to be able to delete the message from both you and the recipient. If the person you sent the message to still has an older version, you can still see it, even if you deleted it for everyone. Finally, the "delete for everyone" option is for individual and group messages only, and not for broadcast messages. To ... Read more

3 steps to Yahoo! How to Delete an Account?

Yahoo! How to delete your account easily in 3 steps, let's see all together. Yahoo! Note that when you delete your heab, your account will be deleted within services like Flickr and Tumblr. When you terminate your account, Yahoo! You will lose access to all of them, including all your photos and documents stored on it! Yahoo! Have you registered for any external service by e-mail address? Netflix, Facebook, Twitter etc.? Canceling your account may also interrupt these services. After you cancel your account, your e-mail address becomes available again by someone else and there may be a problem if it is still connected to a service you use. If everything is done so far, you are now ready to cancel Yahoo! Yahoo! how to cancel! Step 1. Yahoo! Visit and login to the account you want to delete. Open the account termination page of Mail. You will then receive a warning about the status of terminating your account. Click on "Continue". Step 2. You will now be asked to verify your identity. You need your e-mail address as in the example below. Enter your email address, click Yes and terminate this account. If all processes went right, you need to encounter the screen below. That is ... Read more

How to Delete Gmail Account Completely?

Want to delete your Gmail account completely? For whatever reason, it is possible to completely delete the Gmail account. Let's take a look at how this is done. Steps to Delete Gmail Account Completely; 1. First login to your account. 2. Click the upper right account logo and click the "My Account" button. 3. Click the "Delete your account or services" link under the "Account Preferences" menu on the newly opened page. 4. Click on the "Delete Google Account and data" link on the page that opens. 5. On the page that opens, select the check boxes and click the "Delete Account" button. 6. Your gmail account is now deleted. Read more

SendGB.com Free File Transfer Up To 4GB

Competitor file transfer service to Wetransfer; "Sendgb.co". It provides free file transfer up to 4GB. SendGB.com is a service that provides free file transfer service up to 4GB. It provides service with 12 language options including Turkish. One of the goals of SendGB.com is to support social responsibility institutions. In this context, we continue to support the KAÇUV (Foundation for Hope for Children with Cancer), LÖSEV (Foundation for Children with Leukemia), Tohum Autism Foundation, TOG (Community Volunteers Foundation) and Darüşşafaka campaigns. It also includes photographers and designers from many countries. SendGB.com France is the official file transfer supporter of the International Photo Nightscape Awards 2016 and 2017. If you check SendGB.com in a Turkish language option from a desktop or notebook device, you can see the current background images. I https://www.sendgb.co Read more

Alternative Sites to WeTransfer

Alternative sites to WeTransfer for the web, iPhone, Windows, Android, Mac and more. This list contains a total of 40 apps similar to WeTransfer. Free file transfer service up to 4GB. Registration is not required. SendGB keeps files for 14 days! SendGB.com MediaFire is a simple solution for uploading and downloading files to the Internet. It focuses on providing a positive experience for downloaders, but not the same for installers. Files hosted on MediaFire can be accessed directly - there is no waiting time to start downloading, and there is no limit on how or how often you can download. Multiple files can be downloaded simultaneously. MediaFire Cross-platform file sharing service that allows users to share real-time digital content simultaneously without cloud storage. Unlike messenger or cloud-based storage applications, it enables sending files from any platform, end-user to any file type and size you want, any number of files from Android, iOS and Desktop systems. Forward Everywhere bypasses the cloud storage using the p2p network, making the transfer process safer and faster. This simple, unlimited and instant file transfer application will make file sharing easier than ... Read more

YouTube Alternative Video Watching Sites

YouTube is arguably the best video content platform on the Internet, where millions of people watch billions of hours of video every day. However, if you are one of those who need change, there are a number of alternative video viewing sites to YouTube. Here are many websites and apps similar to YouTube. 1. Vimeo Application: iOS · Android Vimeo is a video sharing and viewing site that offers the highest quality with the perfect tools to share your videos publicly or privately on the Internet. You can use the search box above to find the video you want to watch. In addition, Vimeo apps allow you to upload, edit, manage and watch your videos directly from your iPhone. All videos are ad-free. Users don't see ads before or after the video; this provides a better overall user experience. 2. Dailymotion Application: iOS · Android Dailymotion is a video sharing website based in Paris. Dailymotion is the world's largest video site after YouTube. Dailymotion is a great video surveillance site alternative to YouTube. The website hosts a large number of videos and its popularity is growing steadily. Its biggest competitor is not as comprehensive as YouTube, but it has a simple website. ... Read more

Secure Email Application ProtonMail

ProtonMail offers encrypted emails; this makes it impossible for people other than the sender and receiver to read the e-mail. ProtonMail is the world's largest encrypted e-mail service with more than 1 million users. Data Security and Neutrality ProtonMail was established in Switzerland and all its servers are located in Switzerland. This means that all user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. End-to-end Encryption - Automated Email Security All emails are automatically secured with end-to-end encryption. With this feature, even the manufacturer means that you cannot decrypt and read your e-mails. As a result, your encrypted emails cannot be shared with third parties. Anonymous Email - Protect Your Privacy No personal information is required to create your secure email account. By default, they don't keep any IP logs that can connect to your anonymous email account. Your privacy comes first. Open source - Free Secure Email They think email privacy can be used by anyone. Therefore, the source code of the application is open and basic ProtonMail accounts are always free. Easy to use - Security without hassle Can be used on any device without installing ProtonMail ... Read more

10 Applications for Internet Security

As long as you are online, you are targeted and if you do not have security measures, you are putting your data at risk. Below are our suggestions to reduce online threats that can infect your system online. AVAST (Free - Score: 8) Avast Free Antivirus 2018 offers protection against malware and viruses without slowing down your computer. You can use it on your PC or mobile device and it is also effective for large and small businesses. Rather than processing and analyzing using your computer and processor power, hard work is done in the cloud. KASPERSKY ANTI-VIRUS (Score: 8) Kaspersky Anti-Virus captures, blocks and removes viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits and other types of malware. HOTSPOT SHIELD (Free - Score: 7) Hotspot Shield is a free program that allows you to navigate WiFi access points and access sites that are not normally accessible outside the US, such as Hulu and Pandora. PANDA FREE ANTIVIRUS (Free - Score: 8) Panda Free Antivirus is a lightweight antivirus program that does not use a lot of system resources and has excellent system maintenance. ESET NOD32 ANTIVIRUS (Score: 8) ESET NOD32 Antivirus, which comes first in security software, is ... Read more

How to Turn Off "Location Information" of Browsers?

If you are tired of answering the annoying browser requests of browser location notifications, you can turn off such notifications forever with a few clicks on all major browsers. The article includes ways to turn off location reporting for Chrome (desktop and Android), Firefox, Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari (desktop and iOS) browsers. Select Settings> Advanced (scroll down)> Content settings from the Chrome drop-down menu. From Chrome's content settings, you can click "Location" and "Notifications" separately to disable each one. This prevents websites from knowing where you are and sending you notifications so that pop-ups are blocked forever. Chrome (Android) The same settings are available on the mobile version of Chrome on Android devices. Although we cannot disable location settings in the browser, as we did on the desktop, if one of the websites bothers you with such prompts, you can always disable them on a site basis. From the Chrome menu button in the upper right corner, choose Settings. Under Settings, go to Advanced> Site settings. You can find separate settings for both Location and Notifications, if the default is set to "Ask first", you can ... Read more

Opening the Browser in Incognito Mode Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE

If you do not want your web activity to remember without leaving a trace on the internet, you can browse the web privately with Incognito mode. You can open it from the menu in web browsers. How to access this hidden window for each web browser. Private screening appeared in 2005. Currently, this feature is available in all modern web browsers. Almost every browser uses this technology. You can now browse the web anonymously, regardless of which browser you use. Browse the web without leaving any traces behind; for example password, cookies, internet history and various other information. Private browsing works just like a fully isolated program session - for example, when you log in to Facebook in your typical browsing session, you can also open a different Facebook session in a private window. This likewise allows you to use the private browsing session to sign in to various records immediately - for example, you can sign in to a Google account in your normal browsing window and sign in to another Google account in the private browsing window. But wait! There is a detail here. In stealth mode, information will be strictly prevented from being stored on your system, but it is ... Read more

Free Computer Game Download Sites

We have compiled some of the websites that allow you to download free computer games. There are websites that allow you to download both paid and free movies. STEAM Steam is the online gaming platform. You can join Steam for free and get games delivered directly to your desktop with automatic updates and an enormous gaming community. Software Library: MS-DOS Games You can download fun games written on MS-DOS from this site. It includes action, strategy, adventure and other unique types of game and entertainment software. These programs are bootable and playable with the use of the EM-DOSBOX scanner emulator. Free Video Games Archive This is a selected list of free and open source (FOSS) video games. Gog.com Really game-friendly DRM-free online gaming platform. Classic and new PC games, great offers, awesome community. GOG.com is a digital PC and Mac game distribution service. itch.io itch.io is a simple way to find, download and distribute online games. If you're looking for games to play, check out itch.io's extensive game catalog. If you are a game developer, you can upload your game files and screenshots, then design a page where people can download or buy your game. ... Read more

Best Free Chrome VPN Extensions 2020

Are you considering using a free VPN for Chrome? By installing the best free VPN plugin for Chrome, you can access blocked sites without restrictions. You can find these free Chrome VPN plugins in our article. Free VPNs cannot be compared to a premium VPN service in terms of quality, speed or security. Because many free VPN services only offer PPTP protocol. PPTP is not as reliable as other VPN protocols such as L2TP / IPSEC, OpenVPN, SSTP or SSH offered by most leading paid services. And most importantly, why is the service free? According to general statistics, about 30% of people browsing the Internet use VPN to access privacy and 28% use restricted content. For these reasons, using the best free VPN plugin for Chrome gives you access to blocked content and gives you complete freedom. Best Free VPN Best free VPN Extensions for Chrome With all this in mind, you can make a more informed choice about which free Chrome VPN to use. 1. Browsec VPN - Free and Unlimited VPN Browsec VPN offers speeds of up to 100 Mbits / s, which is much faster than many other Chrome VPN extensions. The main center of the VPN service is Russia. Some users may be bothered by this situation. The ... Read more

Pop-up Window Blocking in Web Browser

The sudden appearance of ads and pop-ups is annoying for anyone who wants to browse his favorite site peacefully. Blocker apps need to be used to overcome such annoying ads and to avoid pop-ups that prevent websites from appearing. These pop-ups reduce surfing speed and cause websites to run slower. In addition, they pose a huge risk to security by installing fake updates or antivirus. For this, we have tried to provide pop-up blockers below that will help improve online privacy. The Importance of Pop-up Blocker Pop-up blocker is to stop pop-ups from appearing in the web browser as most pop-ups are malicious. Pop-up blocker closes windows before pop-ups appear, disables the option that calls pop-up, and helps in a variety of ways, such as changing HTML. Some promotional pop-ups are not as malicious as other pop-ups. A common problem with pop blocking, however, has been that pop-up blockers are unable to distinguish between bad pop-up windows and user-requested pop-up windows. Pop-up blockers offer the speed of loading, removing the risk of security from malware, preventing unwanted opening of the ad and providing uninterrupted web browsing experience. Browsers with Pop-up ... Read more

Converting from YouTube to MP3

With YouTube to MP3 converter, it allows you to download a YouTube video as an MP3 file, save it as Mp3 audio file. Online Youtube video downloader and Mp3 converter tools in this article. There are hundreds, if not hundreds, of free alternatives for converters from YouTube to MP3 audio. Some YouTube converters are really slow in converting and downloading, and some are full of ads or confusing to use. The list we compiled below shows the best YouTube-MP3 converters, each with its own unique feature set, as well as a few ways to extract audio from YouTube videos you may not have seen before. Tip: After getting MP3 from YouTube video, you can use a free audio file converter to save it to M4R for an iPhone ringtone or any other audio format you want. Note: When converting from YouTube to MP3, it does not receive the sound from the ad content displayed. Ads are completely separate from videos and are not included when you convert a video to MP3 or any other audio / video format. GenYouTube GenYouTube is the easiest way to convert if you want to quickly get MP3 from YouTube videos. It doesn't ask you any questions, downloads are fast and you can start from the YouTube video. There ... Read more

How to Edit YouTube Videos?

An article that shows how to use the video editing tools inside YouTube. I will try to explain how you can edit your uploaded videos from the Youtube website. 01. YouTube Video Editor is No longer Supported YouTube has provided a free, impressive set of video editing features for users in Video Editor - but since September 2017, this feature has now been discontinued. However, in the Enhancements section, it allows you to do a number of tasks such as video editing: Auto-stabilization lighting and color Slow Motion, time lapse and filtering Cut Rotation Blur Most users find YouTube's video editing tools quite intuitive. How to use them is explained below. 02. Go to your channel's Video Manager After logging in to your YouTube account, look in the top right corner. Click your picture or icon. Select Creator Studio from the menu that appears. On the left menu, click Video Manager. Next, you will see a list of videos you have uploaded. 03. Select a Video Find the video you want to edit in the list. Click Edit and then click Enhancements. A menu will appear on the right side of your video, from there you can choose what you want to do. 04. Apply Quick Fixes You will find several ... Read more

Popular Video Watching Sites

The best online video streaming websites like Youtube. Youtube First published in 2005 and bought by Google in 2006, YouTube is arguably the most popular video sharing site. It has a wide range of multimedia content: user-uploaded, TV clips, movie clips and movie trailers, video blogging (also known as "vlogging"), the original Web series and much more. People all over the world use YouTube as a platform to share their lives with; However, large companies are also using the incredibly large global audience available through YouTube to distribute their own multimedia content. DailyMotion, which was launched in Dailymotion 2005 and headquartered in France, is the world's second largest video website according to various Web measurements. Vevo Vevo is for music videos only, unlike many other video websites mentioned in this list. According to multiple measurement statistics, Vevo is the number one music multimedia platform on the Web. Google Video With Google Video, users can easily search for videos on other video sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion and MetaCafe. Facebook Facebook is one of the most popular video websites on the Web due to the size of its user base: More than five ... Read more

Internet Speed ​​Test Sites

Internet service providers love to make many claims about download and download speeds when purchasing, but how do these numbers compare to the speeds you see on your computer? These are the best internet speed test sites that will help you determine your upload and download speeds and other issues like loss of speed, latency issues, or physical connection issues on your connection. I will share the 6 best sites for internet speed test. With one or more of these, you can check your internet speed and compare it with the features of the internet package you purchased. Here are the best internet speed test apps. Note: Note that some of these sites may not work with an ad blocker. You can add the site to the whitelist of the ad blocker or temporarily turn off the ad blocker for this site. 1. SpeedOf.Me SpeedOf.Me is an HTML5 based speed test site. SpeedOf.Me is also the best internet speed test site available. The site not only shows a graph of the speeds achieved in real time, but also allows you to track your results over previous tests. Instead of choosing a location, the website calculates the fastest and most reliable server from more than 100 available servers, and all files ... Read more

Most Visited Web Sites in Turkey

Nowadays, we spend many of our hours online. But we wonder what sites you visit most in Turkey. According to information received from Alexa, the 50 most visited websites in Turkey in this article. 1. Google.com Advanced Search Options and Results. 2. Youtube.com User rated videos, comments and contests have been sent. 3. Google.com Allows users to search the world's information, including web pages, images and videos. 4. Sabah.com.t morning, breaking news from around the world and Turkey's agenda receiver to you in the fastest way. 5. Haber7.Co of Turkey's most influential news site. 6. Facebook.com A social work program that connects people, to settle with friends, upload photos, share links and take photos. 7. Onedio.com Onedio provides you with the best, most up-to-date, most talked-about content, without being overwhelmed by advertising. 8. I Agenda Ensonhaber.co news, latest news, last minute, current developments, headline, newspapers, magazines ... 9. Sahibinden.co I sahibinden.co today Turkey's largest online classifieds and e-commerce platform. 10. 11. Instagram.co Hürriyet.com.tr Turkey's Landing Page !!! Latest News World Economics Ekonet Planet Sports Magazine ... ... Read more

Top 25 Torrent Sites 2019 (Current Torrent Sites)

We are with a new post that we will share some of the best torrent sites. As you know, torrent is one of the best ways to download all kinds of free files, whether pirated or any prohibited file. You can find almost every file on torrent sites. Easily music, movies, games etc. You can download many things like for free. Most of the listed sites work well and we are constantly updating the list of the best torrent sites and we will add them to this list as soon as we get the best quality torrent sites. What is torrent? Torrent is basically a file extension for Torrent Clients. These files contain text pointing to viewers to start downloading from leechers as well as collectors. The download speed of any torrent file depends on many factors such as source machine, number of connections. Top 25 Torrent Websites 2019: 1. KickAss Torrents When talking about torrent sites, here comes one of the best sites ever made, KickAss Torrent always tops the list. This site was founded in 2009 and immediately after launching the site, it gained a lot of popularity as well as fame. This site is also banned in many countries, but this site includes VPN, proxy, etc. You can access it using. ... Read more

A detailed guide to use Tinder without Facebook

Can you use the Tinder application, which is very popular among young people, without a Facebook account? You can request this for private or general reasons. We examined what you need to do for this. Although online dating services have such great popularity, it should not be forgotten that communicating with foreigners on the internet still has some elements that may be contrary to our customs and customs. The community still judges that you own a profile on an online dating app / site, and nobody wants to be tried because of this. That's probably why you're here. Moreover, many of you may be worried about the security of your personal data. Regardless of whether you are an existing Tinder user or new users who want to join, this article will help you address your concerns about Tinder's connection with Facebook. Read on to find out more! Tinder - A short introduction To be honest, Tinder doesn't really need an introduction. But if you're new to digitally finding friends, Tinder is the most popular location-based dating service that encourages users to engage and continue without leaving the app until they find the perfect match. If your profile scrolls to the right in your ... Read more

Ways to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

Have you ever wondered who viewed your Facebook profile? Unfortunately, there is no official way to know who is viewing your Facebook profile. But don't worry! There are several unofficial ways to find out who visited your Facebook profile. I will show you all the processes to find out who is viewing your Facebook profile. In this way, will you be able to solve the chaos of "Who viewed my Facebook profile"? Here you go. You are looking for ways to find out who looked at your Facebook profile, but Facebook does not provide us with a method for this information. I know very well that there are too many false methods in this area. However, 'Who looked at my Facebook profile?' You will find some original answers about the question here. Do You See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile? Yes you can! Although there is no official way, you can see who is viewing your Facebook profile. And during my research, I found many ways to do this. However, I am not sure of its validity. Find Out Who Sees Your Facebook Profile Not all the methods described here are valid to see who is viewing your Facebook profile. Therefore, all links are removed until a new method is found. Read more

Best Dating Practices 2020

One of the biggest problems of today is loneliness. The most modern solution to loneliness is dating sites or apps. Here are the best dating apps we've compiled for you. 1. Tinder Application: iOS · Android Whether you're looking for friendship or long-term relationship, Tinder is waiting for you. When it comes to dating, it is the first dating app that comes to mind. Profiles are short, which helps you make decisions quickly. The downside is that short profiles make it hard for many people to find what they are looking for. Knowing little about a person can make initial messaging much more difficult. The best feature of Tinder is that it has a very clear interface and is user-friendly. After logging in, profiles are shown one by one. Swipe left if you're not interested in photos, or swipe right if you're interested. If there is a mutual match, that is, if the other person has moved you to the right, then you can start the conversation. 2. Bumble Application: iOS · Android Bumble can basically be called Tinder for women. In Bumble application, women must send messages first. If the male side does not reply within 24 hours, there will be no potential matches. Bumble tends to ... Read more

How to Delete Snapchat Account

Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the most popular apps right now. Millions of users use Snapchat and share their moments with their followers. However, you may want to delete your Snapchat account for any reason. For this you should read the rest of the article. Snapchat is a funny monster. Some of its features remain largely addictive, but the company is under pressure to innovate, as services like Instagram and Facebook continue to hide their ideas. Moreover, the user base is not happy. The recent redesign of the app has disappointed many; the company wants it to restore the old order. However, according to Snapchat's CEO Evan Spiegel's statement, it seems unlikely: "We are unlikely to know how our community's behavior will change when the redesign of your app will harm our business in the short term and when they start using your current app." If the redesign and feature set bothers you, it may be time to delete the app. Below is how to delete your Snapchat account. How to Delete Your Snapchat Account You cannot delete your Snapchat account from the Android or iOS version of the app. Instead, you will need to launch a desktop web browser and go to the Snapchat website. To get ... Read more

Periscope etc. Facebook Live: Which is Better?

Live streaming is a popular trend in this social media era, but not everyone can become a YouTube star or want to be. Still, live streaming can be fun to share what you're doing right now with family and friends. There are two major social networks for this: Periscope and Facebook Live. How do they compare with each other? Here you go. Periscope Periscope was initially launched with a Twitter account for use, but is now open to everyone. However, it has deep integration with your Twitter account, so if you are verified on Twitter, Periscope also carries it to your profile. If the viewer is connected to Twitter, you can send a tweet every time you post, so your followers can watch your live broadcast. However, a real fun with Periscope is the fact that your audience may be people you don't know, and then you can build a new follower. Broadcast Periscope users can broadcast only on mobile devices. Before you post, you can choose this post publicly or just share it with specific people who follow you, but the second one is done individually. There are buttons to change location sharing, enable chat for everyone or just those you follow, and share your post on social media. During ... Read more

5 New Dating Apps Better Than Tinder

Many online dating apps like Tinder stay a bit shallow while pairing with someone. If you want a different experience than this type of apps, try these new dating apps. You will surely find more potential friends in popular apps like Tinder, Match and OkCupid. However, you can still experience these applications and sites. In fact, you will find more than the usual Tinder experience when searching for someone with these creative and unusual apps. 1. Apply To Date (Web): Online Dating Site Apply To Date turns the matching process into something similar to a job application. Those who come to your profile are those who apply as if they were applying for a job application. Essentially, your personal profile is your personal mini site. Create your Personal Application Page, add photos and details. These can be like where you are and what you are doing, what you are looking for in an appointment, what you are doing and what you have to do and things that should not be done. You also have social profiles on the page; this is a good way for someone to find you without following you. 2. MeeTwo (Android, iOS): Pairing After a Quick Personality Test MeeTwo is a dating app made by ... Read more

An Easy Way to Get Rid of Spam

I will try to explain an easy way to block spam. For those using popular mail services such as Gmail, Outlook and Yandex Mail, we explain step by step how to block spam. Most people get a lot of email. However, most spam emails do not come from your friends. Instead, you probably get dozens of automatic newsletters, coupons and similar nonsense every day. Trying to delete them continuously is a great task. So why not cut these emails at source and cancel your subscription? Instead of manually canceling the subscription (sometimes just confirms that your address is used for spammers), you can use a handy tool called Unsubscriber to do the cancellation job. The Best Way to Unsubscribe from Email Bulletins Go to Unsubscriber's website and you need to register with your email account. The service supports Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and AOL. Other IMAP-enabled email services like Comcast and Time Warner also work. If necessary, log in with your e-mail, then get Subscription access to your e-mail account. After linking your account, you will see the Unsubscriber homepage. However, the process takes place in your email inbox. You'll see a new Unsubscribe tag in your filter / tags list ... Read more

Best Torrent Tips for Changing uTorrent

uTorrent is the most popular torrent program for torrent users. However, this program is also one of the most attacked programs. Safer and same quality uTorrent alternative programs are in this article. If you are one of over 100 million uTorrent users, you should immediately upgrade to the latest version of the BitTorrent client. In November 2017, a vulnerability was discovered in Google Project Zero over a period of time, BitTorrent Inc. (owned and developed by uTorrent). Although the patch was originally distributed only in the Beta version, the stable version was upgraded during this time. It is not the first time that UTorrent is under attack. Also, it has always been the subject of criticism because it contains disturbing banner ads in the program. uTorrent cryptocurrency mining software deceived users in the installation by embedding Epic Scale in the installation package. These are the most important examples of user deception and exploitation. Can you still trust uTorrent? You don't have to. Here are five great uTorrent alternatives. The Best Alternative for UTorrent: qBittorrent Key Features: Can remove torrent connections BitTorrent extensions such as Distributed ... Read more

How to Make Themed Movies in Google Photos

In February 2018, Google introduced a new feature in the Photos web app: themed movies. It allows you to create a movie based on important people or special events. The tool allows you to edit all the images in a seamless show and add background audio tracks. If you're interested, you may have noticed that Google Photos automatically created themed movies for you in the past. The difference is that you can now create one at any time. There are many different themes available. For example, for a person who was recently photographed, you can create a selfie video or make a video of cat photos. So how is this new feature used? Let's take a closer look. How to Make Themed Movies in Google Photos Follow the simple instructions below to make a themed movie in Google Photos. Go to photos.google.com and enter your Google credentials. On the left side of the Photos panel, select Assistant. Click Create Movie under Create New. Choose the type of themed movie you want to create. Google makes suggestions about the type of content it will contain. For example, the Smiles theme of 2017 “works best if you have lots of photos with a smile”. Click Create Movie. The process may take a long ... Read more

Download Video from xVideoServiceThief from Video Sites

Have you ever come across an online video you want to download and add to your collection? Maybe a video of your favorite recipe, a music video, or a video you found for a technical problem you're dealing with. Whatever the reason, if you want to watch online videos even without internet, the right tool is xVideoServiceThief. Open-source video download programs have been around for years. It is the only downloader you need with its available versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. With the application, you can download content from 93 different sites and this number is gradually increasing. It supports all major players - sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and the lesser known LiveLeak. The app also offers several additional features to make downloading easier: in-app video calling, download scheduling and a way to convert files to AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, MP4, 3GP and MP3 video formats. How to Download a Video To get started, download a free copy of the application and install it on your system. Fortunately, there are no other applications in the installer that you should be aware of. Before downloading a video, be sure to set your download location at the bottom of the ... Read more

Top 5 Custom Search Engines of 2018 That Do Not Follow You

Nowadays, search engines are considered the biggest source of information because it meets the needs of people within seconds. It was created with lines of code called the program. It provides the best results useful to us. However, most of them store users' data, including location, history, search intent, and time. To solve this privacy issue, special search engines have been introduced to provide a secure platform where the user can receive information. An internet user can search private engines without fear of being tracked by the ISP or government. These search engines do not keep users' history. There are some anonymous search engines to help individuals with privacy concerns. These search engines protect data from infiltrating third parties. DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo is a large secure private search engine that protects against the possibility of attack from data leakage or hacking. It is widely used to protect the end user's information in searches on a daily basis. It allows Internet users to remain anonymous while browsing. An internet user can easily get results without being disturbed by advertisements. DuckDuckGo servers have some amazing features that may be more ... Read more

Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels

Have you ever wondered about the most popular foreign YouTube channels? Let's look at the local Youtube stars who are the most watched in the world. In this article, we will show you the most subscribed channels on YouTube. Thanks to YouTube, millions of videos from dozens of genres are available for free. And for many, content creation on YouTube is a full-time job. While there are many Turkish Youtubers doing this as a business, there are many people doing this job professionally around the world. Here we have listed the 10 most popular ones. Note: These subscriber numbers were correct at the time of writing, but may change over time. 10. Whinderssonnunes Subscriber: 27.795 million | Views: 2.259 billion | Genre: Comedy One of only two channels not associated with the network in the top 10, this channel is owned by Whindersson Nunes Batista. He is a Brazilian entertainment player and uploads a variety of content such as song imitations, movie reviews and vlogs. Vlogs use a simple style, Batista looks shirtless in a simple room with little editing. The most popular video of the channel is “Qual é a Senha Do Wifi (What is Wi-Fi Password?)”, Which is Adele's “Hello” ... Read more

7 popular video suggestions for Youtube

You can shoot many kinds of videos. But which of these are the most popular? And if you were to start a YouTube channel, which of these popular types of videos should it start with? Let's take a look at the options. When you sit in front of your computer (or on your tablet, game console, smartphone or smart TV), you are probably watching many YouTube videos. Some of these may be advertisements; others tutorial videos. You have come across several box-out videos (good or bad!), Makeup channels, some young singer / songwriter performances or some reaction videos. 1. Unboxing Video This is perhaps the most unusual of all YouTube videos, watching someone open a box and get excited about (inside) content. This type of video is very popular and relatively easy to make. All you need is an unopened box full of technique / makeup / toys (or whatever you prefer) and a camera placed somewhere to catch them all. As long as you talk during the unboxing process, you should be able to produce a video that people will enjoy and respond to. Note that some of the videos taken out of the box have music rather than a comment, but they tend to be shorter. 2. Everybody Loves Accelerated Videos A ... Read more

Top 13 Security Google Chrome Extensions

Most people use Google Chrome to surf the internet. It has a clean layout, often sensitive and most importantly safe. 13 security extensions you should consider adding to Chrome. Are Chrome Extensions Safe? Let's start with this: Extensions are not always safe. These were created by third parties to solve a potential problem or increase efficiency. Likewise, we would like to remember that these plugins are combined with your browser and can access everything. Your personal information, browsing history, everything you want to keep: That's a lot of data. This does not indicate that the extensions are uniformly bad. In fact, just the opposite. Google's crawl program evaluates extensions before they are added to the Chrome App Store, so something malicious is removed in theory from plugins. . Sometimes, open source code can turn into something bad. We only link to extensions that are safe at the time of writing. These are those that have gained traction, gained special user bases and are worthy of our support. You should limit what you add to your browsing experience. Follow basic security precautions, including purchasing solid security software. 1. HTTPS Everywhere We talk a lot ... Read more

Managing Facebook Privacy Settings Made Easy

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which gathers people's personal data for use in elections, Facebook makes it easy to manage your privacy settings. You might want to delete Facebook anyway, but the social network hopes you won't. Cambridge Analytica, a voter profiling firm hired by Trump, and Cambridge Analytica used data from millions of Facebook users who did not consent to this. Although Facebook is open, it has changed its activities in recent years, Mark Zuckerberg is trying to convince everyone that Facebook is safer. So, to reduce fears, it changes the social network privacy settings again. Changing New Facebook Privacy Settings The biggest change Facebook has made this time is making things simple. So instead of spreading the Privacy settings to 20 pages, it is now accessible from a single page. This acknowledges that Facebook cares about people's privacy. Beyond that, there's a new Privacy Shortcuts menu to help you control your data without the need for a manual to navigate through the various options. Facebook has changed the privacy settings and the way it reveals countless times, and this is the newest. In the Facebook Blog post that explains the changes, the ... Read more

How to Automatically Add New Videos to YouTube Playlists

YouTube can automatically add new videos to your playlists. To shoot the right videos to your playlist, you need to use a specific playlist setting that allows you to set keywords. YouTube can be your stopover when you want to learn a new topic. Just discover the latest videos about an interest and create a playlist. There are many ways to use YouTube for learning, but nothing dodges a well-organized playlist. It is easy to start a new playlist from scratch. However, it is easier to configure an automated playlist on YouTube. How to Automatically Add New Videos to YouTube Playlists? YouTube adds videos to your list using a specific playlist setting that allows you to set keywords to automatically add new videos to your playlists. It works like an advanced search for videos. Think of it as "Google Alert for YouTube". 1. Open the YouTube playlist you want to install from the list under Library. 2. Click the Edit link (with the pencil icon) next to your account name. 3. Click the Playlist settings button from the playlist landing page. 4. Click the Auto add tab and define your rules. 5. Enter keywords to search across titles, tags, or descriptions. 6. Click Save. The rules you ... Read more

Solution to 4 Privacy Risks with Cloudflare DNS

In April 2018, Cloudflare released a new security tool. A DNS address called that anyone can use for free. It can help improve DNS security, increase users' privacy, and even speed up your network connection. But how does it work? How do you use it? And which DNS privacy risks can help improve? Let's take a closer look. DNS and Privacy Issues Domain Name System (DNS) is often referred to as the “Internet's phone book”. Technology responsible for associating the domains we use every day (for example, ogznet.com) with the IP address of that site's web server. Of course, you can enter the IP address of a site and open it again, but text-based URLs are easier to remember, so we use them. Unfortunately, DNS technology comes with many privacy issues. Problems can undermine your online security even if you take all other measures on your system. Here are the worst privacy issues with DNS. 1. Monitoring Your ISP Acts as a blog of the websites you visit due to the principle of DNS operation. It does not matter whether the site you are visiting uses HTTPS; Your ISP, mobile operator and public wireless network providers know exactly which sites you visit. Worryingly, since ... Read more

Learn On The Internet, Have Your Photos Unaware Of You?

If you are a photographer or uploading pictures to your website, you probably worry about the people who stole your pictures. Unfortunately, it's easy for users to take photos that aren't their own online. Stealing photos isn't just an insult, as it can make money with these photos - it's a burglary. But when do these violations occur? Fortunately, you don't have to watch them on your own. Who Uses Your Photos Online Pixsy is a service that can help you track the illegal use of your photos. You need to create a free account and connect the photo hosting platform to it. It supports Pixsy, Flickr, 500px, Instagram, Dropbox and more. If you use another service, you can upload the images manually. After adding some images, Pixsy tracks them and tracks unauthorized use. You can easily review them on your control panel. Moreover, Pixsy will help you take legal action against photo thieves. With a paid plan, you can send automatic takedown notifications for those who use your images without permission. When you decide to take action, Pixsy takes over the whole process. It collects some evidence, processes documents and negotiates an agreement while keeping you up-to-date. It's free, ... Read more

Finding the Pictures You Want with Intelligent Image Search Engines

In this article, I will introduce three smart visual search engines that support similarity research, reverse visual searches and make video searches. Searching for images has long been a neglected feature in commonly used search engines. It is difficult to find the right image with good tags. Today, there are algorithms that allow search engines to find similar images or exact copies. It is also possible to search for videos that require a lot of computing power. MUFIN MUFIN stands for Multiple Feature Indexing Network. The feature of the MUFIN search engine is the search for similarity in large databases. It compares images as a whole and searches based on color structure, color scheme, scalable color, edge histogram and homogeneous texture. You can search 100 million Flickr images in the demo. You start searching for a generic term and all images with a matching tag appear. In the next step, select an image and click “visually similar” to find similar images. The result will not be convincing in every example, since the image search engines cannot recognize objects within the image. This is reflected in the rating. Low numbers show higher similarity. Below is an example ... Read more

DuckDuckGo vs Google: The Best Search Engine for You

Providing Google services for free saves you data and uses it to show targeted ads. As discussions about online privacy increase, many people are looking for an alternative. Fortunately, DuckDuckGo can be the privacy search engine you're looking for. What is DuckDuckGo? DuckDuckGo defines itself as a 'search engine that doesn't follow you'. Most search engines collect search data with Google, which links this data to your account. The recorded data is used to personalize your search results and to show you targeted ads. However, DuckDuckGo (DDG) does not track you and prefers not to personalize your search results. The site has grown steadily since its inception, starting from an average of 79,000 daily searches in 2010, a total of 23.5 million daily and 16 billion total calls as of April 2018. Part of this growth has been DDG's partnerships with browsers such as Firefox and Apple Safari. They have also partnered with many Linux operating systems and have native apps for both Android and iOS. For those who want to take anonymity a step further, TOR browser users are offered DuckDuckGo search results by default. DDG, search results quality is determined by results from more than ... Read more

New Gmail Helps You Organize Your Inbox

As expected, Google is rolling out a new version of Gmail. New Gmail comes with Material Design and a host of features designed to keep you more productive and safe. It has a new look that will make managing your inbox easier than ever with new algorithms. What's New in New Gmail? The first thing you'll notice about the new Gmail is the new color theme. Gmail now shares the same Material Design aesthetics that we are familiar with in most other applications. This means clean lines, rounded edges and foldable sidebars. Practically the changes include: Always-accessible plug-ins without the need to swipe. Archive, Delete and Mark Unread when browsing in an email. Option to postpone an email for a period of your choice. In terms of artificial intelligence, Google developed Smart Answers on its mobile apps. These allow you to send automatic replies in an instant. A new point feature is that it reminds you to respond to messages that Google thinks are important. Perhaps the biggest innovation is the new Stealth mode. This allows you to send an e-mail to someone by removing the option for copying, forwarding, downloading or printing the content. This is not actually emailed by ... Read more

How to Clear Your Facebook Search History?

Like most online platforms, Facebook saves your entire call history, but you can easily delete individual calls or delete your entire call history from your phone or browser. Much has been written about how much Facebook knows about you. With the ever-evolving privacy settings, it can be difficult to find where to go to find the settings you want. Clearing your search history is by no means an exception. How to Clear Your Facebook Search History? If you tend to visit Facebook in a browser, you can delete your search history by doing the following: Click the View your activity log button on your profile page. In a browser, the button is on the right. In the menu on the left, under Photos and Videos, Likes and Reactions, Comments, click More. When the menu expands to show all filters, click Search history. You will see a complete chronological list of everything you are looking for on Facebook. You can delete individual searches by clicking the Edit button next to the entry and then clicking Delete. You can also delete your entire call history at once by clicking the Clear Calls button. How to Clear Your Facebook Search History on the Phone If you tend to access more on Facebook, ... Read more

Disable Facebook Messenger

You can freeze Facebook Messenger only if you have already frozen your Facebook account. To freeze Messenger after freezing your Facebook account, follow the steps below. Most people know the difference between deleting and disabling a Facebook account. In short, disabling is a temporary wipe that you can reactivate your account at any time. However, deleting your account is the permanent removal of data. However, you may not notice that disabling your Facebook account does not disable your Facebook Messenger account. People will still be able to see you and communicate with you. Indeed, the process of disabling Facebook Messenger is completely separate. Disabling Facebook Messenger You need to disable your Facebook account to be able to disable Facebook Messenger. Therefore, if you have not yet disabled Facebook, you need to do this before proceeding. Then follow the simple instructions below to disable Facebook Messenger: Open Messenger on a mobile device. Touch your profile picture in the upper right corner. Scroll down and select Privacy and Terms. On the next screen, select Disable Messenger. Enter your password. Tap on Disable. To re-enable Facebook Messenger, log back ... Read more

What is Vero True Social? 9 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Member

But before we all meet, let's see if Vero really deserves all of these slogans. What is Vero? Vero is a social media app owned by Lebanese billionaire Ayman Hariri (also the former Prime Minister of Lebanon) in 2015. According to Hariri, the inspiration for the app came from the frustration he had using other social media platforms such as Facebook. Vero strives to spend less time on social media and social life, thus encouraging people to spend more time in the real world. The word "vero" in Italian means "accuracy". And who wouldn't want to see more facts online? Why Are People Talking About Vero? Good question. Vero, in early March, the app appeared to have experienced a huge increase in downloads and increased from 150,000 to 3 million. This was also when people started to be disappointed about selling their data on Facebook. And many of them seem to have decided to try Vero. At this point, Vero seems to be a remarkable alternative. The platform promises a more intimate social experience to its users and offers at least a few interesting experiences. Stylish interface, chronological broadcasts, and most importantly, the absence of ads. Try the app, which is completely free ... Read more

Using Google Earth in a Web Browser

Google Earth can be used as a desktop application and mobile application with many great features. However, if you want to use Google Earth in a browser, you don't have to use Google's own browser, Chrome. To open Google Earth, go to earth.google.com in your browser and click Launch Google Earth. When you start it for the first time, you can quickly browse or switch directly to the platform to see what features are available. So what can you actually do with Google Earth in your browser? You can search for places by name. You can search for places by description (for example, the capital of France or the desert in North Africa). When you look somewhere, you can read the information about it on Wikipedia. You can move your map by dragging it with your mouse. As you drag, you can tilt and rotate the map by pressing the shift. You can zoom or double click using the + button and zoom out using the - button. You can enter the street view by dragging the peg menu to the map with features available. You can save places in My Places. You can use the Voyager feature to test your world knowledge with visual clues. Using Google Earth in a browser makes it easier to use, as opposed to ... Read more

How can I live without Google?

A quick guide on how you can use the Internet without sharing all your data with Google. For many internet tools (Search, mail, video, web browser, cloud services, mobile operating system, etc.), Google is the most important player in all these areas. Google uses all the data it collects in its services to deliver targeted ads. In other words, this internet giant makes massive use of the data of everyone who benefits from it. Google answered only over 100,000 requests for data in 2016. More and more people began to question the risk of trusting a company for many personal services. So, it's time to stop this unlimited data mining and restore our right to privacy. DuckDuckGo Free - Web, Android, iPhone, Android Tablet, iPad - Website to replace Google service: Google Search Let's start with the easiest. Google search is widely used. Because it is generally the only source that gives reliable results quickly. However, privacy-friendly search engines have started dating in the past few years, and there is no reason not to use them. Mozilla Firefox Free - Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone - Website to replace Google service: Google Chrome Today, there are several browsers that ... Read more

Download a Copy of All Your Instagram Data

Did you know that you can download a copy of your data from most social media sites? There is now a method in the web version of Instagram that makes it easy. How to download a copy of all your Instagram data Open Instagram on desktop and login if you haven't already. Click the Profile icon in the upper right corner. Click the Settings gear icon on your profile. Select the Privacy and Security entry. Select the Privacy and Security tab on the left, if not already highlighted. Under the Data Download header, click Request a Download. Enter your credentials to authorize the download. You will receive an e-mail with your data. It may take up to 48 hours, but in some cases, only a few hours will respond. What does this data pack contain? Photos: As you would expect, downloading your Instagram data includes all the photos you uploaded to the service. Videos: In addition to photos, you also get the videos you share. Comments: Your data download includes all comments you have made to any post. Your profile information: Everything on your profile, everything like your email address, website and biography are also part of the download. It is good to have the option to download your data ... Read more

Download a Copy of All Your Instagram Data

Did you know that you can download a copy of your data from most social media sites? There is now a method in the web version of Instagram that makes it easy. How to download a copy of all your Instagram data Open Instagram on desktop and login if you haven't already. Click the Profile icon in the upper right corner. Click the Settings gear icon on your profile. Select the Privacy and Security entry. Select the Privacy and Security tab on the left, if not already highlighted. Under the Data Download header, click Request a Download. Enter your credentials to authorize the download. You will receive an e-mail with your data. It may take up to 48 hours, but in some cases, only a few hours will respond. What does this data pack contain? Photos: As you would expect, downloading your Instagram data includes all the photos you uploaded to the service. Videos: In addition to photos, you also get the videos you share. Comments: Your data download includes all comments you have made to any post. Your profile information: Everything on your profile, everything like your email address, website and biography are also part of the download. It is good to have the option to download your data ... Read more

Facebook Enters Matchmaking Business

Facebook, the most popular social media tool, announced that the matchmaking feature will be available soon. From now on, it seems that Facebook will come across with Tinder features. 2018 was the hardest year ever for Facebook. The Cambridge Analytica scandal led us to question how much we should trust social networks. Then Mark Zuckerberg was interrogated by senators. However, regardless of Zuckerberg and his company, they are busy explaining their future plans for their products at the F8 developer conference. One of them is a dating feature that can take people away from popular online dating apps. Facebook is entering the dating game. According to TechCrunch, Facebook will launch a special Dating page on the Facebook app in the coming months. Users can then make the preference, create a profile and prepare to pair with other Facebook users. You will only create a profile using your first name, but this will not be visible to your friends or anyone who does not use the Dating feature. You will then unlock certain interests and see the profiles of other people who unlock the same interests. If you meet someone you are interested in, you can view their basic profile. If you ... Read more

How To Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account?

If you don't want to be friends with Mark Zuckerberg forever, you've come to the right place. In this article, we explain how to permanently delete your Facebook account, reveal apps based on your Facebook credentials, and how you will not leave your family and friends in this process. What Does Disabling Facebook Account Mean? In simple terms, disabling your Facebook account (almost) hides all your data. It is like a temporary deletion. If someone is trying to find you on the network, they won't be able to see your Facebook account. Your profile will not appear in search results, and your status updates, photos and other data will disappear from the eyes of people. The only trace your account can leave visible is incoming messages you send to other people. Facebook also says that your picture can still be on other friends' lists, but this has never happened in our experience. However, Facebook retains your data. This means that you can reactivate your account instantly and return to where you left off. All your friends, situations, photos, videos and timeline content can be reused immediately. Disabling your account should only be used in certain situations. For example, ... Read more

Is Your Facebook Account Hacked? How To Understand (and How To)

It is not desired to notice that your account has been hacked when logging into Facebook. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent your Facebook account from being hacked. And if it's attacked, there are also things you can do to fix the problem. How to Understand Your Facebook Account Being Hacked Typically, your account is hacked immediately. Your profile can start advertising on your friends' walls. Your hacked Facebook account can also send unsolicited emails, change your profile information, and even change your email address and password. These are all bad scenarios and things you will want to avoid. Fortunately, there is an easy way to discover whether someone else is logging into your Facebook account. Go to Settings> Security & Login> Locations Where You Logged In and click More. The information contained here shows where and with which devices you are logged in. If you see a suspicious situation in the list of places and devices you have logged into Facebook, you can easily end the session's activity; this will help protect you from any Facebook hacking attempts on that device. Check Your Payment History Against Facebook Hacker Attacks ... Read more

Top 6 Free Online Meeting Tools to Collaborate With Your Team

The Internet has made collaboration easier than ever. With just a few mouse clicks, you can communicate with someone from around the world and work with them on anything you want. Many online collaboration tools are costly or for a specific area, such as visual design. However, you don't have to pay anything for great tools that make collaboration easier. Here are six services that meet all your personal team needs. 1. Google Docs / Drive Google Docs has become a sufficient tool to combine great documents. It also works great for non-documented purposes. With Google Docs, your team can work on spreadsheets, presentations, forms and more at once. Using the comment, you can leave a note on others' work to request changes. Part of Google Docs is Google Drive, which allows your team to set up your own file storage system. With 15 GB of free space, there is no problem keeping everything centrally. This is a much better system than emailing documents and trying to use a flash drive. If the default set of features offered by Drive is not enough for you, a number of applications can fill the gaps. Like annotation applications that increase collaboration potential. With Google Docs, ... Read more

Top 10 Movie Watch Sites

While publishing movies for free can be synonymous with piracy, there is a free, legal movie watching content on the Internet. Whether it's movies or television shows, it's possible to find videos. You just have to search in the right places. Here are the best free video streaming sites for you to try. What to Expect From These Movie Watching Sites? There are a ton of free and legal videos online so you will find a real mix of content. A healthy part of the films that will be published free of charge are public works. Because these films fall into joint ownership, many sites host such videos. However, from time to time, while watching movies on these sites, they show ads. You will have to deal with limited commercials, like watching a movie on TV. Still, films are often presented uncut. You will usually see movies dating back several years. In addition, you can find some original productions, such as Snatch TV series on Crackle. Need help finding what to watch? These sites will help you find what to watch. 1. YouTube It's no surprise that YouTube is among the best free movie streaming sites you can find. There are tons of free movies to choose from, including many publicly ... Read more

Best, Unlimited and Free VPN Services (And Hidden Costs)

If you learned the reasons for using VPN and decided to integrate one into your workflow, you can try to start with a free solution. Since many free VPNs limit the amount of data you can send, it makes sense to look for an unlimited option. Let's look at free VPNs that don't restrict your bandwidth. And since free VPNs carry some huge risks, we will look at the hidden costs of using these apps. 1. Betternet Website: Betternet System: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox Is it really free? Yes, although a paid plan is available. Hidden Cost: Ad supported. On mobile devices, you have to watch a video to connect occasionally, and the home screens ask to install other apps. Privacy: Betternet does not save your IP address. Creating an account is optional and ads are public. VPN speed: Speedtest result is 72ms ping, 8.55Mbps down and 5.62Mbps remaining. Encryption? Yes, all traffic is encrypted using TLS 1.2 with 128-bit AES encryption. What it is Useful for: It's good for a quick connection without creating an account on your desktop, but it doesn't offer much flexibility. The claim that "Betternet works free of charge on all devices without showing offensive ads" is a ... Read more

Tinder Alternatives for all platforms

Tinder is a fun way to connect with new and interesting people around you. So, are there other popular dating apps like this? In our list we show Tinder-like applications for all platforms. Tinder Freemium - Android, iPhone, Kindle Fire Tinder is the meeting point of people. Like real life, but better. Tinder is a fun way to connect with new and interesting people around you. Swipe right or left to match. If someone liked you, this might be a match! A new way to express yourself and share with your friends. OkCupid Freemium - Web, Android, iPhone, iPad OkCupid free online dating. The fastest growing free dating site for singles. TMO Dating Freemium - Android, iPhone, Android Tablet, iPad, Android Wear TMO Dating is online and mobile dating service. The application will show people compatible for you. Swipe right if you're interested, or swipe left to switch. If you both like each other, chat with each other. MeetMe Freemium - Web, Android, iPhone, Windows, Phone, iPad MeetMe helps you find new people who share your interests and want to chat right away! Fun, friendly and free! Match.com Freemium - Web, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, Phone Match.com is the number one ... Read more

You need these 5 sites and extensions to listen to music on YouTube

YouTube is a leading place for music videos that has become one of the most popular music listening services today. If you use YouTube to listen to music, your experience can be much better with the right extensions or web apps. Browser extensions now promise lyrics for every video, while some apps and extensions protect your internet quota by playing only sounds without video. As a result, anyone using YouTube for music needs to check out these great tools. 1. ListenYo! (Web): Disabling Video to Listen to Music Without Stuck in Internet Speed ​​The videos you watch always exploit your internet quota more than just streaming audio. If you want to catch faster download speed or save some megabytes, ListenYo! it plays only sound without video. The site is very useful, especially when you are using a mobile device, when you encounter slow Internet speeds or limited data availability. Paste any YouTube link into the available space or listenYo! use. Once you find the video you are looking for by searching directly on YouTube, it will automatically transfer the playback to hear only the audio stream. The service supports most of the YouTube functions you use, such as autoplay or ... Read more

How to Delete Netflix History?

Don't you want others to know what you've been watching on Netflix recently or what Netflix recommendations are? You can delete titles from your Netflix watch history. To delete (hide, delete) one or more TV or movie titles from your Netflix watch history, you first need to use a computer or smartphone / tablet to log into your Netflix account. Note: If you have a web browser installed as a Netflix playback app, you can only use a Smart TV or media video to log in to your Netflix account because these devices do not provide full account information access. If you are using a laptop or desktop computer (see photo example above), login to your Netflix account, click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the page and click Account. If you're using a smartphone, tablet, compatible media streamer or Smart TV, after signing in to Netflix, tap the Menu icon at the top. The left corner of the screen (it looks three lines), scroll down and tap on Account. If you do not want to see other aspects of your account profile, you can log in directly to your Netflix Viewing Event Page using your web browser, your specified email and password. Your Netflix Account Page When you reach the ... Read more

Top 10 Netflix TV Shows in the World

Netflix movies are widely followed all over the world. Here are the best series in the world that you should watch in Netflix ASAP. 1. Narcos (2015) IMDb: 8.9 If you are a Netflix subscriber who has not heard of Narcos yet, do yourself a favor and move it directly to the top of the watch list. The re-fictionalization of Pablo Escobar and the legendary Colombian cocaine operation in the 1970s is one of the most immersive stories told on Netflix. Narcos, interspersed with real Pablo Escobar's archive images, have reached the level of depth that few series have. Watch Narcos on Netflix 2. Money Heist (2017) IMDb: 8.8 Get everything you know about Robbery movies and throw it out the window. Money Heist is cleverly written with advanced characters, and is truly a cat and mouse chess game. Watch Money Heist on Netflix 3. Watch Dark (2017) IMDb: 8.7 With all-time travel movies and TV series, you might think that there is no new or interesting angle to discover in time travel. But you're wrong, Dark, the first Netflix Original in German, proves that time travel can still be surprising and mind-blowing. In the small German town of Winden, children begin to disappear in ways reminiscent ... Read more

Websites Collect Information About You Without Your Knowledge

Browsing the Internet seems like an innocent activity, doesn't it? Searching on Google is like visiting several websites. Did you know that websites gather a lot of information about you while you look at something? You can see what the websites you visit can learn about you under five headings below. These may surprise you. In any case, you should learn what your browser shares with the owners of these sites and how you can prevent it. 1. Where You Live One of the easiest information a website can learn about you is where you live. This is because the identity of every computer on the internet is registered with an IP address. Website owners upload the tracking scripts on the site to copy the information in your session. These are not malicious scripts. Users who manage websites want to learn as much as possible about users who visit websites. Thus, they can offer the most relevant content to the majority of users. One of the most relevant pieces of information is your location. With your IP address, website owners can analyze where the vast majority of their readers are located in the world. To process this, go to Google and type: "What is my IP address?" The result looks ... Read more

Hiding Your Online Status on WhatsApp

Is it really a good thing people can see when you're last online? Isn't it always a secret invasion of privacy to show this information to everyone? Maybe you should turn off the feature. Hiding Your Online Status on WhatsApp It is easy to hide your online status on WhatsApp. Just follow the instructions below step by step: Open the WhatsApp app. Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. Tap Settings. Select Account from the Settings menu. Then tap Privacy. Select Last Seen from the list of options. Select Nobody in the window that opens. Note: Unfortunately, it is not possible to set the availability of your online status on a per-user basis. While in the menu, it is worth taking some time to browse through other privacy options that you can tweak. Includes the visibility of your profile photo, About Me, Status and location. Perhaps most importantly, you can disable the blue read icons from the Privacy menu. To turn off the blue clicks, clear the Messaging> Read Receipt checkbox. Read more

Launches Youth Portal for Youth

Statistics show whether Facebook is considered outdated by young people who prefer Snapchat. Facebook is considered by the generation Z (Gen Z) as the social network of the previous generation. In other words, it is seen as the social network that parents use. Despite this, Facebook has launched an application called "Youth Portal". Facebook is Declining in Popularity as a Young Generation Facebook stated that the Youth Portal is a guide for everything on Facebook: general tips, insider information, privacy and security information, and everything you need to have a great experience on Facebook. Of course, this feature is valid as long as you are over 13 years old. While creating the Youth Portal, Facebook “spoke to teens from the UK, Italy, USA and Brazil”. As a result, Facebook has created a space for people in your life to talk about your interests. The result is a boring and preaching (and ultimately very thin) series of pages detailing the key components of Facebook. There are guides to keep you safe and share carefully, and there are tips to help teens learn to use social media. And this is the biggest problem of Facebook's Youth Portal: The rules of using Facebook ... Read more

4 Internet Security Alerts You Should Never Ignore

From time to time, some warnings appear when browsing the web, playing online games or installing internet-based software. But what should you do when such alerts appear? What do these internet security alerts really mean? It is the right move to worry when surfing the Internet and suddenly a warning comes from your browser or operating system. In this case, it is very important to act immediately. Examples of such alerts include: “The site you want to open contains malware” “There is a problem with this website's security certificate” “Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this application” “Turn on virus protection” Why not ignore these four warnings it's time to learn what to do and what to do when you meet. Take action now. Your online security depends on it! 1. “The site you want to open contains malware” Did you search, browse the web or faced this message in Google Chrome when you click on a link? Thanks to Chrome's Safe Browsing tool (a built-in feature of the popular browser), this message appears: The site you are about to visit may be infected with malware. Instead, close the browser tab and look elsewhere for a safer site. If you are ... Read more

6 ways to use YouTube more efficiently

If you are easily distracted on YouTube, this article is for you. The list below will save you from losing a few hours of your life by watching videos that cost you time. It will make it easier to find the videos you want to watch. Opening YouTube can sometimes be risky. While YouTube can help you learn something, clicking on a video is also a site where you can encounter screaming cats, crazy music videos, and an extremely spooky cat. The tools below can remove recommended and trending videos, comments, and disable autoplay without blocking the content you're looking for on YouTube. Many of these tools also make it possible to watch YouTube videos without opening YouTube. As a result, they can also be used if you don't want these video calls to affect your YouTube recommendations. 1. Minimalist YouTube Minimalist is not more distracting than YouTube. The site offers a little more than a search bar. The results page will contain only the content you are looking for You will see videos related to your search and when you click on a video, it will cover most of the page. All controls are available, like when watching videos on YouTube: Play, Pause, Closed Captions and a ... Read more

Top 11 Horror Movies on Netflix

You can enjoy horror movies at any time of the day. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of the best horror movies on Netflix. Whether it's spooky ghosts, masked killers, or demonic creatures that will scare you the most, this list is for you. Close the curtains, turn off the lights and get a pillow to squeeze. The best horror movies from Netflix movies are prepared to scare you, and they will achieve this purpose somehow. 1. The Conjuring (2013) Horror, Mystery, Thriller | IMDb: 7.5 | RT: What's funnier than the 86% Ghost campfire story? The answer is a question based on real events. Conjuring is an extremely scary and skeptical story of a family whose home is being overrun by something evil. The family seeks the help of a paranormal research team starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. 2. Hush (2016) Horror, Suspense | IMDb: 6.6 | RT: 94% When you live alone, what can scare you apart from a masked killer standing in front of the window. Hush, starring Kate Siegel, takes you to the life of a deaf writer who lives alone. When he discovered it became prey for a murderer, he should fight for his life. If you're in a good mood for the horror movie, watch Hush. 3. The ... Read more

Mute Button Comes To Instagram

Instagram offers users the option to mute their Friends. This long-running feature allows you to mute permanently or temporarily without stopping to follow your friends. Since Instagram was established, if you do not want to see people's posts, you had to stop following them. This is a bad option that completely disconnects between you and your friend. However, you can now Mute your friends… How to Put Someone Silent on Instagram Finally, after many requests from users, Instagram pulls out a Silent button. Mute someone means you will no longer see their posts and stories (up to you) in your post. You don't have to be afraid to follow them and disturb them. To close someone, simply tap the “…” menu in the corner of a post. Then, you can do "Mute Messages", "Silent Story" or "Silent Messages and Story". One way or another, you can see this user's posts by visiting their profile page and receive notifications when they tag you. The good news is you can end the Voice with something nobody knows. They still think you have seen all his publications and stories. This is the big difference between mute and stop following. It's easy to see that someone is not following you. The ... Read more

The Best Alternative for IMDb… The Movie Database

The Movie Database, supported and fed by the alternative and open community to IMDb, is an unmissable resource for movie buffs. TMDb is a start almost similar to its larger counterpart, IMDb. Both are very large indices for movie and television information, but The Movie Database differs from the Internet Movie Database due to one key feature: TMDb is fully supported by the community. IMDb is owned and operated by Amazon. This is not a big dislike for the site. But having an alternative to Amazon is always useful and worth keeping in mind. Why is it good at TMDb? The Movie Database is an online crowdsourced database for movie and television information. Metadata in movies and TV shows contributes 1.1 million strong communities. While writing this, the site indexed more than 393,000 movies and 73,000 TV shows in 39 languages. Some other features are a powerful alternative to IMDb for movie information. Discussion boards. Thanks to the trolls, IMDb closed the discussion boards in 2017. TMDb has a clean job. Controversial discussion boards that you can access from every movie page. Media centers supported by TMDb. The Movie Database is used by media players like Kodi, MythTV and ... Read more

You can now use 2FA on Facebook without a phone number

To convince more people to start using 2FA, Facebook makes login processes easier than ever. Facebook no longer requires you to provide your phone number and instead allows you to use third-party apps for two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication (2FA) offers an extra layer of security for your online accounts. In addition to writing a password, you need to provide a second code to access your account. And this is sent via SMS or an authentication application. Stay Safe With Your Phone Without a Phone Number Facebook recently introduced the 2FA authentication system. However, previously the social network required you to provide your phone number at login. This was necessary for Facebook to send authentication codes via SMS text messages. However, the need to provide a phone number pushes some people open to founding 2FA. The biggest problem with Facebook's 2FA system was that it started sending other notifications via SMS. In this case, those who gave their phone numbers to Facebook were uncomfortable. Now, as stated in a Facebook Security note, Facebook has simplified the two-factor authentication setup procedure. And the social network has also added support for ... Read more

Tinder Launches Matching Feature According to Your Favorite Places

Tinder launched Places, a new feature that matches potential dates based on where you are stuck. This means that if you go to the innovative cafeteria in your neighborhood frequently, you can start meeting someone else who loves coffee. Tinder has a rightful reputation as an online dating app. Many people met at Tinder and stepped into happiness, but most Tinder users are looking for short-term entertainment. Now, maybe Places, Tinder's last feature will change all that. According to the Location Based Right Extinguishing Tinder Blog, Places is designed to "help you discover new people who are stuck where you are stuck". Essentially, using Places will match Tinder with people who visit the same places, whether it's a bar, restaurant, or a gym. All you have to do is tap the pin at the top of your Discovery screen and then tap the "Open Places" option to activate it. Then just review your life and compile a list of possible matches that have visited the same places as you. You can then swipe normally normally. Realizing potential privacy issues, Tinder has installed some protection measures. For this purpose, if you choose to be included or disabled as you see fit, you will not ... Read more

How to Turn Off Gmail's New AI Features

Taking advantage of Google's machine learning algorithms, Gmail added many new features in its new design. You have started to use these new features if you switched to the new theme. So how are these new features turned off? Details in our article .. Until now, these algorithms have been used by using a mobile application, contributing to the estimated responses for users who control their Gmail accounts. This feature is now distributed to web users. Some AI-related features added to Gmail include: Smart Response: Estimated text to respond to emails based on your previous emails (for web users). Smart Email: Gmail will provide predictive writing suggestions as you write your email. Nudges: Google gives you a reminder about the emails you received a few days ago. High priority notifications: Google only marks messages that it deems important. These features depend on Google scanning your email to learn your patterns and learn what matters most to you. If you decide that these are features that you do not want to use, you should disable them after they are released. How to Turn Off Nudges and Smart Email So far, you can only turn off Nudges and Smart Email from these features. ... Read more

Websites You Will Look When You Bored

Bring your mind to life with these funny, interesting and strange websites. Moving through your social media news sources for new updates is quite old, fast. In the event of boredom, a list of several interesting and varied websites with regularly updated content can work. The problem is that there is so much to look online on these days. And literally, you can spend your day browsing and searching for the most interesting stories, photos, jokes, articles or videos that are really good (and not just a complete rubbish). If you need to kill a while or just want to find a few new interesting sites to fill some of the empty places on your bookmarks list, feel free to browse the interesting, trendy and awesome websites below to add to your collection. . 1. Bored Panda Could the name of this site be more appropriate? Bored Panda is where you want it to be when you want to discover interesting and visually appealing content. A blog that publishes regular updates on the coolest finds in travel, photography, illustration, animals, DIY, technology, design and other great categories. You can also create an account to rate posts up or down. 2. Brain Pickings Boredom does not mean that you ... Read more

How Can You Delete Your Gmail Account?

You can delete a Google Gmail account and all messages in it (and still keep your accounts such as Google, YouTube, etc.). Gmail prompts you to click many times, and of course for your password. Still, closing your Gmail account and deleting the mail in it is a fairly simple task. Delete Your Gmail Account To cancel a Gmail account and delete its associated Gmail address: Go to Google Account Settings. Select Delete your account or services under Account preferences. Click Delete Products. Note: You can also select Delete Google Account and Data to remove your entire Google account (including your search history, Google Docs, AdWords and AdSense, as well as other Google services). Select the Gmail account you want to delete. Enter the password of the account via enter your password. Click next. Next to Gmail the trash icon ( Read more

See Ministers To Facebook Profile

Short answer: No, it is not possible to see who is viewing your Facebook profile. Just because Facebook has this data doesn't mean it's willing to share it with just everyone. In fact, Facebook considers this information strictly confidential and asks you to report third-party apps or companies that claim to be able to provide it. Who saw your Facebook profile? If you are interested in the company's official position on the issue, it may find it more difficult than you expect. After doing a lot of searches, we were able to find a help center page that addressed this question directly. It was not surprising, it was quite confusing and very short. No, Facebook does not allow users to watch who viewed their profiles. Third-party apps also cannot provide this functionality. If you come across an application that claims to offer this feature, please report it. Don't Use Third Party Apps to See Your Profile Viewers As we said, Facebook's official help center proves that it doesn't help much. It is more than just stating that this function is "not provided". Of course, it follows with a memorable statement that there are third-party apps that claim that this service is offered. But ... Read more

Top 5 Secure Email Services

Encrypted e-mail services keep your messages private. Commonly used free e-mail services are suitable for average users, but if you need to make sure 100% of the messages you send and receive are protected, you can check out the secure e-mail services below. These services provide an easy way to keep incoming / outgoing mails confidential with secure and encrypted e-mail. An encrypted e-mail account is perfect for many reasons, but if you want more anonymity, use your new e-mail account behind the free anonymous web proxy server or Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. 1. ProtonMail ProtonMail is a free, open source, encrypted email provider based in Switzerland. It also works on mobile platforms from any computer through the website or through Android and iOS mobile apps. When talking about an encrypted e-mail service, the most important feature is that other people cannot see your messages. As it contains end-to-end encryption, ProtonMail is one of the first among secure mail services. No one, including employees at ProtonMail, your internet service provider or governments, can decrypt encrypted ProtonMail messages without your unique password. ProtonMail is so secure that ... Read more

Automatically Forward Emails in Outlook and Gmail

Whether you need to forward emails to another address or forward all your emails to another inbox, both Outlook and Gmail need easy set up and forget-and-drop methods to automate the process. Automatically Forward Emails in Outlook To automatically forward an e-mail in Outlook, you need to create a rule: Open Outlook and on the Home tab, click the arrow under Rules> Manage Rules and Alerts. Click New Rule. Under Start from an empty rule, select Apply rule on messages I receive, and click Next. Select the criteria for the types of messages you want to convey. If you want to forward each email, leave these selections blank. Click next. In Step 1, select Forward to people or the public group (or, if you want, select Do not forward to people or the public group.) In Step 2, click the link for people or the public group. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to forward the email to. Select criteria (if any) for emails you want to exclude from this rule. Enter a name for your rule, make sure Enable this rule is checked, and click Finish. Emails sent in this way will look the same in any forward mail, except for the subject line. Return to the Home tab to stop forwarding ... Read more

Setting Line Spacing to Make Websites More Readable

When we do a lot of reading on the web, something small like line height can have a big impact on how comfortable the text can be read. So much so that a site with a very high or very loose line height can improve you. All modern browsers have built-in accessibility features that allow you to change the font size of websites. None of these have built-in features to adjust the spacing between lines. For this we will need to install a simple Chrome extension. Setting Line Heights for Websites The Line Height Adjuster Chrome extension can help you improve the readability of a website by giving you some control over line spacing. The Chrome extension uses a simple slider to adjust the height. Let's take him on his steps. Install the Chrome extension from the Web Store. Open the web page for which you want to improve readability. Click the Row Height Adjuster icon in the toolbar to display the slider. Move the slider and stop at a point where the height between the lines develops for you. If you need to enter a higher value, set the manual value in the box provided. Just set the value to a reasonable range. The Line Height Adjuster is for doing one job only. And it does it well. ... Read more

How to Share Steam Games?

Steam offers thousands of games for PC, Mac and Linux. Now, with Steam's Family Sharing feature, you can expand your game library and allow your friends and family members to play and play their games. Each player earns his own Steam achievements, and each player's progress is recorded on the Steam Cloud. Not all Steam games are accessible through Family Sharing. List of limits for Family Sharing: Games that require a subscription to play or require an additional third-party key / account. Games that require special downloadable content (DLC) / games that require free games is a system. If your account has a VAC ban, you cannot share VAC protected games. Once you've enabled sharing, your library can only be played by one user at a time. This number includes you as the owner. You will always give priority to anyone who borrows the game from your library. If one of your games is used when your game is ready, the other player will receive a warning message to quit or purchase the game. To start sharing, you need to activate your Steam account in a few quick, easy-to-follow steps. Here's how to get started to start sharing Steam. 1. Start Family Sharing by Enabling Steam Guard ... Read more

How to Clear Instagram Search History?

Instagram keeps a record of your search history and allows you to quickly find accounts or hashtags you've searched for in the past. While this personal record is very useful, it offers some potential privacy concerns. In the list suggested by IG, your past searches also have an impact on which users are offered to you. If you find that unwanted users appear on suggested calls as soon as you log in permanently, or want to completely delete your search history for other reasons, follow the steps below. In addition to clearing your history, you can also ensure that certain accounts will not show up on your Instagram page again. How to Clear Instagram Search History? You can delete Instagram search history only with the application of the social media service, which is available for various platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. Launch the Instagram app. Enter your IG name and password and log in or select Facebook Login instead. Click or touch the Profile button, represented by the head and body, located in the lower right corner of the screen. Your profile should now be displayed. Click or tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner, which is indicated by a gear icon in iOS ... Read more

Using Facebook's New List Feature in Your Situation

No wonder users who like Facebook now share less on the platform. There was a time when we shared everything that happened in our lives on Facebook. Then he changed his Facebook algorithm and made us hate. Recently, Facebook has announced that it has made changes to its algorithm to bring more personal content to our timelines. However, this has not changed much. To revive the lost glory, Facebook works hard to let users use the platform and share personal content by presenting new content. Unlike the boring text case just a year ago, they added colorful backgrounds to create interesting situations. Now they have launched a new list feature. If you have seen this feature on your phone or Facebook site, we are sure that you may have some questions about it. Fasten your seat belt as you unravel the mysteries of the new Facebook list feature. Creating a New List for Your Status Follow these steps to create a Facebook status list: Step 1: Open the Facebook site or app and usually click the box where you uploaded your status. Step 2: Tap the three-dot icon to view other status options. Then tap List. Step 3: You will receive many predefined lists. Click the one that suits you. You ... Read more

Editing Instagram Bio Profile with Instagram Biography Shapes and Icons

To create interesting Instagram Profiles, you should definitely check out our Instagram Biography Shapes tips. With your Instagram profile and biography, do you want to show other users exactly who you are and what you are doing in seconds? A well-organized profile is the first key to making a lasting impression! Here are the best tips for creating great Instagram biographies that will help you stand out from the crowds. One of the first things that someone sees when they visit your Instagram profile is your biography. As they say "first impression is the last impression", your Instagram biography creates an image about you. So why not get your Instagram bio and profile better? In this article, we will tell you tricks and tips for some popular Instagram biography shapes to improve your Instagram biography profile. The Instagram biography is a short space where you tell people about yourself. While the total number of characters in the biography is limited to 160, you can play with it and make it look beautiful. Let's start. 1. Adding Link to Other Profiles or Hashtags from Your Instagram Biography When you add # or @ before a word or account, other users can click it to learn ... Read more

Happn Application Review - New Dating App

Mobile phones can do a lot of tasks for you these days, and now one of their skills is finding a friend for the owner; Of course through applications. One of these applications is Happn application. There are all kinds of dating apps from dating apps, apps for building business networks with your friends, apps for long-term relationships. Some work similarly to Tinder, while others show a unique approach to dating online. Happn is an application with a very interesting concept. Read on for more information on the service. What is Happn? Happn works as a location-based search application where you can chat with them if you like them by profiles or if you like each other. However, this service is different from other “hot or not” practices in that it re-examines the essence of “chance encounters”. Rather than finding wives away from you, Happn allows users to reach people who have intersected at least once on their way. While taking a stroll in your home and working in a cafe, taking the elevator at work or sipping your favorite cocktail in a place; sometimes when you see someone you find really attractive you don't have enough courage to approach them. And who knows, you ... Read more

Tools and Alternatives for a Better Wikipedia Experience

While Wikipedia is making its own innovations, its fans are also working. Thanks to websites, apps and extensions, the encyclopedia can be better than ever. Wikipedia, the world's largest public editable encyclopedia, is one of the columns of the web we know today. The place where you can get information about any new topic first. As good as it is already, how can you make it better. Recently, Wikipedia has added page previews to make browsing easier. You no longer have to go back and forth to learn a little more about a link. Qikipedia (Chrome): Page Previews Everywhere on the Web Currently, the page previews mentioned above only work when you hover the cursor over a link in a Wikipedia article. Qikipedia brings these page previews anywhere on the web for instant searches. You can highlight a word or seven words in a string. Qikipedia will quickly search on Wikipedia and show a summary of the matching article. Generally, the first four lines of the article and the leading image related to this are obtained. If you want to switch to this, there is a dark theme. Qikipedia uses Wikipedia's own tools to do all this and is surprisingly fast in search results. It feels like a ... Read more

Image Editors You Can Use on the Web

For a simple task like resizing some photos or blurring sensitive information in the image, using Photoshop, Pixelmator or GIMP is a huge pain. But there is no need for this. Use these sites to do your job more simply. When it comes to daily operations for an image, it's better to use one of these web apps to complete what you need to do quickly and efficiently. Image Blur (Web): Blurring Sensitive Information in Photos When you share a screenshot or an image, it may have sensitive information on the image that you don't want others to know. You might want to protect someone's identity by blurring their faces or even stopping bots by reading your e-mail address. Image Blur is the simplest tool I've seen for this task. It only allows you to upload pictures from your hard drive, so you cannot use the links of the photos. Once the image is loaded, draw a rectangle wherever you want and click “Blur” to apply the effect. There can be multiple rectangles in the same image to blur different spots. After the last operation, you can download the image to your hard drive again. Nothing is stored in the cloud and servers are cleaned periodically to protect privacy. Image Blur is ... Read more

Free and Online Video Editors

You shoot videos regularly, but you don't always have to edit them. When you want to edit it, it is unnecessary to install an application or register on a site. You can do most of the daily video editing work with web applications that don't require registration. The program has free online video editors without download, and there are online sites that do small things well. For example, you can easily resize, rotate, crop or cut and shrink the size of any video. You can even add subtitles and increase the volume. However, if you need anything more, switch to the advanced free online video editors that you need to sign up to use them. 1. Kapwing: Resize Videos and Add Subtitles for Social Media Kapwing includes a number of tools for common video editing tasks. Three of them surpass the others: a video resizer for social networks and a tool for adding subtitles. The resizing tool will instantly fit your video to the optimal size for popular social networks. Upload your video and choose what you want to resize for: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. Kapwing has built-in settings for this and it will show you a preview too. Post the video on this social network or download ... Read more

Apps to Help You Find a Free Wi-Fi Point

From coffee shops to airports, the world is slowly opening free Wi-Fi hotspots for anyone in need. But it can be difficult to find them, or you need to use the safer ones. A few apps and maps will provide a reliable free Wi-Fi connection wherever you go. Normally, you can go to a public library or a public place, such as a train station, to get free internet service almost anywhere. But when you expand this list with passwords for all types of private places (including offices and houses), you won't have to travel much to go online. Instabridge (Android, iOS): Simple, Intuitive and First Choice for Europeans Instabridge is relatively new to this list, but it has a well deserved reputation for being trusted in finding European cities. The mobile app automatically connects to your network when available and saves you the trouble of finding a place. The app's user community shares passwords to both public and private Wi-Fi hotspots. It allows you to use the link for free. Some users also run speed tests on networks, so you know which one will allow you to do high-speed uploads or downloads. The app can give notifications for all types of events, like when you're connected to a ... Read more